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Do you want to know the stories behind your favourite Italian dishes? With this podcast you can! Join Anglo-Italian food writer Luca Marchiori as he shares a weekly slice of his lifelong love and enthusiasm for the cooking of his native country. In each episode he explores the history of a different Italian food from its origins to the present day. And you’ll discover plenty of fun facts and fascinating figures along the way.


Episode 23: Q&A: Italian menus
In this first Q&A episode I answer your questions about Italian menus and how people eat in restaurants and at home. Support the Show.
19:58 5/30/21
Episode 22: Gelato
In this episode I talk about one of Italy's most popular and summery exports, gelato!Support the Show.
23:03 5/23/21
Episode 21: Sfogliatella
In this episode I tell the tale of two pastries from Naples which, like the city, you have to experience before you die. Support the Show.
17:50 5/16/21
Episode 20: Italian food 'rules'
In this episode I look at the origins and my experience of several so-called Italian food 'rules' which are famous for getting Italians really mad. Support the Show.
21:13 5/9/21
Episode 19: Pasta!
In this episode I talk about the role pasta has played in my life and continues to play in the lives of millions of Italians today. Support the Show.
26:57 5/2/21
Episode 18: Italian American food and culture: Interview with Chef Amy Riolo
This week I talk about Italian American food and culture through an interview with my great friend, Italian American chef and food writer Amy Riolo. Support the Show.
30:44 4/25/21
Episode 17: Pesto
In this episode I talk about pesto Genovese, one of Italy's most famous pasta sauces. Support the Show.
20:57 4/18/21
Episode 16: Cannoli
In this episode I talk about the origins and symbolism of the most famous Sicilian pastry. Support the Show.
17:29 4/11/21
Episode 15: Easter in Italy
In this episode I talk about some of the traditional foods for the upcoming festival of Easter. Support the Show.
21:12 3/28/21
Episode 14: Ragù alla bolognese
In this episode I talk about traditional ragù alla bolognese and its anglo-saxon cousin—or offspring—spaghetti bolognese. Support the Show.
16:01 3/21/21
Episode 13: Parmigiano Reggiano
In this episode I talk about one of Italy's, and indeed the world's, famous cheeses: Parmigiano Reggiano, also known as parmesan. Support the Show.
18:02 3/14/21
Episode 12: Pizza Romana
This week I talk about the other Italian pizza, Roman pizza, which has a long history of development and reinvention and which can be tried in all its versions today. Support the Show.
18:18 3/7/21
Episode 11: Carbonara
In this episode I talk about pasta alla carbonara, one of Italy's most famous dishes and also one which continues to cause no end of controversy on the internet. Support the Show.
17:00 2/28/21
Episode 10: Tomato
In this week's episode I will be looking at how, and when, the tomato became one of the vegetables most associated with Italian cooking. Support the Show.
18:34 2/21/21
Episode 9: The first 'Italian' cookbook
In this episode I look at how the book La Scienza in Cucina e l'Arte di Mangiar Bene by Pellegrino Artusi, considered to be the first Italian cookbook, came to be and its significance for Italians today. Support the Show.
17:47 2/14/21
Episode 8: Roman Street Food 1, supplì: guest Arcangelo Dandini, Roman chef and restaurateur
In this episode we talk about Roman street food and in particular the supplì,  Rome's favourite street food. I interview Arcangelo Dandini, owner of restaurants L'Arcangelo and Supplizion, who the Italian newspaper Repubblica has called the 'World Emperor of Supplì' and is one of the most important figures associated with it. Support the Show.
29:43 2/7/21
Episode 7: Pastiera Napoletana: guest Francesco Russo, Neapolitan pastry chef
This week I delve into the history and traditions surrounding the pastiera napoletana a traditional celebration cake from Naples, and discuss its significance with my guest Francesco Russo a Neapolitan pastry chef and agriturismo host. Support the Show.
35:33 1/31/21
Episode 6: Tiramisù
This week I talk about Italy's most famous dessert the tiramisù which has recently become the subject of a bitter dispute between the Italian regions of Veneto and Friuli-Venezia Giulia. Support the Show.
19:46 1/24/21
Episode 5: Pizza Margherita
This week I talk about how the origins of the queen of Neapolitan cuisine that took the world by storm. If you enjoyed this episode,  want access to exclusive extras, and to help me make more, please consider becoming a patron: .Support the Show.
15:18 1/17/21
Episode 4: Caffè
This week,  the story of how coffee took Italy by storm, establishing itself as the country's favourite drink and making Italy's way of serving it the most famous in the world. If you liked this episode please rate and leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Support the Show.
18:59 1/10/21
Episode 3: La Befana
This week we talk about La Befana, a uniquely Italian festival which takes place on January 6 and is relatively unknown outside Italy. If you liked this episode please rate and leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Support the Show.
16:07 1/3/21
Episode 2: Baccalà
This week,  how Italy, a country literally surrounded by fish, went crazy for preserved fish from thousands of miles away. If you liked this episode please rate and leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Support the Show.
15:44 12/27/20
Episode 1: Panettone
This week, the history of the panettone, Italy's archetypal Christmas cake which has taken the world by storm. For my favourite homemade panettone recipe see If you liked this episode please leave a review on Apple Podcasts. Support the Show.
17:55 12/20/20