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Entertaining Insights with Dr. Nancy Berk

Entertaining Insights is the podcast that highlights life lessons, laughs, and great entertainment. Join host, clinical psychologist, comic and author Dr. Nancy Berk and special celebrity and expert guests as they discuss their fascinating journeys and insights. Packed with powerful advice, simple suggestions, and a dose of humor, Entertaining Insights will help you create your most positive, fun, and productive to-do lists.


David Nail Talks Summer Music, Country Hits, and Confronting Depression - Episode 573 38:33 08/10/2022
The Bellamy Brothers Talk Albums, Vinyl, Songwriting, Humor, and Crossing Genres - Episode 572 37:12 07/12/2022
Terry Fator Talks Vegas, Fans, Touring, and Ventriloquism Popularity Plus Steve Axtell on Creating Animatronics, Puppets, and Entertainment Opportunities - Episode 571 62:55 06/16/2022
Judy Gold Talks Stand-Up, Comedy History, Sexism, Free Speech, and Cancel Culture, Plus Donna Cavanagh on Writing a Children’s Beach Read - Episode 570 55:39 06/02/2022
Firerose Talks Music, Collaboration, and Recording with Billy Ray Cyrus, Plus Donna Cavanagh on Writing a Children’s Beach Read - Episode 569 50:59 05/12/2022
Todd Hoffman and Hunter Hoffman Talk Family, Mining, and Hoffman Family Gold, Plus Neal Hitch on Capturing The History of Woodstock - Episode 568 56:27 04/28/2022
Tom Papa Talks Stand-Up, Writing, Headlining Vegas, and Comedy Multitasking, Plus Nancy’s Latest Humor Column - Episode 567 36:34 04/14/2022
Kent LaVoie Talks Lobo, Songwriting, and Me and You and A Dog Named Boo, Plus Lian Dolan on Novels and Lost and Found in Paris - Episode 566 58:41 03/31/2022
Marsha Mason Talks Acting, Directing, Attitude, and Mentoring, Plus Brad Forenza on Plays and Podcasts - Episode 565 52:47 02/21/2022
Alya Talks Music, Storytelling, and Philanthropy, Plus Craig Carlson on Pancakes with Emily in Paris - Episode 564 57:54 01/31/2022
Ricky Byrd Talks Songwriting, Creativity and Inspiration, Sobriety, and Kittens, Plus AXS TV Host Katie Daryl Reviews The Top Ten Revealed - Episode 563 74:25 01/10/2022
Entertainment Exec Rick Gray Talks Vegas Entertainment and History, Residencies, and Great Comedy and Music, Plus Restaurant Development Exec Elizabeth Blau on Vegas Dining, Trends, Incredible Food Ex 66:11 12/23/2021
Olivia Rox Talks Music, Writing, and Christmas, Plus Ami Negron on Holiday Crafting, Vintage Upcycling, and Shopping - Episode 561 65:55 12/08/2021
Carnie Wilson Talks Family, Parenting, Wilson Phillips and The Beach Boys, Plus Lian Dolan and Teri Rizvi on The New Book Sisters! - Episode 560 59:12 11/20/2021
Florence LaRue Talks The Fifth Dimension, Grammy-Winning Music, Touring, Writing, and Life Lessons, Plus James Fauntleroy on Navigating The Music Business and 1500 Sound Academy - Episode 559 56:01 11/10/2021
Cassandra Peterson Talks Elvira, Writing, Secrets, and Halloween, Plus Nancy’s Tips for Memoir Writing - Episode 558 40:43 10/29/2021
Marshall Thompson Talks Chi-Lites, Hit Music History, Big Breaks, and Michael Jackson, Plus Author Teri Rizvi on Sharing Your Journey - Episode 557 52:52 10/14/2021
Bill Mumy and Angela Cartwright Talk Lost in Space, Hollywood History, Memoirs, Celebrity Crushes, and Secrets, Plus Friend-Driven Humor, Grandchildren, and Boomer Moments - Episode 556 34:11 09/30/2021
Dan Naturman Talks Comedy, Novels, and Stand-Up Inspiration and Advice, Plus Writing and Book Editing Tips from a Pro - Episode 555 32:22 09/18/2021
P.J. Pacifico Talks Music, Songwriting and Television, and The Power of Creative Shifts, Plus Documentary Filmmaker Chris Hudson Zooms In On The Andy Griffith Show - Episode 554 46:32 09/09/2021
Jeff Sherman Talks Disney Music, The Sherman Brothers, Family Memories and Creativity, Plus Kim Thomas on Tips for Disney World Visits - Episode 553 66:53 08/10/2021
The Hobbs Sisters Talk Music, Collaboration, Nashville, and Twins, Plus Nancy Visits the Country Music Hall of Fame - Episode 552 36:42 08/10/2021
Samantha Strauss Talks Television Writing, Her Showtime Series ‘The End’, and Tips for Writers, Plus Cathy Sikorski on Elder Law and Family Conversations - Episode 551 49:39 07/30/2021
Livingston Taylor Talks Music, Performance, and Being Back on The Road, Plus Mary Lou Quinlan on Social Interactions and Bouncing Back - Episode 550 53:52 07/19/2021
Kathy Kinney Talks Creativity, Crafting, Confidence, Mimi, and The Drew Carey Show, Plus Cindy Ratzlaff on Loss, Coping, and The Power of Small Steps - Episode 549 66:48 07/02/2021
Stella Parton Talks Confidence, Country Music, Dreams and Determination, Cooking, and Tennessee Travel - Episode 548 53:56 06/18/2021
Timmy Brown Talks Country Music, Songwriting, Grandparents, and Moving to Nashville, Plus Lights and Laughter - Episode 547 36:14 06/04/2021
Noel Paul Stookey Talks Just Causes, Folk Music, Positive Change, and Peter, Paul and Mary, Plus Podcast Insights with Dave Jackson - Episode 546 52:00 05/21/2021
Jonas Myrin Talks Music Videos, Inspiration, and The Power of Music, Plus Jaclyn Betham on Ballet and Acting - Episode 545 57:35 05/07/2021
Peter Mehlman Talks Seinfeld, Novels, and Double-Dipping, Plus The Bobblehead Hall of Fame and Museum’s Phil Sklar - Episode 544 67:35 04/16/2021