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Too Many Podcasts!

It's a podcast about podcasts...and more! Wondering where to find podcasts or grow your podcast library? Then, welcome to The Sherpa Chalet, where I interview podcasters, artists, and interesting people, recommend podcasts, and tell bad jokes! I'm your podcast Sherpa! Got media to promote? Email me at . Listen, subscribe, review, spread the word, follow, and make this your 6th favorite podcast! (Keeping the pressure off here...) #VivaLaSherplution!


The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Michael Myers! 45:52 12/01/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Darren Dowler! 50:39 11/24/2021
Comic Jason Pollock says, "Hi, I'm Jason", and it gets sillier from there! 42:04 11/17/2021
Dr. Lindsay Weisner ("Neurotic Nourishment" & "Crimes of Long Island Podcast") Returns! 44:35 11/10/2021
Questions about Emergency Workers? The guys from "The Washdown Podcast" Respond to the call! 31:27 11/03/2021
Mela Borawski of the"Belle,Book,&Candle" podcast leaves us "spellbound" for Halloween! 29:45 10/31/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet John Vorhaus! 47:31 10/27/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Marc Morales! 32:11 10/20/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Joshua Azali! 27:26 10/13/2021
Attention, Rebels! Here's the "Sound" of Kennedy Phillips! 44:23 10/06/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room- Meet Einar Haraldsson! 24:38 09/29/2021
Everything's Coming Up Rosie (O'Donnell?) for "The Richard Wilmore Show"! 33:53 09/22/2021
We say, "Hello, Wonderful!" to Sarah K. Ramsey, of the "Toxic Person Proof Podcast"! 42:10 09/15/2021
Actress Jenna Coker-Jones Puts a Fine (Exclamation) Point on Eating Healthy!! 41:04 09/08/2021
2 Interviews for the price of 1! (Wait, they're free?) 59:19 09/01/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet DC Glenn (aka DC The Brain Supreme of Tag Team)! 46:33 08/25/2021
A chat with author and "Autism Warrior", SJ Childs of "The SJ Childs Show"! 30:26 08/18/2021
Of Podcasts and Paranormal: It's author Wendy Kok, of "A Juicy Pear"! 32:55 08/11/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room-Meet Shanna Toft! 39:15 08/04/2021
Season 7 Kicks off with a Career Transfusion! It's Jolie Downs from "Fresh Blood: Killin it After 40"! 36:58 07/28/2021
It's the "Too Many Podcasts!" Season 6 Cleanup! 22:23 07/21/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room- Meet Frank Ferrante! (Season 6 Finale) 48:12 07/14/2021
Don't "draw" any conclusions (*groan*) about animation-Mark Stancil of Terminus Media is Here! 46:20 07/07/2021
Radio Guy Steven Phillips brings "The Morning Dish" (and The Sherpa forgets the silverware)! 28:19 06/30/2021
It's a "star-studded" interview with astrophysicist Dr. Paul Sutter of "Ask A Spaceman!" 46:16 06/23/2021
We're at the "Cabaret Cafe", where Mark & The Sherpa exceed the 10-laugh minimum! 41:33 06/16/2021
It's Anthony from "The Independent Mouth" (thank goodness "The Conservative Nostrils" stayed home)! 46:33 06/09/2021
The Sherpa Screening Room: Meet Aubrey Logan! 64:39 06/02/2021
Call It A Comeback! It's Michael Stein of "Long Shot Leaders!" 41:27 05/26/2021
We get the "Big Skinny" on Kenney Pope of "Casual Conversations"! 36:24 05/19/2021