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A Jem of a Secret Podcast

A Jem of a Secret Podcast is a fun artistic look at drag and drag culture while talking about current events. Hear what Donatella Mysecrets and Coco Jem Holiday have to say about the world around them on their journey through Portland, Oregon.


Spilling the makeup brushes: Interview with Painted with Raven Star - Jordan 54:20 01/21/2022
Re-Release: An Interview with Babylon Brooks 53:58 01/13/2022
Yes, I am a mom! An interview with Sequin McQueen 39:20 01/07/2022
New Year, New Me - Resolutions and More 41:35 12/30/2021
Hey Barb, how come you don’t perform: An interview with Barb B. Valentine 72:13 12/23/2021
Re-Release. Full Access to Anne J. Tifah 61:49 12/17/2021
We‘re Here: Grand Junction, CO Part2 51:10 12/10/2021
We‘re Here: Grand Junction, CO Part 1 54:39 12/03/2021
Bye Bye Local Lounge 33:17 11/26/2021
A mental health break 37:28 11/19/2021
What you been up to since your season: Interview with Mystique Summers from RuPaul‘s Drag Race Season 2 31:05 11/12/2021
Donatella goes back to Grand Junction 44:14 11/05/2021
Cooking Up A Queen - Should you get those stickers? July 20, 2020 34:46 10/28/2021
Coco goes on a cruise 39:12 10/21/2021
A throwback to The Embers Avenue. 27:47 10/14/2021
I have learned and unlearned so many things living in Portland: An interview with Lexi Siren 52:05 10/08/2021
This is a celebration of Rogue Storm Safari and that‘s okay: An Interview with Rogue Storm Safari 47:00 10/01/2021
BITE ME: An Interview with Tono The Rapper 45:36 09/23/2021
Cooking Up A Queen, 1 year later 32:32 09/16/2021
The state of our world is overwhelming 45:31 09/09/2021
I‘m doing it. I‘m doing her. I‘m doing him. I‘m doing well: An Interview with Stefhannie DuPont Shade 53:12 09/02/2021
Costume: An Interview with Coco Jem Holiday 38:10 08/27/2021
Queen of Camp - Camp Wannakiki Season 3 04:18 08/20/2021
2 Glasses of Wine and AltPop: An Interview with Craven Valentine 58:29 08/13/2021
Coping Mechanisms Tellin' her secrets: An Interview with Donatella Mysecrets 37:14 08/07/2021
Botanist Bananas: An interview with the iconic Average Lavigne 25:18 07/29/2021
Now and then, a re-release of the interview with Kimber K. Shade 42:25 07/22/2021
I just finished having sex: An interview with Poly Poptart 54:03 07/16/2021
And that's on periodt: An interview with Mona Chrome 41:32 07/08/2021
Apparently mealworms bite: An Interview with Sue From Corporate 47:34 07/01/2021