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Are you one of the many couples who began your relationship in what we call the "high octane" or honeymoon stage, only to now wonder, “where did all that love and connection go?” Perhaps at times you experience misunderstanding, indifference, disconnect, resentment, and a lack of romance. If this is part of your current story, the Red Truck Marriage Podcast will help. Hosted by speaker and marriage counselor, David Anderson, Ph.D., and his wife, Stuart Anderson, M.S., speaker and author, the Red Truck Marriage Podcast will bring you practical tools in an authentic and inspirational way to help you become the heroes of your marriage story. You will also hear conversations with other experts and thought leaders in the fields of relationship building, parenting, personality assessment, financial planning, and spiritual growth. Last but not least, you will get to know real couples who share their struggles and successes as they create “God’s Best” in marriage, a marriage based on Grace, Truth, and Compassion.


How to Respond to the Lack of Attention & Affection in Marriage
Welcome to our first episode discussing what we believe are the 6 Topics Couples Argue About in Marriage. The first topic we cover today is: How to Respond to the Lack of Attention and Affection in Marriage. So have you ever had feelings of anger, hurt, frustration, and loneliness when your spouse seemed unwilling or unable to give you attention and affection? Have there been times when you even resorted to begging for your spouse's attention and affection? When experiencing a lack of affection, many couples get stuck in conflict and isolation because they don't know how to name and talk about their feelings without blaming the other. We believe this episode will help you navigate towards a more fulfilling and deeper connection with your spouse and ultimately reduce the conflict that leaves you exhausted and alone.  So let's get started!But first, as promised...Here's the link to our free eBook: Our Top 5 Tips to Improve Communication Now!
51:11 08/10/2022
How to Stop Constant Arguing in Marriage
Are you like many couples who long to put an end to constant arguing? In marriage, we ALL face the daily challenge of preventing conversations from turning into conflict. When we allow conflict to become a daily occurrence, we develop destructive communication habits that can impact the entire family.  Today we talk about how to replace those destructive communication habits with proven tools that can produce more peace, respect, and connection in your marriage. We also discuss the two motivating forces that bring about real change in behavior. If you are interested in changing daily arguments into healthy conversations and stopping the negative habits of emotional escalation and relational disconnect, this episode is for you! We know you will get a ton of hope and encouragement by joining us today. It is a true honor to walk with you as we all pursue God's Best in marriage!So let's get started!Below is the link to the RDRRS research mentioned in the episode. 
51:47 06/29/2022
"Whatever May Come; Your Heart I Will Choose" (Pro Tips for Staying Connected to Your Spouse)
Today we talk about an experience we had while out to dinner with friends. One of the couples was celebrating their wedding anniversary,  which made the moment "ripe" for meaningful discussion about marriage. The question we threw out to the table of six was, "What are the top one or two 'pro tips' you can offer us for staying emotionally, spiritually, and physically connected?" Wow, did we get a few great nuggets!If you are like most couples who experience short periods or sometimes long seasons of feeling disconnected, you will want to hear what our friends had to offer! We think you will get a ton of encouragement to pursue your spouse and the Creator of marriage. It is a true honor to walk with you as we all pursue God's Best in marriage!So let's get started!
36:27 06/17/2022
"Couple-Care" In the Midst of a Busy Life
We are inundated with magazine articles, YouTube videos, TV commercials, and even podcasts about the importance of self-care... but what about Couple-Care?  The lack of Couple-Care is the reason Stuart and I frequently hear couples say, "We can't really explain it, we got busy with life, and now our sense of real connection and partnership has gone away!" Well, here's what we know to be true: couples who are intentional about caring for their relationship will recognize when the connection is "slipping," and take action!Today we discuss how the connection in our own marriage started slipping, what the signs were, and what we did to "fix it!" Our story may not exactly be your story, but we know you will relate to how easy it is to allow the day-to-day busyness to distract you from cultivating a marriage full of love and connection. A mutual commitment to Couple-Care is the answer to creating a fulfilling marriage in the midst of a busy life!  It is a true honor to walk with you as we all pursue God's Best in marriage!So let's get started!
40:14 05/18/2022
How to Exit an Argument Before It Gets Ugly
Let's face it, arguments between spouses occur way more than most couples would like to admit. The question is whether or not the argument crosses the line into being hurtful or destructive. We have all behaved (out of escalated emotions) in ways that make us wish we could have a "do-over!"Today we discuss a PLAYBOOK that will not only help you avoid those hurtful interactions but also help you grow in your ability to regulate your emotions. If taken seriously, these strategies have the potential to cultivate a deeper connection between you and your spouse; one that has never been experienced before! They will also help you live a more emotionally mature version of yourself!  It is a true honor to walk with you as we all pursue God's Best in marriage!So let's get started!
43:17 04/13/2022
How to Manage Stress-Induced Conflict in Marriage
Have you ever noticed that oftentimes conflict in your marriage is fueled by stress? If you are like many couples, the answer is "yes" to this question.  Stress is a common thread that all people share, and it can become very destructive in marriage. So what can you do about it? Today we discuss how stress can dramatically impact the "day-to-day" in marriage by fueling unnecessary conflict. We also discuss how unmanaged stress will ultimately impact your personal well-being for the worse! Of course, we won't leave you hanging without some proven strategies for successfully navigating stress with your spouse and getting back to the "best version of yourself and marriage!" It is a true honor to walk with you as we all pursue God's Best in marriage!We hope you enjoy this episode!   So let's get started!
38:56 03/30/2022
The Scandalous Act of Grace and Forgiveness
So why is Grace and Forgiveness so Scandalous? It's the most unnatural act of humankind, and goes against almost every fiber in our body! Yet, we are all starving for the freedom, peace, restoration, and joy that only Grace and Forgiveness can give.  Today we talk about what grace and forgiveness look like in relationships and why it is truly the pathway to a deeper, safer, and more intimate marriage. We also discuss why so many of us are "stuck" in ungrace and unforgiveness, which fuels a life of loneliness, resentment, and hardship. We believe this episode is the most important topic we have ever delivered or will ever deliver!Thank you for joining us today. May you be blessed with the freedom to bring grace and forgiveness to a world full of ungrace and unforgiveness. We hope you enjoy this episode!   So let's get started!
58:30 03/16/2022
Mirror, Mirror On the Wall, Who Do You See After All?
Do you remember in the story Snow White and the  Seven Dwarfs the Evil Queen became angry when the mirror answered her question with THE TRUTH? Apparently, the Evil Queen was not interested in the truth that could help her become the best version of herself!  Today we talk about what it means to "hold a mirror up in front of our spouse" for the purpose of having the most intimate relationship possible (and, not to mention, remarkable personal and relational growth). We also talk about some of the reasons why attempting such an intimate act of having those "deeper" conversations ends in pushback, anger, resentment, defensiveness, and withdrawal. As you will hear in this episode, it's important to continue to grow your marriage so that "looking in the mirror" becomes commonplace! Although those deeper conversations can and will be difficult, the potential outcome can be deep friendship, security, connectedness, and creating the best version of yourself!As promised... click here to register for the "The Marriage Deck Deep Dive" webinar! We hope you enjoy this episode!   So let's get started!
45:47 02/11/2022
The "Secret Sauce" To A Thriving Marriage
So have you ever "punched up" a particular dish you are serving with your secret sauce, those ingredients that would take your meal from ho-hum to spectacular? Marriage can sometimes seem ho-hum and in need of some secret sauce! If this is your marriage, you have two options... 1) Learn to live in a marriage that falls painfully short of the connection, energy, companionship, and joy you once experienced or hoped for, or 2) Decide to change old habits and create that "secret sauce" that will change your marriage story into a life of authenticity, true partnership, and intimacy.  Today we will share those ingredients that we have found to be our secret sauce, and invite you to add a few more (ingredients) of your own! You will hear practical, yet profoundly powerful actions to take that will redefine how you do the "marriage journey" together! So let's get started!
44:29 01/19/2022
Finding Peace in the Midst of Life's Urgencies
Do you ever find yourself expending a ton of physical and emotional energy on tasks that don’t  really seem to satisfy the desires of your heart and soul? Maybe you're that person who is constantly responding to the demands that pop up throughout the day instead of dedicating time to pursue your passions or calling. If so, you probably end up like many people: frustrated, tired, hurried, and unfulfilled. The good news is there is something you  can do about it!Today we talk about how to change the "old script" of allowing life's urgencies to hijack the joy and peace that can only come by living out your true calling. It's what we call, "focusing on your North Star." So what is your North Star? It's the people, work, and places (to name a few) that you are called to love and care about! Is it possible to follow that North Star most days? Absolutely!  Join us today on this episode to do a short self-assessment, and discover new ways to live out your authentic life. It's what we call “God's Best!”So let's get started!
30:56 12/15/2021
Keeping the "Merry" with Extended Family During the Holidays
The holidays can be a very stressful time of the year for a whole host of reasons. Many couples say that navigating the expectations of their extended family is on or near the top of the list of reasons for experiencing stress! Why is this so prevalent? Do your attempts to please grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles, and other extended family members hijack some of the "Merry" in your Christmas holidays, or, worse yet, prevent you from creating your own family traditions?  Today we talk about how to navigate the touchy subject of creating your own family holiday traditions when the extended family members mentioned above have other plans or expectations in mind. This episode will help you and your spouse create a plan that you can both feel great about!After all, it is perfectly natural to establish holiday traditions that will make every year something to look forward to for everyone in your family! It is possible to feel less stress and more MERRY this holiday season... we are sure of it! So let's get started!
28:12 12/01/2021
How to Make Your Marriage the Ideal Place to Hear and Express Feelings
One of the most common complaints spouses have is that their partner won't talk about their feelings. The absence of sharing feelings frequently leaves couples wondering if there is more to married life than simply managing the mundane day-to-day, having sex once in a while, and taking a vacation every year.We want you to know you CAN have so much more!Today we talk about the "why" and the "what" of this common complaint. That is, WHY it is that couples struggle to talk about their feelings, and WHAT you (as a couple) can do about it.This episode has the potential to help you and your spouse change the old story of emotional disconnect! You will learn how you can create a culture in your marriage that makes sharing feelings commonplace, and thus, create a marriage that feels safe even when those feelings are difficult to express or hear!So let's get started!
47:02 11/12/2021
Putting "PLAY" Back into Your Marriage
Have you ever watched a child play and wondered why they have so much joy? Perhaps their joy and zest for life come from the play itself! Couples who are intentional about play tend to describe their marriage as life-giving (at least most days)!Many couples who get caught up in the day-to-day hustle and bustle forget the powerful positive effect "play" has on their relationship. Play is one of those hidden secrets to a profoundly intimate marriage. Today we discuss some of the amazing benefits for couples who are intentional about making play a priority. We also give examples in our own marriage story of ways we have made play essential even while navigating all the "busyness" that life brings our way.This episode has the potential to help you have a profound life-giving impact on your sacred marriage!So let's get started!
38:50 11/03/2021
Is It Sex or "Love-Making?"
Why is it that the topic of sex catches almost everyone's attention? Perhaps it's because sex is linked to such a huge bag of emotions... some good and some not-so-good.For many couples, there are very positive associations like emotional and spiritual connection, bliss, deep joy, exclusivity, and physical pleasure. Yet for others, the associations are not so positive. Feelings of shame, anxiety, resentment, and fear (to name a few) can hijack what was intended to be sacred for those who said: "I Do!" Today we discuss perhaps a new way to think about sex in marriage. We also discuss ways to bring new energy to physical intimacy between you and your spouse. Make sure to listen as we answer the question of Is It Sex or "Love-Making?" You may be surprised to hear our answer!This we know for sure... you have the power to write a marriage story full of physical and emotional connection that will bring great joy to the heart! So let's get started!
33:52 10/13/2021
It's Your Marriage Story; Let's Write It Well!
Everyone's authentic marriage story is powerful and sacred! Is it possible that there is a Greater Author to that story, and we are invited to "co-author" it with Him?  Today we discuss our own marriage story, both the wonderful and not-so-wonderful. We hope it encourages you to discover ways to create a marriage that offers restoration to each other, fueled by Love & Grace. We also shed light on what it means to "submit one to another" in marriage.You have the power to write a new chapter to your marriage story! A chapter full of connection, romance, forgiveness, play, grace, and restoration.So let's get started!
58:27 09/29/2021
From Desert to Greener Pastures in Marriage
If you’ve been married for a while, you have experienced those seasons in your marriage when it seems the emotional or physical juices aren’t exactly flowing. Perhaps there are some obvious reasons that you can identify or maybe not… all you know is, as a couple, you feel like you’re living out your marriage in a desert with no idea of how to change it! If that describes your marriage right now, or if you want to avoid those desert seasons, we are so glad you are here!Today we talk about some of the root causes that create those "dry conditions" of disconnect and emotional isolation, and how to redefine your marriage partnership as vibrant, connected, joyful, and having a sense of oneness. So be encouraged... there are ways to begin that journey out of the desert and into those greener pastures!! You won't want to miss this episode!So let's get started!
23:57 09/15/2021
Navigating Conflict Without Trying to Change Your Spouse
Have you ever tried to address a conflict within your marriage, but resorted to trying desperately to change your spouse? Or perhaps a better question... have you ever felt frustrated, hopeless, or even angry because your spouse won't do or act in a way that seems so right or logical to you?My guess is yes! We have all been guilty of trying to do the impossible... change something about our spouse. Changing our spouse is impossible because it is way above our pay grade. So does being powerless to change our spouse (or anybody else for that matter) mean we should just live with it and experience conflict forever? Absolutely not! There is hope for all couples who want peace, joy, and connection in their marriage. Today we discuss how to navigate conflict in your marriage without attempting to do the impossible task of changing your partner, but instead by helping each other become the best versions of yourselves. We believe this episode will give you tremendous hope and practical tools to grow deeper in your marriage as you live out God's Best together. This is a can't-miss episode!So let's get started!
38:13 09/03/2021
Managing Stress, It's In The Foundation
If you are like most people, the feeling of stress or anxiety is at full strength this time of year. For many couples, their children are starting back to school, fall sports are in high gear, and our world continues to struggle through health, political, and social crises. We know this for sure... when stress is high, marriages are impacted! But guess what... we all have the ability to manage stress in such a way that we can stand up underneath the chaos with strength, hope, joy, and connection with the ones we love!Today we talk about specific tools and strategies that have been proven to give couples the power they need to live out God's best even when stress is at its peak! This episode is a must for any couple who is interested in building a foundation for living an empowered life now!So let's get started!
36:05 08/19/2021
Our Big Announcement... and You're Invited!
We often say at the end of each episode that it's not good to navigate marriage alone. This wisdom is the driving force behind the Red Truck Marriage podcast! Our belief is that great marriages are developed in the context of a great community!  Today we talk about a dream of ours that has finally come to pass... It's the Red Truck Marriage Mastermind Group! We have always wanted to create an opportunity for couples to belong to such a community where people really get to know other couples, hear their stories, share their own stories in a safe space, learn tools to grow deeper in marriage, be encouraged by others, and celebrate wins! We decided to make this launch announcement to our ever-growing and faithful Red Truck Marriage podcast community first! Obviously, our excitement comes because we will be directly involved in this amazing opportunity for couples to live God’s best in marriage! We are thrilled that you are here today to learn more about what promises to be a remarkable experience! And did we mention… there is a special offer for you to become a Founding Member! So let's get started!
16:53 08/11/2021
Transforming Your Marriage with Great Communication
Is there room in your marriage for transformation? By transformation, we mean remarkable improvement in the emotional, spiritual, and physical connection with your spouse. Great communication is the pathway to having such transformation.Today we talk with personal development experts, Wyman and Rosemary Winbush. The Winbushes have a heart for helping people discover what it means to live out "God's Best" in marriage, work, and family. We discuss ways to overcome some of the barriers to having great communication in marriage and a whole host of other related topics.This episode is a must for anyone who believes there is room in their marriage for transformation. Grab a pen and paper! You will want to remember many of the "nuggets" you're about to hear!So let's get started!Here are the links to learn more about Wyman & Rosemary Winbush
70:30 07/28/2021
How to Make Affirmations Matter to Your Spouse
One of the most powerful and meaningful gifts a spouse can give their partner is affirmations. That's right! The authentic spoken word is food for the soul! The question is... how do I affirm or build my spouse up in such a way that truly matters? Today we talk about three principles of affirmation that will over time create a sacred space in your spouse's heart that will feel like home. The Apostle Paul got it right when he called on God's people to encourage and build each other up! Is this guidance applicable in marriage? Of course, it is!This episode is a must for anyone who wants to be that authentic voice of love, encouragement, and strength in their spouse's ear!So let's get started!
25:08 07/21/2021
Delivering Love Even If You Don't Feel Like It
So have you ever been faced with the decision to bring love or kindness to your spouse when you really didn't feel like it? It’s usually during those times when you don't particularly feel all that connected, or you feel tired or frustrated with the person you said "I Do" to. The dilemma comes when you know in your heart that the right thing is to bring LOVE & KINDNESS to your spouse, but you withhold. If you are like many couples, you've been faced with this many times in your marriage!Today we talk about how to win this inner battle more times than not. In fact, we discuss how you can actually experience a "change of heart" to where there is little or no battle at all! Couples who make a habit of serving each other even when they don't feel like it discover the meaning of "transforming love!”This episode is a must for any couple who wants to experience a true breakthrough in bringing love, kindness, and service to their marriage more consistently.So let's get started!
27:38 07/07/2021
4 Ways to Have Greater Connection with Your Spouse
No matter how strong your marriage is, there will always be times of feeling an emotional, spiritual, or physical disconnect. Those are the times when you realize you are just going through the motions as a couple, or "doing life" alone.If this is your story, you can take action... there is hope for even the most disconnected couple. The key is having a desire to change the story, and then being intentional about your action plan!Today we talk about how couples can reclaim the connection they once experienced, and go even deeper than ever before! We discuss the "4 P's" of bringing greater connection in your marriage. This strategy is practical, doable, and remarkably effective for couples who desire change.This episode is a must for any couple who is interested in doing life together as connected partners!So let's get started!
30:08 06/23/2021
Setting Your Spouse and Marriage Up to Succeed
Do you really know or have you ever asked what your spouse's Life Dreams are? How would your marriage be impacted if both of you became each other's Biggest Fan, a fan who not only cheers the other on... but one who also comes down from the stands and participates in helping each other be successful?!Setting your spouse and marriage up for success requires conversation and an authentic desire to know your spouse's heart and "dreams" deeply! It's a way of doing life together where establishing a Balance of Significance is a priority.Today we talk about how couples can create sacredness in their marriage by being their spouse's #1 Fan not just in word, but also in action. This episode is a must for any couple who is interested in creating a love life that brings amazing joy!So let's get started!
27:01 06/17/2021
How to Stay in Your Own Shoes, Even When Your Spouse Is Off Track
Would you like to be at a place in your marriage where you or your spouse are able to manage emotions even if the other struggles to do so? That is... a person who stays in "your own shoes?"Most of us want to be that person who is able to maintain our sense of self, even when our spouse is "off track" emotionally. We don't want to follow our spouse deep into that downward spiral of emotionality. So how do you avoid such a destructive "dance" with your partner? Today we talk about how you can stay in your own shoes without appearing to be disinterested in your spouse's wellbeing. In fact, you will discover how you can help your spouse and attend to your own emotional wellness.This episode is a must for any couple who is interested in living from a place of emotional strength and maturity! So let's get started!
26:39 06/09/2021
The Twitch: Why Setbacks in Marriage Occur
So how is it that we can work so hard on changing something about our behavior, start having success, then all of a sudden the "old' behavior comes back and impacts our relationships negatively? Well that my friend is called the "TWITCH!" Most married couples have experienced setbacks (twitches) in their marriage without a moment's notice. The key is learning how to navigate when those "old behaviors" return without letting them produce major discouragement, conflict, hopelessness, and disconnect.   Today we talk about the inevitable TWITCH that happens whenever people attempt to replace the old behaviors with new ones, and how to manage such setbacks in marriage. You will hear how couples can truly use this common occurrence for remarkable growth in their marriage!  So let's get started!
31:49 06/04/2021
Money & Marriage... Let’s Ask the Experts!
Does the topic of money bring joy and peace in your marriage, or does it generate fear and anxiety? Most likely, we all have our stories that would include all of the above!Do couples with an abundance of money feel more joy? Is it a good idea for you to talk about family finances with your children? How has your family of origin shaped how you think about money?Today we talk about these questions and a whole lot more with our dear friends, Mark and Amy Bondi. Mark serves others as a Financial Wealth Advisor. His wife, Amy, is a small business entrepreneur working as an Interior Design Consultant. Both Mark and Amy spend much of their time and energy mentoring young couples who are learning how to live out God's best in marriage.You won't want to miss this episode with Mark and Amy! They are warm, funny, smart, and authentic as they discuss the topic of Marriage & Money.So let's get started! 
58:55 05/26/2021
It's All About What's In the Red Truck!
The Red Truck Marriage community is growing by the minute, and we think we know why! Couples are hungry for a marriage full of grace, truth, compassion, forgiveness, intimacy, and friendship. It is such an honor to inspire and equip couples to drive that "Red Truck" in their marriages! So what exactly does it mean to drive such a truck in your marriage? You're about to find out! Today, not only do we tell the story of how the Red Truck Marriage organization got its name, but we also talk about an authentic way to live God's best in your marriage! If this is what you are searching for, you have come to the right place!  Welcome friends... it's not good for couples to navigate marriage alone!So let's get started! 
44:11 05/21/2021
Prayer: A Couple's Most Intimate Act
We are very grateful to have thousands of downloads that expand 6 continents. What do we think is the common thread with all of our listeners? They are all seeking to become more intimate in their marriages. This could be the most important episode regarding intimacy in marriage so far! Today we tell a story of a couple who want a level of intimacy that makes their relationship feel sacred. By sacred, we mean exclusive, deep, and connected to God and each other! Is it possible that praying together is the gateway to such a relationship? Yes! You won't want to miss this episode of the Red Truck Marriage podcast. We will talk about ways to think about prayer in marriage, and how couples can develop their own style when connecting with God together.So let's get started! 
37:00 05/12/2021
How to Navigate the Divide Anger Causes in Marriage
We have all felt the emotional divide that hurt and anger can cause in our marriage. If left unattended, the divide can create habits of existing that don't just fade away! We are left feeling betrayed, hurt, alone, resentful, and dismayed.So what is the antidote? It's what author Philip Yancey calls "the Last Best Word"... GRACE!Today we talk about Grace and Forgiveness in the context of marriage. Without a doubt, choosing forgiveness can transform even the most divided marriage into God's Best... a relationship full of faith, hope, and love.If you are experiencing the great difficulty of giving forgiveness to a spouse or someone you love, you may get some encouragement and answers by joining us today!So let's get started!
53:46 04/21/2021