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The Lean Effect

Mark DeJong interviews Lean experts and business innovators from around the world focusing on how leaders can best apply Lean principles in their role and business. Topics include Lean Culture, Lean Manufacturing, Lean Healthcare, Lean Production, Lean Enterprise & Lean Startup. Want to be a guest? have questions? please email:


Jake Harrell: (EP 81) How do you create a thriving community with a culture that is constantly striving to improve? 47:12 01/19/2022
Bob Rush: (EP 80) There are no experts in lean; only those who have spent more time doing it. 52:07 01/11/2022
Deondra Wardelle: (EP 79) The importance of a productive environment. 57:23 01/06/2022
Mike De Luca & Nick Katko: (EP 78) Accounting vs. Lean Accounting 54:35 12/29/2021
Clare DiFrisco: (EP 77) Mergers and acquisitions, Lean and Culture…... 50:35 12/24/2021
Crystal Davis: (EP 76) A burning platform is the greatest motivator to practice lean. 23:02 12/23/2021
Thomas Frase: (EP 75) Reduce defects to reduce rework and reduce waste. 47:08 12/22/2021
Paul Deane: (EP 74) Dogmatic or pragmatic? Which one are you? 46:12 12/22/2021
Mohit Gupta: (EP 73) How digital influences lean and how lean affects digital 44:14 12/21/2021
Elisabeth Swan: (EP 72) Value is created by asking good questions 41:10 12/18/2021
Tracy Defoe: (EP 71) Why are you doing what you're doing? 53:05 12/17/2021
Joseph A. DeFeo: (EP 70) Quality vs. Lean 46:21 12/16/2021
Keith Ingels: (EP 69) How to be super engaged with Lean? 50:44 12/15/2021
Audie Penn: (EP 68) Why do lean implementations fail at the rate that they do? 39:27 12/14/2021
Andrew Lingel: (EP 67) Solving Problems vs Applying Lean Tools to Your Business 39:45 12/13/2021
Jim Benson: (EP 66) Productivity versus Effectiveness 40:47 12/10/2021
Michael Bremer: (EP 65) Leadership has a responsibility to create an environment where people can do the best possible work 37:41 12/09/2021
Deborah McGee: (EP 64) The joy of working shoulder to shoulder facing challenges on the shop floor. 41:15 12/08/2021
David Brunt: (EP 63) Are you striking a balance between the technical and social skills needed for leading your Lean transformation? 58:53 12/07/2021
Benny Ausmus: (EP 62) Culture is a pattern or system of ideas, values, and behavioral conventions that an organization has developed over time. 51:13 12/06/2021
Chris Burnham: (EP 61) Lean in Continuous Improvement is not about a set of tools; it’s about people operating systems that empower people. 44:31 12/04/2021
Mark Graban: (EP 60) The “My Favorite Mistake” show 33:38 12/02/2021
Andrew Shapiro-Zysk: (EP 59) The data tells us what people are doing.. 39:50 12/01/2021
David Veech: (EP 58) Definition of Leadership... 48:45 11/24/2021
Andrew Parris: (EP 57) Lean in Aerospace vs. NGO…. 45:43 11/17/2021
Stephen Parry: (EP 56) Release your employees' potential, and the business will follow. 38:45 11/10/2021
Jeff Kass: (EP 55) The more you can learn about gravity, the more that you can play with gravity 46:21 11/03/2021
Eric Olsen: (EP 54) The business culture is getting more accepting of actual Lean cultures. 38:07 10/27/2021
Jamie Parker: (EP 53) Process vs. Outcome…. 41:08 10/20/2021
Sean Fields & Michael Sanders: (EP 52) Quantum Lean vs. Traditional Lean…. 38:55 10/13/2021