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Society has crumbled. All there is left to do is quiz! Frank Soldato is the diabolical host of the monthly film quiz ‘FILMAGEDDON’, the podcast version of London’s biggest film quiz. Test your knowledge along with his regular team captains as they battle through hundreds of films they don’t know the title of and actors they confuse for other actors.


155 - MORTAL KOMBAT!!! (shout it)
The worldwide event that brings together the heroes of Earthrealm and the villains of 'the other one' - it's the Filmageddon Podcast. This week, the crew discuss [MINOR SPOILERS - BUT NOT REALLY] the newest Mortal Kombat movie. Damn, is blockbuster cinema back? A silly statement? No one reads this far - so you'll have to find out. Featuring a whole host of characters (Electric Man, Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Sonya from Eastenders, Jax the Jaguar, K n' Oh, the two brothers). Should be a laugh. We've also got our free live film quiz this Wednesday April 28th over on our Twitch ( Come and hang out - for more details go to for all the links to all our schtuffff. Rate and subscribe if you fancy.
55:02 4/26/21
154 - Godzilla vs. Kong (WE'RE BACK)
It's been a hot few months since Filmageddon sat down for an audio-only production, but the time is now: the Filmageddon Podcast returns. Do you need another film podcast in your life at this point? Yes.  The time of airs and graces is gone, the crew are back discussing Godzilla vs. Kong (spoilers, obv) as well as the discourse around the film, the reaction online, what works and doesn't - and I swear to God there's like, a turtle thing that breaks the 4th wall in the movie. For real! For all our other links to our IG/Twitter/NEW MERCH head to  Listen to our brother podcast 'The Cardback Cafe' over here: 
52:07 4/11/21
153 - The Chiodo Brothers
It's our absolute honour and privilege to welcome 2/3 Chiodo Brothers, Stephen and Edward, to the Filmageddon Podcast. We spoke to the creators of 'Killer Klowns from Outer Space' (and their new festive feel-good offering 'Alien X-Mas' - now on Netflix!) all about their start in the industry, their history with some of cinema's most iconic characters, and their future plans for everything that still swirls around the genius minds of the Chiodo trio. We can't thank them enough for giving up their time to talk with us. Personal heroes all around, they're an absolute joy to speak with. Support Alien X-Mas (and Killer Klowns!) where you can! Follow Filmageddon on Twitter ( or Twitch (
72:51 12/21/20
152 - Let's Get Freaky
Swapping bodies: disastrous - at least that's what cinema has taught us over the years. But what if a teenage girl and big chungus himself Vince Vaughn swapped bodies - except he's a serial killer!? Well - we have a slightly spoilery episode all about it - it's called FREAKY. And is it available on VOD in America? Yes. So let's get that out of the way before you ask. Join Frank, Adam, and Blair as they navigate his horror comedy, all with last night's booze still destroying their insides.
51:04 12/14/20
151 - The Last Witch Hunter / Watch Party Hangover
This week, we all gathered on a Twitch Watch Party to endure some of Vin Diesel's finest work, The Last Witch Hunter. It was quite an evening. Paddy Petrol. Noncing Priests. Vin Diesel with hair - for a bit. Can you tell what he's saying? Can anyone!? Join the Filmageddon team the morning-after as one clicks a magnet, another chomps a banana, and they all try to come to terms with the fact that The Last Witch Hunter some how made MONEY. Join us on Wednesday on our Twitch for our last QUIZ OF THE YEAR. The 14th quiz of the year. It's been a bad year. ain't it? So let's all quiz as there is a LOT to play for! We'll be on from 8 - but do check our twitter for updates! 
39:30 11/29/20
150 - Presidents in Movies
"I will not concede!" - the cries of a sad, bloated, racist narcissist  jabroni hell-bent on lining his own pockets and the pockets of his backers before he is sent packing. Trump is on his way out, proving once again Filmageddon can out-live a presidency. Four more years? Perish the thought of still typing these episode descriptions out well in to my mid 30's upsets me. But there are a lot of iconic Presidents throughout cinematic history. Is Boss Nass a President? What makes a good President (in film)? The Filmageddon team this week discuss. President Frank Soldato. Prime Minister Luke Ibbetson. Chancellor Adam Grundy. We're doing a live quiz on December 2nd 2020. It's a massive end-of-year thing, and you will have fun - or else we're gonna have to get creative with your death. Join us at 8pm 2nd December
52:26 11/16/20
149 - Luke Ibbetson (Cult)
Quizmaster Frank is dead...set on you having a good time! Absent this week, Film Friend and occasional Rocket League troll Adam Grundy steps in to hold the fort. This week, we're speaking with Writer/Director Luke Ibbetson on the release of his first feature film 'Cult', which is available for free on Amazon Prime! Luke talks us through what it was like to self-fund his debut feature, the creative process from page to screen, and what it was like to work and live in such intimate proximity to his cast and crew. Massive thanks to Luke for speaking with us. Make sure you spread the word of Cult, and a free kiss on the face (after Covid) for anyone who spots all the Filmageddon cameos in Cult (eyes peeled!). To watch Cult on Amazon, check the links below: UK: US: Follow Luke on Twitter: and Cult's official IG (
46:56 11/9/20
148 - Borat 2 (A Spoiler Episode Full of Bad Borat Impressions and Discussion of Rudy Giuliani's Pecker)
Jagshemash, his name is Borat, and 14 years after Sacha Baron Cohen first brought the deranged character to the big screen, Kazakhstan's number 4 reporter returns to...a smaller screen on Amazon Prime. The Filmageddon crew get into it with this SPOILER-laden episode. Very nice. My wife. You like? For more highbrow humour check out the Filmageddon Youtube ( where you can replay some of the rounds from the last film quiz, watch our Host recreation video, and some more original content. High five!
52:14 10/26/20
147 - BFI London Film Festival Round-Up
This week, Frank and Adam give a round-up of their experience of the BFI London Film Festival 2020. #lff2020 Fairly brief, non-spoiler reviews for #Supernova, #Wildfire2020, #Wolfwalkers, #RoseALoveStory, and #StridingIntoTheWind. Plus coverage of a load of cool UK shorts like #Shuttlecock, #DolapoIsFine, #HungryJoe, and #Mandem. It's fun. It's all a bit of fun, this waking life, innit? We have a HALLOWEEN QUIZ on Wednesday 21st October at 8PM UK only on our Twitch. Come hang out with your mates (digitally) and see how you get on. We're encouraging fancy dress, and if you're a fan of films like #Host, well you should enjoy it... (
72:43 10/19/20
146 - Rob Savage
This week, the Filmageddon crew embrace the spooky season. They are joined (virtually!) by Rob Savage, director of 2020's most talked about movie 'Host', as well as a plethora of illuminating shorts and more. We had the chance to ask Rob about what it's like working with such a close and creative team on films like 'Host' (out now on Shudder), how shorts like 'Dawn of the Deaf' and 'Salt' stand alone, and yet may also offer us a glimpse of things to come for him and his future projects. Rob also reveals how the amazing team behind Host all took part in our weekly quizzes as 'Swayze's Babies', which blew our little minds. A huge thank you to Rob for taking the time to talk to us. We're very humbled, and can't wait to see what him and his team do next. Did you like watching Host at home? Well, The Prince Charles Cinema will be screening Host in the best cinema in London over a couple of upcoming dates. Some sell outs, but if you want to maybe catch a Q&A with Rob and the team, they are super-nice and you can check availability on the PCC website ( If you like watching Host at home but instead of actors and narrative, but still retaining HORROR and MADNESS then keep yourself free for our upcoming HALLOWEEN QUIZ live on on 21st October at 8pm UK. Fans of Host might really like this one... If you fancy seeing anything we spoke about on the episode, Rob has got it all on his website 
55:12 10/12/20
145 - #Alive (#살아있다)
BLEEEEUUUGH!! That's the sound a zombie makes. It's international, much like the Filmageddon crew, who are back together discussing Netflix's new Korean zombie horror film #Alive. Look past the hashtag in the name and you'll find a little gem. The crew fully dive in discussing what works, the differences between Western and Asian approaches to the zombie/horror genre, as well as the odd back-story behind this and the upcoming film #Alone. Alive. Alone. Alone. Alive. Very confusing - but stick with us and we'll guide ya to safety (unless...have you been bitten!?). If you miss quizzing very much, we've teamed up with the Mile High Horror Film Festival ( to bring you a horror film quiz on Friday 2nd October. It'll be like, midnight in the UK - but if you're round and up for it - come play. The Facebook event: 
48:44 9/28/20
144 - Kyle Chase - Crying Out Loud
Something very special this week - the Filmageddon Crew sat down with writer and director Kyle Chase to discuss his new web-series 'Crying Out Loud' - a 17-part epic that plays out over one fateful night in London. Crying Out Loud begins Monday 21st September on their Youtube: "Crying Out Loud follows two friends on a long night of hell as they desperately attempt to find a very important lost cat... Starring Tom Wells (Eastenders, Bancroft, 6 Underground) & Edward Cole (Cult, Middle Child Theatre)" Kyle joined us to talk about the process of writing, directing, and financing your first web series. We talk about the creative process and the determination one must possess when tackling such a mammoth-sized project. Kyle also answered some odder questions, such as 'is Phil Collins a Lost Boy in #Hook?' and 'Which Pokemon would you [REDACTED]?'. It's a lovely chat and a first for us - so if you could show Kyle your support we would love it.  Check out the trailer for the series here: Make sure you subscribe! Follow Crying Out Loud on Twitter: Follow Crying Out Loud on Instagram: Follow Kyle on Twitter:
54:47 9/21/20
143 - Project Power
An odd one this week (we explain at the start), but we're looking at the Netflix powder keg of crap 'Project Power'. Jamie Foxx leads the charge, along with cameos from some of Hollywood's big hitters 'Machine-gun Kelly' and Casey Neistat from Youtube. Sounds too good to be true? Maybe you should stop drinking before work then. We're talking some truly WTF moments including: what the deal was with the 'powers'? Why the soundtrack? And of course, which Youtuber would you like to see fight to the death? Play along at home! THERE'S ALSO SOME RAPPING FROM A CERTAIN HOST. Have fun with that one xox. #projectpower #netflix #jamiefoxx #caseyneistat #machinegunkelly #whatacast 
63:46 9/14/20
142 - I'm Thinking of Ending Things (With Spree)
HIGH ENERGY is pouring out of the veins of our three heroes this week. We're chatting Charlie Kaufman's newest mind-f*ck #ImThinkingOfEndingThings, as well as the controversial Joe Leery-led #Spree. Bit of a mixed bag, right? Well there's also chance to talk a nearly decade-old #Moneyball as well as hearing two idiots explain how they don't truly understand baseball to a man who clearly does, but has the patience to listen. And may you too have the patience to hear about a Charlie Kaufman film that sounds like a load of b*llocks.
50:25 9/7/20
141 - Bill and Ted Face The New Mutants
Coming to you LIVE (recorded) from a hotel room in New York City  and a tiny studio in Bangkok, the Filmageddon team talk all about #BillAndTedFaceTheMusic and of course, the always delayed but the "they actually released it?" movie #TheNewMutants, the newest and last edition to the 20th Century X-Men series. Boy, bye! Frank and Adam talk about what it's like to get back on a plane after so long, the weird hoops you have to jump through, as well as their shared hatred for the term 'British Holidaymaker'. Eurgh. Every man woman and child is reviewing Tenet this week - so here's something a little different! We're also on Youtube if you fancy throwing a Subscribe and some thumbs up our way. Always appreciated in times like this:
72:34 9/1/20
140 - #DCFandome
Frank, now trapped in a hotel room, leads Adam (perpetually trapped in Bangkok) through the offerings from Warner Bros's  '#DCFandome' event - including all brand new trailers and teases of #TheSuicideSquad #WonderWoman84 #TheBatman #BlackAdam #JusticeLeagueSnyderCut (okay, not so much focus on that). There's also a killer idea for a Mummy revival that will probably appear on other podcasts in like 3 weeks after they say it. Not saying it's a stroke of genius but Universal, if you're listening: we need money.
65:05 8/24/20
139 - American Pickle
After a week of spookies, the Filmageddon crew gathered around the hot pot to watch Seth Rogan's new offering 'American Pickle'. Spoilers? Yes. Yes there are spoilers. And discussion about pickles. Frank describes what seltzer water is to two people who are dangerously stupid. There's also heated debate about movies where actors play multiple roles - good or bad? Then things take a turn when the crew describe which distant relative they'd least like to turn up 100 years later. Plus - which distant relative would you _____? Leave that one for you to think about. Keeping the description PG, okay? #AmericanPickle #DearRightsHoldersForTheCrankFilmFranchiseIfYouCouldSeeItInYourHeartToPleaseProduceACrank3StarringJasonStathamIn3SeparateRolesAs3DifferentChevChelliosThatWouldBeGreat - signed Filmageddon. If you haven't yet, subscribe to us on Youtube and stuff - we're making content all the time. Fun stuff. Only funnies here. Serious chat elsewhere please.
61:24 8/17/20
138 - HOST
This week, the team watched Shudder's new original 'Host', a film about a Zoom call between friends that takes a spooky turn for the worse. The team talk about what they loved about it, the development of the 'found footage' style of filmmaking, and finish off with a real serious talk about their own ghostly experiences. Real talk, no judgement. They're super proud of this episode, it's a fun one. Host is directed by Rob Savage and stars Haley Bishop, Jemma Moore, Emma Louise Webb, Radina Drandova, Caroline Ward, Seylan Baxter, and Edward Linard.
60:51 8/9/20
137 - Many Mad Monkeys In Many Movies
MONKEYS IN FILMS: not enough or too much? Don't answer, you know the truth. But which one would you...nevermind. This week we're talking about the 389 films Blair has seen while overseas, Frank's double trouble (including Yeon Sang-ho's #Psychokinesis (it's on Netflix, the #TraintoBusan director love train keeps on chugging through this podcast) and Adam's romp through #GunsmithCats and the 2020 Thai horror film The Maid (a Netflix jobbie again!) - PLUS: - How long has Clint Eastwood got left this side of the dirt? - The world of collectables - are the figures talking? - The Olympic Mascot who looks like a blob of sperm. We have a live film quiz FOR FREEEE on Wednesday 5th August - it's over on our Twitch at 8pm UK. Come and play, solo or team up, it should be a laugh.
54:10 8/3/20
136 - Train 2 Busan: Peninsula
What if I told you cinemas were open? What if I told you that cinemas were open, and hundreds of people didn't die in the forced opening of the economy? It's real! It's happening! Just not where you are. This week, the Filmageddon team talk Train To Busan: Peninsula, as well as Last Action Hero & Waiting. Some time to riff on how stupid people are who don't mask up? To talk about what it's like to visit in the cinema in 2020? Because one of us did that. Can you believe it? Spoiler, but it happened, and we saw a really fun Korean film doing it. Kpop stans for like here at Filmageddon. Every day is Girl's Day! Our next quiz is August 5th - you can play along at: or catch us later (and all the new stuff we do is on there:) 
64:15 7/26/20
135 - Flowers for Wishbone
This week, the team talk Netflix's new filler The Old Guard, A24's 'First Cow', as well as some past hits such as The Peanut Butter Falcon and Lucky. They then happen upon the digital grace of the dog from Wishbone. 100% real, no BS. It's as weird as the internet gets. Twitter - IG - Youtube -
69:50 7/20/20
134 - Hamilton in Palm Springs
This week, the Filmageddon crew are close to 100% when frontline worker Blair returns from 3 months guarding the Churchill statue to regal Frank and Adam with his viewing habits. They're talking Disney+'s #Hamilton and the newest Andy Samberg/Cristin Milioti jaunt #PalmSprings. Any good? Spoilers: yes. Only positivity here. Check in on the socials for the next quiz (July 22nd): Twitter - IG - Youtube - 
66:28 7/13/20
Episode 133 - The King of Staten Island
This week, the crew talk Judd Apatow and Pete Davidson's newest offering 'The King of Staten Island'. We're also 75% of our way through the exploration of the Indiana Jones saga - only one terrible film left! Is there time for Tenet watch? Yes. Always. No quiz this week (tired, so tired) but come check out our Youtube, where we've got new weekly videos. Good laugh. Please laugh.
56:54 6/29/20
Episode 132 - John Cena and the Lost Ark
This week, the crew talk about what they saw this week, including Blockers (starring Leslie Mann, John Cena, Ike Barinholtz, Kathryn Newton, Geraldine Viswanathan and Gideon Adlon), and Frank's first time foray into the world of Indiana Jones. They also talk about CGI monkeys in cinema and how the world is crying out for more. At least, that's what the cries in their heads sound like? Join us Wednesdays on Twitch for our Filmageddon Quiz: Or more details on our Twitter:
53:30 6/22/20
Episode 131 - An Unintended Kristen Stewart Special
This week, Filmageddon looks at some upcoming trailers for cinema releases-turned-streaming platform buys (#Greyhound2020, #7500, #YouShouldHaveLeft) as well as some of the films they saw this week, including a rather shocking Thai film #LondonSweeties (available on Netflix and in Hell), and some Kristen Stewart movies like #CharliesAngels and #Underwater. They didn't even plan to! Just happened! She's alright isn't she? She was in at least one of those films. Which one? Come find out. Join us Wednesdays on Twitch for our Filmageddon Quiz: More details on our Twitter: And if you liked this, head to the Youtube for a cut down version of TRAILER TRASH and some other good stuff that no one is watching but will one day be shown in news clips when one of us really sticks it to the Man: 
58:24 6/15/20
Episode 130 - Frosty Jacks Saves Cinema
As the COVID19 saga rolls on, cinema outlets are preparing to adapt for the brave new world. Some countries are ahead of the curve, and others are far, far behind (spoiler: the UK). Filmageddon looks at the differences between proposed cinema openings, comparing USA, UK, and Thailand. Will Tenet make it's release window? Are they still showing Bloodshot somewhere in the world!? The team also discuss what they've watched this week (Child's Play reboot, Muppets Take Manhattan, and others) as well as how tasty and delightful a flavourful bottle of Frosty Jacks can be, for a price. Join us Wednesdays on Twitch for our Filmageddon Quiz: Or more details on our Twitter: Artwork this week by (our best yet!)
57:32 6/8/20
Episode 129 - The Muppets Die Tomorrow
With a lack of cinema releases this week, the Filmageddon crew look inward, for a bit. Frank and Adam discuss two movies they saw this week, 1979's 'The Muppets Movie' and 2017's Thai documentary-drama 'Die Tomorrow'. Hey, it's one hell of a double bill. Happy to sad. All the emotions. [insert what other emotions exist here] They also talk about film education and the kind of journey one takes as a film fan. Are you a self-taught history buff? Did you spunk money up the wall on a degree? Are you just a casual film lover who misses those comfortable cinema seats? Film is an open world and open community, there's no one type of fan. But there are some bad ones...which we theorise. If you're reading this far, it's probably not you. We all good. Don't forget, every Wednesday at 8pm UK is our #WeeklyRewindFilmQuiz, where a couple hundred people get together and film quiz on our Twitch. Come hang out with us, no pressure. Team up or (Han) solo your way to a very good prize:
52:30 6/1/20
Episode 128 - The Wrong Missy vs. Capone
Good lord, David Spade has a new movie on Netflix, doesn't he? And you're hovering over it, aren't you? Might give this one a go. How bad can it be? The Benchwarmers was a good laugh. 'Happy Madison Productions' is a seal of approval, right? What's that smell? How long has the oven been on? It's all going a bit black here... This week, Frank and Adam are discussing the films they saw this week, including The Wrong Missy, Tom Hardy's 'Capone', and a little bit of TRON, for a treat. Been good. REMEMBER to join us on Wednesday for our #WeeklyRewindFilmQuiz - 8pm UK on Twitch ( Free to play, solo or with your mates (hey we can even travel 200+ miles now, there's no repercussions!). Good good laugh, come have one with us. Twitter - IG - Youtube - 
48:30 5/24/20
Episode 127 - Scoob! Spoiler Special
Jinkies! Zoinks! Ruh roh! The moment has come. It's a SPOILER special of the newest Scooby Doo animated feature 'Scoob!'. Join Frank Soldato and Adam Grundy as they deep dive into a film that contains some sickly cameos, juggalos, and one dab. There's also time for some trivia and reviews by people online who should probably keep about 50 foot distance from all schools. Join us on Wednesday for our #WeeklyRewind #FilmQuiz over on our Twitch ( and of course, if you enjoyed this episode, chuck us a coffee IF you want. No pressure. No sign up stuff. In fact, don't. But here's the link
64:12 5/18/20
Episode 126 - Frank Learns About Habbo Hotel
The Filmageddon Podcast returns this week. The team a little depleted, a little lost, but with spunk. Frank and Adam run through what they've shoved into their eyeballs this week, including Downsizing, Love and Run (Thai comedy), Circus of Books, as well as some streaming options like Amazon's Upload. Would a depressed person make this? * points at the podcast episode * If you enjoyed this spiral and have a free Wednesday, the Filmageddon Weekly Rewind Film Quiz returns this Wednesday on our Twitch. Free to play. Solo or team-up. Big up all the animal mascots.
45:29 5/4/20

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