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Hollywood Casting Director Lisa Zambetti is joined by movie and TV buff Dean Laffan to discuss the shows we all love, which feature killer casting. Have a question or comment? Have a suggestion for our next show? Drop us a DM on our Social Media pages and we will get right back to you !


Baby Reindeer with Actor David Rysdahl
The Netflix series “Baby Reindeer” written by Scottish comedian Richard Gadd based on the true story of a period in his life when he was stalked by a woman whom he gave a free cup of tea while working as a bartender in London, has been burning itself into the eyeballs and psyches of millions of people. Lisa was fascinated by the hit show’s unflinching honesty, style, structure and incredible performances by both Gadd and Jessica Gunning. Joining Lisa and Dean to break it all down is another incredible actor, David Rysdahl. You may remember David from this season’s “Fargo”, playing sweet “Wayne” the husband of Juno Temple’s “Dot”. His other credits include “Oppenheimer”, “Black Mirror” and he is currently shooting Noah Hawley’s new “Alien” series in Bangkok.  David shares his reaction to “Baby Reindeer” and the aspects of Gadd’s character “Donny Dunn” that he identifies with. David performed for years in New York as a clown and was part of the “alt” comedy scene. We talk about Hollywood predators, the insecurities of fame…and so much more. Join us for the conversation. You can read Dawn Glen’s insightful article about “Baby Reindeer” here: If you or someone you care about needs support contact In the U.S. RAINN (Rape, Abuse & Incest National Network) National Sexual Assault Hotline In the U.K. In Australia Stalking Safety Planning resource:, Stalking Prevention Awareness Here are some of David’s favorite organization doing great work to help save the environment. Please check out
63:52 5/3/24
Character Actor Tony Robinette is here!
If you watched this year's Superbowl, chances are you (and 123 million people) saw my guest Tony Robinette in the Dunkin Donuts commerical starring Ben Affleck, Jennifer Lopez, and a slew of other cameos. That high profile spot capped off an incredible year of work for Tony, who has defied all odds to become one of the busiest actors in Hollywood (who you may not have heard of...yet). Despite two entertainment industry strikes, in 2023 Tony booked several TV shows including Ryan Murphy's Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story, NCIS, Tacoma FD, Waco: The Aftermath and Nightcourt. In those projects, Tony toggled between boisterous comic performances to heart breaking dramatic characters. How did he do it? Join our conversation to find out how Tony got his start, how he stays so busy, how he keeps a positive mindset and how he juggles not one but five (?) agents! Tony also takes us behind the scenes of that crazy DD commercial!    Want more Tony? You can watch his work here Follow him here And get coached by Tony here:  
53:21 4/4/24
Howard Fine - Legendary A-List Acting Teacher Drops Some Truths
📍Well look who took time out of his busy schedule coaching A-List actors like🤩 Bradley Cooper, Michelle Williams, Kerry Washington, Brad Pitt, Salma Hayek and Austin Butler to sit down with Lisa and talk about the craft of acting, 🎭 the Oscars 🏆and also the new edition of his book 📖 “Fine on Acting: A Vision of the Craft”, none other than legendary acting teacher Howard Fine!  Howard and Lisa gab about all kinds of things that are on their minds these days about process, technique, and elements that help make actors better at their art. Howard gives all kinds of nuggets of wisdom and shares stories about working with A-list actors on their award-winning performances. You can get a copy of Howard’s book here. It is truly a must have resource for any actor or any acting teacher. Want to study with Howard or his master teachers? Check out his programs here: #acting #actors #actingclass #actingcoach #oscarwinningperformance #hollywood #craftofacting #actingtechnique 
51:34 3/5/24
"MONICA" a film by Andrea Pallaoro, casting by Emily Schweber
Sometimes Lisa needs to remind herself why she ever wanted to do casting in the first place and it is because of incredible casting directors like her mentor Emily Schweber 💕who exposed her to artists like the filmmaker Andrea Pallaoro. Both Emily and Andrea are her guests today to talk about a very special project. Lisa assisted Emily on casting Andrea’s first film the evocative award-winning “Medeas” starring Catalina Sandino Moreno…and now years later comes Andrea’s third film, also cast by Emily that is getting all kinds of acclaim, “Monica” starring Trace Lysette, Patricia Clarkson, (both giving 🏆Oscar worthy performances) Emily Browning, Josh Close and Adriana Barraza.  🌸“Monica” is an intimate story of a woman who returns home to care for her dying mother. A mother who due to a terminal illness, the passage of time, and other factors, doesn’t recognize her own child. Or does she? It is a film so universal that many people can relate to it — the fractures that split up a family, abandonment, healing old wounds, coping with the end of life, finding your way back to your past…and yet the film also is a very very unique look of the journey of a very particular woman.  Andrea’s filming style is extremely distinct in its nuance, pacing, and framing. You are not going to see a standard two-shot, or easy transitions between scenes. He lets the audience sit with the people in this world, in their silent thoughts, in their private moments, uninterrupted.  Emily and Andrea tell Lisa about the challenges of casting “Monica” and how they want the audience to experience the film, its revelations and ultimately the redemption of the characters.  You can find “Monica” on Hulu, AMC, and many other streaming platforms. 
33:08 3/1/24
True Detective: Night Country | Episode 6 Finale !
She IS awake ! ... and so are we!  Well folks it is time for all one-eyed polar bears to make their way off to that ice cave for a big long snooze, because Issa, Jodie, Kali, Finn and team … including Fiona ( I gut coyotes and polish my rifles on New Year’s Eve for fun) Shaw are delivering us from the darkness of our wildest conspiracy theories, into the light (see what I did there?) of clarity. Well, maybe ...did this most watched season of True Detective of all time tie up all the loose ends flapping around the Ennis permafrost? Almost! Listen to Lisa and Dean break it all down for you.  But wait !  This week we are joined by fellow podcasters Sarah Callen and Jennifer Han. Like Lisa and Dean, Sarah and Jen have been recapping this series on THEIR fantastic podcast titled ‘TV & Us. Check them out here or wherever you get your pods. Your Dynamic Duo (squared) will dig into the finale like one of Qavvik's pups eating their reindeer kibble .. and reassemble it in one easy to digest TV dinner of explanatory goodness. I could go on here with the Shownotes (sez Dean) but why not just ‘go on’ on the pod ! Holy rolling oranges Batman ... to the Ice Cave ! 🎶 Nah nah nah nah  nah nah nah nah naaaaah ... LINKS TV &Us The podcast created by today’s guests Jennifer Han and Sarah Callen “Lawless,” a ProPublica Local Reporting Network project by the Anchorage Daily News that reveals how indigenous people in Alaska are denied public safety services, was awarded the Pulitzer Prize for National Reporting and Public Service Is this Navarro ? Joel Montgrand’s own podcast on First Nations talent in tv and film  is called ‘Actors and Ancestors’  check it out here Issa deconstructs the Finale episode Screenrant ask: Is Wind River better than True Detective ? 😱 RECAPS
82:45 2/21/24
True Detective: Night Country | Episode 5 Recap
Well that was unexpected ! Issa and crew certainly delivered a shock ending. Farewell Hank ... thanks for the cool tune on the way out. Lisa and Dean cover off on all the aspects you'd imagine ... and some you wont expect. Peter and Liz have worst New Year’s Eve ever (though it must be said, it was even worse for Hank and Heiss. We're still being kept in the dark (see what I did there?) about whether there truly is supernatural stuff going or are the visions just trauma associated with tke case and the unnatural eternal darkness.  Hank showed his true colours, but so did Kate and Connolly. Will they get their just deserts  Will Issa give us closure on the whole Holden/Jake backstory? All will be revealed ! Links Great interview with John Hawkes. Recap away  
59:07 2/13/24
True Detective: Night Country | Episode 04 | Recap
QUESTIONS: Are Rose, Liz and Eve actually seeing these ghosts or is it a mental illness ? Is it Danvers or Navarro that executes William Wheeler ? Has Hank accepted his inner Catfish? Will Liz and Ted find an even MORE uncomfortable ways to have sex ? Where do all these tropical oranges come from in the Arctic tundra ? Can Peter find even more ways to toast his marriage to the exceedingly patient Kayla? Why is Ted’s motel room painted like a green screen ready for the next Avatar film ? Since we are now at Christmas Day, can we officially rank Night Country alongside Die Hard as a Xmas movie ? ANSWERS: You want the truth ?  YOU CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH ! Okay, well, the truth is: How the hell do we know ? That’s why it’s called a ‘mystery’. We’ll all have to keep watching for two more hours peoples. Seeya later alligator for Episodes 5 and 6. L+D
55:36 2/8/24
LEAH MCKENDRICK IS "SCRAMBLED". Writer, Director and Star of Lionsgate's new film joins us.
LEAH MCKENDRICK - WRITER, DIRECTOR AND STAR OF THE NEW LIONSGATE MOVIE “SCRAMBLED”.  One day you are an actress in Los Angeles, grinding away, trying to get that first TV co-star credit, fast forward through some bloody, sweaty and tearful years and BOOM you are STARRING in a feature film for Lionsgate that you WROTE and also DIRECTED. Please welcome my guest actor/director/writer Leah McKendrick whose new feature film “Scrambled” hits theaters this week. This movie is based on Leah’s true personal story of her journey freezing her eggs, a process that turned out to be scary and painful, but also wildly funny and full of absurd ironies as she (in her character of Nelly) faced some major milestones in her life. Leah shares what it took to get her script on the screen, the twists and turns she’s had as a Hollywood studio writer and how she has finally found artistic freedom.  "Scrambled" also stars Andrew Santino (I’m Dying Up Here), Ego Nwodim (Saturday Night Live), Laura Ceron (ER), and Clancy Brown (The Shawshank Redemption) as well as other very special cameos. Get out there, take your gal pals, you guy pals, your gramma, your mamma and your sisters and go see this wonderful film.  Check out the trailer here!
56:16 2/2/24
True Detective | Episode 3| Recap
Lisa and Dean delve into the depths and profundity ofTrue Detective: Night Episode 3. How is Kali Reis in her third only role SMASHING it, up against the legend that is Jodie Foster ? Peter wants to know ‘Who is Mrs. Robinson ?” (Snicker) WT ACTUAL  F is going on with Liz and Eve at William Wheeler's crummy, homicidal shack ? When Navarro slips on the ice and has a vision of Liz’s son Holden, why is he reversed/flipped horizontally ?  Why …. Oh FMD … too many questions and not enough answers! Tune in to get our take on what we think so far. Credit to the following; BrainPilot Pete Peppers YT recap (the best !) Think Story Sedna Mythology Oranges in The Godfather as a harbinger of death     
50:38 2/2/24
True Detective: Night Country | Episode 02 | Bonus with Dean
We all know how much Dean likes to run his mouth and be a smarty pants, especially with all the minutiae that he jazzes on joining dots hither and yon. There was SO much to unpack in Episode 2 that even though we spent an hour with the legend Joel Montgrand, we still couldn’t cover all the twists and turns in that episode.  So if you don’t dig the digging deep, give this one a miss. But of you like getting down and dirty (or frosty) with all the easy-to-miss connections and fan theories looking ahead … then dive in ! Let us know what you think and ask Dean followup questions on our True Detective: Night Country Fan page on the Book of Faces here Episode 3 Preview/Trailer  REPEAT OF LINKS FROM PREVIOUS EPISODE Joel’s own podcast on First Nations talent in tv and film  is called ‘Actors and Ancestors’  check it out here Here’s a terrific interview with Jodie Foster and Showrunner Issa Lopez  All about Kali Reis the astounding actress playing Evangeline Navarro A wonderfully readable article on the locations used in this season Here’s a Buch of RECAPS from the likes of vulture, NYT, Variety and more … A brilliant resource called TuneFind which lists all the music used in tv and film and most importantly WHERE it occurs in the show !   All about The Tuttle Cult as er Season 1 … and now introduced to this Season 4 Horrific true life inspiration for the ‘Corpsicle’ of scientists from Tsalal. And finally the IMDB page for Night Country with the complete cast list for this season, in case you need to remind yourself who is who … lord knows we do !
20:31 1/25/24
True Detective: Night Country | Episode 02 with Joel Montgrand !
You knew that Lisa and Dean were already VERY excited about True Detective: Night Country  … but today that excitement was ramped up to level infinity because we are joined in the pod today by one of those actors who despite their role being nominally a recurring co-star, they simply steal your eyeballs in every scene they are in. And don’t take our word for it … after his filming was finished and he was back Stateside, Showrunner Issa López thought so much of his performance that she wrote extra dialogue for him and flew him back for more filming. Today, we are talking about the amazing actor Joel Montgrand !  Better known to viewers as Qavvik, Navarro’s hunky, convenient, sex toy and proprietor of the  local brewhouse called … err … Qavvik’s. Joel covers his scarcely believable  path to acting, his background as a proud Cree man from Saskatchewan and we dive into his  experience on this season with some cool stories of his time in Iceland for principal filming. That’s right folks, it was shot in Iceland not Alaska !  Wanna know why ?  Just listen along to find out. And when you are done with all that ear candy from Navvaro's eye candy, then (like Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop) you can go deep, deep DEEP! undercover … with the extensive links below: OK, deep breath … and away we go: Joel’s own podcast on First Nations talent in tv and film  is called ‘Actors and Ancestors’  check it out here Here’s a terrific interview with Jodie Foster and Showrunner Issa Lopez  All about Kali Reis the astounding actress playing Evangeline Navarro A wonderfully readable article on the locations used in this season Here’s a Buch of RECAPS from the likes of vulture, NYT, Variety and more … A brilliant resource called TuneFind which lists all the music used in tv and film and most importantly WHERE it occurs in the show !   All about The Tuttle Cult as er Season 1 … and now introduced to this Season 4 Horrific true life inspiration for the ‘Corpsicle’ of scientists from Tsalal. And finally the IMDB page for Night Country with the complete cast list for this season, in case you need to remind yourself who is who … lord knows we do !
54:17 1/24/24
Fargo Season 5 Finale | Recap
 Aaaaaaaand that’s a wrap folks !   To breakdown the operatic finale of Fargo Season 5, Lisa and Dean are ecstatic to be joined by the man, the myth, the legend himself, renowned acting coach/teacher Terry Knickerbocker.   From his incredible Brooklyn based studio, Terry has worked with actors from beginners, all the way to Hollywood A-Listers such as; Chris Messina (Newsroom, I Care A Lot, The Mindy Project), Oscar Winner Sam Rockwell (Moon, Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri, Seven Psychopaths), Abbie Cornish (Somersault, Sucker Punch, Jack Ryan) Yul Vasquez (Severance, Magic City, Whitehouse Plumbers) Gretchen Mol (Boardwalk Empire, Life on Mars, Manchester By the Sea) and so many others.    Lisa, Terry and Dean wrap up this wild season by discussing the overarching main themes, the fate of various characters, the performances of this stellar cast and where this season sits in terms of the Fargo universe. Join us! Subscribe and please take a moment to leave us a 5 star review wherever you get your pods.   You can learn more about Terry here   Here are some recap/breakdown links to further your Fargoddiction for rounding out this excellent Season Five.      
51:48 1/19/24
True Detective: Night Country | Episode 01 Recap
Lace your snow boots up nice and tight, snuggle into that down parka  and scrunch your hat on good and proper because Lisa and Dean are leading you into their recap of the first episode of the much awaited fourth season of True Detective. After three series by Nic Pizzolatto, new Showrunner Issa Lopez has some big boots to fill ... can she do it?  What sensibilities will her esoteric Guillermo del Toro-esque magical realism and horror bring to the table and will it resonate with viewers like Season One ... or puzzle and frustrate as Series Two and Three did for some viewers ? Season One famously had Rust and Marty as the primary investigators,  Seasons Two and Three were mixed. Here in Season Four we have two very strong female leads in Jodie Foster and the astounding Kali Reis. What will they make of it ?  A fist ?  Or a dog's breakfast ? So many questions !  Listen in for the answers. LINKS Recaps referenced: Vulture'True Detective' Premiere Recap, Season 4, Episode 16 hours ago Collider'True Detective Night Country' Episode 1 Recap — "She's Awake"6 hours ago Trailer for Issa Lopez's most recent film 'Tigers Are Not Afraid'. WATCH IT ! Need to kill an entire weekend by going down more rabbit holes than Alice and a White Rabbit ? Lose yourself in hypertext land with the whole 'King in Yellow' thing here
69:19 1/17/24
FARGO SEASON 5 | EPISODE 9 The Useless Hand Recap
Here we are in the penultimate episode of the season and the forces are amassing for the big showdown. Tillman’s lost his mojo and maybe his mind as all the chess pieces make their final moves. Lisa and Dean break it all down. One of us thinks the tension is delicious, one of us thinks the episode may have lost the plot in some key moments.  Join us for the conversation. Subscribe and share! Please leave us a 5 star review on Apple Podcasts or wherever you listen.  #tvrecap #podcast #actors #acting #directors #directing #wardrobe #wallpaper #screenwriting #streaming #casting #castingdirectors #jonhamm #junotemple #noahhawley #hulu #fx #joekeery #davidrysdahl  #lamornemorris #jenniferjasonleigh #richamoorjani #davefoley  #Fargo   
60:16 1/12/24
FARGO SEASON 5 | Episode 8 "Blanket" Recap
FARGO SEASON 5 - EPISODE 8 “Blanket” Recap TRIGGER WARNING: Due to the graphic depiction of domestic violence and coercive control in Episode 8, our discussion contains equally graphic descriptions that may be upsetting. Please exercise caution when listening.  Lisa and Dean react to this traumatizing and powerful episode which delivers the confrontation we all knew was coming: a death match showdown between Dot and Tillman. As Tillman’s obsession with Dot increases, so does her desperation to escape his control. We analyze Tillman’s malevolence and the amazing writing of this character. We also breakdown the metaphor of Dot being chained in the barn which symbolizes so tragically the literal chains that many victims of domestic abuse carry with them, no matter how far away they get from the abuser. Can a survivor ever really be free of these binds, psychologically, spiritually free? We certainly hope so for Dot's sake. Lisa and Dean also shout out Lamorne Morris’ portrayal of good Trooper Witt Farr, whose decency and depth elevate the show. Join us for so much more discussion on this complex episode. Subscribe and leave us a review wherever you listen.  Here is the Run Down: 01:51 Upcoming Special Guests and Future Podcast Plans 03:38 Discussion on Podcast Rankings and Reviews 05:08 Analysis of Fargo Episode 8 09:49 Discussion on Domestic Abuse and Power Dynamics 17:43 Indira's Discovery 32:25 Dot's Escape Attempt and MacGyver Skills 32:51 The Debate and the Mockery of Tillman 33:51 Tillman's Humiliation and Loss of Control 34:39 The Strategy Against Tillman and Its Consequences 36:08 Dot and Gator's Emotional Exchange 37:17 The Reality of Dot's Dream and Gator's Transformation 42:50 The Fate of Danish Graves 58:00 Dot's Hopelessness and the Bleak Ending of Episode  #tvrecap #podcast #actors #acting #directors #directing #wardrobe #wallpaper #screenwriting #streaming #casting #castingdirectors #jonhamm #junotemple #noahhawley #hulu #fx #joekeery #davidrysdahl  #lamornemorris #jenniferjasonleigh #richamoorjani #davefoley  #Fargo #DomesticAbuse #CoerciveControl #Murder #TV #Series 
62:53 1/4/24
BONUS EP! Dean's Twixtmas Movie List - "Just in the St. Nick of Time" things to watch before New Year!
Just in the St. Nick of time! Whilst we are still enjoying our “twixtmas” haze on the couch lounging around scrolling for something fun to watch with family and friends before the New Year is upon us and we are back from holiday break (if you were lucky enough to have one!) here is THE DEAN’S LIST of holiday movies to enjoy before all is said and done. Dean has listed from “Nice” to “Naughty” his recommendations of Christmas movies to watch, starting with his favorite classics, moving to the the “middle” era of holiday fare, on through some worthy Christmas musicals to be on the look out for as well as “Christmas ADJACENT” films set at the holiday time, wrapping up with some truly dark and twisty takes on Santa. Add these to your queues and enjoy.  In this episode, hosts Lisa and Dean Laffan discuss a wide range of Christmas movies, from traditional classics to alternate, horror, comedy and Christmas-adjacent films. They delve into films like 'It's a Wonderful Life', 'Die Hard', 'How The Grinch Stole Christmas', 'A Christmas Horror Story', and 'Bad Santa', among many others. They also chat about some obscure choices such as 'Tangerine' and 'Violent Night'. The conversation also includes Lisa's reluctant watching experiences and Dean's detailed reviews and recommendations.   Here is the Run Down: 01:00 Family Switch Movie Review 04:39 Four Christmases Movie Review 07:51 Muppet Christmas Movie Review 08:28 Elf and Scrooged Movie Review 09:08 A Christmas Story Live and Christmas in Connecticut Movie Review 11:22 Discussion on 'How the Grinch Stole Christmas' 12:28 Opinions on 'Miracle on 34th Street' 12:48 Christmas Adjacent Movies: 'Die Hard' and Others 16:43 Alternative Christmas Movies: 'A Christmas Horror Story' and More 20:31 Christmas Slasher Movies: 'Silent Night, Deadly Night' and Others 20:52 Unique Christmas Movie: 'Tangerine' 21:47 Conclusion and Sign Off #classicchristmas #Christmasmovies #Holidayfilms 
22:48 12/28/23
Fargo Season 5 | Episode 4 Recap
Hosts Lisa Zambetti and Dean Laffan dive into 'Insolubilia’. Dot’s confrontation with Gator goes down pretty much as expected, but how is she going to explain her way out of a burned down house, an electrocuted husband and a pesky State Trooper who is convinced she is the gas station ninja angel who saved his life? And how did she get Wayne and Scotty to go up into the attic in the first place? Lisa and Dean pick it all apart including the significance of all the Nightmare Before Christmas symbology. Cue the disastrous consequences of trying to become something you are not and desperately trying to change the world into what you want it to be. Will Dot’s philosophy she imparts to her daughter Scotty work?: basically “If we can’t see the bad guys, they can’t see us? If we don’t talk about them, they don’t exist? ” And Lisa has to shout out the extraordinary work of David Rysdahl’s “Wayne” who’s layered sweet, sad vulnerability as the hapless husband gives this hard candy show the soft center it doesn’t want to need. Join us!  #jonhamm #junotemple #noahhawley #hulu #fx #joekeery #davidrysdahl  #lamornemorris #jenniferjasonleigh #richamoorjani #davefoley  #Fargo #NightmareBeforeChristmas #Halloween  00:35 Discussing the Episode Title 06:28 Discussion on the House Invasion Scene 15:06 Sheriff Roy Tillman's Monologue 17:51 Dot's Philosophy and Survival Strategy 19:33 State Trooper Wit's Investigation 20:22 Analyzing Film Techniques 20:41 Character Analysis: Lorraine Lyon 21:19 Exploring the Use of Audio and Video Overlap 22:01 The Power Dynamics in the Show 22:28 Lorraine's Reaction to Family Crisis 22:57 Hospital Scene Analysis 24:49 Dot's Manipulation and Gaslighting 28:07 FBI Investigation into Sheriff Tillman 37:36 Sheriff Tillman's Visit and Confrontation 41:42 Final Thoughts and Predictions KILLER CASTING is proud to support The Hollywood Winner’s Circle, a fantastic Business Academy for Actors founded by manager and acting coach Wendy Alane Wright. If you are just starting out as an actor and are unsure where to turn, HWC will give you concrete steps and a support system toward a future as a professional. You can find out more here:
47:14 12/7/23
Fargo Season 5 Episode 3 (The Yellow Sweater)
Cheese Puffs, a 44 Magnum and The Yellow Sweater Before we delve into the third episode of Fargo Season 5 first we side bar into a review of the latest David Fincher movie “The Killer” starring a very enigmatic Michael Fassbender playing a rather bungling hired assassin. Then we get on to analyzing this (in Dean’s words) audacious episode 3 where wagons start to circle around our brave heroine Dot and her family. When your grocery list includes juice boxes, cheese puffs and shotguns, you know things are about to pop off. Lisa also has some good wallpaper talk and the gives a special shout out to some excellent sweater work by Dot’s yellow cardigan. #jonhamm #junotemple #noahhawley #hulu #fx #joekeery #lamornemorris #jenniferjasonleigh #richamoorjani #davefoley  #Fargo #recap #streaming #Hulu #tvpodcast #nipplerings #yellowsweater  00:52 The Struggles of Waiting for New Episodes 01:21 Personal Anecdotes and Casual Conversation 02:27 Discussion on the Theme of Running Away 04:49 Discussion on Alien Franchise 09:13 Review of 'The Killer' 18:04 Discussion on Fargo Episode 3 Continued 28:50 Analyzing the Artful Editing and Visual Storytelling 30:06 Exploring the Character's Wardrobe Choices 31:29 Unpacking the Intense Bedroom Scene 37:35 Diving into the Intriguing Flashback Sequence 45:46 Discussing the Tense Confrontation at the Gun Shop 49:46 Breaking Down the Climactic Halloween Night Scene 55:41 Reflecting on the Episode's Themes and Revelations
61:09 12/2/23
Fargo Season 5 | Episode 2
Reviewing Fargo Season 5 Episode 2: Hamm in a Hottub Lisa and Dean dive into the second episode of Fargo's Fifth season dissecting the big entrance of Jon Hamm's character, the powerful Sheriff Roy Tillman who rules his North Dakota county with an iron fist. Lots of great revelations in this episode as the true identity of Juno Temple’s “Dot” is unmasked. This ep also has tons of callbacks to the original Fargo feature film. And of course we have to talk about the hot tub scene. Join us.  #jonhamm #junotemple #noahhawley #hulu #fx #joekeery #lamornemorris #jenniferjasonleigh #richamoorjani #davefoley #lukasgage #Fargo
51:21 11/25/23
Fargo Season 5 | Episode 1
Hosts Lisa Zambetti and Dean Laffan reunite for a review of the opening episode of Fargo's fifth season now streaming on FX Hulu. They discuss the key characters, the various plot directions and themes, providing deep insights into the roles, potential narrative direction and analyzing the alignment with the original Fargo movie. They also talk about casting choices and performance dynamics. The two hosts scrutinize the plot's development from the opening sequence, the intertwining storylines, down to the episode's culmination. They give a detailed blow-by-blow analysis of the episode while pointing out their areas of discontent, predictions, and highlighting exciting moments. 00:00 Introduction of the Hosts 00:52 Discussion on Recent TV Shows 03:16 Introduction to the Main Topic: Fargo Season Five 03:57 Initial Impressions on Fargo Season Five 04:23 Deep Dive into the Characters and Plot 08:04 Continuation of the Fargo Season Five Analysis 09:38 Further Discussion on Fargo Season Five 18:47 Exploring the Connections in Fargo Series 24:11 The Chase Begins 24:16 Analyzing the Scene 24:21 The Unexpected Twist 24:35 The Classic Trip and Tumble 25:09 The Surprise Attack 25:55 The Kidnapping Plot 26:20 The Call Interruption 26:21 The Aftermath 26:29 The Pause and Reflection 27:05 The Husband's Return 27:32 The Kidnapping Aftermath 27:43 The Unconcerned Mother 30:14 The Cop's Home Life 35:09 The Convenience Store Standoff 44:57 The Aftermath and Return Home 48:29 The Episode Wrap-up
55:53 11/24/23
088 Miranda's Victim
“Miranda’s Victim” is a new feature film thoughtfully directed by Michelle Danner with a heavy hitting cast starring Abigail Breslin, Mireille Enos, Emily VanCamp, Ryan Phillippe, Luke Wilson, Andy Garcia, Donald Sutherland and Kyle MacLachlan. If you’ve watched any crime show, chances are you’ve heard the Miranda warning which starts “You have the right to remain silent…” But do you know where it came from and who “Miranda” was?  If you thought Miranda was an innocent victim who was perhaps falsely accused of a crime you’d be mistaken. Lisa sits down with executive producer and writer George Kolber  of “Miranda’s Victim” to talk about the true story of who the real victim was at the heart of the ground breaking legal challenge.  In 1963, 18 year old Trisha Weir was on her way home from her job at a local Phoenix Arizona movie theater when she was abducted off the street, driven out into the desert and raped by Ernesto Miranda, a man who already had a history of crime including stalking and sexual assault. The police were able to zero in on Miranda, bring him into a line up where Trisha identified him and shortly thereafter he wrote a full confession to the crime without the presence of an attorney. Miranda was convicted, but later his verdict was overturned by the Supreme Court who found that his rights as a suspect had been violated. The film tracks Trisha’s journey as she tries heal from her trauma and still pursue justice.  For help with sexual assault in the US visit In Australia, visit Watch the trailer for Miranda’s Victim here 
35:50 10/7/23
087 Kurt Yaeger
Today we get to interview the incredible actor Kurt Yaeger who has been in more tv shows and films than we can name including a recur in Sons Of Anarchy, all the NCIS franchises, Another Life, Shameless,…and who is also an actor with a disability. Kurt is a unique performer because sometimes the roles he takes feature his below the knee amputation and sometimes they don’t. Regardless he is able to kick ass doing his own stunts motorcycle riding, running, jumping, fighting, shooting, and getting exploded. Kurt tells us about his journey from being a professional athlete to his accident, his rehabilitation and his determination to act no matter what. You will truly be inspired to hear how he got cast on SoA. Plus he shares his insights on what needs to happen to get more inclusion and representation for more performers with disabilities in the entertainment industry. Also, Dean and Kurt bro it out on all kinds of levels. See Kurt's showreel here His website His career in porn !  Don't panic its a tounge-in-cheek book' called 'Porn for Women and TOTALLY safe for work and kids. No nudity. Think men fully clothed doing housework and cooking ;-) 
49:45 9/15/23
086 John Frank Levey - Casting Icon
Lisa sits down with an absolute icon in the casting world. Love The West Wing? E.R.? Shameless? Southland? Well then you have loved the work of the wonderful, inspiring John Frank Levey who put some of the most amazing actors into some of the most iconic tv shows in history. John’s new book “Right for the Role” dives deep into his career, sharing his journey navigating Hollywood as well as the origin stories of how the casts of his shows came to be. In their conversation, Lisa asks John about how casting has changed, and they compare notes on some of their favorite performers.    You can get your own copy of John's book here: #castingdirectors #casting #actors #Hollywood #characters #thewestwing #ER #Southland #Shameless #roles #losangeles 
55:30 7/4/23
085 The Strike - The Real People Behind the TV & Film Writers Union Strike.
Joining Lisa today are two veteran television writer/producers Ted Sullivan (Riverdale, Star Trek Discovery, Supergirl, Revenge, Rizzoli & Isles, Law and Order Criminal Intent) and Elizabeth Benjamin (Dead to Me, The Flight Attendant, Bridgerton, 13 Reasons Why).  Lisa asks them about the current Writer’s Guild of America strike which is impacting all levels of production.   Ted and Liz talk about their careers and how working conditions have deteriorated for writers who love this work, yet who have been pushed to the breaking point.  This is not about getting a guaranteed big payday, it is about the most basic things like making your insurance and feeding your families — all the while Studios and Streaming companies are making record profits.  Also at stake is the creative process itself, which draw so many people into the profession in the first place. Join us for this important conversation. **** Production Note:  Unfortunatley Liz' internet connection had a couple of spotty patches, so please bear with us. Also, Lisa flubs the name of her union, she accidentally says Local 99 instead of Local 399 (Go Teamsters!). Lastly, per usual, Lisa is very "salty" with her language. So protect your delicate sensabilities. Thank you! 
68:35 5/6/23
084 The Art of Casting Reality
And now for something completely different, love The Great British Baking Show but deplore The Kardashians? Hate/watch The Bachelor but ride or die with Dr. Pol? Project Runway, Top Chef, Selling Beverly Hills and Indian Matchmaking are shows that gave Lisa an insane amount of joy. Today, Lisa pivots to talking to her esteemed colleagues in the REALITY / UNSCRIPTED casting world. Join Lisa and her guests Reality Star turned Reality Casting Director Rachel Reilly (Big Brother, Traitors), Casting Director Kristen Moss (MasterChef, Big Brother, Reality Television Awards) and Emmy award winning Casting Director Jeffrey Marx (HBO's We're Here, Love on the Spectrum, Real World, Project Runway).  We talk about how unscripted casting directors do their jobs, the differing genres within unscripted (competition, lifestyle) how they find people, how they champion people with evocative stories, and what positive change Reality shows bring to the world.  And OH yes, we talk all the tea about Vanderpump Rules  Ariana, Tom, Raquel of it all!  Twitter @kMossLA Insta @rachelereillyvillegas Twitter @rachelEReilly  Inst @jeffmarxthespot Twitter @jeffmarxthespot 
53:13 3/9/23
083 It's Oscars time again !
Lisa's love-hate relationship with Oscar reaches another year. This time we focus on the Best Actress race. So yes we cover Michelle, Michelle, Cate, Andrea and Ana, but we range far and wide as Lisa and Dean are joined by Oscars uber-nerd Paul Sullivan who brings his unique encyclopaedic brain to the party. And of course we close out with our own predictions and Lisa hands out the 'Zammie' for Best Actress Enjoy !
60:11 3/1/23
082 Saturday, Pancakes and Elvis
Today Lisa is in the kitchen banging around making blueberry pancakes in the background while Paul tells her what he thinks about Baz Luhrman’s “Elvis” movie and how Austin Butler’s performance compares with the real thing. Do we think he will win the Oscar? Listen and find out. The conversation takes some wacky turns along the way. We talk Monty Python, German sex workers, Barbra Streisand, Tom Hanks’ accents, Henry the Fifth, Lisa sings Lady Gaga, and so much more! Pass the syrup and enjoy!
59:44 2/5/23
081 A little gift of relaxation from Lisa
Happy 2023 from Killer Casting! Today Lisa has a special drop for the podcast. It is a little gift or offering for you if you can use it, especially if you are an actor. January kicks off a New Year but it also kicks off something else for our industry called “pilot season”. This time of year can be extremely exciting but also extremely stressful. If you are an actor, you may be full of hopes and fears. Things may be about to kick into high gear and get super busy with auditions, self tapes, studio and network tests, chemistry reads…while at the same time you may be sinking into a sadness or sense of missing out if you are not as busy as you think you should be. That is why Lisa wanted to offer this special mediation that she hopes can help. Relaxation and visualization are cornerstones of many actor trainings. They are used in voice training, physical training and all kinds of acting methods to open your emotions and instrument. But today, Lisa wants to use this mediation to help you wherever you are in your journey, wherever you are on your path, wherever you are in your day or evening. Hey, even if you are not in the entertainment industry but want a new relaxation visualization exercise, stick around, we think you will feel really really good afterwards.  So sit in a comfy chair, lay on your couch or bed, you could even settle into the seat of your parked car or your airplane seat … and get ready to breath, let go and let Lisa carry you for awhile
22:41 1/4/23
080 The Women of 'She Said'
In light of the recent episode we recorded on the extraordinary Universal film “She Said” Lisa and Dean are honored to be joined by none other than Rowena Chiu who’s story about being assaulted by Harvey Weinstein is depicted in the movie. We are also joined by the two fantastic actresses Ashley Chiu and Angela Yeoh who both played Rowena (one as her 24 year old self during the time she worked for Miramax, the other as her older self years after she had signed an iron clad NDA to not disclose his crime). All three of these fantastic women talk about what it was like to be part of this important film. Join us. Listen, subscribe and share.
58:05 12/21/22
079 She Said
When Lisa went to the special private screening that Universal held for the film “She Said”, there was not a dry eye in the house when the lights came up. The audience was moved by the story of how two determined female reporters for The New York Times (played flawlessly by Carey Mulligan and Zoe Kazan) finally got victims to go on the record about how they had been assaulted and harassed by then mega powerful Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein. We were moved by the sensitive and nuanced acting, the stealthy script, restrained direction, and just the enormity of what the story meant, and who it meant the most to — its far reaching repercussions. Join Lisa and Dean as they not only break down the most important aspects of the film….but Lisa has to take to task a certain well known Hollywood journalist for their insensitive comments dismissing the film asking “who is this movie for?”. Well we are gonna tell you who it’s for, and why we hope it wins all the Oscars!  (We also love the rating which reads She Said, Rated R for language, implied sexual violence and patriarchal horrors). No seriously, it actually says that. Patriarchal horrors! 
59:52 11/30/22