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Real conversations with real people, sharing the unique, yet universal, journeys that mold us. It’s reflecting on adversity and the ways we overcame it in hopes that it will help someone else do the same. It’s celebrating our highs and validating our lows. Above all else, it’s making connections that remind us that we’re not alone in anything we are or do. Join host Darryl Kelly, Founder of Hectic™, every week for conversations that show us that all stories are worth telling if we only ask to hear them.


"Curious" season 4 wrap
We’re wrapping another rocking season of The Hectic Podcast! Join Darryl, Michelle, and me (Emily) as we discuss this season, our favorite guests, annnddd pretty much anything else that comes to mind. We might make the podcast for our listeners, but we all learn from each guest and enjoy every episode we create. In the season wrap, you can experience the love and excitement we have for these weekly conversations. We’re so thrilled to be part of this podcast—we hope that you have as much fun with it as we do!As we wrap season four, we want to give a huge thank you to every listener and guest. You guys are the reason we’re here and we’re so grateful for you! If you want to send comments, feedback, or suggestions for next season, drop a note to See you next season!In this episode, you’ll learn:How the episode with Marley Parker (my favorite this season!) is helping me pursue my dream job.That connections are the foundation of a thriving freelancer/entrepreneur community, plus how you can be a part of this ecosystem.What Michelle has learned through booking the podcast’s guests through the seasons.Whose episodes Michelle and Darryl enjoyed the most and why.About the way a guest challenged us this season and how it reinforced our approach.Why curiosity was the common theme I saw throughout the season.That doing the work to learn from your experiences and develop a good relationship with yourself produces the theme Darryl loved the most this season.To just faff and take breaks for rest’s sake, which is what Michelle heard consistently this season.How our guests’ willingness to share so much of themselves allows us and our listeners to learn so much from them.Why we all need trusting relationships with people who tell us we’re wrong.
28:11 10/3/22
"Focus" with Olivia
This week, we’re so excited to bring you the most important episode of the podcast so far. We’re thrilled to introduce you to Olivia, Darryl’s daughter and the Hectic Podcast’s biggest fan! Though Olivia is just 11 years old, she has so much wisdom to share. We talked about her love for the podcast, her favorite guest so far, and what she has learned from it. Olivia showed us how her creativity and ADHD superpower work together, plus why she loves having ADHD. You’ll also get a chance to hear Olivia, Darryl, and Michelle answer everyone’s favorite question on the Hectic Podcast.In this episode, you’ll learn:What Olivia loves about listening to the podcast.Why Lindsey Jo Scott is the guest she related to the most and why that matters.The ways her ADHD helps her hyperfocus on the things she wants to do, such as organizing her closet, bathroom, and room.About Olivia’s doodles and how they help her learn.How she nurtures her creativity today and hopes to continue doing so throughout her life.Why she wants the adults of the world to always take time for themselves.That Michelle is a superfan in every area of life and is eager to learn and celebrate everyone’s passions.How Darryl’s desire to give all of himself to everyone and be the most curious person in the room defines him.That Olivia is silly, loves to organize, and is absolutely obsessed with dogs.Why seeing her ADHD differently is what she is most proud of.Listen to Lindsey Jo Scott's episode and find her amazing work online.
19:00 9/26/22
"Absolutely I do" with Yann Ilunga
If you’re willing to try something new and listen to the wisdom others offer, you can do anything. Yann Ilunga, our guest this week, has used this philosophy to do incredible things, particularly in the podcasting space. He’s interviewed renowned guests, organized global conferences, and seen extraordinary success - all while enjoying the freedom and flexibility that comes with running his own business.Yann took us through his freelance journey, sharing how he found his strengths and the steps he took to keep growing and learning. Fresh from his first work-free vacation, he gave us some great tips for making sure you can unplug and refresh on your breaks. Having conversations with people is the best way to learn, so we’re excited to have had this opportunity to hear everything Yann has to share!In this episode, you’ll learn:Why vacationing is often so hard for freelancers and entrepreneurs.The important lessons Yann learned before, during, and after his time away.His journey from working as a journalist to making a name for himself in podcasting and lead generation.That freedom isn’t sipping cocktails on the beach but following a schedule that produces his best work.About the three Ts and how to use them to find your strengths.To listen to and be curious about people, using their insights and connections to succeed in your pursuits.How Yann’s podcasts started as a way to build connections and grew into the work he does today.That differences in age and experience won’t matter if you see those you’re curious about as just people.To look at unpopular or emerging spaces as opportunities to experiment and establish yourself in them before anyone else.How you can take elements from one space and use them to pioneer a new market in another.Find Yann through LinkedIn to grow your professional network as you learn more from him. Just be sure to mention that you heard him on the Hectic Podcast when you reach out!Dee Dee Bridgewater is the jazz artist that Yann mentions in the episode.
32:46 9/19/22
"Space for joy" with Katherine Barner
Katherine Barner, our guest this week, is committed to helping others live the lives they desire and deserve. Though she loves her work as a trauma and grief counselor, she is so much more than this role. During our conversation, Katherine helps us understand how to separate your calling from who you are in the specific season you’re in.Recognizing and claiming the life you desire and deserve is often seen as a negative, but it shouldn’t be. In this episode, we explore the ways self care can help you do and be your best in every part of life. Katherine also shows us how grace and space work hand-in-hand to reveal and nurture our fullest selves.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why motorcycles (but not mopeds), talking to fish, and numerous daily FaceTime sessions with her granddaughter are essential to who Katherine is.The many reasons she loves her work and feels called to it.That self care is a bit selfish and that’s okay, plus how it helps you show up better for everyone and everything in your life.How your triumphs over the other hard things in life will help you get through the scary discomfort of self work.To appreciate the ways your childhood coping skills helped you get to this point and how to develop more positive options.Why giving yourself grace and giving yourself space have to work together.That turning off your cell phone is the first step to understanding what you want and need.Practical ways to take care of yourself without feeling guilty about getting the renewal you need.How to love your work and calling without making it your identity.To understand that different seasons in life have their own needs, but you can still carve out the space required to find joy and margin.Find Katherine on her website, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.
41:42 9/12/22
"Absorb and squeeze" with Madeleine Dore
Are you dissatisfied with your life or the season you’re in? Do you wish you could just pinpoint the reason you’re stuck so you can change it? If so, this is the episode for you. This week, we were joined by Madeleine Dore, the author of one of our favorite books, “I Didn’t Do the Thing Today.” During our conversation, we explored the ways routines can take over our lives and how ruts can show us what we need to change. Madeleine shared how curiosity can be our greatest weapon. We also got a great reminder that resting for rest’s sake is just as important as the things we do.This conversation was filled with warmth and laughter from the moment we met. Madeleine has so much to share from what she’s learned and how she’s living it out. After listening, don’t forget to check out the link to the book below so you can keep finding your own way of being in the world!In this episode, you’ll learn:About our weekly ruts and routines and what we’re learning from them.How to get curious about your ruts and routines so you can see the value in both.Why routines often lead to feelings of failure rather than the control they’re supposed to create.How to find your own way of being when it’s not supported by the world around you.Plus, how trying to be the person you want to be can become its own illusion of perfection.The importance of being a sponge and embracing the sweetness of doing nothing.Why we need these periods of absorption to have seasons of squeeze.Tips for letting go of the guilt that comes with rest and appreciating downtime as an opportunity to absorb.That comparison can be the flipside to curiosity, using what you learn from others to deplete you rather than feed you.Why Madeleine wants to inspire people to be more curious about each other, ourselves, and our stories.Find Madeleine on Instagram and on her website, where you’ll also find her book, “I Didn’t Do the Thing Today.”The "Flexible checkbox" approach of Austin Kleon can be found here.You can find “Master Your Emotions” here.
43:15 9/6/22
"Curiosity always" with Cynthia Pesantez
It might take a while to learn who this week’s guest is and what she does, but it won’t take long to see the passion she has for her life’s mission. Cynthia Pesantez strives every day to use compassion and accountability to work toward justice. She is challenging the dominant culture and societal hierarchies from the ground up, focusing on community relationships first to achieve lasting change.We hit the ground running in this powerful conversation. Cynthia shows us how everyone’s contribution is needed for change, from being a leading voice for justice to supporting others through childcare and growing food to intentionally engaging curiosity about race. By putting your humanity and vulnerability first, you can make a difference for those around you and everyone who comes after you.In this episode, you’ll learn:How George Floyd’s death sparked a turning point in her life and approach to racial justice work.Why she focuses on building real human connections first to create sustainable, lasting change in our communities and the world.That it took all kinds to build an oppressive system and it will take the same to break it down and create new ones.Tips for talking about race every day in a way that promotes curiosity instead of judgment.To honor where limited survival tactics like judgment come from and use compassion to make them something expansive.How to be curious about everyone and everything so you can learn to critically imagine how the world could be.The importance of lived experiences and vulnerability in both work and life, plus how they defeat the exclusivity of credentialism.That systems of oppression take something from all of us, even those in supposed power.How society forces you to deny your humanity and compassion toward others to survive.About Comadre Speakers, Cynthia’s newly birthed speaker’s bureau that is bringing her values into the world.Find Cynthia on her website, Twitter, and LinkedIn.The 21 Day Equity Challenge can be found here.
44:10 8/29/22
"I can do hard things" with Kat Boogaard
When you have a question about workplace wellness or need some productivity tips, Kat Boogaard is your girl. Over the past eight years, she’s built a thriving career as a freelance writer. She spends her days completing projects, sharing everything she’s learned with other freelancers, and enjoying time with her growing family.But it wasn’t always this way.Kat joins us this week to share the realities of starting out as a freelancer and learning to balance work and family today. From big wins to Hot Cheeto cryfests, she takes us deep into her journey. Whether you need encouragement for your own freelance experience or want to know how to live a life aligned with your values, this is one conversation you don’t want to miss.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why you should let writers know that their work made an impact, plus the best ways to do it.What led Kat to pursue freelance writing when she wanted to venture out on her own.How she went from lifestyle blogging to writing about storage units to finding her niche in career-focused content.Her struggle to find clients and paying work in the first few years of freelancing.To recognize the hard moments, your decision to keep trying, and everything you learned in those struggles.How Kat learned to trust herself and have confidence in her ability to do hard things.That success may require hard work, skills, connections, and grit, but sometimes you just have to be in the right place at the right time.The ways freelancing tests your relationship with surrender.To know your values so you can find fulfillment and contentment in the work you do.About the hard decisions you have to make every day to shape a work-life balance that brings you joy.Find Kat on her website, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Pinterest.
44:54 8/22/22
"Action not outcome" with Colleen Welsch
Colleen Welsch focuses on actions, not outcome. Whether she’s working on her freelance writing work, coaching freelancers, creating social media content as an influencer, writing music, or performing comedy, she is driven by the joy these passions bring, not the money they might make.Though she has a lot going on, Colleen is careful to separate her businesses from her identity. She believes that using her gifts to their greatest potential is how she lives a purposeful, authentic life. This mindset has helped her find incredible success, as well as a desire to help others do the same.In this week’s episode, you’ll get a chance to learn more about Colleen, her journey, and how she is able to do it all in a 10-hour work week. In this episode, you’ll hear:How Colleen went from working a stressful corporate job to charging hundreds of dollars per hour as a freelance copywriter.The ways that your financial mindset might be limiting your success.Why you should unlearn the traditional 9-to-5 so you can find the structure that works for you.About Colleen’s “Jesus Year” and how it’s changed her perspective on life.That doing scary things as a joke can help you get past the obstacles you create for yourself.Tips for letting negative things go so they don’t drive reactionary decisions.Why doing things with the right intentions leads to your best work.That everything is figureoutable if you’re willing to research and reach out to people who are already succeeding in your interests.Why her authenticity is what Colleen is most proud of from her career.How to find success through your natural gifts rather than being defined by a high-status career.Find Colleen on Instagram and TikTok. For her freelance course and coaching resources, visit her website, TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube.The book Colleen read is Book Yourself Solid by Michael Port.Find more about Human Design Type here."Everything is figureoutable" is from Marie Forleo's work. Alex Fasulo is not Colleen's mean commenter. Her TikTok is lovely.More of Colleen's music can be found on Spotify.
45:36 8/15/22
"Feel the feelings" with Austin L. Church
If we could use one word to describe our guest this week, it would be generous. For Austin Church, life is about giving everything he can give rather than taking everything he can get. That might mean freely sharing the lessons he’s learned in business or simply giving someone the benefit of the doubt. Throughout his journey, Austin has learned a lot about himself, the importance of play, the power of relationships, and how to approach life with a mindset of abundance. You’ll get to hear these lessons, plus easy ways to discover the same things about yourself. Austin would be the first person to tell you that he doesn’t have it all figured out, but we know you’ll learn just as much as we did from everything he so generously shares!In this episode, you’ll learn:Why relationships, not money, are the part of his career that he’s most proud of.Austin’s internal scorecard for evaluating his life and what led to this value-driven perspective.How he moved from serving out of guilt to letting love and generosity motivate everything he does.The truth about leading with skepticism and the benefits of assuming positive intent instead.About self-acceptance and how loving yourself helps you love others too.Plus, practical tips for understanding who you are, what you need, and when you’re not in a good place.To have fun in play through toys, books, and anything else that brings you joy.That resilience isn’t denying your needs but finding strategic ways to prop yourself up in your weaknesses.How recognizing the end of his control and the start of his limitations helps Austin recenter himself and enjoy life more.About the people he depends on and the ways they’ve helped him along his journey.Find Austin on his website, Twitter, and LinkedIn.More on the book Austin is writing in public here.Austin references Peter Kaufman, CEO of Glenair and his thoughts on reciprocity. You can read/hear more in this speech of his.The podcast episode that had Austin in tears with Jim Dethmer is from this episode of Shane Parrish's podcast The Knowledge Project.
33:45 8/8/22
"Forge your own path" with Marley Parker
Marley Parker has been swimming with sharks, skydived, and traveled to the icy oceans of Antarctica, but leaving her stable job to start freelancing is by far the most scary and extreme thing she’s ever done. Now, as a successful photographer, videographer, and science writer, she knows it’s also the best decision she could have made.Join us this week to hear how Marley found her childhood dream job and the realities (both hard and rewarding) of pursuing it. Above all, she wants others to know that it’s okay to want more from your life and okay to not have it all figured out. If you keep an open mind about your opportunities and prepare yourself to take the leap, there’s no limit to what you can do.In this episode, you’ll learn:About the opportunity that led Marley to quit her job and start freelancing.How she foreshadowed her adventurous life in the stories she wrote as a child.Why she pursued writing as a career and how that led to the work she does now.To keep an open mind about your career path because you never know how your skills will lead to incredible opportunities.The intentional steps Marley took to prepare for her freelance career, long before she even left her job.How this careful preparation can help anyone do big things, no matter where they’re starting from.That it will never be the perfect time to try something new so it’s better to prepare as you can and just do it.How using her story to help others pursue adventure is helping her see how far she’s come on her own journey.About the experience that has left her most in awe during her adventures.Which impact, above all others, she wants to leave as her legacy.Find Marley on her website, Instagram, Twitter, and by email at Live is the ship Marley works on most frequently, and they are always looking to hire new, adventurous people! Also, here's her Nautilus bio which includes some info about how she got into ocean expedition work.Association of Science Communicators  is great community/resource for anyone interested in pursuing a career or side hustle in science communication.Her Wild Vision is a directory that makes it easy to find and hire women and women-identifying photographers working in environmental conservation. And here's the link to Marley's page there.
42:49 8/1/22
"Do what you can do" with Amber Malone
Few things are as awe-inspiringly beautiful as someone who uses the hardships they’ve endured to help others. In this week’s episode, you’ll get to meet Amber Malone, a person who fully personifies this beauty. As she takes us through her journey, you’ll hear how she’s been affected by the stigma of mental health, how she’s healing from it, and why she is committed to helping others through her experiences.This episode shows why these conversations are so important and why this podcast exists in the first place. It’s such a privilege to hear and share Amber’s story, helping her process and heal through it. In doing so, we hope we can inspire others to honor every part of themselves and see each other more fully.In this episode, you’ll learn:How approaching each day with intention helps Amber be more compassionate towards herself. (Hint: It’s all about ease and flow.)That everyone’s 24 hours looks different, so you should be mindful of what you’re asking of yourself and others.About Amber’s gift of intuition, how it shaped her early life, and how she uses it to help her clients.Why she is so passionate about helping others end the stigma of mental health and free themselves of toxic shame.The ways sharing your story can help you process and heal from the experiences that hold power over you.Plus, how doing so publicly through blogs, videos, podcasts, and social media may save someone’s life.Better language around mental health and why it matters.Why you should always be open to failing excellently in life and business.That the internet is a tool of abundance, full of free knowledge that you can use to do anything you want to do.How to access the special gift Amber created for our listeners!Find Amber on her website, Instagram, and Twitter.
42:36 7/25/22
"Don't give up" with Justin Park
My guest this week sees life as a journey. With over 20 years of freelancing and entrepreneurship under his belt, Justin Park has learned the value of perseverance as he works toward his goals. He never knows what each day will bring, but he knows he will reach the top of the mountain if he never gives up.In this week’s episode, Justin shares the processes he uses to keep moving toward his destination. More importantly, we dive into the unique tool he has created to help others stay on-track as they pursue their own goals.In this episode, you’ll learn:How losing his biggest client helped change his perspective on pursuing life’s goals.Why time is one of the most important parts of the journey, as long as you pay attention to what it’s teaching you.The ways Justin is using his experiences to help others achieve their goals.To accept the process and be patient with yourself, even when things don’t go as planned.About Trailhead Journals and the concept behind the name. Why regularly re-evaluating your progress and direction is the only way to get where you want to go.Simple ways to examine your journey and make sure you’re still on the right path.How Justin learned to be okay with how things work, particularly through the ups and downs of freelancing.That the journey is going to be hard, but holding onto your values makes it worthwhile.What Justin sees as his biggest win, despite the hardships that came with it.Find Justin's design work here and Trailhead Journals here.
29:11 7/18/22
"This is me."
Becky Jo Harris sets the bar high on our first episode of season four! As an artist, comedian, actor, voice actor, painter, and perhaps creative/genius, she has a lot to teach about chasing new experiences and overcoming imposter syndrome.On our season opener, you’ll learn about figuring out the puzzle of life in all its messy complications. Becky Jo will also show why this hard work makes slow mornings and funny videos in bed an absolute must. She has so much to share - and she does it all wearing a wig. Welcome back, y’all!In this episode, you’ll learn:What a typical morning looks like if you’re Becky Jo.About fulfilling her dream of being flown to another country for an acting job and the ups and downs that came with it.How she deals with doubts and self-sabotage that could limit her opportunities.The importance of finding what works for you and sticking to it, even with something as simple as your sleep schedule.Why Becky Jo’s free spirit and willingness to put her full self out there drew us to her.How trying out for new opportunities changes as your career advances.To embrace the journey, even when it’s hard to put the pieces together or even see the big picture.What embracing the journey and letting stuff go looks like for Becky Jo.How she used her differences to land an acting commercial with DoorDash.What we’re all celebrating this week.Find Becky Jo on any social media @itsbeckyjoharris (we highly recommend her Instagram!)
43:26 7/11/22
Positive reflections with Emily Finlay
We’re giving you a peek behind the curtain as we wrap season three of The Hectic Podcast. This week’s guest is, well, me! You’ve been reading my words since the beginning, but I’m leaving the keyboard to sit in front of the microphone for our season finale. My name is Emily Finlay and I’m the creator behind the podcast’s written content. I joined Darryl and Michelle to share a bit about myself and the work I get to do with the Hectic team. We had a blast discussing what we’ve learned from our many guests and what we’re looking forward to in season four. You’ll also hear how the podcast has evolved over the past few seasons as we discovered which stories we wanted to tell.I’m so excited to share my experience with the podcast and I hope you have as much fun listening as we did recording. Thanks for another amazing season! See you in season four!In this episode, you’ll learn:What I hope every listener gets from the podcast’s written content, particularly the weekly companion blog.Why Hectic is my perfect client and how I discovered what I wanted from my business partnerships.About this season’s common thread of knowing yourself and leaning into your strengths.That self-work can and should be a normal part of every day, plus tips for approaching it in a healthy way.How starting counseling just before this season began has affected me and the way I approach the podcast’s weekly blogs.The story behind the podcast’s rebrand in season three, including how I may have unknowingly saved it from disaster (No, Darryl, there was no witchcraft involved).All of the things we each love about the podcast and our work in it.An easy way to build each other up and be sunlight to those around us.A sneak peek at everything coming next season.Darryl’s request for our amazing listeners, who we’re so grateful for!A few episodes that we reference as we wrap:Dr. DomBeth WatermanOther team members of the podcast:Audio engineer Tate LuckVideo editor Ryan WeirGraphic designer Leah Deal
47:34 5/23/22
We all win with Neosha Gardner
Our final guest this season is the one Michelle has been most excited about. Neosha Gardner is an incredible creator and problem solver who never lets an idea pass her by. Whether she is developing a resource platform for fellow homeschool moms or starting a stock photo site that focuses on melanated women, she is always looking for ways to offer a better solution.Join Michelle as she explores the roots of these problem-solving pursuits. You’ll discover the power of self-activation and the benefits of chasing every idea you’re given.In this episode, you’ll learn:About the first problem Neosha can remember solving.How she is intentionally finding ways to help others through the things she loves (and what those many, many things are).The varied job and educational experiences that pushed her to pursue entrepreneurship.What helped her move from creating $10 business logos to building websites, making YouTube videos, and running a beauty and lifestyle blog.Why hating to take her own photos for the blog led her to create a stock photo site where she…takes photos for everyone else.How a simple Facebook post revealed the desperate need for stock photos of black women.The clever ways Neosha leveraged this post to build an audience for the stock photo site she launched, CreateHER Stock.Why she will never be someone who wishes she had pursued an idea, embracing a perspective that offers the perfect way to beat imposter syndrome.About the new shop she’s launching for CreateHER Stock and the suggestions to charge more that led to it.How you can support other creators who are building their own problem-solving resources.Get all of your stock photo needs met with CreateHERStock. Not a paid promotion. Just genuinely the site we use for everything.
41:24 5/16/22
Safe space with Dr. Dominique Broussard
This week we’re joined by the other half of the Cultivating H.E.R. Space podcast, Dr. Dominique Broussard! In keeping with the spirit of their podcast, we explored the importance of making space for ourselves and others throughout every season of life. Whether she’s making herself a safe space for her nieces or using her own safe space to celebrate all that she’s accomplished, Dom understands the power of having a place where you can fully be yourself. She shares what she’s learned in her life and through her career as a college professor and licensed psychologist, giving us ways to grow with grace in our own journeys. In this episode, you’ll learn:Why being unapologetically black is an important part of who Dr. Dom is, plus what that means to her.How being a safe, judgment-free space for her nieces is helping them develop the confidence and freedom to be themselves from a young age.The ways she and Terri are using their podcast to grant the same space to other black women, using conversation to invoke healing, empowerment, and resilience.How she teaches her college students and clients to seek out the safe spaces that already exist in their circles (hint: communication is key).To have grace for yourself when the lifelong process of learning to identify and communicate what you need doesn’t always look like progress.Why hearing the same things from multiple people is essential to building a holistic picture of the advice, topic, or issue you’re dealing with.About the importance of mental diversity and how it can improve our journeys.The many reasons you should celebrate and recognize what you’ve learned from each stage of your life as you transition into a new chapter.How those around you benefit from your investment in self-mastery and self-discovery.Dr. Dom’s three favorite phrases that she uses to guide her journey.Find Dr. Dom's practice here: to the Cultivate H. E. R. Space Podcast here:
39:45 5/9/22
Adversity with Terri Lomax
TW: In this episode, Darryl and Terri share their stories which contain stories of past abuse.Sometimes the most unexpected meetings are exactly what you need to understand yourself a little more. That was certainly the case with this week’s episode. Though I met Terri Lomax for the first time when we recorded, we soon found that we connected on a deeper level than I’d anticipated.Both of us have spent years learning about ourselves, how our adversity-filled childhoods continue to affect us as adults, and what we want to change for the people that come after us. In this raw, vulnerable episode, we explore our journeys to understanding, accepting, and healing what we’ve endured. In a conversation that left us in tears, we go deep into our stories, hoping that doing so helps you find the validation and healing you might need too.In this episode, you’ll learn:About Terri’s podcast, where she dives into taboo topics to make them more approachable and to facilitate healing within them.How dating herself helped Terri uncover and develop her identity after years of being a social chameleon.More about my own childhood, including how my parents’ choices affected my development and led to a similar social chameleon defense mechanism.Why both of our traumatic upbringings robbed us of the ability to ask what we want, something we had to learn through therapy and self-discovery as adults.To fill your cup first so you can be more present and capable of showing up for the other people and needs in your life.How I’m using my journey through imposter syndrome to create systems that can lessen the same struggle for my children and other freelancers.The ways our childhoods prepared us for the challenges in life, plus ways that we can harness these skills in the workplace.Which grace practices Terri uses to heal the self-hatred created by childhood abuses.To talk to and treat yourself with love so you can demand the same level of respect from others.That feeling emotions, both positive and negative, is such an important part of healing and living a wholehearted life.Tennielle Clark host of She Speaks Bougie introduced us to Terri. The episode with the two of them together is here.The episode of Cultivating H. E. R. Space that Darryl recommended on sisterhood is The Importance of Sisterhood and Friendship to Black Women with Bethany Hawkins.Find Terri's free podcasting masterclass at podcastwithterri.comThe book Terri talks about is Self-Esteem: A proven program of cognitive techniques for assessing, improving, and maintaining your self-esteem by Matthew McKay, PhD, and Patrick Fanning.Find Terri on her website and on Instagram.
53:16 5/2/22
Collecting the good with Michelle Lee
Believe it or not, we are officially halfway through Season 3 — and what a season it’s been! I’ve been thinking a lot about the conversations I’ve had this season, so I wanted to bring Michelle on to talk about some of my thoughts and get her insights on the things we’ve learned over the past few episodes.For those who have listened to Lindsey Jo Scott’s episode (and if you haven’t, give episode 308 a listen after this!), you might remember our discussion about finding your perfect place in the things you do. We dived deep into this topic, exploring what that means for us, how Michelle became so comfortable with it, and how it has changed my relationship with myself.In this episode, you’ll learn:Michelle’s Hectic origin story, including why she didn’t want to take the job initially and what changed her mind.How she has helped me love myself more by showing me that accepting my weaknesses only amplifies my strengths.The opportunities freelancing offers for people who want to bring their strengths to a team that is strong where they are weak.About the summer camp job that helped Michelle understand her strengths and learn how to use them to build something powerful with the strengths of others.Why sharing your strengths and weaknesses honestly is the first step to putting this way of working into action.The ways leaning into your strengths makes you more productive and even better at what you do.How embracing a collective way of working helps you appreciate what others do more, creating a team that is confident in its ability to do great things.To talk to yourself kindly so you can extend that same graciousness to others.What I love about Michelle’s gift for seeing other’s strengths and building them up in these traits.That being more kind than necessary and working with each other can create a much more beautiful piece of music than we ever could alone.The book Michelle talks about is The Delicate Art of Dancing with Porcupines by Bob PhillipsMichelle can't remember the article about leaning into your strengths, but this is a great one on the same topic.
38:33 4/25/22
Storytelling with Michael Jung
My guest this week is a jack of all trades and a master of one in particular. Since he was five years old, Michael Jung has been captured by the power of storytelling. He’s cultivated this passion in many ways throughout his life, telling stories through acting, volunteering at schools and children’s museums, online book dealing, and more.Michael currently works as a freelance writer, but he has been writing his own stories for years. Through his education, mentorships, and personal experiences, he has learned what makes a good story and the best ways to share those stories with others. He dropped by the podcast this week to give us tips for telling our own stories, reflect on the power of choice, and celebrate the value of communication. No matter how you feel about writing and communicating, Michael has something for everyone in this captivating episode.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why Michael labels himself as a professional side hustler and what he loves about having a different job all the time.The dangers of confusing who you are and what you do, especially when your work constantly changes.How Michael came to see himself as a storyteller from a young age and continued growing in that understanding throughout his life.About the influences, both positive and negative, that helped him discover what he wanted from life.A practical way for everyone, both writers and those who hate writing, to have fun telling stories through the written word.How this technique helped (and continues to help) Michael get out of his own way and give himself permission to enjoy the process.The ways our world today is showing the value and power of communication, even in superheroes and comic books.Why making choices about your life is the only way to get where you want to go.What makes a good story and how you can create your own stories better.Where you can find Michael’s work and what he’s cooking up next.Find Michael on his website, LinkedIn, and Twitter.See Michael's ebooks on his Amazon page.The mentor Michael plugs is Jewell Parker Rhodes.The TEDTalk from Carol Dweck that Darryl talks about is The Power of Believing that You Can Improve.The concept from Isaac Asimov that Michael talks about is The Eureka Phenomenon.Douglas Ramsey, the Marvel comic mutant that has a superpower of communication, is Cypher.
47:28 4/18/22
Stay positive with Melanie Aksamit
Melanie Aksamit is proof that it’s not when you start, but how you do it that matters. She joins this week to give us a peek into her world and work as a special effects makeup artist. With projects such as Stranger Things and Insidious under her belt, you would never guess that she’s only been working in the industry for 8.5 years.Dive into Melanie’s undeniable passion for her work as she shares the roots of her love of monsters, makeup, and special effects. You’ll also learn why she waited until her late 20s to pursue this dream and how this timeline affected her journey. Join me to celebrate Melanie’s success and marvel at the life-changing experiences that can happen in Nebraska.In this episode, you’ll learn:How her father’s love of old monster movies inspired her passion for special effects makeup.Why a trip to Nebraska led Melanie to quit her job waiting tables and enroll in special effects makeup school when she was 29.What she appreciates about finding her path later than usual and what she wishes was different.The surprising items that you can find in her kit, including one particularly odd item with an unusual purpose.How a personal connection helped Melanie break into the industry and how she still relies on relationships to find new work.The realities of working your way from a shop runner to a special effects artist.About some of the amazing projects she’s worked on and people she’s met.Why it’s important to celebrate the effort you put into your journey, even if you need the right connections to reach some milestones.That a positive attitude can mean more for your success than your skills in any industry.How to celebrate yourself and others for doing big things and sticking with the journey.Find Melanie on her website and on Instagram.
38:42 4/11/22
Every brain is beautiful with Lindsey Jo Scott
My guest this week loves to use stories to show new ways of being in the world. Whether she’s making illustrations, writing, building content strategies, or using any of the other creative outlets forms she thrives in, Lindsey Jo Scott’s neurodivergent brain offers a unique perspective on the world and all that life has to teach. I was so excited to connect with Lindsey about our shared experiences with ADHD and our journeys to recognizing it as a superpower, not a shameful label. Through these experiences, we learned to embrace ourselves and find what fuels our inner fires. After listening to this episode, I hope you will find the inspiration, encouragement, or support you need to do the same.In this episode, you’ll learn:All of the ways Lindsey pursues creativity through her work, way of seeing the world, and future plans.How practicing mindfulness to find her truer sense of being helps her get in touch with her creativity.Why cultural stigmas of shame, guilt, and fear can keep us from living a full and fulfilled life.About my experience with ADHD and how I have learned to embrace all of the ways it makes me powerful. Plus, how sharing our journeys makes it easier for others to find a sense of belonging.The reasons everyone benefits when we can build teams that allow everyone to do what they do best.How asking for help was the first brave step toward Lindsey understanding and loving herself, which allowed her to feel more comfortable in her story.What it means to focus on internal success over external markers.Why internal success is the only way to do the things you want to do while still enjoying the process.Tips for processing the emotions this episode may have stirred up.In the episode, the book Darryl talks about is ADHD is your superpower. The TEDTalk Lindsey Jo talks about is The danger of a single story.Find Lindsey Jo on her website and Instagram.
50:32 4/4/22
Free with Pariss 'Athena' Chandler
My guest this week loves helping others and building a space for the black tech community, but she is ultimately working toward her own freedom. The freedom of financial stability, of focusing on the things she’s passionate about, of just chilling out and living life.Pariss Athena, founder and CEO of Black Tech Pipeline, joins me to share real truths about her journey to this point and her hopes for the future. From her experiences as a black woman in tech to what drives her every day, we explore all of the great insights she has to offer for others on a similar path. In this episode, you’ll learn:How Pariss’ drive for freedom is a direct response to hustle culture and a reflection of what she values.What went into building Black Tech Pipeline, from starting the business to deciding what she wanted to create.Some of the hardest things she experienced while doing it.Why she thinks being transparent about the messy middle of entrepreneurship is so important.About her experiences as a black woman in tech and how they shaped her journey.How Pariss changed her perspective about life’s difficulties and used these struggles to keep pushing forward.The realities of balancing work with life as a mom and fiancé.Her take on Kim K’s recent quote about working hard.The better advice she has for women who are pursuing a dream.In a bit of table turning, what I love about my job and which parts of work I like the least.Find her on Twitter and Instagram.
39:51 3/21/22
Complexity conscious with Rodney Evans
What’s wrong with work today? Since you listen to this podcast, you’re probably dissatisfied with the normal 9-to-5, but do you know why? My guest this week, Rodney Evans, is here to tell you. Through years of personal development and her work as an organizational designer, Rodney has learned the many reasons that work doesn’t work, in both our personal and professional lives.Join us to learn about the outdated systems that are at the root of these problems, plus a peek at the ways Rodney is helping organizations reclaim a healthy workspace. You’ll also hear how she has shaped her identity completely outside of what she does and the journey she took to get there. In this episode, you’ll learn:About her podcast (The Brave New Work podcast) and why it’s important to share the valuable knowledge, skills, and experiences she holds.What it means to help organizations become more people positive and complexity conscious.Why the way we work doesn’t fit our knowledge-based world.The many ways we lose who we are when we force ourselves to adapt to the roles our work demands.How she came to understand and heal this problem in herself.Tips for learning how to articulate your needs and experiment with solutions to bring about change.What is so wrong with the current concept of “servant leadership.”Why we need to pursue an ecosystem that is open to all options, rather than using a binary system that limits options to either/ors.The importance of focusing on how you contribute best and what energizes you, rather than trying to do everything.How to stop serving your ego so you can better understand your value and stop relying on work for validation.Read more about The Ready.Find Rodney on Twitter and LinkedIn.
41:59 3/14/22
Holding tension with Moon
Tune in this week for a special conversation between our very own Michelle Lee and returning guest, Dr. Sarah Moon. As two Asian American women, they discussed how they’ve been dealing with the increases in Asian hate crimes over the past few years. They explored how Michelle is equipping her young daughters to know and love who they are, in ways she didn’t have herself. You’ll also get to hear why you should strive for inefficiency to spend more time focusing on the things you value and love.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why the important, meaningful, purposeful things in life require inefficiency.The ways a focus on achievement affects our lives, health, and self-worth.How letting go of your idea of a routine can help you reclaim your time and enjoy the moments you’re in.That you should acknowledge the work and thought that you invest in the lead-up to your accomplishments, not just the success itself.How to reevaluate the demands of your job to give yourself the space you need to thrive.About the fear, anxiety, and complex feelings both women have dealt with because of anti-Asian violence.Michelle’s experience with equipping and preparing her daughters for the situations they may face.What their six-year-old selves would be proud of in their current selves.Why it’s also important for Dr. Moon to remind herself that she’s not that six-year-old self anymore.Ways to hold and honor the ways people might fail you without saying that what they did was okay.Other links:The full article from Nicole Chung that Moon reads can be found here.Listen to Beth Waterman's full episode here and Alice Armitage's episode here.Moon can be found on Instagram here.
30:34 3/7/22
Pushing boundaries with Alice Armitage
Welcome to an exciting bonus episode, featuring an amazing conversation with someone who blows me away. For this episode, I got to connect across oceans with Aussie Alice Armitage. She’s defying conventional wisdom in every way, most importantly with her new printed (yep, with paper and ink) newspaper, Pandaemonium.This newspaper uses long-form stories to explore the many ways people approach success differently. These unconventional stories reflect Alice’s own desire to push boundaries and show that the traditional way isn’t the only, or even the best, way to get things done.As she celebrates the release of their first issue, Alice joined me to share what led her here and her hopes for the future.In this episode, you’ll learn:About her journey from an ambitious country girl to a disillusioned big-city player to the passionate storyteller she is today.How Alice learned to integrate her environment, work, and passions to create a life that makes her happy.The reasons boundaries are meant to be pushed, plus her life-long drive to explore outside the norm.Why the tiny daily steps we take in our pursuits are often so much harder and more important than the giant leaps.What Pandaemonium means and why it is the perfect name for her newspaper.About the single hardest thing Alice faces and how she hopes to inspire others through it.Her reasons for choosing long-form storytelling as the best format for Pandaemonium.The ways she hopes the newspaper will resonate with readers, creating a richer world along the way.How she has become comfortable with making mistakes, plus some tips to help you do the same.What she looks to for inspiration, both personally and professionally.
37:24 3/4/22
Generational wealth with Satta Hightower
If you look up the word “capable” in the dictionary, you’ll find a picture of Satta Hightower, my guest this week. A gift storyteller, she has spent the last eight years building a thriving freelance content marketing business that is creating a foundation for her family’s future. Though she stumbled upon freelancing accidentally, she has successfully QUADRUPLED her income through her business. Satta shows us how to achieve great things, seek a spectrum of perspectives, and focus on the important things - all while finding a balance that ensures joy in every area of life.In this episode, you’ll learn:About Satta’s love of storytelling and its roots in her cultural heritage.Why done is better than perfect, particularly when overcoming creative blocks in your craft.How two layoffs in five years birthed her powerful freelance business.The changes she’s seen from her early days of independent creation to her approach today.The ways that fighting to build generational wealth for her family gives purpose to her work.Why she believes wealth building and freelancing are linked, especially in regards to income streams.How Satta is being inspired to nurture her creativity, mind, body, and spirit through the women she admires.About her dream to explore life, culture, and multi-faceted black stories through her millennial perspective.About her experiences as a dynamic, successful, first-generation Liberian-American woman, entrepreneur, mother, wife, and neighbor.Why it’s so important to embrace and promote a variety of perspectives and stories in our work, media, and communities.
39:13 2/28/22
Belonging with Cam Lee Small
How well do you know yourself? What you can offer to the world, who you are, and where you want to go in life are all questions that can only be answered through self-knowledge. In this week’s episode, Cam Lee Small joins me to explore these questions and the journey required to understand yourself fully. As a trans-racial adoptee and clinical psychologist, Cam has both personal and professional experience with this process. He shares insights from his own journey, coupled with what he’s learned in his work, to normalize and empower mental health support for future generations.In this episode, you’ll learn: How growing up as a Korean adoptee in a small town in Wisconsin shaped who he is, what he does, and how he learned to own his story.Why discovering who you are and what you’re capable of can lead to a more fulfilling life.About the patterns we use to protect ourselves in certain stages of life and how to appreciate the ways they served us.Why letting these protections go when they’re no longer needed can free us from self-made restrictions.The formal and informal ways that mental health support can help us normalize our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors.Plus, how content creators can help drive this normalization for future generations.Tips for finding mentors for both your personal and professional interests.Why asking yourself questions is essential to a healthier, more fulfilling life.The ways validating and naming your internal experiences frees you to make better decisions.Who has had the greatest impact on Cam's life and why.
49:53 2/21/22
Measure in happiness with Dane and Evy Lyons
I’m excited to welcome Dane Lyons to the podcast and welcome BACK his wife Evy, who joined me last season to talk about building brands, muscles, and teams. Together, Dane and Evy are pushing back against rigid business structures and wholeheartedly embracing creativity. From hackathons to NFTs, they share how they are finding new ways to challenge themselves and build something new.In this episode, you’ll learn:Who Dane and Evy are, according to each other.How embracing discomfort and joining the podcast last season helped fuel Evy’s growth and journey over the past year.What Evy loves about the work she’s doing - both in her day job and her passion project, the Pleasant Box.The reasons you should embrace creative freedom and your unique passion, no matter what you’re doing.Why you should focus on using creativity as self-nourishment, not an opportunity to make money.About Dane’s gift for imagining original possibilities rather than focusing on remaking or improving what others have already done.His journey from teaching himself to code after leaving the military to working with NFTs and DAOs.…and what exactly those are, plus the opportunities they offer for creatives and freelancers.What it’s like to have both a business partner and life partner in the same person.The wishes Evy and Dane have for the world in 2022.
55:39 2/14/22
You've already made it with Thomas Hicks
What makes a good podcast guest? We had so much fun last season with Thomas Hicks, a.k.a. The Cereal Snob, that we had to bring him back to share his secrets. From learning how to show up as a fuller, more energized version of yourself to embracing your journey, Thomas has all the tips you need to own your space and story. Join us for a special bonus episode of The Hectic Podcast.In this episode, you’ll learn:What National Cereal Day looks like for one of the world’s premier cereal reviewers.About embracing yourself uninhibitedly and how that can help you make the biggest impression on everyone you meet.How using his phone to amplify his growth helped him best represent himself and his brand.Why connecting with the people who resonate with your whole self is more fulfilling than being liked by everyone.What Thomas learned about himself when he pursued his dream of acting in L.A.The story behind his tattoo, plus the reasons he wants to change it now.Why the journey you take to pursue a goal is so much more important than achieving it.How to redefine success through your experiences rather than your accomplishments.What Thomas wishes for the world in 2022.Plus, some easy ways to pursue that wish for yourself.
32:35 2/10/22
Stop Shoulding on Yourself with Devonnae Williams
How long have you been putting off that thing you want to do? What if you just started today?That’s the message Devonnae Williams, my first guest of season 3, wants to share. Whether she’s helping companies define their brands and perfect their websites or educating creators on YouTube, she is all in and loving it. Join our conversation to hear what Devonnae loves about connecting with people, how she chases the spark that inspires her work, and what we both can’t stand about hustle culture.In this episode, you’ll learn:Why scheduling coffee breaks helps Devonnae be more present, purposeful, and fruitful in her work and life.The many reasons you should really stop shoulding on yourself.About questioning the lies and doubts you tell yourself, plus tips for catching the spiral early.What Devonnae and I love about having deep conversations with strangers in Starbucks’ parking lots.How seeing people as people, not just objects, and being curious about them can create beautiful moments.The many facets of Devonnae and how she is learning about them.How she realized that now is always the best time to make things happen, no matter how prepared you feel.Why being better bakers when it comes to our pursuits is the best way to succeed in them.Why mental health and rest produce far greater results than living a constant hustle.How you can help design the first product for her secret (but not secret) future business.
61:41 2/8/22