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Island conversations. Island people. An Island podcast. Hosted by CHEK News Anchor Joe Perkins and Producer KC Kyle.


Ep. 164 – The plan for a 350-foot Skydeck in the inner harbour
In this episode Joe and Kyle discuss the 1966 plan to erect a massive observation deck near the Legislature that would give people a bird’s-eye view of the capital city.
26:21 11/25/2022
Ep. 163 - Smoked meat, a latte, and a breakfast sandwich headline Joe's current top food picks
It's been a while since we've had a food chat and a lot can change in a few weeks. In this episode Joe discusses his new love of matcha, a breakfast sandwich that deserves recognition, and a sandwich so tasty it's worth traveling to Salt Spring for.
34:32 11/18/2022
Ep. 162 - BC's Toxic Drug Supply and the Tailgate Toolkit
One of the questions that gets asked a lot is what's being done to fix BC's toxic drug supply and stop the alarming number of overdoses in this province. In this episode we hear from two people who are part of a unique program aimed at giving construction workers access to harm reduction services.
32:39 11/11/2022
Ep. 161 - The artist showcasing everyone's favourite spots in Victoria
Chances are Sharon Lam has drawn one of your favourite places in Victoria. From restaurants to buildings, to shops and pubs. If it's popular in the capital region then Lam has probably sat down with her iPad and has created a digital masterpiece of it. We're big fans of Lam but have never had a chance to sit down and talk to her until now. In this episode we learn about her past, her craft, and the inspiration for her incredible work.
37:23 11/04/2022
Ep. 160 - Victoria is not scuzzy
In this episode we offer up a comment on a commentary and explain why we believe, despite all of its problems, Victoria is a great city.
35:32 10/28/2022
Ep 159 - BONUS: View Royal Mayor-Elect Sid Tobias
Our conversation with the next Mayor of View Royal, Sid Tobias.
24:57 10/21/2022
Ep. 158 - Langford's next Mayor, Scott Goodmanson
In this episode we sit down with the man who defeated Stew Young to become the next mayor of Langford. Who is Scott Goodmanson? Why did he want the job? And what does he have planned for Langford?
29:29 10/21/2022
Ep 157 - BBQ, Charcuterie, and Italian top our Five Fall Food Recommendations
In this episode Joe and Kyle lay out five food recommendations they think people would enjoy this fall season. Three of them are new spots that have opened within the last year. Enjoy!
29:59 10/14/2022
Ep. 156 - Jack Knox
MicCHEK returns with a conversation with Vancouver Island's beloved columnist, Jack Knox. (Jack's interview starts at 23 minutes into the episode) For decades islanders have woken up to his humorous takes in the Times Colonist on all things Vancouver Island. We chat about Jack's new book, plus get his thoughts on the current state of Victoria and why he's taken a break from Twitter. Also, Joe and Kyle discuss where they've been for the last three weeks.
47:30 10/07/2022
Ep. 155 - Everything you ever wanted to know about oysters
In this episode, the guys sit down with the owner of Wandering Mollusk to chat about all things Oysters. How are they harvested, how do you shuck them, eat them, and are they truly an aphrodisiac?
52:39 09/02/2022
Ep. 154 - MicCHEK's ROAD TRIP to the Langford Station
For only the second-time in MicCHEK history the guys hit the road and head out to Langford to see first-hand why people are raving about the Langford Station. Located at 720 Station Avenue, the Langford Station combines some of MicCHEK's favourite things all into one strip: food, drink, local businesses and music. In this episode you'll get to hear from the people involved in Langford's new arts and culture precinct.
25:31 08/26/2022
Ep. 153 - Top 5 Soups in Greater Victoria
We know it's not soup weather just yet. But after the soup Joe recently had at the Deep Cove Chalet in North Saanich, he just HAD to discuss soup. In this episode, Joe gets you ready for the fall season with five of his favourite soups in Greater Victoria.
23:26 08/19/2022
Ep. 152 - Saanich's transgender voice coach
In this episode we sit down with Jess Gibbard who has set out to help transgender people around the world find their voice.
27:20 08/12/2022
Ep. 151 - How Lucky Lager became a beloved beer on Vancouver Island
You'd be hard-pressed to find a place in the world that loves Lucky Lager more than Vancouver Island. Somehow it's become synonymous with the hard-working folks who called the island home. In this episode, we get the story behind the brew.
30:15 08/05/2022
Ep. 150 - Three new restaurants crack Joe's top five summer picks
Filipino ice cream, a cafe in a curling club, and a trip to the South Pacific via Fisherman's Wharf. Those are three of the local gems contained in Joe's most recent list of five restaurants you should check out in Greater Victoria.
30:16 07/29/2022
Ep. 149 - Hot Sauce: Joe and Kyle taste some of the hottest local hot sauce
Just because you don't like something doesn't mean you shouldn't learn about it. That's our motto heading into a conversation with the man behind a local hot sauce company. In this episode we sample the hottest sauce he has to offer and learn everything there is to know about hot sauce and why people love extreme heat.
38:08 07/22/2022
Ep. 148 - The Sushi ROUNDTABLE
After receiving several requests from listeners we've decided to tackle SUSHI. Who makes the best sushi in Greater Victoria? It's a tough question but we've lined up a few experts to help us out. Enjoy our 15 recommendations for great sushi on the south island.
30:31 07/15/2022
Ep. 147 - Concerned citizens question Victoria's Missing Middle Housing Plan
We sit down with three Victoria residents who have concerns and questions regarding Victoria's Missing Middle Housing Initiative. Ken Roueche is a homeowner in Fairfield, Bob June is a homeowner in the Rockland neighbourhood, and Susan Simmons is a renter in James Bay. All three have been following the discussion around this housing plan and share their thoughts in this episode.
49:06 07/08/2022
Ep. 146 - What's it like being a contestant on Jeopardy!
In this episode we chat with Nanaimo's Whitney Wood about what it was like competing on Jeopardy!
26:44 07/01/2022
Ep. 145 - Debunking 5 missing middle housing myths
In this episode we get a crash-course in missing middle housing. We've asked an expert in housing development to explain what he thinks are the five biggest myths about Victoria's missing middle housing initiative.
34:51 06/27/2022
Ep. 144 - The man who brought tapas to Victoria
In this episode Joe and Kyle sit down with the man who opened Santiago's in James Bay. Tim Strachan explains how he wanted to bring small-plate tapas to the city and discusses the ups and downs of running a restaurant over the years.
59:16 06/24/2022
Ep. 143 - 5 restaurant recommendations in under 22 minutes
In this episode Joe gives us five restaurants in Greater Victoria that have impressed him over the last month or so. He'll break down what dish to try and we'll even hear from some of the restaurant owners.
22:42 06/17/2022
Ep. 142 - Victoria's Airbnb problem
In this episode we take a look at the hundreds of illegal Airbnb operators in the City of Victoria and find out why the city is struggling to regulate this industry. We sit down with Laura Brougham and Nicholas Pescod, the two digital editors at Chek who spent months digging into this issue to learn about the problem, how it's playing into Victoria's housing crisis, and what the solution to fixing it may be.
30:32 06/13/2022
Ep. 141 - Top Slice Victoria Part 1: The first ten slices in the search for the best pizza by the slice in Greater Victoria
In this episode MicCHEK kicks off "Top Slice Victoria", the search for the best pizza by the slice in Greater Victoria. Listen as our panel blindly tastes, discusses, and scores the first slices in our hunt for a champion (First slice gets tastes at the 14:00 mark). Slices will be scored based on five categories: taste, toppings, crust, appearance, and value. In the end we'll have a winning pizza place for each category but remember, this is just the first ten slices. There's a long way to go until we get through EVERY slice in the region. Will the winners remain on top? Stay tuned to find out.
64:18 06/10/2022
Ep. 140 – Discovering their Indigenous identity, the Victoria family whose ancestors built Fort Victoria in 1843
In this eye-opening discussion, Joe and Kyle learn about one family’s connection to the earliest days of Victoria. Fern Perkins’ ancestors were the first Métis family to call Victoria home. Her great, great, great, grandfather Charles Ross was friends with Sir James Douglas and helped build Fort Victoria for the Hudson’s Bay Company in 1843. In a surprising twist that Fern didn’t realize until later in life, her husband Mark also had ties to the early days of Victoria. Mark’s great great great grandfather was Peter Skene Ogden, the man Ogden Point is named after. In this episode we learn about Fern’s journey in discovering her Indigenous past. We also discuss reconciliation, land acknowledgements, the history of W̱SÁNEĆ First Nations, and Fern’s message to everyone during this National Indigenous History Month.
51:15 06/06/2022
Ep. 139 - Introducing "Top Slice Victoria": Ranking every pizza by the slice in Greater Victoria
Who sells the best pizza by the slice in Greater Victoria? That's the question we're preparing to answer as MicCHEK launches its first official food ranking. The plan? To have a panel of culinary experts taste, then score every slice of pizza in Greater Victoria that can be purchased by the slice. In this episode, Joe and KC Kyle ask award-winning CBC journalist Justin McElroy (BC's #1 expert in all things lists and rankings...and just an all-around good guy) for direction and guidance on how to execute what's being called "Top Slice Victoria".
36:58 06/03/2022
Ep. 138 – Club Balisage, the plan for an inner harbour Jazz club
In this episode we pick up where we left off last episode with an idea for one of Victoria’s most underrated buildings that doesn’t get a lot of attention. Situated where Humboldt, Government, and Wharf Street collide you’ll find Victoria’s Tourism Centre. It used to be an auto shop and an Esso Station and if our guest had his way, it would have been home to Club Balisage, the hottest jazz club on the west coast.
21:13 05/30/2022
Ep. 137 – The plan to put the 1994 Commonwealth Games on floating barges in the inner harbour
It was one of the biggest events ever held on Vancouver Island and if one local architect had his way, it would've been on a barge. Actually multiple barges. In this episode we learn about the plan that helped Victoria land the 1994 Commonwealth Games. In the end though, it was just too costly and too extreme to pull off.
26:02 05/27/2022
Ep. 136 - Reflections with North Saanich’s outgoing mayor | So you want to be a local politician in the CRD?
In this episode we sit down with North Saanich mayor Geoff Orr to chat about his decision not to run in this fall's municipal election. We also discuss some of the challenges he encountered as mayor and the big issues that North Saanich residents are currently grappling with. Plus, Geoff opens up about what it's like being a politician in the CRD and offers up advice for anyone thinking about running in the October 15th municipal election.
52:14 05/23/2022
Ep. 135 - Joe's 10 Hidden Culinary Gems (ROUNDTABLE)
In this episode Joe lays out ten specific dishes on the south island that he believes deserves some love. Not only will you learn about the food, but we've also put together some audio from customers and restaurant owners to give you a real taste of each location.
54:38 05/20/2022