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The Approach Shot is our golf “flavored” podcast. We call it golf flavored because we talk with our guests about the careers (on and off the field), their lives, their passions and (what sets us apart) their personal golf game.Our guests are athletes, actors, authors, announcers and more. We love to laugh and our guests tell amazing behind the scenes stories that will make you laugh, feel and think. Listen. Enjoy.


Former UCLA Bruin and International Basketball star Travis Reed talks hoops and golf
UCLA Basketball star Travis Reed has made some tough decisions in his life including deciding to play overseas instead of the NBA. Of course, a lot of those decisions worked out well for the 6'8" power forward as he became the league MVP in Holland and the Baltic League Player of the Year. These days, Travis talks about hoops and stays true to his roots as he can be heard on the "Bleav in UCLA" podcast, and on his "An Athlete's Journey" show on You Tube. There he can be seen interviewing "California Legends" that he has known throughout HIS journey. Travis' love for and frustration with golf is something we can all relate to, even without being a hoops legend.
61:53 4/21/24
One of the greatest Play by Play voices of All Time, Thom Brennaman calls on The Approach Shot
There are only a handful of play by play voices that rise to the very top of their profession; Vin Scully, Jack Buck, Joe Buck, Marty Brennaman, Jon Miller, Vern Lundquist, Pat Summerall, and Jim Nantz. Our guest on this week's episode of The Approach Shot is in that group; Thom Brennman. From broadcasting Cubs games opposite Harry Carey to NFL Games for Fox while always remembering his roots in Cincinnati, Brennaman is (simply put) one of the All-Time greats. In August of 2020, Brennaman was fired from Fox when we was caught on a hot mic making an unfortunate anti-gay slur (which we do not condone) and immediately apologized, and has spent time since the incident consistently apologizing and insisting "that's not who he is", which many folks, including those in the LGBTQ+ community agree with. We spend much of this episode celebrating his great career, and while we don't usually get into the controversial, Thom spends time discussing the incident, as well. It's a very rewarding and intriguing episode of The Approach Shot.
51:33 4/14/24
From Super Bowl to Emmy Awards, Solomon Wilcots is the King of this week's episode of The Approach Shot
AFC Champion with the Cincinnati Bengals? Check. CBS color commentator? Check Emmy Award winning sideline reporter with Sunday Night Football? Check. Passionate golfer? Check. Great storyteller? You betcha! Solomon Wilcots is the total package, whether on or off the field, and he is also a terrific story teller. He also handles the 6 pack with ease and humor. This episode doesn't feel like an interview, it feels like a chat with an old friend. Enjoy!
69:50 4/7/24
NFL Draft guru JOE DELEONE gives us his picks and picks his best golf stories
JOE DELEONE joins us this week and we geek out a bit, talking about NFL free agency, how that will effect the draft and then the draft itself. Joe is incredibly insightful about everything he does, whether it's being a long snapper at the University of Rhode Island, podcasting or knowing the ins and outs of College Football. All of this makes him one of the country's most sought after minds regarding the NFL Draft. His discipline and attention to detail crosses over into golf, but is he satisfied with his golf game? What do you think? It's an incredibly fun and informative episode of The Approach Shot.
62:31 3/31/24
From business to backstabbing, we talk with Lindsey Anderson from Netflix's "The Trust" (Season 1)
She is more than a reality competition star. Lindsay Anderson has spent years training and coaching people in business on how to REALLY make money with their online businesses. She explains how she got started, and how she feels about having our very own John Ashton as a client. Then, we talk with Lindsay about how she used her training to navigate the world of reality competition in Netflix's series "The Trust". Lindsay got more than her share of air time on the show, and we dive into some very personal issues as Lindsay spills the tea on "The Trust", her fellow contestants and their on-going relationships. Give us the tea!
52:39 3/24/24
Pick offs and putts- Jacksonville Jags CB AARON BEASLEY talks ball hawking and ball striking
Take a 9 year NFL vet who picked off 24 passes in his career, forced 10 fumbles, ran back booth for scores, and then put him in front of a golf ball and what do you get?  Great stories from long time Jacksonville Jaguar star DB AARON BEASLEY.  Aaron tells his stories with ease, grace and a lot of humor.  From his humble beginnings being discovered by a Philadelphia Phillies pitching scout, to his successes in the NFL playoffs, Aaron had us listening, laughing and loving our time with him.  ENJOY!
61:31 3/17/24
MLB All Star Justin Masterson sinks in and does some great storytelling
One of the most intriguing careers we have had the pleasure to discuss, All Star pitcher Justin Masterson joins us on this week's episode of The Approach Shot.  We marvel at the fact that Justin had not one, not two but FOUR historic events linked to his career.  By historic, we mean his name is in the record books!  (SPOILER ALERT- one of those accomplishments was that he became only the third pitcher in MLB History to defeat BOTH of the previous year's Cy Young Award winners in the same season.  As if that wasn't enough, Justin actually became the first EVER to do it in his first two starts of the season.)  You'll have to listen for the other historic events.  Justin also talks, with humor about his golf game, and about helping people, which has always been his passion.  Great episode with a great guest!    
62:25 3/11/24
The Approach Shot welcomes Bachelor Nation favorite Wells Adams
Hey Bachelor Nation!  This episode is for you! Bachelor Nation's favorite bartender, Wells Adams from "Bachelor in Paradise" is our guest this week on The Approach Shot.  Wells talks about his "Bachelor" experience, from being a contestant to the bartender on "Bachelor in Paradise".  He also talks about hosting "Best in Dough", his start as a DJ in Nashville and even his "better half" Sarah Hyland (from "Modern Family"). Of course, Wells talks a lot about his golf game, as he is a lover of the game.  Great stories, charming wit and just great stuff in this episode with Wells Adams.
62:09 3/3/24
Kansas City Chiefs' Louie Aguilar was his own punt, pass and kick competiton
OK, Chiefs Kingdom, this one is definitely for you.  LOUIE AGUIAR, the second team ALL-PRO punted in the NFL for 10 seasons; five with the Chiefs (including his All-Pro season).  But he will always be a Chief, through and through. Despite being a punter, Louie could throw the ball farther than many quarterbacks (which proved in 1997 against Seattle), he could place kick, and he loved to tackle!  If he doesn't sound like your ordinary punter, that's because he wasn't.  Oh, and he's also a great storyteller. Enjoy one of our favorite characters, Louie Aguiar on this week's episode of The Approach Shot.
60:09 2/25/24
We sit down with stand-up comedian Jeff Blanchard (and laugh for an hour!)
JEFF BLANCHARD is a stand-up comedy, based in Cleveland and he is Cleveland through and through.  A long-suffering Browns fan, Jeff talks Cleveland football, his "love" for swimming and of course, hitting a little white ball.  While there are certainly questions and responses, this episode with Jeff is like a getting free ticket to his hilarious comedy show.
59:04 2/18/24
The Back 9 Boys' Rich Styles comes to OUR clubhouse and brings his clubs and his stories
Want to know something about Gary Player?  Rich Styles interviewed him.  Hang out with Jack?  Rich has done it.  Open courses for Palmer, Kite or Couples?  Rich was there.  Rich Styles has done it all in the world of golf and golf broadcasting, including treat us all to his insights on Back9Boys.  His podcasts are a mix of golf instruction, mental approach and interviews with the greats.  And now, WE get to interview HIM this week on The Approach Shot.
52:37 2/11/24
An All Star on the field and in the studio- MLB and MLB Network's DAN PLESAC joins The Approach Shot
He came from the golf course, literally, to talk baseball, how tough it is to say "goodbye" to a game you loved for the 18 years you played and then how fortunate to be an analyst on MLB Network's "MLB Tonight". But Dan Plesac didn't stop there!  He told us which player he would build a team around, shared stories of growing up in Gary, Indiana and which MLB team he thought would be this year's "Sleeper". Then we got to talking about golf and Dan has a lot to say about the "other" game with the little white ball.  Dan is a great storyteller and our time with him flew by!    
59:33 2/4/24
Super Bowl Champion HOWARD CROSS stops by to talk Giants football, transitioning to the booth and his golf game
Howard Cross was a beast on the field, part blocking machine, part clutch receiver.  His mind-set of "do what you have to in order to contribute" helped the New York Giants win Super Bowl XXV. He shares his stories from the field, from the booth (as part of the Giants broadcast team), as a Dad of a collegiate athlete, and from the links on this week’s episode of The Approach Shot.
48:00 1/28/24
Gold Gloves and Golf Gloves- Orioles All Star ADAM JONES is on our team this week
He's a 5 time All Star, a 4 time Good Glove winner and a Silver Slugger.  Adam Jones, who patrolled center field at Camden Yards for the Baltimore Orioles is our guest this week on The Approach Shot. Witty and thought provoking, Adam talks about baseball, Cal Ripken, Tony Gwynn and his golf game. His keen insight on the difference between Spain's courses and the U.S. courses he has played is especially interesting. The Approach Shot goes global, with Adam Jones from Barcelona, Spain on this week's episode.
34:48 1/21/24
Donny Most, more than Ralph from "Happy Days", he sings, he acts and he golfs!
"Happy Days" are here, as Don (Donny) Most, is our guest this week on The Approach Shot. We talk "Happy Days" with Donny (who played Ralph Malph) and his continuing friendships with cast members Henry Winkler, Ron Howard, Anson Williams and Marion Ross. We also talk with Don about his "second" career; singing and his top 10 charting single "New York High", his love of golf and we grill Don with our 6 pack of questions. It's a fun-filled episode with some great storytelling and a lot of laughs.
39:03 1/14/24
From Touchdowns to Tee Offs, Fred Barnett catches up with The Approach Shot
Enter Arkansas Fred, or Fred Barnett as the NFL world knows him, a man whose stories from the gridiron are as rich and varied as his bourbon collection. He shares the candid transition from cleats to everyday life, his health journey, and a burgeoning love for golf that's both inspiring and chuckle-inducing. Fred's tales will have you visualizing touchdowns, yearning for a sip of his favorite spirit, and appreciating the small victories, whether in sport or life. So pull up a chair, and get ready to be regaled by a man whose competitiveness never quite left the field.Our conversation with Fred takes a swing down the fairways of frustration and joy that every golfer knows too well. We share the triumphs and trials of chasing that elusive perfect swing, while Fred teases us with a tale of his infamous football card and how his drive to win doesn't stop at the 18th hole. Whether you're battling a defensive back or a fairway bunker, there's something in this episode for every golfer and every sports fan. Join us as we swap stories that are as much about the game of football or golf as they are the game of life — all with a dash of humor and a touch of heart.  Bottoms up! Support the show
54:20 1/7/24
Sirius XM's Kristine Stone talks Classic Rock and a rockin' golf game
This week, we welcome Kristine Stone, the illustrious voice of classic rock from SiriusXM, to share her tales from spinning records to swinging clubs. Stone's journey from the local Connecticut radio scene to the expansive airwaves of SiriusXM is nothing short of a rock odyssey, complete with the transformational riffs of motherhood and a devotion to the fairways. Her anecdotes are a backstage pass to the heydays of radio DJ life and the enduring legacy of the genre we adore.Lastly, don't think we've forgotten the soulful strings and electrifying solos that set the stage for life's grand performance. We're harmonizing the chords of music, golf, and life's symphony, riffing on the coolness of golf's best nicknames and concocting our ultimate classic rock concert fantasy. From personal revelations with rock's pantheon to debating the hottest takes on golf's rulebook, this episode is a masterclass in blending the best of laughter, storytelling, and candid conversation. Prepare for an auditory feast that's sure to resonate with classic rock devotees and golf aficionados alike.Support the show
52:51 12/31/23
Fred Claire's Extra Innings of Courage, Cancer, and Camaraderie
Gather 'round as we explore the holiday season through a kaleidoscope of traditions, laughter, and the heartfelt story of resilience in the face of adversity. The jingle of Salvation Army bells and the debate over the perfect golf ball gift set the stage for a festive conversation that traverses from the frivolous to the profound.  It's a mix of yuletide cheer and a dash of golfing banter, topped with a sprinkling of personal anecdotes that are sure to resonate with anyone who's ever struggled to find that perfect present for a golfer in their life.Then, we're honored to share time with Fred Claire, the former GM of the Dodgers, who graces us with a narrative that's as captivating as it is inspiring. Fred reflects on his storied career, the friendships with legends like Vin Scully and Tommy Lasorda, and how those relationships mirrored the camaraderie found in golf. But it's his courageous battle with neck cancer, underscored by the support from his family, friends, and the medical team at City of Hope, that truly captures the essence of teamwork and the human spirit. Delve into Fred's experience, from his unyielding optimism to his dedication to cancer research through his book "Extra Innings", and prepare to be moved by a conversation that's as much about the love of a game as it is about the game of life. Support the show
46:32 12/24/23
Game Time with Steve Beuerlein: Touchdowns, Tee Shots, and Howie Long
Hold onto your hats, sports fans, because we're delighted to have on board Steve Beuerlein, former NFL quarterback, renowned for his grit and perseverance. Steve reminisces about his challenging NFL career, including a breath-taking touchdown against the Green Bay Packers that still sends a chill down our spines. But don't think he's all about football, Steve's competitive spirit spills over into the greens of golf courses, and yes, even into his kitchen. Trust us; you won't want to miss his hilarious account of the way he was introduced to Howie Long to the most disastrous golf shot he's ever played.We wrap up the episode with a candid conversation with Steve about his Super Bowl win, his Pro Bowl appearance, and his experiences on the golf course. From funny anecdotes about his role in the Flintstones movie to profound insights about his life mantra "DTRT" (Do the Right Thing), Steve's stories are inspiring, amusing, and everything in between. As we bid adieu, we express our sincere appreciation for Steve, whose charismatic presence made this episode one of our most memorable ones this season. Make sure to subscribe to the Approach Shot and catch all our episodes on the show
55:22 12/17/23
He's a Triple Threat- From the NFL to being a contestant on Survivor to successful author, STEVE WRIGHT is this week's guest on The Approach Shot
Isn't it worth exploring how a gladiatorial sport like football can coexist with the softer aspects of human nature? Brace yourselves for a truly interesting discussion with Steve Wright, former NFL offensive lineman for the Cowboys, Raiders and more, and Survivor contestant. Our conversation weaves through his life, challenges, and the societal pressures. It’s an exciting journey through his experiences that are as enlightening as they are entertaining.We meander through the pages of Steve's book, "Aggressively Human," which forms the crux of the conversation. It's a unique perspective on balancing aggression with empathy, challenging the stereotypical machismo associated with footballers. Steve's reflection on his rookie year with the Dallas Cowboys and Dwight Clark's infamous "Catch" adds a fascinating dimension. While delving into his personal life, he also shares his father's cherished popcorn recipe, adding a touch of homely warmth to the discussion.Tune in for this inspiring journey that might change your perspective on life, football, and everything in between.Support the show
53:29 12/10/23
Two-Time All Star 3B Jeff Cirillo hits it out of the park on this week's episode of The Approach Shot:
You’re one of the best third basemen in Major League Baseball. You hit over .300 SIX times in your career, and you’ve aced the art of hitting. And then, out of the blue, you’re asked to pitch in the ninth inning. That's exactly what happened to our guest, Jeff Cirillo, former player for the Milwaukee Brewers and Colorado Rockies. In words more engrossing than a thriller novel, he walks us through his time in the big leagues, his transition from pitcher to third baseman, the rising use of analytics in the sport, and that unforgettable game in which pitched the ninth inning and struck out...well you have to listen to find out who. Fast forward to life after the diamond, Jeff has a lot to share about his second act. He’s not only an avid golfer and a team owner in Pacific Baseball Ventures, but he's also got a knack for spinning a good yarn or two. From his "romantic" proposal story to his active lifestyle in Palm Springs, and his thoughts on treating others with respect, our chat with Jeff is a homerun. So, whether you're a baseball junkie, a golf enthusiast, or just love to hear a great tale, tune in for an epic journey from the pitcher’s mound to hot corner to the golf course.Support the show
54:48 12/3/23
Mark Thompson: LA's "Dancing Weatherman" and the man who put the pause in " American Idol" brings his incredible voice to The Approach Shot
Ever wonder about the man behind the LA television's 'Dancing Weatherman' ? Meet Mark Thompson, the voice of American Idol, So You Think You Can Dance and so many others.  Mark shares his fascinating career journey and tales of daredevil stunts. From creating "Neighborhood Weather" in San Francisco to being an integral part of the legendary radio station KGO, Mark's stories captivate, entertain, and inspire. We ask Mark which Idol contestants he rooted for and who against, Mark shares an incredible story of the last day of KGO and how he was the final voice heard on that legendary station and of course, we ask him to re-create the introduction that he is so famous for on American Idol.  Mark is hilarious, thought provoking and a great guest.Support the show
49:11 11/26/23
Uncle Charlie's favorite- GREGG OLSON's wit is as sharp as his curve ball
We have a real treat in store for you as we welcome our guest, Baltimore Oriole (and Arizona Diamondback) great Gregg Olson, to the field! Great's wit is as sharp as the break on his famous curve ball as he tells stories from his nearly perfect early days to his awe-inspiring journey to Birdland the desert.We talk about Greg’s American League Rookie of the Year performance in 1989, and his strategy when closing out a no-hitter. But it's not all easy as Gregg talks about dealing with injury and failure, too.And Gregg is one serious golfer, so his stories don't stop between the lines; they make it to the links as well.Then, get ready to chuckle at the hilarious anecdotes from Gregg's book, "We Got To Play Baseball". So, grab your mitt, put on your cleats, and let's hit this episode out of the park!Support the show
47:28 11/19/23
David Magadan: Bats, Balls, and Birdies
Our guest this week was described as a "hitting artist" and won 2 World Series rings; one with the Mets and later, as a coach with the Red Sox.  We're delighted to have Dave Magadan join us and he shares stories of his early career, and when the Mets won the World Series in 1986.  In a special segment, Dave talks about being on team with Daryl Strawberry, Keith Hernandez, and the Amazing Mets.  Hold on to your seats, as "Mags" takes you through his rollercoaster baseball career, sharing the ups and downs that come with the game.The episode doesn't just stop at baseball, as Mags brings in his golfing experiences into the mix. From Thanksgiving rounds with Lou Panella to unforgettable exhibition matches against the world champion softball team, the Kentucky Bourbons, David's tales are as thrilling as they are inspiring. He emphasizes the role of attitude and a positive mindset, both in baseball and golf, drawing parallels from his personal experiences. So tune in, get inspired, and let's hit this one out of the park together. Support the show
57:40 11/12/23
Tackling Golf and the NFL with 2x All Pro Cris Dishman
On this week's episode of The Approach Shot, our guest is an NFL great, 2x All Pro Cris Dishman. From sharing his coaching insights to detailing his impressive NFL stats and advice for aspiring football players, Cris takes us through his illustrious journey. The conversation turns international as we delve into the differences between American and Canadian football, and Chris's experiences adapting to the rules of our Northern neighbors. We even get an exclusive tour of his DB Hall of Fame and Goat Skills camp, a resource designed to equip aspiring defensive backs with essential techniques.Finally, Cris takes us off the field and into his life post-football. From his ambitious (but admittedly limited- REALLY limited) golfing skills, to his escapades owning a sports bar and nightclub in Houston - Cris's journey is as varied as it is fascinating. We even manage to squeeze in some fun facts about the popularity of Taylor Swift at Chiefs games. Listen in for Cris's hilarious golfing story and his golden rule for treating people with respect. This episode is your ticket to a fun-filled, insightful journey that bounces between the golf course and the gridiron.Support the show
44:52 11/5/23
Three-time 30-30 Club member, 2 World Series ring owner and Rib Eating Champ, Howard Johnson (HoJo) visits The Approach Shot
Baseball great, Howard Johnson, (Hojo) joins us in the clubhouse this week on The Approach Shot. We cover a lot of great topics with HoJo; including his dream sports conversation partner, his golf prowess, and the infectious energy of fan chants. Prepare to be regaled with his unforgettable victory at the 1985 Pro Athlete Rib Eating Contest, and his insightful commentary on present-day baseball. Experience the camaraderie as Hojo introduces us to his funniest golfing buddy and their friendly rivalry.Howard Johnson's is a story  of determination, resilience, and an unyielding love for the game. We'll discuss his strategies for overcoming weather challenges and injuries, the valuable lessons he gleaned from seasoned players, and the unforgettable World Series moment involving Kevin Mitchell and a pair of pants. Plus, we'll delve into his successful transition from baseball to golf. So, tune in for an episode filled with laughter, nuggets of wisdom, and the inspiring power of sports.Support the show
55:38 10/30/23
The INVINCIBLE Vince Papale: From the streets of Philly to the silver screen
This week's we have the joy of welcoming the extraordinary Vince Papale, whose journey from the hard streets of Philadelphia to becoming a professional football player is nothing short of awe-inspiring. Walk with us as we reminisce about how the movie based on Vince's journey "Invincible" became an iconic movie whose spirit reminds us all of "Rocky" and "Ruby". We get personal with Vince as he shares his recipe for leading a fulfilling life. From emphasizing the importance of eating right and regular cancer screenings to indulging in a classic Philly cheesesteak and a good game of golf, he's got it all figured out. As we celebrate 17 years since the release of 'Invincible,' we discuss the creative liberties taken in the movie for a dramatic finish. This episode is packed with life lessons, jaw-dropping moments, and a whole lot of fun. Tune in and get ready to be inspired! Support the show
51:08 10/22/23
From Field to Fairway: Tyson Ross's Unexpected Adventures
We've got former Major League Baseball player, Tyson Ross, sharing some of his most memorable golfing faux pas this week. With a unique blend of honesty and witty humor, Tyson treats us to a glimpse of his life off the field, including an endearingly awkward incident with a promotional hat that left him in stitches.But Tyson isn't just about the laughs. He shares his raw, unfiltered experiences from his esteemed baseball career, including his triumphant return to the Padres in 2018 after a series of debilitating injuries. Hear him reminisce about his first MLB debut, the pride of playing alongside hometown heroes in Oakland, and the electrifying moment his brother Joe clinched the World Series in 2019. Also, discover the secret treasure Tyson is 'safekeeping' at his place (hint: it's got a lot to do with Joe's big win).Then we turn to the links.  Tyson shares his golfing adventures, revealing his struggles with the short game and the importance of having a wide arsenal of shots. He talks about the unexpected lessons he's learned from his golf escapades and how they apply to life in general. Also, get ready to be inspired as Tyson shares his vision for his charity golf tournament, aiming to help kids overcome financial barriers to playing sports, and the importance of paying it forward. This episode is a home run of exciting stories, laughter, and heartwarming insights with Tyson Ross.Support the show
59:13 10/15/23
Super Bowl Winner Mark Collins of the NY Giants joins us in the Clubhouse of The Approach Shot
This week we sit down with the legendary Mark Collins, former NFL cornerback and two-time Super Bowl winner. This episode offers a riveting peek into the intense world of NFL football, as Mark spills behind-the-scenes stories from his time with the New York Giants and Kansas City Chiefs. Strap in as we explore the exhilarating highs of Super Bowl victories, the changing dynamics of teams, and the driving ambition that spurred Mark to become one of the most respected figures in football.But the excitement doesn't stop there! We switch gears to explore Mark's second love - golf. His infectious enthusiasm for the game will have you itching to hit the green as he shares helpful tips, engaging anecdotes, and the key differences between viewing golf as a sport versus a game. Also, hear about Mark's amusing encounters with renowned golf figures Dave Stockton and Butch Harman, the joy of his custom-made golf bag, and his morning rounds at Iron Horse Country Club.As we wrap up, Mark's mischievous side comes into play. Get ready to laugh your socks off as he shares hilarious tales of pranks, plans for a relaxing afternoon at the 19th hole, and the etiquette of a hole in one that led to a player selling his car to pay the bar tab! We also delve into his impactful venture,, which empowers student-athletes in their hunt for sports scholarships. This episode is packed with laughter, wisdom, and insights. Trust us; you won't want to miss a second! Support the show
55:00 10/8/23
NHL and Washington Capitals Legend Olaf Kolzig talks Stanley Cup and Tin Cup
We welcome our this week's guest, Olaf Kolzig, of the Washington Capitals.  "Olie the Goalie" as he was known, is a South African born, German goalie with an impressive NHL career. Ollie spills the beans on his journey to winning the Vezina Trophy in 2000, and his experiences playing and coaching for the Stanley Cup.Taking a more serious turn, we explore the journey of young athletes. We outline the unique challenges they encounter, such as the immense pressure of being drafted at a young age and transitioning from junior leagues to professional ones. Through sharing personal experiences and anecdotes, we emphasize the importance of mental toughness and a positive outlook for making it in highly competitive sports like the NHL. Moving on, we address the anticipation surrounding the All-Star games and the upcoming NHL season, including the sheer thrill and pressure that comes with playing in Toronto, the mecca of hockey.Closing out our discussion, we touch on the admirable work of the Carson Kolzig Foundation, and its efforts to fund an autism center, a cause close to our hearts. Then, we shift the spotlight back to Olaf, our guest, for an insightful interview. We explore his career, his love for golf and hockey, and the life rules he swears by. So, buckle up for an exhilarating mix of sports, personal stories, and inspiring conversations. Join us for this riveting discussion that is sure to offer a fresh perspective on sports and the stories behind the athletes we love.Support the show
49:04 10/1/23