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Learning from the life and leadership of those in scripture. What God has done in the past is a good indication of what God will do in the future but God is too creative to do the same thing the same way twice but he is true to his word. How God moved in the lives and situations of leaders and others in scripture yesterday, instructs us on how he will deal with the same today. While politics, administrations, leaders and people change – God’s word and his principles remain the same. Life and leadership at its best. Produced by What The Huck Productions | Support this podcast:


How To Talk Back To The Devil!
The Devil is his title. Satan is his name. And he is after the control tower of our life. Our mind. If he can control our mind, he will control our life. As the control tower dictates what happens in the cockpit and on the runway - so does our mind dictate what happens in our life, for all of our life. If the control tower is off, the entire flight will be off course and may even crash and burn. That's what the Devil wants - to take control of our mind so that he can run our life into the ground. If we allow him to take control of our mind, he will take control of our life. Never let the Devil have the last word. If you do, it will be the last of you. This podcast teaches you how to effectively talk back to the Devil -- taking our cues from Jesus. --- Support this podcast:
42:08 6/11/24
"How Satan Takes Out the Best of Leaders"
No matter who we are. No matter our title, position or status. No matter how long we've walked with God - how much we love and know God's word - Satan has studied us. He knows how to take us down, when to take us down and what or who to use to take us down. When? When he can do the most damage to our name, career, reputation and legacy. From the pulpit to city halls to the Halls of Congress. If we have influence, standing, a good name, reputation, or anything good about us that will bring glory to God, we are a target. And once in his sight, he rarely misses. This episode breaks down Satan's plan. A rare exposition on how he works to bring us down and why it works. This is how to beat Satan and his demons at their own game. We all are targets. And the higher we rise, the bigger the target we become! --- Support this podcast:
22:20 6/9/24
When They Envy You
After every public victory, there will be private envy. Don’t think for one moment just because you’re the head the tail will wag when you win. It won’t. They won’t. As a public servant leader, there always will be someone envious of your success. But what do you do when it's the boss? Learn from David how to succeed when you work for an envious and insecure boss. --- Support this podcast:
08:02 6/3/24
When You Feel Inadequate
One of the major ways you will know God has called you to do something bigger than you believe you are capable of will be a nagging feeling of inadequacy. Feelings of inadequacy often confirm that you are right where God wants you to be. --- Support this podcast:
02:02 5/30/24
Make Sure It's Right Before You Fight
As a leader, be wise in the briefings you receive from staff and your advisors. It could cost you dearly. Learn a great leadership principle taken from the life of first-century leader, King Hanan --- Support this podcast:
22:28 5/24/24
E tu, Brute? Painful Betrayal
Betrayal. Every leader has or will experience it at some point in their career. The greatest leader who ever lived, Jesus, experienced his as well -Judas. Power is one helluva drug and many, especially today, as was in Jesus' and Julius Caesar's day will stab you in the back in a heartbeat if it meant for them, more power, prestige and or money. As a public servant leader, you too are on someone's list. And as it was with Caesar, it likely is someone you have considered a friend, and one you'd least suspect. Betrayal. What every leader must know. --- Support this podcast:
09:50 5/10/24
Answering Your Critics
As a leader in public service, people will talk about you, criticize you, and falsely accuse you. Most of the time the root of the problem isn't you. It is jealousy, fear, and envy. Criticisms, attacks, and ridicule are par for the course, especially in today's environment of "cancel culture" and nationalism. As a Christ follower, how should you respond? Take a cue from Nehemiah. --- Support this podcast:
07:26 4/29/24
Positioned For Purpose
God promotes and positions us for his greater purpose as we learn from the life of Joseph of Arimathea in his often overlooked but important part of the resurrection story. --- Support this podcast:
07:09 3/30/24
What The Fight Is REALLY About!
Politics and governing are not the same. Two systems. The world system of politics is under the authority, rule and control of the god of this world - Satan. The other, government or governing, is of the God of the Bible. The clash of kingdoms. Not preached on much today but impacts all of life. Every aspect of life on the face of the planet.I painstakingly in the kickoff of my new season explain the difference and why we are seeing what we are seeing in the political arena today. What the fight is really about. Satan hates us all. EVERY human, black, white, brown, rich or poor, gay or straight... but will use us all to get what he wants. Power and absolute control. How is it working for any of us? It isn't. Evil never does. Not for the rich, middle class or poor. Every human is his target. "What the Fight is REALLY About." --- Support this podcast:
44:32 2/13/24
Integrity: Every Leader's Saving Grace
The foundation of trust is integrity. People follow leaders they trust. Integrity is every leader's saving grace. If you have it, you will never be booted from Congress, your town council or school board for lack of character. Character and integrity are two sides of the same coin and one ensures, assures and insures the other. Integrity is the only coin we get to spend with every decision we make. It spends for us, spins for us and speaks for us! --- Support this podcast:
18:56 12/2/23
Taking The Bait
Christians in conflict. Today, often leading the conflict. From City Halls to Halls of Congress. Jesus said people will know we are his by one thing - not by our politics, but by our love for one another. In this, many of his people are failing miserably. This episode kicks off the new season of the Governing God's Way Podcast, hosted by our Founder and President, Dorothy Burton. Timely. Relevant. Challenging us all as leaders to examine ourselves and how we are representing Jesus Christ and the Kingdom in public space. --- Support this podcast:
33:26 11/19/23
How You See You
No matter if on paper you’re the leader or if your name and title are on the door – you will only be what you inwardly believe yourself to be.  Has God made you the head, yet you still see yourself as the tail? --- Support this podcast:
06:48 10/23/23
What It Takes To Lead And Succeed As A Public Servant Leader
10 minutes. A leader that God honors and blesses. HINT: What we're seeing today on the public stage is far from it. It's why many feel the need to compromise and give in to what they know is wrong to stay in right with the right people. Don't pattern yourself after a party or lose who you are to follow and pattern yourself after a person if they are not following and patterning themselves after Christ. ONLY what we do for Him, not them, will have lasting value and increase the value of our leadership. Leaders of impact are leaders of value. Be a leader who adds value. This episode tells you how. --- Support this podcast:
11:17 10/23/23
"Why You're There"
Some things some people want to do, but won't because of your presence. That is exactly why God has placed you there! --- Support this podcast:
02:02 10/23/23
Not Meant to Fit
 Resist the pressure to fit in to be in. --- Support this podcast:
01:49 10/21/23
Keep Your Eye on the Coach
A WORD FOR THE TIMES WE'RE IN... Welcome to Season 3! -- "Keep Your Eye On the Coach, Not the Scoreboard" The GOAT ("God Over All Things") is in control!A great coach never coaches to the scoreboard even when it looks as though his or her team may lose. God is the ultimate coach with all wins and no losses. Where Israel is today, Israel has been before. Perhaps where you find yourself today, you've been before. Convinced there is no way out. Convinced you will never again prosper. Convinced that your better days are behind you. We must keep our eyes on the GOAT - "God Over All Things." He wrote the playbook and even knows the playbook of every opponent. All we need do is study the Playbook and keep our eyes on the GOAT - the Coach. Not the Scoreboard. May peace be yours this week. --- Support this podcast:
07:19 10/16/23
"Go Forward!"
You sense God has given you the answer you've prayed for but you are afraid to act on it. He is telling you today what He told Moses in the wilderness, "Go forward!" --- Support this podcast:
01:55 10/14/23
If you wait until you have "enough" you will never have "enough." God has already provided everything you need to do the work He has given you to do. You really do have enough! --- Support this podcast:
01:54 10/7/23
Let 'em Talk
Stop looking to people for validation because elevation comes only from God. --- Support this podcast:
01:46 9/23/23
You Can!
Challenge that giant everyone says can't be defeated. Run for that office. Go for that promotion. Do what others say is impossible. God has equipped you for YOUR path. Don't live to regret not having taken it. --- Support this podcast:
02:10 9/16/23
The Rabble
Hell-raising it seems is the order of the day today. This isn't new. Hell-raisers joined in with the Hebrews in their trek across the wilderness -- and it cost them dearly. Be careful how you join in with people today who always have an ax to grind or feel the need to raise hell. It can cost you dearly. --- Support this podcast:
02:13 9/9/23
They're Not Supposed To Like You
When you stand on truth and do what is right, based upon truth, there will always be those who don't like you. Don't base your worth or the worth of your work on the temporary likes of temporary people. Keep doing you. --- Support this podcast:
04:21 9/4/23
Changed Plans
A change in plans beyond our control will prove to be a blessing, though at the time it seems like the end, defeat or total loss. God never loses nor do we when we trust His change in our plans. Listen and be encouraged!  --- Support this podcast:
02:08 9/2/23
Are They For You Or Against You? -- How To Know
President Lyndon Johnson once famously said, “If you’re in politics and you can’t tell when you walk into a room who’s for you and who’s against you, then you’re in the wrong line of work. As a leader, you have to know – not assume – but know who is for you and who is against you.  Make no assumptions and you’ll make no mistakes. Mistakes are made by people who assume they know. The ability to discern who is for you and who’s not may someday save you. --- Support this podcast:
06:51 8/22/23
Don't confuse achievement with success. God's measure of success... --- Support this podcast:
01:43 8/21/23
Monday Minute: Preparation
As a leader, when God is going to use you mightily, He is going to first send you through some mighty tough stuff. Count on it. Not to harm you, but to prepare you for an even greater work! --- Support this podcast:
01:51 8/14/23
Contra Mundum! Seize the Day!
As a public servant leader, you may wear the label Democrat or Republican, but if you name the name of Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior of your life, the world systems are against you. If you follow the lamb, Satan doesn't care if you call yourself an elephant or donkey, he's coming for you - and especially as you serve and lead in his world system of government. Not with the world, Contra Mundum! --- Support this podcast:
04:26 8/7/23
Leading Like Jesus
Who is this Jesus?  Up to and including Resurrection Sunday, my goal is to bring clarity and bring it down to ground level, the person and leader Jesus the Christ was as fully God and fully man. Through daily postings of 5 principles of leadership from Jesus and through this weekly podcast. None of his leadership principles were rooted in religion. His life wasn't a religious one. In fact, it was the religious who hated him and who would eventually wrongly accuse and crucify him. He was and is, and is to come -- King. He was God in the human body of Jesus.  Fully God. Fully man. The King of Glory! He left us with so much truth. How to live and how to lead. If you don't know him. He is the most important person you will ever know. And he left us as leaders, the blueprint for leadership. --- Support this podcast:
16:57 3/13/23
There Is No Retirement From Our Work
Jesus said in John 9:4, "I must work the works of him that sent me, while it is day; the night comes, when no man (or woman) can work."  We must do the same. We can retire from our job - perhaps even quit or get fired from our job. But we can neither quit nor be fired from our work. There is a difference, and  this episode explores and explains why we should never look forward to "retiring." When it comes to our work, there is no such thing. --- Support this podcast:
26:57 11/24/22
The Leader People Will Follow
If people follow you because they are paid to follow you, you're not a leader but a paycheck. Great leaders? People will follow them to the moon and back even if they didn't receive a dime because what they receive in return, money could never buy. The greatest leaders throughout history could never afford to pay the thousands who followed them. Yet, together, they changed their world. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is a great example. David hid out in caves, had no money to pay his men, yet hundreds of men followed him from the cave to the kingdom. What endears people to leaders? What will endear them to you? This podcast tells you. And it has nothing to do with money. --- Support this podcast:
19:56 6/10/22