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Tune in to The EASY Organic Gardener with Sheri Frey for expert advice on organic gardening and natural pest control! Since 1979 Sheri has been co-owner and vice president of ARBICO Organics. ARBICO Organics produces and markets organic and natural products for home, business, garden, lawn, farm and pets. Products include beneficial insects and organisms, fertilizers and soil amendments, weed and disease controls, composting supplies, insecticides, critter controls, horse care, traps, lures, pheromones, botanicals and more. ARBICO Organics specializes in Low Input Sustainable Agricultural Techniques emphasizing organic farming inputs, bio-intensive pest controls, pro-environmental fertilizers and plant foods, composting, weed and disease control, as well as preventive management. When the proper nutrients and minerals are made available to the soil, it will provide the food that gives life to the plant and ultimately to us. Learn More Here:


Gardening Visionaries: Conversations with David Keen of Mighty Plant
In this illuminating episode, we sit down with David Keen, the visionary founder of Mighty Plant, Inc. to explore the abundant organic and natural agriculture products that this company continues to bring to gardeners and horticultural professionals across the world. Join us as we embark on a journey through David's inspiring story and the groundbreaking work being done by Mighty Plant. Throughout this episode he explains the beginnings of founding his company and the incredible benefits of one of his first, most innovative products, Instant Compost Tea. David wanted to change the perception that organic and natural products didn't work as fast or as well as harsh, chemical products—Mighty Plant has proven otherwise and beyond this false perception. Listen to this podcast to learn about all that this incredible company has to offer.  Learn more about Mighty Plant HERE Buy Mighty Plant Instant Compost Tea on the Arbico website HERE Shop Arbico Organics products HERE
50:58 9/11/23
Blossoming Roots: Unearthing Tucson's Mission Garden with Kendall Kroesen
Join us on this episode as we delve into the rich history and vibrant diversity of Tucson's Mission Garden. Kendall Kroesen, Community Outreach Coordinator at Mission Garden, shares the illuminating stories behind this unique living museum and their commitment to preserve their region’s agricultural heritage. Explore the abundant history that Mission Garden is able to preserve and share through the variety of their cultural garden plots. Mission Garden is located at the site of the Native American village of S-cuk Son, and honors not only the native history of the area, but the other cultures that have influenced the diversity within Tucson. Kendall invites listeners to examine the beauty of this organization as it is today, and informs us of the bright future ahead as they look forward to more productive, environmentally friendly ways to grow with their upcoming plot called Tomorrow’s Garden.   Learn more about Mission Garden HERE Shop Arbico Organics products HERE
58:41 7/21/23
Growing Goodness: Unveiling the Magic of Microgreens with Rachel Haber, Founder of KnowingNature
Rachel Haber, founder of Knowing Nature, highlights the nutritional benefits of microgreens and the value that gardening brings to our daily lives as she discusses how her company provides an approachable way for anyone, anywhere, to grow. KnowingNature provides people with the tools to grow microgreens at home, no matter the location. In this podcast, Rachel explains what microgreens are, the expanse of their benefits, and how easy they are to grow. She delves deep into how her products work, the ease of their use (great for both children and adults) and how growing microgreens is beneficial for your mental and physical health.
49:59 5/31/23
From Ocean to Garden - Neptune’s Harvest Keeps Gardens Healthy with Ann Molloy
Ann Molloy of Neptune’s Harvest delves deep into the benefits of their Hydrolyzed Fish Fertilizer product and shares valuable knowledge on the importance of using organic fertilizing products. For almost 25 years, Ann has overseen the marketing and sales for the Neptune’s Harvest division of Ocean Crest Seafoods. This company came about to fully utilize 100% of the fish, by turning the gurry, everything that’s left after you filet a fish, into an organic fertilizer. In turn, this organic product saves waste, protects sea life, and provides customers all over the world with a safe, effective way to keep their gardens healthy and thriving. Arbico Organics has been selling their product for over 30 years and continues to recommend this fertilizer to those in need of healthy soil. Listen to this podcast to discover more about all that Neptune’s Harvest is doing to help reduce waste and utilize ingredients from the planet to provide people with a variety of fertilizers that will be sure to help gardens flourish! Shop Neptune's Harvest Fish Fertilizer at ARBICO Organics Shop All Neptune's Harvest Products at ARBICO Organics
40:26 4/25/23
Next Level Sustainability – Utilizing Microalgae Products Fed on Captured CO2 with Bill Schwoerer of AlgaEnergy
AlgaEnergy’s National Sales Director Bill Schwoerer shares how this innovative family-owned business utilizes microalgae fed on Co2 emissions to create biofertilizers and biostimulants for sustainable agriculture. Founded in Spain, AlgaEnergy has dedicated five decades to researching and developing their unique process to produce microalgae by utilizing industrial CO2 emissions. By bringing together a diverse selection of multiple microalgae species, AlgaEnergy products can benefit a wide range of plants in a wide variety of environments. Listen to this episode to learn how Bill became a part of AlgaEnergy, how the company evolved and valuable information about utilizing microalgae to sustainably support crop nutrition, abiotic stress tolerance, general plant health, improve fruit set, fruit size and contribute to overall yield improvement! AlgaEnergy International Shop Surety MA at ARBICO Organics Shop Surety Soil at ARBICO Organics    
57:29 2/21/22
The Science Behind Product Development with Stephanie Wedryk of Rx Green Technologies
Stephanie Wedryk takes us behind the scenes to learn about product development and the steps Rx Green Technologies has taken to bring to market their start-to-finish input solutions for cannabis growers. These unique products are developed to deliver quality nutrients to plants with end products that pass testing requirements and maximize the ROI for growers. In addition, she shares information and insight about Rx Green Technologies’ biostimuants and weed control products.   Rx Green Technologies   Shop Rx Green Technologies Products at ARBICO Organics
42:27 1/18/22
Get to know Lee Spivey of Good Earth Organics
Lee Spivey shares about Good Earth Organics, a budding soil company focused on producing products specifically created for cannabis cultivation. This nutrient dense product line was scientifically developed for optimum results and features slow-release NPK products. Lee also shares his personal strategy for pest control using a diverse beneficial insect regime including ARBICO Organics’ Assassin bugs and predatory mites. In addition, he gives a step-by-step explanation of how to grow and harvest your own cannabis for personal consumption. Good Earth Organics ARBICO Organics' Assassin Bugs ARBICO Organics Mite Predators
38:51 8/11/21
The Power of Peroxyacetic Acid with Eric Smith of BioSafe Systems
Eric Smith of BioSafe Systems gives valuable insight into the use of BioSafe’s unique Peroxyacetic acid-based products and their high-quality pest control solutions. From identifying plant diseases as a home gardener to utilization of their sanitation products for irrigation lines and more, Eric shares insider tips for success. BioSafe Systems’ products serve a variety of applications and are for use in agriculture, animal health, cannabis and hemp cultivation, food safety, greenhouse, nursery, lake and pond, turf and landscape and sanitation. BioSafe Systems Shop for BioSafe Products at ARBICO Organics
51:29 6/18/21
Growing 411 with Rx Green Technologies and Chip Provost
Wondering what to use in your grow and want to learn more about the basics of growing cannabis? Guest Chip Provost of RX Green Technologies shares his expert insight into growing and how and when to utilize RX Green Technologies great products.  Rx Green Technologies produces a robust line of nutrients, supplements, cloning aids and additives catered to the cannabis industry. Their team of plant specialists and scientists as well as their cannabis-specific research and development facility ensure they provide only the highest quality products with maximum benefit to the grower. Their products are simple, effective and formulated for scalability in commercial facilities. Chip discusses everything from cloning to why you want to grow only females to understanding the relationship between nutrients and pH to what are trichomes. He also shares important product information such as why you can or can’t mix certain products and what kind of practices and procedures to have to place to ensure growing success! RX Green Technologies Shop RX Green Technologies at ARBICO Organics ARBICO Organics
47:56 4/17/21
Living in a Permaculture State of Mind with Greg Peterson
Ever wondered about permaculture and how you can adapt to make choices that support the longevity of our environment? Learn how to embrace this concept as our host interviews permaculture specialist Greg Peterson and get inspired to grow your own edible landscapes and more! Greg Peterson is a green living and sustainability innovator versed in urban sustainability, food production in dry lands and an advocate for permaculture. He is the creator of The Urban Farm, a resource for growers and an organization that supports an environmental showcase home in Phoenix, Arizona. The Urban Farm also hosts an array of educational courses, blogs, podcasts, a fruit tree program and more! The Urban Farm Greg Peterson on Facebook The Urban Farm on Instagram ARBICO Organics The Easy Organic Gardener on Facebook    
46:05 4/3/21
Cannabis Cultivation Insight from Green Eagle Technologies’ Creator Ross Neiman
What happens when a son who has a passion for cultivating cannabis teams up with his dad who is a chemist? You get the development of Green Eagle Technologies, a company dedicated to delivering one of the cannabis industry's most beloved product lines. With a true passion for growing, Ross shares about his company, products, insights and tips for cultivation! Green Eagle Technologies offers products that are efficient, environmentally friendly and all utilize minimal risk ingredients that meet the requirements to be registered under Section 25(b) of FIFRA. Ross shares tips on when and how to use some of their top products including Insect Annihilator and Defender PM! He also discusses how the industry has changed in the last few years and his projections for the future of organic cannabis and hemp. Green Eagle Technologies Insect Annihilator Defender PM            
54:43 3/20/21
Garden Inspiration with the "Guru of Organic Gardening" Doug Oster
Get inspired to grow! Doug Oster’s outlook on gardening is, “gardening is fun”! Join host Sheri and she interviews Doug to learn about his newest books, garden projects and community outreach programs. Doug hosts The Organic Gardener Radio Show, every Sunday morning at 7 a.m. on Pittsburgh’s KDKA Radio, and writes for the Pittsburgh Earth Day’s Green Voice e-newsletter. He is also an emmy award winner for his documentary Gardens of Pennsylvania. Be sure to visit his updated website, Instagram and youtube channel! ARBICO Organics
46:58 3/6/21
Tips and Tales of Inspiring Tomatoes with “NC Tomatoman” Craig Lehoullier
  Tomato lovers, this show is for you! Join our host as she interviews the “NC Tomatoman” about all things tomato!  Craig Lehoullier is the author of the books Epic Tomatoes and Growing Vegetables in Straw Bales, the co-host of Tomatopalooza and a co-leader of the Dwarf Tomato Breeding Project. From grafting to trending colors, he shares valuable information about the world of heirlooms. In addition, he discusses the science behind some of the differences found in heirloom tomatoes and growing with straw bales.   Craig’s Website ARBICO Organics For questions about our show please email!
44:49 2/20/21
Efficient Preventative Solutions with BioWorks’ Scott Armstrong and Mark Freeman
For over 25 years, BioWorks has been a leader in horticulture and the specialty agriculture market by helping growers succeed with biological control and plant nutrition products. Guests include two of BioWorks’ experts, Scott Armstrong (Senior Biological Solutions Advisor) and Mark Freeman (Biological Program Manager, Plant Nutrition). They share how the company got started, about their industry changing products and Bioworks’ philosophy for the future. In addition, they share tips on how to use top BioWorks products like RootShield, their special hybridized species of Trichoderma for plant disease pathogen control.  BioWorks Shop for BioWorks at ARBICO Organics 
46:11 1/12/21
Sustainable Grazing and Grasslands with Jim Gerrish
Grasslands are often overlooked and yet these ecosystems are a vital part of human life. Guest Jim Gerrish shares his insight on sustainability in rearing livestock and the importance of grasslands for carbon sequestration and water conservation. An expert in his field, he shares tips on grazing management including timing and the benefits of raising 100% grass-fed beef.   Jim Gerrish
45:25 1/12/21
The Inside Scoop on Arborjet Products with Mark Andrews
In this episode, Mark Andrews of Arborjet shares information about Arborjet’s line of professional and retail plant health products. Originally focused on specialized products for trees, their full product line provides environmentally responsible alternatives that are derived through scientific research and in aid in wholistic plant health. Learn more about how the company got its start, produces their products and tips for using these innovative and efficient control methods on pests such as the pine bark beetle. Arborjet makes products for insect control, plant disease control, plant growth regulation, fertilizers and amendments and application tools for turf care, municipalities, arborists, landscapers, growing operations and home gardens.  Arborjet Pine Bark Beetle Control with Arborjet ARBICO Organics
43:25 12/17/20
"Captivating" Plants and Eccentric Edibles with "The Plant Lady" Marlene Simon
Learn about what it's like to be Marlene Simon aka "The Plant Lady" as she discusses her experience as the staff Horticulturalist of The UC Davis Botanical Conservatory in Davis, California!  In this episode, Marlene shares about the conservatory's most interesting and unusual plants, including the first Corpse Flower to bloom in a botanical garden, carnivorous plants and the “miracle berry”. In addition, she discusses her pest issues and control methods at the conservatory, her personal garden filled with unique edibles, her coffee table terrarium and gardening tips! Marlene Simon's Website UC Davis Botanical Conservatory  ARBICO Organics
57:52 12/16/20