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What does it take to live up to your physical potential? Gurinder Sandhu and Jude Hirschheimer are two coaches who help people transform their bodies so that they can transform their lives. That question is at the essence of their work and is the essence of the conversations you'll hear on their show. They talk about physical training, mindset, nutrition, health, philosophy, their own experiences in this domain we call Life, and everything else that hits them in the feels! There are no limits here. Expect to come away feeling invigorated and pumped to take on your life goals. Follow the show on Instagram: If you're enjoying the show, please subscribe for regular updates and leave a 5* rating & review to help us get the show out there for more people like you to enjoy.


#68 Music, Movies and Meaning 83:31 08/23/2021
#67 The 3 Systems of Balance, Inauthenticity Feels Rife on Social Media, Our Intuitions Are Getting Corrupted 87:04 08/16/2021
#66 Principles vs Methods, Becoming Adaptable to Succeed, The Problem with Nutrition Advice 68:37 08/09/2021
#65 Learning by Teaching, Sleep Tips, Different Types of Breathing for Different Tasks, Carryover of Strength Training for Life Goals 87:31 08/02/2021
#64 Tapping into Your Best Self, Failure is Often Redirection, Getting Through Your Own Bullsh*t 86:19 07/26/2021
#63 What is Your Purpose? Discovering Personality, The Four Agreements, Optimism Breeds Resilience 77:37 07/19/2021
#62 Sleep is the Bedrock, Lessons from Receiving Psychological Therapy, Stillness vs Movement for Better Creative Thinking 82:35 07/12/2021
#61 Body Transformation, How to Help Others Change, Giving Up Alcohol, Play Takes the Fear Out of Failing 90:37 07/05/2021
#60 Maximising Child Development and Parenting Skills with Curious Neuron's Dr. Cindy Hovington 103:31 06/28/2021
#59 In Her Head: Understanding Female Brain Health Throughout the Lifespan with Dr. Sarah McKay 87:42 06/21/2021
#58 Dissecting the Anatomy of Life: Purpose, Balance, Fitness Trends, Correcting Misapplied Movement Concepts & Psychedelics with Dr. Kathy Dooley 99:39 06/14/2021
#57 BJJ, The Art of Communication, Understanding Yourself 92:33 06/07/2021
#56 The Jaw & Tongue's Impact On Posture, Aging Gracefully, Coffee's Affect On Sleep & Focus 84:13 05/31/2021
#55 Gratitude, Productivity vs Play, The Necessity of Boredom 80:01 05/24/2021
#54 Breathwork, Strength Training, Nutrition, 'Cheat' Days 97:45 05/17/2021
#53 All About Male & Female Body Image with Special Guest Emily Anger 107:45 05/10/2021
#52 Women & Training, Pushing Beyond Limits, How Language Affects Your Chances of Success 99:25 05/03/2021
#51 Functional Breathing, Learning & Play, Consequences of Becoming Your Better Self 92:19 04/26/2021
#50 The Big Five-Oh, Start Badly Towards Your Goal, Know Your 'Why' 77:36 04/19/2021
#49 Noticing Your Body's Cues for Rest | The Power of Accountability | Adapting to Novel Situations 102:57 04/12/2021
#48 Fixing Your Own Shortcomings, Functioning Under Pressure, Your World is Not Reality 96:26 04/05/2021
#47 Harnessing Nerves, Utilising Visualisation, Feeling 'The Burn' 89:19 03/29/2021
#46 Conquer Procrastination | Belief Is The Bedrock | Injuries Are A Blessing 87:12 03/22/2021
#45 Dealing With Anxiety & Stress, Fear Is Your Compass, What Motivates You? 106:17 03/15/2021
#44 Cultivating Time Management, Tapping into Intrinsic Motivation & Recovering from Lower Back Pain 100:51 03/08/2021
Gurinardo and JuJutello #43 87:10 03/01/2021
ANNOUNCEMENT about the future of the podcast 00:48 02/28/2021
Spider Brown and Lose Weight Like Me Brown and Kathleen Fraser #42 88:12 02/15/2021
Inadvertently Bulking Brown and Umar Brown #41 88:45 02/08/2021
Neuro Brown and Growth Brown and Jake The Chiro #40 128:39 02/01/2021