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The Living Memory Association Podcast

The Living Memory Association podcast showcases memories of days gone by, the past brought to life by the hundreds of people who have spoken to us over the years.


Halloween and Bonfire Night
Remember, remember...the 32nd episode of The THELMA Tapes takes us back in time to memories of Bonfire Night and Halloween from days gone by.  We hear tales of dooking, treacle scones, guising, turnip lanterns and gigantic fires with no health and safety in sight!  With stories of squibs galore, bangers, catherine wheels and sparklers, and many traditions that have survived to this day.   Penny for the guy!
19:23 09/29/2020
Pubs of Edinburgh
The 31st edition of The THELMA Tapes podcast is a celebration of Edinburgh pubs, taking us on a massive pub crawl of wonderful stories from the 1930s to the 1950s.  We pop in to The Old Chain Pier, The Beehive, Barney Battles, The Diggers, Bennet's Bar and many many more, and also discover the secret of Harry Lauder's shelf! Not to mention the black panther behind the bar at Fairleys...
23:36 03/24/2020
Pets From The Past
The 30th edition of The Thelma Tapes is dedicated to memories of long gone pets. This Living Memory Association podcast is packed full of great reminiscences of much loved dogs and cats, budgies, neglected fish, rabbits galore and the occasional tortoise, each one emerging from the mists of time in story form.
25:35 01/30/2020
Leith Walk and the Kirkgate
The 29th episode of The Thelma Tapes is centred around wonderful memories of the Leith Walk and Kirkgate areas from the 1940s to the 1970s.  We hear tales of the Gaeity Theatre, the Alhambra, David Kilpatricks School, living with the Scott Brothers, earning two and thruppence an hour at The Capital and going to the Kirkgate offal butchers to buy the much maligned delicacy of tripe!
15:39 12/12/2019
Ken Buchanan - Boxing Legend
The 28th episode of The Thelma Tapes is a celebration of the life and career of Scottish boxing legend Ken Buchanan in his own words.  Britain's oldest surviving world champion takes us on a wonderful journey from living in Northfield and going to Portobello High School all the way to winning the Lightweight Championship of the world in Panama, dancing with Princess Anne and being inaugurated into the International Boxing Hall of Fame.   Many thanks to Kevin Gore for the use of his fabulous tune 'Edinburgh Man'.
31:42 11/05/2019
Dressed To Kill - Fabulous Fashions and Cool Clothes
The 27th edition of The Thelma Tapes takes us back in time to look at the clothes we have worn and fashions we have followed from the 1960s to the 1990s.  We hear wonderful stories of loon pants, patent leather boots, Beetle Suits, abysmal hats and tight perms from the people who proudly or reluctantly sported them in days gone by.
17:27 09/27/2019
Car Memories
The 26th episode of The Thelma Tapes is a celebration of automobile memories from the dim and distant past.  We have wonderful tales of bright yellow Cortinas, scrapyard recoveries, Skodas with rear engines that didn't like hills and many more!
19:30 08/29/2019
The 25th edition of The THELMA tapes, the Living Memory Association podcast, is a sweets special.  Crammed with happy memories of Soor Plooms, Penny Dainties, Russian Toffees and Sugar Olly Water alongside stories of wartime rationing and buying liquorice from the chemist when your 16oz allocation ran out!
19:22 07/24/2019
The Demon Drink
Episode 24 of The THELMA Tapes features stories and memories of the Demon Drink, featuring tales of the panther who prowled behind the bar at Fairlies in Leith and legendary bar manager Betty from the Old Chain Pier, who ruled with a starter pistol and a sword at last orders!
19:48 06/25/2019
Leith Docks
The 23rd episode of The THELMA Tapes takes us into the history of Leith Docks in Edinburgh, with wonderful stories of near death experiences in the Grain silos, going straight from the Bru to 40 years of back breaking work at the Port, being the King of the Cranes, starting to look like your dog and many many more!  These audio memories come direct from the workers themselves, looking back into the mists of time.
20:07 05/23/2019
Home Remedies
The 22nd episode of The Thelma Tapes focuses on Home Remedies, with wonderful tales of mustard baths, sweaty sock scarfs, nettle tea and hot toddies gathered from our fabulous guests.  These memories are courtesy of the Crosswinds Reminiscence Group of 1993 (an old cassette recording from our archives) and a recent visit to The Little Shop of Memory from the magnificent residents of Trust Sheltered Housing.
20:28 04/26/2019
School Days
The 21st episode of The THELMA Tapes podcast looks back on the experience of being at school in the 1940s, 50s and 60s through interview clips from our wonderful guests who lived through those times.  We hear tales of cold classrooms, warm bottles of milk, favourite teachers, brutal discipline and school football heroes, all told with a smile!
14:23 03/29/2019
Make Do And Mend
The 20th episode of The THELMA Tapes is a celebration of the culture of 'Make do and Mend', which began in the 1940s and is making a comeback in the modern age.  We hear wonderful stories of the rag and bone man, getting penny refunds on bottles, collecting bones to make glue, constantly darning socks, having a pig bin in your street and burning absolutely everything on the fire to stay warm from people who lived through those desperately hard times.
21:58 02/26/2019
Valentine's Day
The nineteenth episode of the Living Memory Association podcast is a Valentine's Day special, with romantic reminiscences galore from receiving and sending cards right through to first dates out on the town.
12:51 02/08/2019
Sporting Heroes
Episode 18 of the Living Memory Association podcast is devoted to memories of personal encounters with sporting heroes of the past, from Scottish boxing legend Ken Buchanan and footballers Alan Anderson and Lawrie Reilly to the local superstars of the wrestling at the El Dorado.
16:17 01/31/2019
Pick 'N' Mix 2: Days of our Lives
The 17th Edition of the Living Memory Association podcast is a lucky dip of brilliant memories from the 1930s to the 1970s, featuring random tales that would not fit into one of our themed shows.  So this episode bounces from bargain cream cakes at Crawfords the Baker to first days at school, from tanks on Calton Hill to the Leith cafes and chip shops of the 1960s and 70s and the beginning of coffee culture.
15:02 01/18/2019
The sixteenth episode of The Thelma Tapes is themed around New Year in Scotland in days gone by, with wonderful memories of frantically cleaning the house, kissing policemen at the Tron Church gathering, beautifully sung party pieces and Uncle Jimmy playing the accordion all the way from Leith to town stopping for a dram at every corner!
13:14 12/31/2018
Ghosts of Christmas Past (Volume 2)
The second instalment of our Chistmas specials (episode 15 of the Living Memory Podcast) was recorded early in December 2018 at The Little Shop of Memory, with memories of Christmas from as far back as the 1930s from two of our lovely guests who are in their 90s.  The City Mission Xmas party, eating chicken instead of turkey, getting your first fort, and receiving an IOU from Santa are amongst the many wonderful stories of Festive times in days gone by.
13:24 12/20/2018
Ghosts of Christmas Past (Volume 1)
In the first instalment of the Living Memory Association Podcast Christmas Specials we showcase some wonderful festive stories from our archives. This selection of interviews was recorded at The Dove centre in Wester Hailes in the early 1990s and has some of the most heartwarming and heartbreaking stories we have ever released!
13:28 11/30/2018
My First Job
The 13th edition of The THELMA Tapes brings us recorded memories of taking those first steps from leaving school to joining the real world.  This episode of The Living Memory Association Podcast features John (94 years old), Helen (93) and a host of lovely guests talking about their first ever jobs in Scotland from around 1930-1970.
23:22 11/22/2018
Tales of the Tenements
The twelfth edition of the Living Memory Association Podcast focuses on tenement life in Scotland from the 1930s to the present day, with personal stories from our guests of rats as big as cats, collapsing landings, scary bed bugs, 90 year old neighbours and taking your turn to wash the stairs. 
18:43 10/26/2018
Wartime Memories
The tenth edition of the THELMA Tapes takes us back to the war years, with stories of bombers over Leith, air raid shelters, ration books and swapping bits of bananas for marbles.
14:27 09/25/2018
A Taste of the Past
The latest edition of The Living Memory Association Podcast takes us on a trip back in time to remember food as it used to be, through the eyes of our lovely guest stars Evelyn, Rose and her 94 year old Mum Helen.
24:24 08/30/2018
Pick 'n' Mix 1: The Storytellers
Episode 8 of the Living Memory Association Podcast is a Pick 'n' Mix collection of stories from our audio archives.  Rather than discard good tales from the mists of time that do not fit into one of our traditional themed shows, they will pop up every now and then on one of these compilations so that none of the past is lost.
13:11 07/30/2018
Childhood Games
The seventh episode of the Living Memory Association Podcast takes us back to simpler times when children spent most of their time playing in the street and in the park.  We hear tales of Kerby, Peevers, Kick the Can and Diablos, of Chasey and Aleevoi and how they provided hours of fun from the 1920s to the 1970s.
16:24 07/26/2018
Portobello Memories
The sixth edition of the Living Memory Association podcast is a celebration of Portobello in days gone by. This episode showcases some lovely memories of the days when both the beach and the open air pool were jam packed with people soaking up the scorching Scottish sun, then cooling down in the arctic temperatures of the pool and the sea.
15:19 06/28/2018
The fifth Living Memory Association podcast is a celebration of visits to the cinema in Edinburgh from the 1930s to the 1970s.  We travel back in time to visit The Alhambra, The Capitol,  The Palace and many more, to a time when tuppence got you through the door!
13:53 06/18/2018
Dance Halls Days
The fourth Living Memory podcast is a celebration of Dance Hall, with memories of foot tapping in Edinburgh from post war to the swinging 60s.  We go back in time with stories of raucous nights out at The Palais De Dance, Marine Gardens Ballroom, Portobello Town Hall, the El Dorado, The Plaza, The Cavendish and many more.
18:02 04/30/2018
Memories of Leith Part 3
The Living Memory Association podcast once again delves into the memory banks of old Leithers, uncovering some fabulous stories of World War 2, Barry's Rag Store, The Alhambra, The Bond and Leith Hospital amongst many others.
16:28 03/14/2018
Memories of Leith Part 2
Our journey into memories of Leith continues with guests discussing life in wartime, popular theatres and cinemas, shops, work and play in fondly remembered times, long lost but never forgotten.  
16:53 02/16/2018