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It's Good to Be a Man is a project by and for Christian men seeking a positive and practical doctrine of manhood. Our goal is to become better at our work of dominion, rightly ordering ourselves and our world by developing those virtues and skills necessary to this task.


Nostalgia is a Killer
On today’s episode, Michael talks about regrets, nostalgia, survivors guilt, and the journey out of dark valleys... and the death of his brother. Support the show
21:02 07/18/2022
Cage Stage Patriarchy
In this episode, Bnonn and Michael discuss "cage stage" patriarchy and how to move through this phase towards a more fully formed patriarchy. Support the show
64:58 07/01/2022
Upending the Lords of Niceness
In this episode, Michael briefly discusses a wise way to deal with all the "nice guys" in church leadership. Support the show
14:30 06/21/2022
The Blessing of a Good Insult
We are back! Expect a lot of new episodes in the coming months as we are in researching and prepping for a follow-up to the It's Good to Be a Man book. Today's episode is audio from a lecture Michael gave at New Saint Andrews College in Moscow, ID. It's on the blessing on a good insult. By the way, be sure to check out NSA's website and content. They are doing a lot of stuff no one else is doing. It's a solid educational option for young men. Support the show
66:04 05/18/2022
Mission, Submission, and Rulership in Marriage
In this episode, Bnonn and Smokey Tennant answer some reader questions on mission, submission, and rulership in marriage.Support the show ( the show
30:43 02/08/2022
Q & A on Embryo Adoption & Red Pill Advice about Single Mothers"
In this episode, Bnonn and Smokey Tennant answer some reader questions, including what it's like to live in middle earth, whether embryo adoption is biblical, and what to make of red pill advice about single mothers.Support the show
15:22 01/31/2022
Servant Leadership Transforms Leadership into Subservience
In this episode, Bnonn explains how the modern concept of "servant leadership" undermines the biblical teaching of leadership as a service.Support the show (
10:04 10/12/2021
Standing Up to Crybullies
In this episode, Michael explains how to standup to cry bullies.Also, the book is available for preorder here: the show (
14:08 10/05/2021
The Inevitability of Patriarchy
This episode is the audio from a talk Michael gave at The Stronghold Conference last February.  We encourage you to check out more of that content at Support the show
49:35 09/08/2021
How Feminism Destroyed American Women
In this episode, Michael shares a talk he gave at a secular convention for women and gives a brief update on IGTBAM.Support the show (
62:22 08/19/2021
Scripture Shouts About Sexuality
In this episode, Michael and Bnonn explain how Scripture doesn't whisper about sexuality. It shouts about it. Support the show (
38:27 07/06/2021
Smash the Patriarchy - A Father's Day Sermon
This is episode is a sermon Michael preached on Father's Day at East River Church. The sound is a little rough but we hope will still encourage you.Support the show (
33:17 06/20/2021
Nice Guy-ism Part Three
This is the final of three episodes on "nice guys." In this episode, Bnonn explains "the male burden of performance" and its connection to "nice guy-ism."Support the show (
16:27 05/26/2021
Nice Guy-ism Part Two
This is the second of three episodes on "nice guys." In this episode, Michael explains how self-responsibility is the key to escaping the "nice guys" neediness mentality.Support the show (
11:04 05/18/2021
Nice Guy-ism Part One
This is the first of three episodes on "nice guys." In this episode, Michael explains what's twisted about the nice guy's understanding of sacrifice.Support the show (
15:28 05/11/2021
Difficult Questions
In this episode, Michael and Bnonn discuss a few of the difficult questions they've been asked by men. Support the show (
54:56 05/03/2021
From Bastard to a Patriarch
This episode is the audio of Michael's full speech at the 21 Convention last fall. Support the show (
62:10 03/28/2021
Women Bearing the Sword
In this episode, Bnonn talks about theological significance of women bearing the sword. Support the show (
26:43 03/01/2021
Media and Manhood with Marcus Pittman
In this episode, Michael talks with Marcus Pittman about the theological and cultural importance of stories.Support the show (
53:52 02/23/2021
The War on Men
This episode is a short clip from Michael's session at the Stronghold Conference. You can purchase the whole session and all other sessions at You can get an additional 25% off if you use the code: IGTBAM. Support the show (
11:35 01/25/2021
The Psychology of White Knights
In this episode, Bnonn explains the concept of "white knights" and the psychology behind them.Support the show
40:19 01/19/2021
Building with Joy in Dark Days
In this episode, we republish a presentation Michael gave to his church that relates to the challenge all men face as they seek to labor and lead in an increasingly difficult environment. Support the show (
39:40 01/11/2021
Advice for Newly Weds
In this episode, Bnonn and Michael lay out some practical advice for young couples in their first year of marriage. Inspired by Ethan and Emma!Support the show (
40:18 12/30/2020
In the Orbit of an Alpha-Guru
In this episode, Michael explains why you find groups of weak men in orbit around some "alpha guru" and why it matters.Support the show (
12:30 12/16/2020
Taking Responsibility for Your Life
In this episode, Michael talks about taking responsibility for your broken down vineyard of life. Support the show (
55:27 12/14/2020
Building a Godly Sex Life
In this episode, Michael covers a ranged of issues related to building and/or improving your married sex life. This episode was originally recorded at the 2020 Builders Summit. Support the show (
63:43 12/09/2020
Don't LARP Your Manhood
In this episode, Michael talks about how LARPing is related to what often passes for biblical manhood. Support the show (
09:54 12/07/2020
A Sexual Reformation?
In this episode, Michael reflects on the difficulty of working towards a sexual reformation. Support the show
12:49 11/30/2020
Gangs of Violent Men
In this episode, Michael reflects on a childhood experience and why men are drawn towards gangs.Support the show
09:20 11/25/2020
White Knights and Biblical Rhetoric with A.D. Robles
In this episode, we discuss critical race theory, white knights, and biblical rhetoric with A.D. Robles. Support the show (
60:45 11/23/2020