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Music Lessons and Marketing

Are you a music studio owner or instructor looking to grow your music teaching business? This podcast will teach you how to apply marketing and business fundamentals so you can get more music students for longer.


How to Market to Inactive Students | EP 182
Launching marketing campaigns targeted at inactive students can be pretty challenging. In this episode, I share with you some helpful marketing strategies that you can use to reach out to your music school drops.
19:29 09/22/2022
What Music Taught Me About Marketing | Ep 181
Both marketing and music are forms of communication. In this episode, I share some lessons music taught me about how to better market my music school.
10:56 09/08/2022
How to Get More Engagement on Social Media | Ep 180
Here's a simple social media strategy that will work wonders for any music school.
11:59 08/29/2022
Why Selling Music Lessons Isn’t Just About Making the Sale | Ep 179
In this episode, I want to talk about how a sales call is not just about making the sale. Rather, it is also about incorporating the few things that make your prospective customer feel seen and heard.  
22:49 08/22/2022
How to Prepare Your Music School For the Fall Rush | EP 178
PARENTS AND KIDS ARE READY—ARE YOU? Every fall is a boom time for music schools. This fall could prove to be a boom like no other. Parents and kids are ready to get back into the groove of life with COVID becoming a more manageable crisis and schools dropping protective mandates. Is your music school in good shape to handle a sudden rush of new business? In this episode of Music Lessons and Marketing, I share an easy way to whip your music school's administrative systems and processes into shape in no time.
25:13 08/09/2022
A Unique Perspective on Music Schools with Jake St. John | EP 177
If you’re a lover of music, I think you’re going to enjoy my conversation today with my guest Jake St. John the Head of Operations at Ensemble Music Schools. Jake shares some great insights on music and the importance it plays not just in children’s lives but the impact music has on humanity as a whole.
33:31 08/04/2022
How to Find Music Instructors During This Employment Shortage | Ep 176
Finding good music instructors has always been a challenge for music schools. The Great Resignation has only amplified the problem. In this episode, I share some practical solutions for finding and mentoring loyal and committed instructors.
20:09 07/15/2022
The #1 Challenge With Running a Music School | Ep 175
Music schools' have a unique challenge since the product they sell is the relationship students have with their instructors. A potentially even greater challenge has emerged as we settle into a post-pandemic world-supply and demand.   The demand for music lessons is skyrocketing but the supply of instructors has never seemed so low. Group classes can be an easy way to offset a staffing shortage.   One instructor teaching groups can accommodate more than double the amount of students of a private lessons instructor.   In this week's episode I share a recent vlog Jonny Wilson (Build a Music School) recorded on how Kidzrock can help increase a schools profit margins with a smaller teaching staff.
14:51 06/24/2022
How to Gain a Competitive Edge for Your Music School | EP 174
All music schools are looking to gain a competitive edge and stand out in their market. Better music lessons is a good place to start but your competitive edge, or your unique selling proposition, is often found beyond the music lesson. In this episode I discuss ways to discover and market what makes your music school unique and different.
07:57 06/16/2022
7 Ways to Make Your Customers Feel More Appreciated
As the owner of your music school, your customers value having a close connection to you. As your music school grows it becomes more of a challenge to have a close connection with each customer. In this episode I share some ways to make each of your customers feel appreciated and heard. 
20:31 05/27/2022
How to Advertise Your Music Lessons and Promote Your Studio | EP 172
A lot of people think of marketing and advertising as the same thing. Think of advertsing as the jet fuel for your marketing.
30:13 05/20/2022
Five Phrases to Avoid in Your Music School’s Marketing | EP 171
In this episode I look 5 marketing statements that perhaps 70- 80% of music schools make that I believe have little to no impact on a prospective customer.
10:32 05/12/2022
How to Incorporate Story Telling Into Your Marketing | Ep 170
In this episode I share how one music school uses story telling as a powerful marketing strategy. The internet is a noisy world and grabbing and holding people's attention is the name the of the game. Story marketing is a great way to cut through the noise online so your message can be heard loud and clear.
20:43 05/02/2022
What’s The Difference Between a Music School And a Barbershop? | EP 169
There are two different music school models. Most schools fall into either one of these different models. One is the barbershop model, and the other is the football team model.
14:58 04/23/2022
Why Students Quit Music Lessons and What You Can Do About It | EP 168
Why do kids drop out of music lessons? Every parent has their own explanation but it usually boils down to the fact that the student just didn't love the lessons enough to stay. In this episode, I discuss a strategy for improving student retention.
11:47 04/04/2022
How to Create an Operations Manual For Your Music School | EP 167
An operations manual is a set of instructions that tells your business what to do. Every single moving part of your business should be documented in an operations manual. Not only will it help turn your music school into a well-oiled machine, but it also is the best insurance policy you could have for your music school.
28:43 03/25/2022
How to Train Your Office Staff in Sales | Ep 166
Trying to get your office staff excited about honing their skills in sales can prove to be a challenge. In this episode, I share with you how to gamify sales trainings to help motivate your staff to develop better skills techniques.
16:06 03/18/2022
A 7-Step Sales Framework for Music Schools | EP 165
In this episode, I share a 7-step framework you can use when conducting a sales call. It’s a framework that you probably implement on some level in any conversation you have. It emphasizes listening and empathy over persuasion and pressure. This framework allows you to customize your sales pitch for each prospective student. This approach allows a new customer to better understand how your music lessons are going to help his or her child achieve the results they’re looking for.
33:24 03/11/2022
The Six Business Functions That Drive Your Music School | EP 164
There are six business functions in your music school. Every action in your business falls under one of these six categories. Your music school will turn into a well-oiled machine by creating a set of instructions and processes for each category.
10:30 03/06/2022
How to Get More Done in Your Music School in Less Time | Ep 163
Do you have 3 or more important projects collecting dust on your to-do list? Projects that if implemented would likely lead to growth in your music school? Projects that clearly demand a lot of time and attention. Time you seem not to have? In this week's episode, I share a strategy you can use to get more done in less time. A strategy you can use to eliminate music school overwhelm and move the needle in your business.
18:09 02/15/2022
How to Cure Email Overwhelm | Ep 162
Do you struggle to keep up with all of the emails flooding into your inbox? In this episode, I share a simple email management system I learned from productivity expert, David Allen that will allow you to get more done in less time with less stress.
12:19 02/03/2022
How to Build a Website For Your Music School (Or Give it a Makeover) | Ep 161
In this episode, I share how to build a website for your music school from scratch or give it a much needed make-over. 
28:12 01/24/2022
Why You Should Start Your Music Summer Camp Marketing Today | Ep 160
Summer seems miles away as winter settles in. Now is the perfect time to ramp up your summer camp marketing.
59:44 01/17/2022
What to do When Your Music School Won’t Grow Part III | EP 159
In part III of this 3-part series music school owner Eric Bourassa and I finally reveal what I believe is the explanation for why his music school has gotten stuck when it comes to exponential growth. Eric's website and marketing message hit all the right buttons. He's a charismatic and affable leader. He has amazing instructors. What gives? Eric and I dig deep and discover what is likely to be a barrier for many music school owners.
74:10 01/06/2022
How to Overhaul Your Music School's Marketing in 30 Days | Ep 158
In today's episode, I discuss how you can overhaul your marketing in just 30 days. You'll have to carve out 15 minutes a day in order for this to be effective. Your business is worth it!
12:01 12/30/2021
Renting Vs Buying Your Music School's Building | Ep 157
Today, my guest on the show is Nick Tucker, the owner of Spark School of Music is located in St. Paul, Minnesota. Nick actually owns his building, the building where he hosts his music school. I never even explored that option.   I initially began running my music school out of the basement of a music store. I transitioned from that basement into my actual music school where I resided for 16 years. But I, I always rented.  I assumed it was just easier to rent. I assumed that I would need a lot of money to put down to buy a building.   I enjoyed the convenience of just calling my landlord when I had a problem with my building. He was a good landlord. It was one less thing to worry about. In today's show, Nick shares with me the upside and the benefits of owning your building.
39:14 12/24/2021
How These Music Schools Increased Their Profits By as Much as 30% | Ep 155
From a musical standpoint, I think we all can agree that private lessons are a great way for a kid to learn music. The problem with private lessons is they yield a low-profit margin.  The obvious alternative is the more profitable model- group lessons. The problem with group lessons is that they are perceived as being of lower value.  In this weeks episode, we hear from 7 different music school owners who have dramatically increased their profits with a single group class. 
08:25 12/08/2021
How to Market Your Music Lessons on Your Facebook Profile Page | Ep 154
When it comes to organic reach on Facebook, your personal profile has considerably more reach than your studio's business page. Your business page serves more as a staging ground for your Facebook ads.   There are ways to leverage the reach of your personal profile to benefit your business. The secret is not to directly sell or promote your business on your profile. That's not the environment for sales. It is however a great way to engage with your ideal customer. In this episode, I discuss ways to promote your music school on your Facebook profile without ever making a sales pitch.
08:19 12/03/2021
What to do When Your Music School Won't Grow Part II | Ep 153
In part II of "What to do When Your Music School Won't Grow" I dig deep with music school owner Eric Bourassa to explore some marketing strategies to supercharge his music school's growth.
50:43 11/29/2021
How to Manage Employees That Challenge Your Leadership | Ep 152
Have you ever introduced a new policy or procedure to your staff that's met with silent resistance or rolling eyes?  In this week's podcast, I explore some different strategies for how to handle pushback from your staff.
11:28 11/19/2021