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A List Podcast with A. Sherrod Blakely and Kwani A. Lunis

A List Podcast with veteran Boston Celtics and NBA reporter A. Sherrod Blakely and Kwani A. Lunis. Discussing the latest news and insights into the Boston Celtics, the NBA, even the Patriots and the NFL. Join Sherrod and Kwani weekly as they delve into the most poignant topics with some of the biggest names in basketball and beyond.


Should the Celtics Stay Away From Kevin Durant? 23:33 08/11/2022
Remembering the Life and Legacy of Bill Russell 40:52 08/02/2022
Would you trade Jaylen Brown for Kevin Durant? 40:20 07/27/2022
Danilo Gallinari Interview: Why He Picked the Boston Celtics 39:49 07/21/2022
Which Summer Celtics Should Make the Cut? 28:11 07/12/2022
Does Malcolm Brogdon Make Celtics NBA Title Favorites? 63:41 07/06/2022
How Can Brad Stevens Improve the Celtics Next Season? 53:26 06/29/2022
What's Next for the Celtics? 66:13 06/22/2022
Will the Celtics Tap Out or Take Off in the NBA Finals? 39:52 06/14/2022
Can Celtics the Protect the Parquet in Game 3? 35:43 06/08/2022
Can the Celtics Knock off the Warriors? 49:33 05/30/2022
Can the Celtics Buck the Trend and Take Game 5? 40:55 05/25/2022
Can the Celtics Cool Off the Heat? 35:58 05/17/2022
Can Big Al, Celtics Take Control of the Series? 38:30 05/11/2022
Do the Celtics Have an Answer for the Greek Freak? 41:48 05/02/2022
Is Top-Five Tatum Here to Stay? 47:09 04/26/2022
How Will the Nets Respond in Game 2? 30:23 04/20/2022
Are the Celtics Ready to Cut Down the Nets? 55:34 04/14/2022
What Can Brown Do for You in the Playoffs? 40:14 04/06/2022
Can the Celtics Raise Banner 18 Without Robert Williams? 37:40 03/29/2022
Are Tatum & Brown the Best Duo in the NBA? 66:39 03/22/2022
Can the Celtics Survive Out West? 63:45 03/14/2022
Health, Humility: What Else Do the Celtics Need Moving Forward? 54:39 03/09/2022
Does Home Court Even Matter for the Celtics? 69:19 02/28/2022
Is the Big 3 Beef Over? + Celtics Post All-Star Preview 75:06 02/23/2022
Are You In Love with This Celtics Team Yet? 53:42 02/15/2022
What Should the Celtics Do at the Trade Deadline? 53:23 02/08/2022
Are the Celtics for real...this time? 64:49 02/02/2022
Is Top 5 Tatum Back? 64:41 01/25/2022
Should the Celtics be buyers or sellers at the trade deadline? 67:44 01/18/2022