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DO IT MY WAY PODCAST empowers women business owners and CEO’s to do business on their terms with no regrets, hesitation or fear! Maybe you are a CEO ready to build a personal brand OR you’re an entrepreneur listening to all of the pressure from those around you....this is the place for you! We will be talking about all things marketing and how to create your personal brand to make money by teaching others what you already know and get paid to do it! Most importantly, you will learn to do business on your terms and make the money you want to make!


What is Success to You? 09:31 12/02/2021
How to Hustle Through the Holidays 10:54 11/18/2021
CC & Mike Interview: How I Became an Influencer 30:28 11/11/2021
The Fastest Way to Get Instagram Growth: Reels 07:20 11/04/2021
Why Do We Always Take it Personal? 11:19 10/28/2021
10 Reasons to Become an Online Entrepreneur 09:20 10/21/2021
Why Do Smart Women Make Financial Mistakes? 12:38 10/14/2021
What is Freedom to You? 09:15 10/07/2021
If you aren’t consistent, you will never win! 09:46 09/30/2021
Can I pick your brain? 09:19 09/23/2021
3 Biggest Fears Female Entrepreneurs Face 07:48 09/16/2021
The Power of No 15:46 09/09/2021
Are You Relentless? 09:11 09/02/2021
Increase Your Profit with Customer Testimonials 10:13 08/26/2021
What Do I Post on My Social Media? 13:18 08/19/2021
Why Building a List is GOLD 08:28 08/12/2021
Steps to Live a Happy Life 18:43 08/05/2021
How the Enneagram Can Help You Become a Better Leader 23:12 07/29/2021
Why You Need a Business Coach 10:39 07/22/2021
Schedule Everything! 13:41 07/15/2021
Creating Your Brand Story 10:12 07/08/2021
8 Things That Must Be on Your Website 13:22 06/24/2021
How Your Emotional Intelligence Affects Your Business 10:48 06/17/2021
Why the Entire Marketing Mix Matters 12:12 06/10/2021
Guest Shannon Wilburn 52:16 06/03/2021
How to Create a Millionaire Mindset 10:22 05/27/2021
Firing a Toxic Client Will Save Your Biz 10:40 05/20/2021
Feeling Burned Out? 5 Ways to Recharge 11:06 05/13/2021
Are you using LinkedIn for your B2B Leads? 10:59 05/06/2021
What If You Get a BAD Google Review? 10:04 04/29/2021