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True tales of travel, exploration and adventure from around journalists, explorers and vagabonds that dedicate their lives to the road less traveled. Hosted by Joe Sills


La Vida de Lucha Libre
Corazón de León moves to Mexico to kickstart his career as a wrestler. With dreams of making the big stage in Mexico City, he boards buses bound for the country's far fringes to fill bull fighting rings and ramshackle arenas with fans—and to fill his pockets with pesos. In the episode, Joe and "The Lionheart" discuss life on the road in Mexico, rockin' out in front of 81,035 fans at Wembley Stadium and the influence of Norman Smiley alongside legendary Mexican wrestlers like Negro Casas on his career. Guest: Chris Jericho | Talk is JerichoHost: Joe SillsGrab tickets: Fozzy Spotlight on North America TourRead more: The Complete List of Jericho
53:24 9/13/23
England Coast to Coast
On the 50th Anniversary of Alfred Wainwright's "Coast to Coast," travel writer Dan Stables sets off on a 190-mile walk through England's hill country to follow in Wainwright's soggy footsteps. He finds himself traversing rolling pastures, craggy single tracks and mushy bogs on his quest to reach trail's end at Robin Hood's Bay.Read More:"I Didn't See Another Soul" Daniel Stables for The Telegraph via Yahoo Sports"England's Mysterious Sunken Roads," Daniel Stables for BBC"Along Hadrian's Wall, Ancient Rome's Temples, Towers and Cults Come to Life" Joe Sills for National Geographic
78:09 9/5/23
A.I. Anthony Bourdain?
Michael Motamedi relies on an artificial intelligence version of Anthony Bourdain to guide him on a trip around the world. The Get Lost Podcast catches up with Michael and his family in Paris—after a whirlwind tour of Morocco—to see how the trip is going, learn how A.I. is being used in travel and to ask Michael one very important question: what the fuck would the real Tony say?Guest: Michael MotamediHost: Joe Sills
58:40 8/21/23
Sailing to Svalbard
A spark of inspiration in a tent at the South Pole sends cinematographer Danie Ferreira on a sailing ketch to the Arctic Ocean. Onboard the Bør, he reflects on a lifetime of work that took him from meteorology in Antarctica to the helm of a South African production company and finally onto a sailboat filled with sled dogs above Norway—and he finally reconnects with the creative spirit that fueled his imagination as a teenager.Guest: Danie FerreiraHost: Joe SillsRead More: "Polar Photographer Danie Ferreira's Luxury Book" at Digital Camera World. 
76:37 8/7/23
Saving the Last Tigers
Jeff Morgan takes us on a journey to Sumatra, Thailand and Nepal to talk about critical strongholds where the planet's last wild tigers are attempting to survive. Along the way, he talks us through visits to national parks around the globe, where Global Conservation is working with game rangers to even the odds against poaching.Saving the Last TigersGlobal Conservation
67:04 7/28/23
7 World Wonders in 7 Days
Jamie sets a Guinness World Record by traveling to the Seven Wonders of the World in under one week while also wearing superhero costume and raising money for charity. McDonald talks about how he became a super hero in a place called Batman, and what it's like to visit a lifetime of bucket list destination in just a few days.Hear how he packed, how red tape almost stopped his record attempt in its tracks, what you need to do to set a Guinness World Record and how it feels to visit each wonder in a breakneck race from the Great Wall of China to the Taj Mahal, Petra, the Coliseum, Christ the Redeemer, Machu Picchu, and Chichen Itza. Guest: "Adventureman" Jamie McDonaldHost: Joe Sills
67:59 7/22/23
The Quinault Rainforest
Historian, steelhead guide and "Bad Ash" outdoorswoman Ashley Nichole Lewis takes us on a journey to the Olympic Peninsula for a voyage up the Quinault River through one of North America's incredible, temperate rainforests. Along the way, we break down the state of Washington's Fish Wars and the impact of climate change on Quinault tribal land today.Connect with the ShowGuest: Ashley Nichole LewisHost: Joe SillsThe Show: Get Lost Podcast
58:14 6/25/23
Flying Falcons with the Thunderbirds
Pete Pranica—call sign Grizz— hops into a F-16 fighter jet and takes a ride with the U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds. Along the way, the longtime aviation enthusiast and Memphis Grizzlies play-by-play broadcaster attempts to fulfill a childhood dream without losing his lunch. Connect with the showGet Lost PodcastPete Pranica Joe Sills
40:18 6/10/23
Central America Surf Safari
Autio co-founder Woody Sears sets off on the road trip of a lifetime: a Subaru-powered surf safari down the Pacific Coast of Mexico. Over five months, he learns to surf by camping on the sands of Baja and cruising from Sinaloa to Oaxaca. More than two decades after his epic journey, Woody reflects on the lessons surfing taught him about the world and how the love of adventure spawned on his trip helped create Autio, a digital road trip companion that's accompanying himself and co-founder Kevin Costner on adventures today. 
51:03 5/30/23
Outside Ain't Free
Malik wins a camper truck in Montana and sets off to document its journey home to Memphis through Yellowstone National Park and the Grand Tetons. The Get Lost Podcast team tags along as part of the film crew. Guest: Malik tha MartianHost: Joe Sills
52:21 4/29/23
A Cruise Ship to Antarctica
What does it feel like to cruise to Antarctica? Travel writer Amanda Ogle sets off from Argentina onboard a Viking cruise ship to navigate some of the most violent seas on the planet on the trip of a lifetime. Along the way, she explores whether Antarctic tourism is ethical, what science is being conducted onboard cruises and discusses the future of the cruise industry. Host: Joe SillsGuest: Amanda OgleFollow the Show: Get Lost Podcast
65:06 3/12/23
Off the Grid in the Okavango
Joe journeys to a research camp in Botswana's Okavango Delta to learn about ongoing conservation efforts.  Along the way, conservation ranger and guide Keitopetse Kagande talks about a 45-minute standoff with a lion, how climate change is impacting Botswana and what it's like to grow up in one of the planet's last wild places. SHOW NOTE: Our mixer decided to spontaneously combust when we sat down to record this episode. So, audio quality is a bit rough.Host: Joe SillsGuest: Keitopetse Kagande How to do it: African Conservation ExperienceRead more about the experience in National Geographic Traveller 
59:33 9/5/22
Tracking Tapir in the Pantanal
Nat Geo Explorer Patricia Medici takes us to the remote reaches of Brazil's Pantanal, a region known as tapir paradise. There, she talks about what it's like to research one of the world's most unique animals in a quest to better understand the balance between mankind and Mother Nature. Along the way, she recounts a close encounter with a jaguar and updates us on the impact of deforestation in Brazil. Host | Joe SillsGuest | Patricia MediciGo There - Baia das PedrasLearn More - INCAB Brasil 
44:06 8/18/22
Band on the Run with EG Vines
Songwriter EG Vines abandons his life as a Dollar General manager to pursue music from Jonesboro, Arkansas to Nashville, New York and beyond. Along the way, he lives a real life scene from The Blues Brothers in rural Alabama (they were not the "Good Old Boys") and hints at a real-world encounter with aliens.Host Joe Sills | Produced by Josh CollinsListen to his full catalog and find merchandise at Connect on Instagram - EG VinesFind Joe - Joe SillsSPONSORS: For 15% off your next rental use promo code GETLOST15
38:59 5/30/22
The Hunt for Arctic Airship Italia
Polar explorers venture from Italy to the North Pole in a zeppelin during 1928, but the trip doesn't go as planned. Author Mark Piesing joins us to bring one of polar exploration's most harrowing tales  of disaster and rescue back to life. Piesing talks about his book, N-4 Down: The Hunt for Arctic Airship Italia and special guest host Meredith Edwards (Meredith for Real: The Curious Introvert) takes the reigns of the show.Host: Meredith EdwardsGuest: Mark Piesing | N-4 Down: The Hunt for Arctic Airship ItaliaProducer: Josh CollinsThe Show: Get Lost Podcast
61:38 5/4/22
A Solo Traveler's Guide to Kauai
Chloe gains a new sense of freedom when she travels alone to Kauai on assignment. Along the way, she picks up a new tattoo and comes into her own as a travel writer. In this episode, Chloe talks about what it's like to begin a career as a travel writer, how it feels to travel alone and where you should visit on the Hawaiian island of Kauai from Waimea Canyon to Wailua Falls and the Kauai Coffee Estate. Guest: Chloe CaldwellHost: Joe SillsThe Show: Get Lost PodcastRead Chloe's story, "A Solo Traveler's Guide to Kauai" at Uproxx
40:32 4/11/22
The Incredible Rescue of Manala and Impi
Nadia helps a rhino mother and her calf battle a pride of lions. With the help of conservationists, rangers  and the world's first rhino orphanage, the two animals—critical to the survival of their species—narrowly escape tragedy. Walk on the  frontlines of rhino conservation efforts in South Africa and join us for the incredible story of Manala and Impi. Guest: Conservationist Nadia BeeslaarHost: Journalist Joe SillsConnect with the Show: Get Lost PodcastLearn more about The Rhino OrphanageVolunteer with Africa Conservation Experience
54:45 4/4/22
The Central Asia Rally
Travel journalist Jamie Lafferty lands his first big assignment when he's sent to cover a 5,000 mile overland rally from Budapest to Murghab, Tajikistan. The plan? Buy a used car in Hungary, drive it across Central Asia and sell it in Dushanbe. Like all great adventures, the plan goes south in a hurry when Jamie's route is blocked by border guards and his team is forced to find an entirely new route to one of the world's most remote towns. Along the way, they find themselves traveling through ancient lands along the silk road.Guest - Jamie LaffertyHost - Joe SillsFollow the Get Lost Podcast  Read Jamie's final article, "Bangers and Cash: Driving the Central Asia Rally" at The Guardian.
76:07 2/14/22
Filming Finding Adventure
Kinga brings people out of their comfort zones when she travels around the United States in search of adventure. Along the way, she goes river surfing in Pittsburgh, crabbing in New Orleans and bow fishing in Kansas City. And, she tries to convince Joe that his home country is still full of adventure.Connect with the ShowKinga PhilippsJoe SillsGet Lost PodcastSharkAllies.orgFinding Adventure on Very Local
45:50 2/6/22
Around the World Without a Plane Pt. 2
Border checkpoints in Siberia, cramped conditions in Belarus and a frantic race to Hong Kong make the second leg of Filip Filipi's journey around the globe even more harrowing than the first. After meeting Daniel Craig and the United Nations in Istanbul, he heads into a blurry series of train cars, cargo ships and bus seats in a quest to finally make it back to Canada across the Pacific Ocean. Connect with the showGuest: Filip FilipiHost: Joe SillsThe Show: Get Lost Podcast
83:50 1/30/22
Around the World Without a Plane Pt.1
Facing a date with the United Nations, Filip Filipi uses cargo ships, rental cars and railroads to make his way from western Canada to Istanbul without a plane. Along the way, he crosses North America and western Europe while brandishing a uniquely Serbian passport to attempt border crossings in a precarious position.In part one of a two-part special, Filip talks to us about humanitarian organization 28 Jun and chronicles the incredible journey that took him from keyboard warrior to impactful ambassador affecting change in more than 30 countries around the globe. Connect with the showGuest: Filip FilipiHost: Joe SillsThe Show: Get Lost Podcast
83:52 1/18/22
Hostage in the Amazon
Spears, arrows and guns surround Pedro's t.v. crew as they find themselves counted among unwelcome visitors to a protest in the Amazon. There, the seasoned journalist is faced with a critical negotiation to try save his life and the lives of his crew. Connect with the showGuest: Pedro Andrade | Unknown Amazon on VICEHost: Joe SillsFind us on the gram for new episode updates and contests @getlostpodcast
60:36 1/4/22
Robbed on the Trans-Siberian Railroad
Fake police and an international shakedown follow travel journalist Erik Trinidad on a trip across Russia. Erik talks about his experience, the 1980s bad guys lurking for him on the railroad and the secret life of butlers in this engrossing interview.-Connect with us -Erik TrinidadJoe Sills
52:33 11/24/21
Hitchhiking in Portugal
Jordan comes face-to-face with death in a violent California car crash. The incident changes his life and sets him on the backpacker's path, ultimately leading him to the Portuguese hamlet of Sagres—a top destination for surfers around the globe.Connect with the Show@GetLostPodcast@JordanTarverRead Jordan's book, You Deserve This Shit. The first chapter is available to download for free.
53:10 11/4/21
Trouble in Tanzania
Steve confronts burglars, breakdowns and crocodiles on a road trip across East Africa. And when he finds himself stranded at a remote border outpost, events take a turn. Confronted with the choice between his own livelihood and another life, he's faced with an impossible choice.Connect with usSteve BramucciJoe SillsGetLostPodcast
78:08 9/20/21
Anthropology in Mexico
Anthropologist Jordan Rydman takes us on a tour of Guanajuato, a historic state near the geographical center of Mexico. From her vantage point in San Miguel de Allende, she explores gentrification, poverty and the complex world of cuisine impacting everyday life south of the border.Connect with the showHost: Joe SillsGuest: Jordan RydmanThe Show: Get Lost Podcast
61:14 9/12/21
Diving the Titanic
Kim joins a first-of-its-kind expedition to the Titanic, where an experimental deep sea submersible that could take more travelers to the world's most famous shipwreck is put to the test. Along the way, she grapples with the ghosts of Titanic's sister ship, Britannic, and watches a cast of real world explorers and deep sea pioneers come to life for a feature story in Oceanographic Magazine. Guest: Kim FrankHost: Joe SillsThe Show: Get Lost Podcast
64:16 8/27/21
Paragliding Normandy
Jessica gets too close to history when her father decides to paraglide over the beaches of Normandy. Guest: Jessica BensonHost: Joe SillsConnect with the show: Get Lost Podcast
48:35 8/5/21
Skydiving South Africa
Natalie leaps out of an airplane above the Africa Burn festival. Along the way, she takes us on a cruise through Cape Town and remembers a film project that changed her perspective on South Africa for life.About the guest: Natalie Paladin is a skydiver, snowboarder, avocado farmer, model and motorcycle expert who has dedicated her life to finding adventure around the globe. She's represented some of the biggest brands in auto sport, from Can-Am to Harley-Davidson.Guest: Natalie PaladinHost: Joe SillsThe Show: The Get Lost Podcast
45:22 7/21/21
Last Incan Bridge
Atlas Obscura co-founder Dylan Thuras journeys to The Last Incan Bridge. This remnant from an ancient network of roads was once part of a 25,000-mile network that spanned the Incan Empire. Today, it is the last standing testament to the power of human ingenuity and the skills of Incan engineers. Along the way, we take pitstops at the never-ending lighting storm and learn about the humble beginnings of Atlas Obscura.Connect with the Show@GetLostPodcast@AtlasObscura
55:30 6/7/21

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