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Hope Makes Chris Watch Cartoons

Hope Mullinax makes her friend Chris Honeywell watch all of her favorite animated shows! These Star Wars podcasters venture into other animation to look at how the medium has developed over the last several years. First up is Gravity Falls! Check out for more!


HMCWC E41: Weirdmageddon Part I 46:00 09/14/2021
HMCWC E40: Gravity Falls- Dipper and Mable vs. the Future 51:07 08/31/2021
HMCWC E39: Roadside Attraction 54:10 07/22/2021
HMCWC E38: Gravity Falls- The Last Mabelcorn 79:31 06/11/2021
HMCWC E37: Gravity Falls- The Stanchurian Candidate 66:04 06/04/2021
HMCWC E36: Gravity Falls- Dungeons, Dungeons, and More Dungeons 74:08 05/21/2021
HMCWC E35: Gravity Falls- A Tale of Two Stans 59:45 05/07/2021
HMCWC E34: Gravity Falls- Not What He Seems 66:12 04/30/2021
HMCWC E33: Gravity Falls- Northwest Mansion Mystery 76:54 04/16/2021
HMCWC E32: Gravity Falls- The Love God 76:54 04/09/2021
HMCWC DuckTales Special with Candace from The Geeky Waffle 59:30 04/02/2021
HMCWC E31: Gravity Falls- Blendin's Game 54:21 03/26/2021
HMCWC E30: Gravity Falls- Society of the Blind Eye 64:03 02/26/2021
HMCWC E29: Gravity Falls- Little Gift Shop of Horrors 58:00 02/18/2021
HMCWC E28: Gravity Falls- Soos and the Real Girl 58:27 02/05/2021
HMCWC E27: Gravity Falls- Sock Opera w/ special guest Knights of Wren! 77:26 01/29/2021
HMCWC E26: Gravity Falls- The Golf War 44:00 01/15/2021
HMCWC E25: Gravity Falls- Into the Bunker 54:50 01/01/2021
HMCWC Rise of the Guardians Commentary 117:38 12/24/2020
HMCWC E24: Gravity Falls Scary-oke 67:09 12/18/2020
HMCWC E23: Gravity Falls Shorts 85:32 12/11/2020
HMCWC Special: Allegro Non Troppo 110:11 12/04/2020
HMCWC E21: Gravity Falls- Season One Wrap Up 78:23 11/20/2020
HMCWC E20: Gravity Falls- Gideon Rises 98:57 11/06/2020
HMCWC E19: Gravity Falls- Dreamscaperers 78:38 10/30/2020
HMCWC E18: Gravity Falls- Land Before Swine 52:33 10/23/2020
HMCWC E17 Gravity Falls- Boyz Crazy 62:56 10/16/2020
HMCWC E16 Carpet Diem 64:05 10/09/2020
HMCWC E15: The Deep End 46:47 10/02/2020
HMCWC E14: Bottomless Pit! 78:09 09/25/2020