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Our Thing with Sammy The Bull

Salvatore "Sammy the Bull" Gravano (born March 12, 1945) is an American gangster who became the underboss of the Gambino crime family. This is his story. Directed by James Carroll.


Fireside With The Underboss - "He's A Killer Some Of Us Will End Up In The Trunk Of A Car"
Sammy tells a story about one of the mafias most brutal killers, Tommy Karate. Tommy's wife dies of an overdose and he will stop at nothing to find the woman who witnessed it.
11:05 9/27/22
Fireside With The Underboss - Exposed - John Gotti's Heroin Scam
Patsy Conte, a wealthy heroin dealer and friend of the Gambios, doesn't seem to be treating John Gotti the same as he did Paul. Sammy is assigned to straighten out the confusion.
17:30 9/22/22
Fireside With The Underboss - "I Hung Up The Phone 10 Minutes Later Swat Was At My Door"
Sammy goes in for questioning in Quantico with a heavyweight agent from Washington, and he is instructed to keep his composure during the conversation. Sammy does his best, but towards the end of their talk things get a little dicey.
15:34 9/20/22
Fireside With The Underboss - "I Got Him Made, Later I Had To Take Him Out"
In this story Sammy introduces his good friend Louie Milito who is dying to be a made man. He tells us the story about how he got Louie made, but we learn later on that Sammy also has him taken out
16:00 9/15/22
Fireside With The Underboss - "If I'm not out in 15 Minutes, Come In & Kill Everybody"
Sammy speaks on the murder of fellow Rampers member, Gerry Pappa who was killed as revenge for killing Colombo crime family caporegime Thomas "Shorty" Spero.
19:23 9/13/22
Fireside With The Underboss - "Framed Us For Murder, Asked Permission To Kill Him"
Sammy introduces us to a couple of new, and super dangerous, mafiosos: Dominick “Mimi” Scialo and Vincent “Jimmy” Rotondo. These wise guys are all tied together in a slew of different crimes including the Dunn brother case.
32:45 9/8/22
Fireside With the Underboss - "He Told Chin Gigante To Go F** Himself"
Chin Chigante gets word that one of his own guys is talking bad about him behind his back. Sammy tells us the story of who it was and how Chin took brutal revenge.
07:44 9/6/22
Fireside With The Underboss - "If We Pay This Money, Our Children Will Become Victims"
After Carlo Gambino’s nephew is kidnapped, he uses John Gotti and Angelo Ruggerio to get revenge. Sammy tells the story of the hit that laid the groundwork for John and Angelo to become made into the Gambino family.
09:32 9/1/22
Fireside With The Underboss - "From That Day On, I Never Stopped Being in the Mafia"
After starting a family, Sammy decided he needed to break away from the life and earn an honest living. Until one day his phone rang and Allie Boy was on the other end; he needed help and Sammy had to make a decision.
15:08 8/30/22
72. Fireside with the Underboss - "I Think It's Time For Me To Quit & Walk Away"
Sammy tells us about the time he tried to start a new life, a life with zero mob involvement. Under the stains of working as a carpenter day in and day out, Sammy decides he just can't take it anymore.
14:33 8/18/22
OURTHING SPECIAL EDITION with Sammy "The Bull" Gravano and former CIA spy
This episode is a special edition with guest co-host former CIA spy Brandon Blackburn for a sneak peek of Brandon’s upcoming series Mob Bless America. On this episode Sammy talks with Brandon about how the mafia and the US Federal Government at times worked together when it was of mutual benefit to both sides.I’d love to thank my sponsors Raycon, Policy genius and DAVE!! to receive your 15% off today, best earphones in town. Head to to get your free life insurance quotes and see how much you could to get up to get a $500 cash advance instantly.
40:00 8/16/22
71. Fireside with the Underboss - "An FBI agent Told John Gotti- There's A Plot To Kill You, I Hope They Succeed"
Sammy and John Gotti become incredibly close after the Castellano hit. One of their first priorities is to crush a threat that plans to end John Gotti’s life.
13:03 8/16/22
70. Fireside with the Underboss - "He Was Trained To Kill In The Military. He Knew What He Was Doing"
Sammy "The Bull" Gravano shares about Nino Gaggi's nephew, Dominick Montiglio who passed away on June 27th, 2021. Sammy's childhood friend implicated himself when he raised his hands to a made guy.
21:10 8/11/22
69. Fireside with the Underboss - "We’ll Go On a Stickup, Like Men”
Our dynamic duo, Sammy and Allie Boy, are at it again and there's no stopping their sticky fingers. Sammy tell's us about a time when the two found themselves in a tough spot at Sam Goody Records.
10:57 8/9/22
68. Fireside with the Underboss - "This Moment Made Me A Different Kind Of Gangster"
Right after getting married, one of Sammy's friends reaches out and asks for his help. Not a short while after, Sammy found himself trying to sneak 800lbs of drugs under his wife's nose.
15:29 8/4/22
67. Fireside with the Underboss - “If This Fight Would Have Worked, We'd Be Super Happy, Behind Bars”
Apart from robbing, racketeering, loansharking, and gambling, the made members of New York often had their hands in the world of professional boxing. Sammy tells us one particular story of how he and his crew tried to fix a huge match.
12:34 8/2/22
'Our Thing' Podcast Season 5 FINAL EPISODE: “The Toughest Decision Of My Life.”
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19:29 7/31/22
Fireside with the Underboss - “He Pulled Up In Front of John’s Club With Hookers and Cocaine”
Sammy crossed paths with a lot of Westies during his time as a made man. In this story, he tells us about a particular time when the Westies and Gambino's decided to join forces.
26:12 7/26/22
'Our Thing' Podcast Season 5 Episode 5: “I’m Going To Break Out.” | Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
Sammy talks about the time in prison when he coerced a guard to sneak him in items for his attempt to escape when he realizes things are going south for him in prison. I’d love to thank my sponsors Raycon, Express VPN and MVMT!!! to receive your 15% off today, best earphones in for an extra 3 months FREE for protection!!! for 15% off your favorite watch, blue light glasses or jewelry!!
35:52 7/22/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "If You're Gonna Kill Me, Kill Me. I'm Not Gonna Tell You Sh**"
Sammy talks about what it's like being involved in mafia wars. This war in particular resulted in Joe Colombo becoming the Boss of the family.
20:40 7/21/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "I said, There's No Way I Will Agree To That In Court"
During his time in Quantico, Sammy builds unique relationships with all of the agents. In this story he tells more about those relationships as they grew over time.
17:37 7/19/22
'Our Thing' Podcast Season 5 Episode 4: “The Last Conversation I Had With John Gotti.”
Sammy talks about his time in the witness protection program and all of the tribulations that happen during his time as ‘Jimmy Moran.’ He goes into detail about his last conversation with John Gotti.
38:50 7/15/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "He Was A Rapist, A Child Molester, An Informant. He Got Killed For It."
Sammy shares his perspective on Whitey Bulger. Even thought they two never actually came face to face, Sammy shares what he knew about him just from being in the life.
13:30 7/14/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "If We Don't Take Card of Him right Away, He'll Bleed To Death"
During one of his notorious adventures with his Goombata, Sammy and Ally Boy unexpectedly find themselves in the middle of flying bullets. Before they know it, they're in a car chase with a mysterious shooter and no way out.
16:36 7/12/22
Our Thing' Podcast Season 5 Episode 3: “I Lived With Agents For 6 Months” | Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
Sorry for the delay everyone, hope you all had a wonderful 4th of July. Episode 3 is finally here! Enjoy!!! In this episode Sammy talks about all of the adventures he went on with FBI, SWAT, and HRT agents after his cooperation with the government.
27:01 7/9/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "He Stabbed Carmine Persico's Son In A Bar, They Killed him"
Sammy tells us about an old flame of his, and how she reached out after years of separation. It turns out that she needs help to save her brothers life, and Sammy is the only man with the power to do it.
30:47 7/7/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "Jimmy Had Two Guns He Told The Cops To Go For It"
Stories about Jimmy Emma, a member of The Rampers
10:52 7/5/22
'Our Thing' Season 5 Episode 2: "He Beat John's A** | Sammy "The Bull" Gravano
Apologies for the delay on this everyone, we had some technical difficulties during our edits yesterday. Sammy dives into stories from his his time at MCC, and one of his stories has John on the wrong side of somebodies fist...
30:08 7/2/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "I'll Take a Nap, Then I'll Go Kill Him"
The true story of what happened to Alan Kaiser and exactly how Sammy was involved. A freak and very unfortunate accident while Sammy and his crew were looking for revenge.
23:26 6/30/22
Fireside with the Underboss - "Roy Demeo Cut Nino Gaggi Open & Dug The Bullet Out"
A hit was put out on Jimmy The Clam and was assigned to Roy Demeo and Nino Gaggi. After the hit, the cops get involved and one of them catches Nino with a bullet, luckily Roy Demeo invents an elaborate plan to save them from prison.
08:55 6/28/22