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The Hectic Podcast

Real conversations with real people, sharing the unique, yet universal, journeys that mold us. It’s reflecting on adversity and the ways we overcame it in hopes that it will help someone else do the same. It’s celebrating our highs and validating our lows. Above all else, it’s making connections that remind us that we’re not alone in anything we are or do. Join host Darryl Kelly, Founder of Hectic™, every week for conversations that show us that all stories are worth telling if we only ask to hear them.


Positive reflections with Emily Finlay 47:34 05/23/2022
We all win with Neosha Gardner 41:24 05/16/2022
Safe space with Dr. Dominique Broussard 39:45 05/09/2022
Adversity with Terri Lomax 53:16 05/02/2022
Collecting the good with Michelle Lee 38:33 04/25/2022
Storytelling with Michael Jung 47:28 04/18/2022
Stay positive with Melanie Aksamit 38:42 04/11/2022
Every brain is beautiful with Lindsey Jo Scott 50:32 04/04/2022
Free with Pariss 'Athena' Chandler 39:51 03/21/2022
Complexity conscious with Rodney Evans 41:59 03/14/2022
Holding tension with Moon 30:34 03/07/2022
Pushing boundaries with Alice Armitage 37:24 03/04/2022
Generational wealth with Satta Hightower 39:13 02/28/2022
Belonging with Cam Lee Small 49:53 02/21/2022
Measure in happiness with Dane and Evy Lyons 55:39 02/14/2022
You've already made it with Thomas Hicks 32:35 02/10/2022
Stop Shoulding on Yourself with Devonnae Williams 61:41 02/08/2022
Season 3 Trailer 02:16 02/07/2022
Season 2 Recap with Darryl Kelly & Michelle Lee 28:17 11/29/2021
Cereal and humanity with Thomas Hicks (The Cereal Snob) 50:56 11/23/2021
(B)ring It with The Rocky Mountain Ringers 37:40 11/15/2021
Take notice with Beth Waterman (Trauma Therapist) 58:57 11/10/2021
Watering seeds with Alex Drummond (Denver Public Schools) 42:59 11/01/2021
Create with Todd Van Fleet (Founder, TVF Brands) 47:51 10/25/2021
Rest with Darryl Kelly & Michelle Lee 28:38 10/19/2021
Permission with Brittany Charboneau (The Funny Runner) 59:31 10/11/2021
On Mission with Eda Rosa (Let's Talk Paralegal Podcast) 35:55 10/04/2021
Fullest self with Odalys Jasmine (Hella Latin@ Podcast) 63:40 09/27/2021
Just data with David Peterson (Founder, Tat2 Marketing Group) 50:19 09/20/2021
Better together with Weekend Creative/As Per Our Last Email 60:45 09/13/2021