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Presenting approachable strategies for mind-body health. Sharing stories and information from real people, for real people. Not only yoga and meditation, but all the things you can do ~ today, tomorrow and everyday ~ to Live Your Yoga.


Holistic Healing with Tracy Marshall 53:29 12/03/2021
Music & Yoga with Mark Atherton 33:46 11/26/2021
Pranayama for Better Digestion with Angela Inglis 32:25 11/05/2021
Moving to Heal with Juan Villegas 40:26 10/29/2021
Transitioning from Performing Arts with Joanna Griffin 47:30 10/01/2021
The Online Teacher Training Experience with Erin Fischer 39:42 09/24/2021
The Spiritual Social Network with Ally Potrebka 50:16 09/03/2021
Embodied Movement with Kate Repnik 51:14 08/27/2021
Healing through Yoga, Mindfulness and Art with Andrea McHattie-Christensen   46:30 08/06/2021
Mindfulness, Mental Health and a Yoga Retreat with Molly Black 31:08 07/21/2021
The Hot Yoga Experience with Frankie Grausam 41:13 06/25/2021
Kindness Meditation with Andrea 20:34 06/18/2021
Bodywork and the Role of Male Yoga Teachers with Craig Foden 51:23 06/04/2021
The Healing Power of Music with Tiffany Sparrow 46:07 05/28/2021
Guided Relaxation with Nancy Frohlick 28:24 05/14/2021
Adapting to Change with Andrea Nacey 37:26 05/07/2021
Sacred Ritual with Gillian Pearce 35:52 04/30/2021
The History of Yoga with Mark 33:36 04/16/2021
A Wee Chat with Mindfulness Educator, Suzi Gibson 54:38 04/02/2021
Innovation and Evolution with Emily Kane 23:39 03/26/2021
Yoga Nidra Practice with Angela Inglis 19:14 03/19/2021
Shining Through Movement with Susan White 40:18 03/05/2021
Wellness for the Wild Woman with Dana Mahon 65:12 02/26/2021
Holistic Cures for the Common Cold with Ally Potrebka 14:00 02/19/2021
Navigating the New Yoga Teacher Training World with Helene Whitfield 34:30 02/05/2021
Creative Magic with Desirée Dunbar 44:42 01/22/2021
Practicing Yoga off the Mat with Juan Villegas 16:03 01/15/2021
Ayurveda in Action with Angela Inglis 59:27 12/18/2020
Meditation on Thinking with Mark Atherton 08:46 12/18/2020