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It's great if you can pick when you hand over the reins, but what if that time picks you? “Does your company consistently meet or beat the targets you set?" “Do you have the right team rowing in the right direction?" “Is there something going on in your market or company that threatens your growth? "Are you considering transitioning the leadership of the company?" “Is there a clearly articulated long-term strategy?" We specialize in guiding Family-owned businesses with 50-500 employees to become Succession ready.


What Venture Capital Firms are Looking to Buy 41:23 08/08/2022
How to Have Healthy Conflict to Accelerate Growth 44:03 07/11/2022
How You Find, and Keep, the Best People 27:44 06/13/2022
Evolutionary Leadership Creates Ripple Effects 30:27 05/09/2022
The Pre-Boarding Process for Hiring Number Twos 34:34 04/11/2022
Debunking The Myths Of A Trusted Adviser 36:10 03/07/2022
Lessons Learned from a First-Time CEO 39:42 02/07/2022
Building Your Personal Brand 34:27 01/10/2022
What You Need to Know About Small Business Loans 33:00 12/14/2021
Get Yourself on the Center Stage 39:43 11/08/2021
Metronomics: One United System to Grow Up Your Team, Company, and Life 40:33 10/11/2021
The Art and Science Behind Being a Business Broker and Buying an Established Business 28:47 09/13/2021
Leverage The Power of The Board 43:41 08/09/2021
What Do Venture Capitalists Look For When Investing in a Business? 50:48 07/12/2021
Your Entrepreneurial Journey Doesn’t Get Easier, It Just Gets Different. 42:35 06/07/2021
How to Survive a Business Divorce 31:17 05/10/2021
How to Create a Talent Development Plan for Your Organization 34:03 04/12/2021
Get Excited About Monday Mornings Again! 42:58 03/05/2021
EP059: Effective Leadership Principles for Any Sized Business 37:42 02/08/2021
EP058: Empathy and Positivity are Overrated in Leadership. Do This Instead. 37:55 01/11/2021
EP057: Take Charge and Drive Your Own Career Success 41:07 12/07/2020
EP056: What Families Get Wrong About Succession Planning 48:46 11/09/2020
EP055: Enhance Your Company’s Brand Image by Telling a Good Story 33:46 10/12/2020
EP054: Strategic Planning during COVID-19 43:23 09/14/2020
EP053: The Power of Emotional Grit 33:58 08/10/2020
EP052: Next Generation Mentorship: How to Invest in Young Talent 40:30 07/13/2020
EP051: The Three Secrets to Building Strong Leaders: Connection, Communication, and Collaboration 51:32 06/08/2020
EP050: How to Handle Conflict in a Healthy Way and Get Those Issues Solved 49:25 05/11/2020
EP049: The 5 Intentional Growth Principles You Need 58:35 04/13/2020
EP048: 10 Ways The Small Business Owner Can Protect Themselves Against Cyber Attacks 38:38 03/09/2020