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The Texas Hemp Show is the official podcast for the Texas Hemp Reporter Magazine: The Texas Hemp Show is recorded every Thursday at from 6 -7pm and is released each Friday. For news and the latest information on the growing Hemp & Cannabis industry in the Lone Star State subscribe to our magazine the Texas Hemp Reporter online and follow us wherever podcasts are available.


Episode # 168 CannaZip Bags & ATX Budtenders
This week's podcast discuss CannaZip Bagz, Alternative Product's Expo and Austin TX attorney Adam Reposa. Capture Attention, Boost Sales!Wow with Custom Cannabis Packaging Bags! Take Advantage of 10% off Your Initial OrderCustom Cannabis Packaging BagsThe Austin Chronic: Notorious Lawyer Adam Reposa Gets Raided For Running an Illegal Dispensary“I want to go to prison,” he claims, but no charges have been filed#hemp #media #cannabis #
32:41 5/28/24
Cannabis Advocate and attorney Rod Kight appears on the Texas Hemp Show for a second time in the last few months to discuss the recent DEA decision to consider cannabis a schedule one or two substance. Also talks about the Civil War between the recreational Hemp marketplace and the much older recreational Marijuana and how these separate industries can merge. X - @texashempshow #hemp #media #texas #farming #cannabis
45:21 5/13/24
Episode # 166 - Elevated Trading Co.
 "Wholesale Hemp, Delta 8 THC, Delta 9 THC, HHC, and CBD products sold in bulk at fair prices. We focus on delivering value to all of our wholesale clients. Come experience the difference of working with a value driven supplier in the wholesale hemp industry." CEO Cody Sandone talks with Russell this week about regulation issues, the DEA standing recently, DSHS comments period, and the future of the market of Hemp Products not only in Texas but nationally. magazine is available online atwww.TexasHempReporter.comto be a guest on the show or sponsor the podcast.512-897-7823 c.texashempreporte@gmail.comFollow our YOUTUBE PAGE HERE:
45:56 5/3/24
Episode: 165 Cynthia Cabrera
Chief operating officer of Hometown Hero Cynthia Cabrera discussing policy with the Texas Hemp Show Podcast regarding policy in Texas and the future of consumable hemp products and what we might expect from the Texas legislative session next year. Russell Dowden and Cynthia discuss the need for solidarity in the state moving forward. The rules for manufacturing, distributing, and selling Texas hemp are currently up for review, which can impact your access to Delta-8, Delta-9, THCA, and other products. What can you do? Address an email to: Write the subject line: Comments on Proposed Rule Review Chapter 300 In the email, write about: How current rules help you purchase in convenient locations How hemp has helped with whatever reason you use it for How hemp restrictions will hurt you Personal stories about how hemp products have helped you. The deadline is 4/22 at 5:00 pm, and we cannot protect Texas hemp without your help. Thank you for your help, in cases like these your messages make a big impact. 
57:49 4/19/24
Episode # 164 - Oak Cliff Cultivators & Ludicrous Vape & Wholesale
Oak Cliff Cultivators Eddie Velez and Darrell Suriff with Ludicrous Vape and Smoke Wholesale both talk about their respective businesses and comment on the state of Texas Hemp Products and the pressures to regulate tax and or ban them. Dan Patrick State Affairs Committee agenda announced earlier this day to address Delta 8 and 9 products in their Interim Legislative Charges document for 2024. #noco10 #lawsuit #hemp 
60:33 4/12/24
Episode #163 Peter Filler Dem. Candidate for U. S. Congress + News
Ep. #163 Cannabis News & Peter Filler Dem. Candidate for U. S. CongressRussell hosts the 163rd episode of the Texas Hemp Show Podcast this week with Peter Filler the Texas Democratic Candidate for US Congress in District 2. Filler, a high school teacher represents the over 800,000 Houston TX voters in his District, he talks about the failed drug war and the benefits of the cannabis plant both economically and health wise.
36:50 4/5/24
Episode # 162: David Sergi, Morris Beegle with NOCO, & Dankk Edibles
Attorney David Sergi speaks to us this week about regulation & policy issues in Washington, Ken Paxton and the legal battle for cities to decriminalize low level cannabis possession, and several cases where he is suing counties like Garza county who arestill arresting store owners for selling legal products in Texas. (Civil Right Violation lawsuit).Morris Beegle the host of the Northern Colorado Hemp Expo also talks about the upcoming 10th Anniversary event .10th NoCo Hemp Expo: A Decade of Innovation, Advocacy, and Hemp SolutionsESTES PARK, COLORADO — March 11, 2024 — The NoCo Hemp Expo, the largest hemp-centric event in the world, is gearing up for its milestone 10th annual edition, set to take place from April 11th to April 13th, 2024, at the scenic Estes Park in Colorado. Dankk Edibles CEO John Siegler comes on the show to talk about his hemp-derived THCA within his infused sugar packets. Offering a "traditional" cannabis effects that you're use to while remaining federally legal.  His sugar is third-party lab tested with a THC content of less than 0.3% per sugar packet. 
69:17 4/1/24
The 4th annual SXSW Outlaw party will honor the work of The Last Prisoner Project like never before as Cheech & Chong’s Outlaw Party!LIVE FROM 6TH ST . . . Sponsors and Vendors and the Public all hang out at this years event.100 Min Show talks with Dalton O Neil, Liz Grow, John Fisher, Jason Ortiz, and many others all stop by to talk about the Plant and its future here in Texas. Shout out to Green Haus, Caprock Farms, 4K Farms, Texas Hill Country Vape, Stoney, Karen Fromel, Lisa Pittman and everyone else who stopped by to say hello.....
101:36 3/13/24
Episode: 160 TX A&M CHIL with Punk Rock Lottery
A student organization that was founded through the Texas A&M Hemp Breeding Program ran by Dr. Russell Jessup. The members will gain professional industry leader knowledge and cutting-edge educational information from guest lecturers within the Hemp/Cannabis industry. They promote academic excellence and leadership qualities through the organization. Students who become members will be given opportunities for potential undergraduate research, student worker positions, internships, and scholarship awards. We will also focus on charities affiliated with the Cannabis/Hemp Industry, for example, medicine for people suffering from Epilepsy, Seizures, Cancer or PTSD.Year Founded: 2022  Membership Dues: $25 semester or $40 annual   www.CHILCLUB.COMPunk Rock Lottery Iconic Austin Event PUNK ROCK LOTTERY Makes a Comeback at SXSW 2024 in conjunction with a Documentary Celebrating Its Legacy.Austin TX - On March 10th Empire Control Room and Garage will serve as the epicenter for an exciting event during the SXSW Film Festival showcasing a groundbreaking documentary produced right here in Austin. Titled "Punk Rock Lottery" the film explores the rich history and contemporary significance of counterculture movements.
63:24 3/8/24
Podcast # 159 Grow House Media Outlaw Party SXSW
Grow House Media talk with us about their 4th anniversary Outlaw Party benefiting the Last Prisoner Project. Cheech and Chong Outlaw Party 2024 SXSW also makes the cover our March edition of the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine.For Ticket information Visit
71:36 3/4/24
Ep. 158 Texas Healthy Homes and Grow House Media
Tim White of Texas Healthy Homes comes on to talk about his building projects with Hemp and Sustainability here in the Texas Area.Tim spoke last December at the Texas Hemp Summit. He offers his customers a custom built home with alternative building materials.He was quoted recently in the Guardian a few weeks ago in this article on Carbon Foot Print in building.Be sure to visit his website to learn more. Grow of Grow House Media also chimes in to talk about their 4th Annual Cheech & Chong Outlaw Party during SXSW this year. The annual event that benefits the Last Prisoner Project also comes off the heels of the premiere of the new Cheech & Chong Documentary: Cheech & Chongs Final Movie.
55:18 2/25/24
Episode # 157 Caprock Family Farms
Caprock Family Farms has the largest indoor Hemp grow operations in Texas. Keil and Anne Gauger join us this week to discuss talk about theirs products and the market as well as their own show The Best Budz podcast.
65:59 2/19/24
Podcast #156 Legal Freedoms for Cannabis
Podcast #156 Legal Freedoms for Cannabis:  Grounds Game Texas Executive Director Julie Oliver is on this week do discuss the recent Aggressive move by Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton to go after the cities that decriminalized low level cannabis offenses in the last year. Also . . . . Rod Kight is an award winning lawyer, advocate, and author focusing his efforts on supporting farmers, manufacturers, labs, distributors, brands, retailers, and others in the cannabis, hemp, marijuana, and CBD industries.   •
59:34 2/9/24
Ep. #155 Reggae Under the Stars & US Hemp Round Table
Angela Helt with Reggae Under the Stars comes on the show discussing the event in May 16-19 2024. Kerry Hinkle of the US Hemp Round-table also visits the show to discuss National Hemp Policy changes and what we can expect from industry in 2024.
63:07 2/2/24
Ep. # 154 Toke & Talk with CENTEX CBD
this weeks show is part 1 of 2 with Adam & Jennifer Gregg of CenTex CBD.This is the first video podcast in Russell Garage Studio....with the After Hours edition of the show...these shows will allow our team to smoke and try or partake if hosts or guests want to have that option.PART 2 continues below in audio format on their show . . . so the smoke and the conversationgets more potent on the next episode below.... Enjoy CLICK LINK ABOVE FOR PART 2 OF THIS EPISODE.
59:11 12/24/23
Ep. # 153 Rave Exotics - CEO Austin Ruple
Specializing in bulk hemp cannabinoids, available globally. CoFounder & CEO of PurIsoLabs LLC, & Rave Exoticsjoins the Texas Hemp Show with Russell to discuss market trends and his business as Texas continues to grow in thealternative hemp products space nationwide.:35 mins.Also Available on
35:16 12/1/23
Ep. # 152 AWS Tradeshow Day 2
John from Looper came in to talk with us about the California based brand and confided about how Texas is definitely one of their biggest markets and how the partnership with Raj  Shetty of AWS Wholesale has been instrumental in their success here in the Lone Star State. “ We will be back to Texas' ' the Looper executive stated that they have big plans here and will continue to expand as Texas is a healthy market for the hemp derived products.HiXotic CEO Andrew and Half Baked CEO  Tony both spoke to us and had similar comments about how Texas is a monster market for their California based brands. It truly is eye opening to learn how damn big the Texas market is for these companies , of which many actually produce full on cannabis products back home in California. It is estimated that Texas has the nation’s second-largest state for a hemp market that could generate $400 million in annual sales by 2025 according to Yahoo Finance.
40:54 11/21/23
Ep. # 151 AWS Tradeshow Day 1
AWS 2nd Annual Trade Show: Brands & Retailers compete for raffle with prizes and Slingshot up for Grabs.This past November the Texas Hemp Reporter magazine was invited out to the AWS Annual Trader show for vendors and retailers.We hosted our podcasts # 151 & 152 on site at the event where we spoke with brand owners and met with retailers and cannabis companies across the US.AWS along with its partners were giving away a 2023 Polaris Slingshot S and many other prizes as part of the company’s annual raffle for vendors and retailers . Of the brands that attended this 2nd annual AWS event; were companies like BARZ, 8-0Stixx, Sweet Sensi, Hidden Hills Club, HiXotic, Fifty Bar, GUD Tonics, STNR Creations, ghost, Looper, King K, 1836 Kratom, dub charge, Half Baked, Cann Social Tonic and more. 
53:23 11/21/23
Ep. # 150 East Side Hemp Fest with
Billy Marsden The Glassmith talks about his three locations... His smoke-shop are inside little food trailers around Austin TX and the west campus location offers a glass blowing studio.... This Veterans Day from 4-10pm they are hosting their East Side Hemp Festival on Cesar Chavez in Austin near The Coral Snake. Washington Ho had to reschedule.Washington Ho had to reschedule. . .  as we got a late start launching this week.
28:53 11/10/23
Ep. # 149 Dankk Edibiles
John from Dankk Lemonades comes on to discuss his brand and his company Dankk Edibles.his Lemonade won the # 1 beverage in our Texas THC Challenge last August.
60:35 11/6/23
EP. # 148 TX Hemp Harvest Festival & CannaSite
TX Hemp Harvest Festival and CannaSite web development.Texas Hemp Harvest Festival coming up November 3-4 at the Distribution Hall. Greg and Tracy tell us what we can expect from the 3rd year event. Music, Food, Vender booths and Brands! Reagan from CannaSite website development comes on in the 2nd half of the show to talk about their web design platform. #hemp #cannabis #friends #reggaemusic #texas #txhempshow #Episode148
53:08 10/27/23
Ep. # 147 Delta-8 Upheld in Texas & 4K Pharm
David Sergi and Andrea Steel give us a Legal Update on the TX Appeals Court Upholding The Injunction Against Delta 8 Products for retailers. The latest in Texas Hemp news and the future of Cannabis in the Lone Star State. Later Taylor from 4K Pharm talks with us about his harvest and special events coming this year.
67:40 10/27/23
Episode # 146 Fundcanna CEO Adam Stettner
 Fundcanna CEO Adam Stettner on the Texas Hemp Show Podcast this week. Learn about lending in the Green space with someone who knows the industry and has lent Billions of dollars. A very educational shows for business professionals in CBD, HEMP AND CANNABIS. 
73:36 10/13/23
Episode # 145 Wendy Askew
3 YR Aniv. Show with Dr AskewDr Wendy Askew discusses her work with patients and the future of Cannabis in TX. We talk sex in the 21st century, drugs and big pharma, and the future of psychadelics in macro dosage for our veterans, benefiting all health and the culture of Cannabis.Also celebrating 3 years of the Texas Hemp Show this week.
66:11 10/6/23
Episode # 144 - "RAIDED" Trevor of Rio CBD & TX Hemp Fed.
These week on the show profiles a Harlingen CBD shop owner who speaks out about shop being raided. Trevor Kocaoglan owner of  Rio CBD on Jackson Street was raided by the Harlingen Police Department on June, 6. The Texas Health and Safety Code, established by House Bill 1325, says consumable hemp products are legal in Texas, as long  as the levels of Delta 9 THC aren’t above 0.3%.Introducing & commenting on this on-going issue of illegal TX RAIDS on CBD store owners is director of the Texas Hemp Federation Jay Maguire.
46:50 9/22/23
Episode # 143 Ray Kadalri of the Hemp Building School
Ray Kadalri of the Hemp Building School discusses the growing opportunities for construction operations for public and private groups to learn how to build with Hemp. No three letter acronym for cannabis flower in this week's show. As Ray tells us that the industry is getting closer to fulfilling infrastructure for building codes and Home Builders are just a short time away from neighborhoods made of Hemp.Part of our shows recent commitment to cover broader areas of this amazing plant
62:45 9/10/23
Episode # 142 Texas Hemp Harvest Festival & American Natural Materials
Sweet Sensi presents the 3rd Annual Texas Hemp Harvest Festival November 3rd & 4th At Distribution Hall . . .  reserve your tickets today  . . . at Tracy and Greg Autry come on this week to tell about what they have planned for the Texas Hemp Harvest Festival at Distribution Hall this November. Also Frank Cheff calls in to tell us about a new Hempcrete Spray Application (Demonstration & Collaboration) by Frank Cheff of American Natural Materials.Hemp Bedding is Changing EverythingHemp bedding is revolutionizing the way animals are cared for. Mucking out dusty, smelly bedding used to be the most dreaded (and unhealthy) part of raising animals. With good hemp bedding, this problems disappears! The Aubiose hemp brand is the best quality and most readily available option, made by the oldest hemp bedding cooperative in the world.
57:44 9/4/23
Episode #141 - Farmacy Botanicals Shopp & Drops of Life CBD
Drops of Life Jake Garry talks with Russell and Rachel about his award winning Hemp flower for the Texas Hemp Harvest Festival coming up in November. Carolyn gives us a tour of her CannaBus dispensary on Wheels in San Antonio TX, the new Innovation is a creation from her and her Husband Ben of Farmacy Botanicals Shop. 
59:49 8/25/23
Episode # 140 - Live from the TX Cannabis Roundup
We are live this week from the Texas Cannabis Roundup in Dallas TX at the Longhorn Icehouse.Daulton O'Neil, Clayton Moore & Aaron Owens from Tejas Tonic stop by to speak with us.Welcome to one of the largest gatherings of cannabis business professionals in the South. We aim to round up Texas Cannabis Executives for a night filled with education, deal making, & fun. The Live Stream link is below.
60:34 8/22/23
Episode # 139 Elevated Trading Co
Cody SandoneFounder | CEO at Elevated Trading.Brothers Justin & Cody talk about their wholesale flower operations here int the Lone star state.
56:39 8/11/23

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