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Love Starts Here is a podcast for smart, ambitious, successful single women who want a long-term relationship with a man who is their equal! Love and Life Coach Melissa Snow shares her expertise and welcomes guests to discuss topics like online dating, self-worth, avoiding toxic relationships, sex, self-confidence, and so much more! Whether you're single, dating or "It's Complicated," this podcast is exactly what you need to take your love and life to the next level. Love and Life Coach Melissa Snow has helped hundreds of women stop attracting the same man in a different body so they can finally have the love they want and deserve. If you're tired of feeling frustrated and lonely and sick of wasting time with Mr. Wrong, tune in every Monday for your weekly dose of advice that's guaranteed to help you attract the unconditional, supportive and committed love you really want. Wanna connect with Melissa? Check out


Take Control of Your Body Image (to Improve Your Love Life) with Body Image Coach Jen Lebo
On today's episode, I'm joined by one of my best friends, Jen Lebo, to discuss BODY IMAGE.  If you're a woman with a body, I'm sure this is something you've struggled with at some point in your life.  We're constantly bombarded with messages about how we should look and what size our bodies should be.  Jen is here to tell you that it DOESN'T have to be this way!Tune in to learn:What body image is and how it creates a domino effect in every area of your life How body image impacts your dating and relationshipsThe key to stopping self-sabotage for GOODand SO much more!To get Jen Lebo's free "How to Overcome Self-Sabotage" guide, CLICK HERE. To join Jen's "Take Control of Your Body Image" Facebook group, CLICK HERE. 
22:47 8/22/22
The Power of Self-Trust
Lack of self-trust shows up in many different ways:OverthinkingQuestioning yourselfDoubting yourselfWorry and anxiety When you learn to trust yourself, you're able to go through life, dating and relationships with more clarity, certainty and confidence.  New opportunities are available to you, inner peace is more easily accessible and you have WAY more fun! In this episode I share how self-trust (or lack of) is showing up in your dating and relationships and I give you two simple steps you can implement TODAY to start learning to trust yourself more. Mentioned in This Episode:Want to win a FREE Flare Bracelet?  To be entered to win, leave a review for the Love Starts Here podcast, take a screen shot and either DM it to me on Facebook or e-mail it to me at  I will announce the winner on the next episode!Join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women!  We're reading I Love Me More by Jenna Banks and our first discussion is August 23!Keep the conversation about self-trust going, connect with other awesome single women and find exclusive content in the Love Starts Here Facebook group!
14:08 8/15/22
Sex and the Single Woman with Sex Coach Danielle Savory
In this episode, Sex Coach Danielle Savory explains how sexual pleasure is the key to feeling more alive, more confident and attracting the right kind of man for you!We also discuss the most common obstacles standing women and pleasure and how ambition and perfectionism are stopping you from having more pleasure in your life right now!Danielle believes a pleasured woman is an empowered woman - regardless of your relationship status!Mentioned in This Episode:Work with me 1-1!Join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single WomenConnect With Danielle:DanielleSavory.comFollow Danielle on InstagramIt's My Pleasure Podcast
30:21 8/1/22
How Do You See Yourself?
Are you one of those people who brushes off a compliment quickly or assumes the other person is "just being nice"?   Do you have a hard time seeing yourself the way that other people see you? When you can get to a place where you see yourself as your truly are - a smart, beautiful, confident, capable, successful woman that ANY guy would be lucky to have, things will change for you.  You will show up with a different energy and you will attract a different energy.  You will be more empowered to make decisions without doubting yourself.  You will never again question your worth or settle for less than you deserve.  Mentioned in Today's Episode:Enrollment for the Date Like You Mean It group coaching program is now open!  CLICK HERE for more information!I also have several spots open for 1-1 coaching!  CLICK HERE to schedule a free discovery call and find out more! CLICK HERE to join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women! 
09:50 7/25/22
What It Takes to Attract the The Man You Want
I've learned that attracting the kind of man you want requires about 10-15% knowledge and skill and about 85-90% mindset and foundation. When you only have the knowledge and skill, you're essentially building a house on quicksand.  It may look really pretty for little while, but eventually it is going to crumble.  In today's episode, I share the 3 main areas where you need to build your foundation in order to attract (and keep!) the kind of long-term relationship you want with the kind of man you want it with!Mentioned in Today's Episode:Enrollment for the Date Like You Mean It group coaching program is now open!  CLICK HERE for more information!I also have several spots open for 1-1 coaching!  CLICK HERE to schedule a free discovery call and find out more! 
10:42 7/18/22
BONUS: Negative Core Beliefs and Self-Esteem (REPLAY)
Today I'm bringing you a replay of one of our MOST POPULAR episodes from back in the day (when the podcast was still called Quest for Love). No matter who you are or how you feel about yourself, there is always room for improvement when it comes to self-esteem, self-worth and self-value. When you believe that you are worthy and valuable just as you are - that you don't have to say the right things to do the right things or be the right things to prove your worth - everything changes, especially your relationships!In this episode, I teach you about negative core beliefs and help you identify some of yours.  I also help you see the ways you are relying on external circumstances (or people) for your self-esteem and how that is working against you.  Finally, I give you tips you can start putting into practice now in order to change your negative self-talk and improve your self-esteem.P.S.  This is the last week to sign up for the Looking for Love Online Dating Challenge and you don't want to miss it!  
21:46 7/4/22
A Guarantee You Will Find Love
What if I could GUARANTEE that the man you are looking for is out there, looking for you too?  What if I could PROMISE you that you will find YOUR person?  How would that change things for you?My guess is, you'd have a lot more fun dating (yes, even on dating apps), it would be a much easier process and you'd be even more likely to find your forever sooner!This episode is all about how to get that guarantee and how it can change your experience.  BY THE WAY...Don't forget to join the Looking for Love Online Dating Challenge!  It's 5 information and action packed days designed to help you find exactly what you're looking for in a way that's simpler, faster and way more fun!
14:16 6/27/22
Own Your Power with Married at First Sight's Lindsey Georgoulis
On today's episode, I'm joined by Lindsey Georgoulis from Married at Sight Season 14! She dishes on EVERYTHING including:Why she decided to get married to a stranger on television What she learned about dating and relationships through the process What she's up to now (and exactly what she's looking for in her next relationship)Her best advice for women still swimming in the murky waters of the dating pool Love her, hate her or have no idea who she is - Lindsey tells it like she is and she had some FABULOUS insight for badass single women who want to live their best life AND find love. To connect with Lindsey and learn more about all the awesome things she's doing now, FOLLOW HER ON INSTAGRAM!Also, be sure to join the Love Starts Here Facebook group, where she'll be making a guest appearance very soon!  Other MAFS Interviews on the Love Starts Here podcast:Be Unapologetically YOU w/Married at First Sight's Myrla FeriaGetting Off The Relationship Roller Coaster w/Married at First Sight's Rachel GordilloAsk a Man Anything w/Married at First Sight's Johnny Lam
29:19 6/20/22
The Online Dating Advice That Changes EVERYTHING.
As I'm wrapping up the first round of my new group program, Date Like You Mean It, the ladies I'm coaching keep coming back to ONE piece of advice that has changed everything for them - and today I'm sharing it with you!Whether you're considering jumping back into the dating pool for the first time in a long time or you've been treading water for a while and are starting to drown, this ONE mindset shift could make all the difference!Want more great tips about how to make online dating easier, more fun and more successful?  CLICK HERE to claim your free copy of the Ultimate Guide to Online Dating!You can also CLICK HERE to join the Love Starts Here Facebook group! 
10:25 6/13/22
Pleasure is Your Birthright with Women's Love and Pleasure Coach Erin Berry Bliss
On today's episode I'm joined by The Pleasure Priestess, Erin Berry Bliss, to discuss ALL THINGS PLEASURE. We're digging into:What pleasure really is How to find the things that bring you pleasure Why pleasure is hard for high-achieving womenHow pleasure can increase your confidence and make you feel more empoweredThis episode is SO JUICY! Want more pleasure in your life?  CLICK HERE to book a free discovery call with Erin. P.S. -  Erin will be LIVE in the Love Starts Here Facebook group on Thursday to share more about "Pleasure as Power" so don't miss that!Also Mentioned in This Episode:Erin's Pleasure Seekers GroupThe Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women  Date Like You Mean It Group Coaching Program 
24:24 6/6/22
The Truth About Jealousy
Today's episode is all about jealousy - and you're gonna want to listen even if you think jealousy is not an issue for you. The truth is, jealousy shows up in lots of ways you may not even recognize as jealousy and it can ruin a relationship without you even knowing that's what happened. Today we discuss:The difference between envy and jealousy and how each shows up in relationships Where jealousy REALLY comes from and why it happensThe places you need to heal to make sure jealousy doesn't create problems in your current or future relationshipsMentioned on today's episode:  Atlas of the Heart by Brene Brown 
14:08 5/23/22
Communication Styles in Love with Communication Expert Dr. Ali Arena
On today's episode, I interview Communication Expert Ali Arena about the four main communication styles:  Captivator, Factor, Director and Listener...Ali explains:How to identify your communication styleHow women and men differ in communication stylesHow communication styles show up in dating and how you can use yours to your advantageWhether you identify more as a "Listener" or as a "Director," Ali has excellent wisdom on little changes you can make today that will help improve your dates and strengthen all of your relationships!To connect with Ali CLICK HERE 
20:04 5/9/22
Acceptance and Having Your Own Back
When it comes to dating, there are a lot of things that create anxiety...Will he like me?  Will I like him? Will he call me again? Should I call him?  What if I look desperate?  What if I get my heart broken?The keys to wiping this anxiety out for good are ACCEPTANCE and HAVING YOUR OWN BACK. In this episode, I'll explain exactly what I mean and tell you how you can start doing both of these things TODAY.  When you learn acceptance and how to have your own back, not only will you have more fun dating but you will start attracting a different type of man and you will create stronger, more fulfilling connections.  Mentioned in this episode:CLICK HERE to join the Love Starts Here Facebook GroupCLICK HERE to join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women  
12:43 5/2/22
Deciding What You REALLY Want w/Multiamory's Dedeker Winston
On today's episode I interview Dedeker Winston, cohost of the Mutliamory podcast.  Dedeker is also a relationship coach specializing in non-traditional relationships and the author of The Smart Girl's Guide to Polyamory. We dig into the process of deciding what kind of relationship you REALLY want, not just what you think you're supposed to want. We also discuss the similarities between monogamous and polyamorous relationships and what each can learn from the other. Even if you're committed to being monogamous forever, this episode will help you explore other areas of your relationship and your life to decide what it is is you REALLY want.  CLICK HERE to find out more about Dedeker and how to work with her!Also mentioned in this episode:  What Love Is And What It Could Be by Carrie JenkinsThe Love Starts Here Facebook Group
33:06 4/25/22
Tough Love - The REAL Reason Dating is Hard
Last week, in the Love Starts Here Facebook group, I asked what the HARDEST thing about dating is and you told me things like:Men are dumbOnline dating sucksIt's such a waste of timeToday I'm going to lay down some tough love that you need to hear. I'm going to tell you the REAL reason dating is hard for you - and it's probably not what you think (or what you want to hear). The good news is, if I'm right (which I am) then changing your results and making dating easier is totally within YOUR control - and I'll tell you exactly how to do it. Mentioned in This Episode:Join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women!  We're starting "Emotional Unavailability" by Bryn C. Collins in a few weeks!
09:17 4/18/22
Repelling and Resisting Low Effort Men
In Episode # 65, we discussed how to SPOT low effort men.  Today, I'm going to tell you the secrets to becoming a woman who actually repels emotionally unavailable, low effort and low value men.  And the best part about this is that when you become that  woman, you will automatically attract the exact type of man you thought only existed in your dreams. Plus, we chat about why it can be so hard to resist these men sometimes, and how learning to trust yourself plays a huge part in your dating success!Mentioned In This Episode:The Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women Episode #65 - Spotting a Low Effort Man Episode #4 - Emotionally Unavailable Men The Love Starts Here Facebook Group 
18:46 4/11/22
The Manfunnel Method w/Dating Coach Megan Weks
On today's episode, I'm chatting with Dating Coach and founder of the Manfunnel Method, Megan Weks!We discussThe #1 mistake women are making in dating right now The difference between linear dating and the Manfunnel Method (and why the latter is SO much more effective!)The criteria you should use when deciding whether to commit to an exclusive relationship with someoneThe art of "nexting" and why it's essential to your dating success and SO MUCH MORE!  If you're new to the dating scene or considering jumping back in, this episode is a MUST listen!  Even if you've been dating for a while but haven't had much luck finding Mr. Right, Megan has SO much wisdom that will help you look at dating in a whole new light!  To learn more about the Manfunnel Method and to connect with Megan, CLICK HERE!
30:02 4/4/22
Spotting a Low Effort Man
One of the biggest reasons women get burned out on dating (especially online) is because they waste too much time and energy on low effort men!On today's episode I'm sharing some of the key things to look for on the apps, on your first few dates and beyond to help you identify a low effort man much quicker and more easily than before!Be sure to tune in next week for part 2 where we'll discuss why women have a hard time walking away from low effort men and how to become a woman who actually repels and resists low effort men.  P.S.  I still have a few spots open in my new group program, Date Like You Mean It, at an extremely reduced rate!  If you want to know more, CLICK HERE to schedule a call with me!
19:58 3/28/22
The topic of overthinking has been coming up a lot lately with my clients and in the Love Starts Here Facebook group.The problem with overthinking is that although it can feel very productive, it's actually not. Overthinking keeps you stuck in indecision, prevents you from moving forward, drains your confidence and zaps your time and energy.  On today's episode, I'll tell you exactly what causes you to overthink - and it's probably not what you think it is! I'll also give you two solid tips for how you can stop overthinking - especially when it comes to dating and relationships!P.S.  I still have a few spots open in my new group program, Date Like You Mean It, at an extremely reduced rate!  If you want to know more, CLICK HERE to schedule a free consult!
11:58 3/21/22
Dating in the "New Normal" with Celebrity Dating Coach James Preece
In today's episode, I interview the UK's top Celebrity Dating and Relationship Coach James Preece!We discuss:Why now is actually the PERFECT time to find your person (and how to get over your excuses, no matter how true they sound!)Why it seems like there are no good men left (even though there are!)James' #1 tip for dating successfully in the "new normal"And SO much more!Also, the story of how James got into this line of work is AWESOME.To find out more about James, his "Love Machine" podcast and his book "Your Soulmate Is Waiting,"  CLICK HERE or check out
17:32 3/14/22
Your Feminine Energy is Your Superpower w/Alina Rose
In this episode, I finally get to interview my #girlcrush Alina Rose.Alina is a women's relationship coach and personal power mentor.  She is brilliant, direct, intuitive, witty and passionate about helping women live more authentic, connected and powerful lives. In this episode, we talk about:What masculine vs. feminine energy really isWhy feminine energy isn't weak or anti-feministHow to know if your masculine energy is sabotaging you How to be vulnerable and let go of control even when you're scared of being hurt again AND SO MUCH MORE!To connect with Alina on Instagram CLICK HEREFor all of her other links, CLICK HERE Also mentioned: Join the LOVE STARTS HERE Facebook GroupEpisode #56 - Ask a Man Anything w/Johnny Lam 
37:03 3/7/22
Breakup Boost w/Breakup Coach Trina Leckie
On today's episode I'm joined by Breakup Coach Trina LeckieHow going "no contact" helps you get over him 10x quickerWhy even smart women feel tempted to go back to their exThe #1 thing to focus on if you want to heal your heart and find love again Even if you're not fresh out of breakup, there are so many nuggets of wisdom in this episode that will help you stop wasting time and get closer to finding love. Mentioned On This Episodes:CLICK HERE to register for the free "How to Find a Man Worth Marrying" masterclass! CLICK HERE to learn more and connect with Breakup Coach Trina Leckie!
21:31 2/28/22
Stop Settling w/Love Coach Lisa Shield
On today's episode, I interview Love Coach Lisa Shield about why even smart, successful women feel tempted to "settle" when it comes to relationships.  We discuss the difference between settling and compromising and Lisa shares some great advice for what you can do when you're feeling like there are "just no good men left."To learn more about Lisa, CLICK HERE and be sure to check out her podcast, "Dating Without Drama."Also mentioned in this episode:CLICK HERE to register for my free webinar, "How Women Who Have Been Dating For More Than Six Months Can Find a Man Worth Marrying" CLICK HERE to join the Love Starts Here Facebook group for ambitious single women ready to find love!
16:32 2/21/22
February 14 Is Just Another Day
This is my annual pep talk for all you single, dating and "It's Complicated" ladies!This is my reminder that being alone on Valentine's Day doesn't mean anything about you or your ability to find love. This is my reminder not to compare your inside to everyone else's outside. And this is my reminder that you are complete.  You are enough.  You are worthy.  On this day, and every day, regardless of your relationship status.Mentioned In This Episode:CLICK HERE to register for the free webinar, "How Women Who Have Been Dating For Over Six Months Can Find a Man Worth Marrying"
05:03 2/14/22
Gumball Love w/ Relationship Coach Melissa Leger
On today's episode I'm talking with Relationship Coach Melissa Ledger - founder of Gumball Love, creator of the Back to You Academy and the host of the Gumball Love podcast!If you've ever had:A man ghost you A man who seemed really into you one day but then pulled away the nextSomeone in your life who always seemed to want something from you People who leave and come back into your life over and overThen this episode is for you!Melissa explains what a "Gumball Guy" (or girl!)  is and why they act the way they do.  We also dive into how to spot a "Gumball Guy" quickly so you don't waste any more time on one-sided, transactional relationships.  For more information about Melissa and Gumball Love, CLICK HERE!Follow Melissa on Instagram HERE and CLICK HERE to check out the Gumball Love podcast!
27:58 2/7/22
How Your Agreements Are Sabotaging You
We all have spoken and unspoken "agreements" we have made with ourselves, other people and the Universe. These agreements tell you who you are, how you should behave, what is possible and what is impossible. They impact our life and our relationships significantly because they become the lens we see everything through.  In this episode, we dig into those agreements and explore the ways they lead to self-sabotage and keep you from the love and life you want.Mentioned In This Episode:CLICK HERE to purchase a ticket to the Virtual Valentine's Day Dinner PartyCLICK HERE to register for the free webinar, "How Women Who Have Been Dating For Over Six Months Can Find a Man Worth Marrying"CLICK HERE to join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women 
12:17 1/31/22
Ask a Man Anything w/Married at First Sight's Johnny Lam
It's time for another "Ask a Man Anything" episode and this time I have Married at First Sight Season 13's Johnny Lam answering all your burning questions including...Why men are so bad at talking about their feelings How to spice up a stale relationshipWhy men ghostHow to make a serial dater fall in love And SO MUCH MORE!  I also asked him several of your MAFS questions, including what's REALLY up with him and Myrla!  Also mentioned in this episode:CLICK HERE to join the waitlist for the Virtual Valentine's Day Dinner PartyCLICK HERE to listen to MAFS Myrla Feria's episode - "Be Unapologetically You"CLICK HERE to listen to MAFS Rachel Gordillo's episode "Getting Off the Relationship Roller Coaster"
32:22 1/24/22
Stop Being So Dramatic!
On today's episode, we're talking about the dramatic stories your brain tells that keep you STUCK in your old patterns.  I tell you exactly why this happens (good news - you're totally normal) and I share the "magic words" to watch for as clues that your brain is being overly dramatic.  I also share the 2 key questions to ask yourself next time you notice your brain doing it's drama thang! CLICK HERE to join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single WomenCLICK HERE to join the Love Starts Here Facebook group! 
10:53 1/17/22
New Year, Same You.
If you're tired of repeating the same patterns and attracting the same type of man over and over, there are two key actions you can take this year that will change everything:1.  Goal Setting 2.  Evaluating Your Results Sexy, right?! In this episode, I share exactly what kind of goals you should be setting when it comes to dating and relationships and the three key questions you should ask yourself when evaluating your results.  These are super simple steps that are guaranteed to help you find the one in 2022.Mentioned in this episode:CLICK HERE to follow me on Instagram!CLICK HERE to join the Virtual Book Club for Badass Single Women CLICK HERE to book a free consult and discover how working with me will help you finally find the long-term relationship you want with a man who is your equal!
11:03 1/10/22
BONUS: How Mindset Impacts Your Life and Love (Replay)
Hey Everyone!  I'm on vacation for one more week cooking up some awesome things for 2022, including a single ladies virtual book club and my INCREDIBLE Valentine's Day Virtual Dinner Party.  You do not want to miss these things, so make sure you join the Love Starts Here Facebook group TODAY!In the meantime, please enjoy the replay of one of my most downloaded episodes!  Mindset might seem like a boring topic when it comes to love and relationships but it's actually the #1 REASON women aren't finding or keeping the love they want and deserve.Now is the perfect time to listen to this episode again (or for the first time) as we embark on a New Year and you begin setting goals for your love and life,  In this episode, I explain why mindset matters, why it's NOT just a bunch of woo, and the most important question you can ask yourself when making ANY decision.I'll be back next week with a brand new episode so be sure to SUBSCRIBE!  
13:39 1/3/22