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The Mama Instincts Podcast - a podcast for moms that want to confidently raise happy, healthy and mindful children by connecting with their intuition, learning about alternative parenting ways and living a more natural life. Join me, and hundreds of mothers, on this journey of becoming a more peaceful, intuitive and loving mom. This podcast covers: Positive Parenting, Intuitive Parenting, Mindfulness, Self-Care for moms and Natural Living. **New episodes every Wednesday**


Episode 32: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children Series: Positive Discipline 27:24 12/23/2020
Episode 31: How to Have an Intentional Holiday in the Midst of a Pandemic 22:15 12/16/2020
Episode 30: Three Beliefs That Can Shift The Way You Live Your Life 20:03 12/10/2020
Episode 29: Returning to Work While Breastfeeding: Tips from Certified Lactation Counselor Jada Glover 33:58 12/02/2020
Episode 28: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children Series: Acknowledge Their Feelings 18:59 11/18/2020
Episode 27: 3 Daily Practices for Improving Your Mental and Emotional Wellbeing 19:20 11/11/2020
Episode 26: How to Support Your Children During the Pandemic with Dr. Michelle Parker 26:36 04/08/2020
Episode 25: Pandemic - What Are You Going to Make It Mean 16:24 03/25/2020
Episode 24: Raising Emotionally Intelligent Children with Angela Pruess from 31:30 02/26/2020
Episode 23: Do Less of This in 2020 20:27 02/19/2020
Episode 22: My Favorite Parenting Tool to Get Children to Cooperate: The Power of Offering Options 13:44 11/06/2019
Episode 21: Positive Parenting Tips for Flying with Young Children 23:21 10/30/2019
Episode 20: Kid Time - a Simple Way Your Child Can Have a Say in Their Life, without Breaking Boundaries 13:27 10/02/2019
Episode 19: How to Stop Living on Autopilot and Take Control Over Your Life and Parenting 23:58 09/25/2019
Episode 18: The power your words have over your children and how to use it wisely 26:02 09/11/2019
Episode 17: The Story of My Unplanned Home Birth 12:59 09/04/2019
Episode 16: The Best Parenting Tips Come From Within... 19:02 08/29/2019
Episode 15: Why You Need to Create a Self-Care Nook and How to Create One 15:51 06/19/2019
Episode 14: How to Get Your Child to Cooperate Without Tears 19:00 06/12/2019
Episode 013: How to Be a Good and Peaceful Parent When You're Feeling Exhausted 25:34 06/05/2019
Episode 012: How to Deal with Toddler Tantrums in Public 24:57 05/29/2019
Episode 011: How to Be a Confident Parent When Others Around You Aren't Supportive 36:54 05/15/2019
Episode 010: How to Quiet Down Your Mind Even When You Have Kids 26:24 05/08/2019
Episode 009: How Working on Self-Development Makes Us Better Parents 29:23 05/01/2019
Episode 008: Why Is Your Intuition so Important and How to Develop It 32:56 04/10/2019
Episode 007: How to Get Yourself Out of a Funk 32:19 04/03/2019
Episode 006: Interview with Dr. Bill Sears: Tips on How to be a More Confident Mom 20:29 03/27/2019
Episode 005: A Powerful 3 Letter Word That Takes Your Child From I CAN'T to I CAN 24:02 03/20/2019
Episode 004: Simple Strategies to be a More Calm and Peaceful Parent 28:42 03/13/2019
Episode 003: How to Set Expectations and Boundaries with Children 21:34 03/06/2019