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The Dosha Life

From Yoga Ayurveda Living this podcast is full of soulful health and wellness tools from the timeless wisdom of Yoga and Ayurveda with Kelly Marie Mills. History shows that beauty and health were a big part of our past as much as our present. You wont find better inspiration for beauty and truth than from this ancient knowledge. Yoga is the science of the mind, it actually has a lot less to do with the body, compared to Ayurveda! This podcast is aimed at strengthening our connection to the best part of life. Before you go, breathe out and smile. x


Fridays Relaxation Go on You! 18:30 12/24/2021
Kellys Own in a flurry on updates of classes, Yoga teacher training, Yoga teacher Ayurveda and this x 20:24 12/22/2021
Shpeeling with Kelly, the tangents are real gang, spots, pcr, pranayama, jumping up and down and Kelly even chants for you!...its all here. 25:49 12/21/2021
Mondays Meditation on Watch, Wait and Listen 14:19 12/20/2021
Fridays Relaxation is gonna be mega peace full x 17:03 12/17/2021
Welcome Dr. Donn Brennan, Irelands Ayurvedic Doctor in Dublin 30:55 12/14/2021
Mondays Meditation on Peace of course! Perfect timing! 09:04 12/13/2021
Fridays Relaxation on The Split 11:26 12/10/2021
Shpeeling with Kelly on Scammers and the subtle doshas rescue 24:25 12/07/2021
Mondays Meditation is all frustrated 13:16 12/06/2021
Fridays Relaxation is Awesome 09:01 12/03/2021
Ayurveda Yoga Folding In 26:03 11/30/2021
Mondays Meditation on Birthdays 07:38 11/29/2021
Fridays Relaxation our silence 12:39 11/26/2021
Ayurveda Yoga on Our Besties, the Subtle doshas (our angels!) 19:17 11/23/2021
Kellys Own on Anniversary or is it birthday? Number 1 02:02 11/22/2021
Mondays Meditation in your own time 05:39 11/22/2021
Fridays Relaxation is on One 12:51 11/19/2021
Yoga and Ayurveda on the gooey Kapha nature 26:24 11/16/2021
Monday Meditation on Dosha meds 14:28 11/15/2021
Fridays Relaxation on Devotion. Get yourself ready to Relax! 11:46 11/12/2021
Time with Feigherys Farm Irish Beetroot Juice owner, Anne Marie Feighery 26:37 11/09/2021
Mondays Meditation on Self Reflection 05:56 11/08/2021
Fridays Relaxation is Metta with hiccups 07:03 11/05/2021
A conversation with Angela Doyle, a Holistic Therapist in Carlow 27:50 11/02/2021
Mondays Meditation is for Halloween, so its Sundays Lightness of being -Surprise! 15:46 10/31/2021
Fridays Relaxation On Going Tough 05:37 10/29/2021
Ayurvedic Yoga on the Frustrated Fiery Parts of us 21:57 10/26/2021
Mondays Meditation with Open Hands 07:04 10/25/2021
Fridays Relaxation in Free and Whole 07:05 10/22/2021