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The Ecommerce Wizards podcast features top leaders in e-commerce and business to discuss proven strategies and trends from people in the trenches.


What’s the Difference Between WooCommerce and Magento? With Avi Kumar of KUWARE
Avi Kumar is an expert in PPC and digital marketing. As the Founder and CEO of KUWARE, a digital marketing agency, he focuses on customer acquisition through SEM, SEO, web design, email, and other tools. He spent eight years at Intel at the beginning of his career and recently became the CEO at InvisiblePPC.  With over two decades of experience, Avi is a powerhouse of talent. It’s rare to come across a person who understands the finer nuances of business and technology at the same time. He has a BS, a BSEE, an MSEE in computer engineering, and an MBA in Entrepreneurship. In his free time, Avi mentors youngsters or reads books, blogs, and magazines. In this episode… When choosing the right ecommerce platform, there are hundreds of complications that can be hard to predict. Online businesses each have their own needs, which cannot always be met by choosing the most popular platform. It helps to have unbiased experts who can guide entrepreneurs to the best fit for their company. Avi Kumar has deep experience with multiple ecommerce platforms, including WooCommerce. He knows the unique advantages and limitations and helps his clients use the service efficiently. However, there are plenty of other platforms to choose from, including powerful options like Magento. So what exactly makes WooCommerce and Magento different from the rest? Guillaume Le Tual interviews Avi Kumar, the Founder and CEO of KUWARE, to learn about the differences between WooCommerce, Magento, and other popular ecommerce platforms. They start with Avi’s entrepreneurial journey and his experience in this complex field. They go through topics such as security, why the size of your platform matters, scalability, using freelancers, and much more. Hear it all on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast!
44:26 08/18/2022
How To Succeed in Retail and Wholesale With Eldad Alfi of Alfi Trade, Inc.
Eldad Alfi is an entrepreneur who started his first business at the age of 19. Since then, he has gone on to start four companies. He is the Founder and CEO of Alfi Trade, Inc., a wholesale distribution company that supplies decorative plumbing, kitchen, and bath fixtures. Eldad is the Founder and CEO of Blue Bath, an online retailer of name-brand high-end decorative plumbing fixtures for kitchens and baths.  In addition to those two businesses, Eldad has built up his rental portfolio and expanded his investments into property management companies. He’s the CEO of Alfi Properties LLC, a real estate holding and property management firm, and he co-founded La Casa Zula, an organic beach house and retreat center in the works. His focus remains on cutting-edge technologies and advancements in hospitality. In this episode… At first glance, retail and wholesale feel like completely different worlds. Any transition or cooperation between the two is rare, requiring distinct strategies and philosophies. However, they are not mutually exclusive, and some people have found success in both spaces. Eldad Alfi has worked in the two fields at various times in his four businesses. His experience is filled with obstacles and breakthroughs, giving him his unique perspective. He has a lot to share about his time in ecommerce and, more specifically, what’s the best way to play the game. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual talks with Eldad Alfi, the Founder and CEO of Alfi Trade Inc., to go through his advice on retail and wholesale. They start with his multiple businesses and how he found his footing as an entrepreneur. They go on to discuss the transition from wholesale to retail, MAP enforcement, and how to sell in the marketplace. Check out the full episode to hear all of this and more.
47:19 08/11/2022
How To Improve Conversions for Ecommerce Businesses With Susan Bradley of The Social Sales Girls
Susan Bradley is the Founder of The Social Sales Girls, an ecommerce brand where she helps clients grow their businesses. Through community, self-paced courses, tight-knit communities, masterminds, and private sessions, she works with Shopify store owners to develop solid, strategic plans they can follow over and over to create reliable, consistent revenue. Susan has built and sold one business and bought and sold the children’s shoe brand Wee Squeak. In association with her ecommerce site, she runs a blog and podcast where she offers actionable advice on growing your business. In this episode… The eternal question for ecommerce business owners is how to increase conversions. Driving traffic is important, but your brand will never grow without capitalizing on those online visits. Thousands of people say they know the secret, but not all of them have personal experience with success in the ecommerce space. One person who found success is Susan Bradley. Having grown and sold two businesses, Susan has firsthand knowledge of the difficulties of growing an ecommerce brand. She also has a background in wholesale and DTC companies. Now she uses her expertise to help other entrepreneurs grow their brands and increase their conversion rates. Want to know how she does it? Guillaume Le Tual talks with Susan Bradley, the Founder of The Social Sales Girls, to go through the best advice for ecommerce brands. They start by discussing conversions and how to make the most out of your visitors. Then, the two dive into more detail on the power of social media for marketing, wholesale versus DTC, and the turnover rate for online businesses. Hear all this and more on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast! 
46:23 07/07/2022
How To Protect Your Business From Fraud With Megan Blissick of Signifyd
Megan Blissick is the Head of Global Agency Partnerships at Signifyd, the leader in ecommerce protection. Megan's background includes a widespread ecommerce experience, ranging from brand management to digital marketing and advertising, in addition to building partnerships throughout the SaaS ecosystem. Signifyd provides an end-to-end commerce protection platform that leverages its commerce network to maximize conversion, automate customer experience, and eliminate fraud and customer abuse for retailers. Signifyd uses big data and machine learning to provide a 100% financial guarantee against fraud and chargebacks on approved orders. This effectively shifts the liability for fraud away from ecommerce merchants, allowing them to increase sales and open new markets while reducing risk. Signifyd counts among its customers many companies on the Fortune 1000 and Internet Retailer Top 500 lists. Signifyd is headquartered in San Jose, CA, with locations in Denver, New York, Mexico City, Belfast, and London. In this episode… Fraud is an unfortunate reality for ecommerce businesses, but what if it could be effectively and consistently prevented? Both fraud and fraud protection are in a constant game of cat and mouse, with new issues and solutions being introduced every day. Most companies can’t afford to stay on top of these trends, so they only treat the symptoms rather than the underlying causes. The best solution is to have a dedicated service specializing in ecommerce fraud. A few of these exist, and Signifyd is leading the charge with its knowledgeable staff. So while fraud can never be fully prevented, now you can stay one step ahead. Guillaume Le Tual joins Megan Blissick, the Head of Global Agency Partnerships at Signifyd, on the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast to discuss fraud in ecommerce and the best preventions. They start with the common issues in the current ecommerce landscape and what measures are being taken to deal with them. They also get into returns, subscriptions, and bot-based attacks and the unique challenges each one brings.
46:31 06/02/2022
How to Market on a Tight Budget With Brooke Ihlefeld of pc/nametag
Brooke Ihlefeld is a digital marketing specialist with experience in SEO, lead generation, social media, copywriting, and more. She is the Digital Marketing Manager at pc/nametag, which offers custom supplies and promotional products for businesses and events. Previously, she worked in digital marketing for companies such as Orascoptic, Gray Plant Mooty, and AkitaBox. Outside of work, she runs multiple blogs on pop culture with more than 60,000 followers in total. In this episode… How much does money play into successful digital marketing? It can sometimes feel like a necessity to have a monstrous marketing budget. After all, so many competitors have extensive budgets that can succeed by sheer force. However money is not the only important factor for success, and, in some situations, it can be almost entirely circumvented. Many companies have had to overcome this particular challenge due to recent changes in the market. It is not an impossible feat — all you need to know is how to make the most out of the least. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual talks with Brooke Ihlefeld, the Digital Marketing Manager at pc/nametag, to discuss how to improve your digital marketing on a tight budget. They go through the company’s challenges during the pandemic and how they found new ways to market with limited resources. Brooke also gives her advice on topics such as quality over quantity, turning your business into a thought leader, and how to adapt products quickly.
34:53 05/26/2022
Why the Subscription Model Is So Effective With Evan Padgett of Stealth Venture Labs
Evan Padgett is a subscription commerce expert with nearly 20 years of experience under his belt. He is the COO of Stealth Venture Labs, having started as a General Manager and Partner. He also works as a consultant to help businesses grow their marketing, define their brand, and strengthen their investment strategy. He developed his skills in leadership and data analysis while working with companies like Intelligent Beauty and JustFab Inc. In this episode… The subscription model has skyrocketed over the past decade, and there are several advantages to implementing the model for an ecommerce brand. With such a low barrier to entry for most people, it can be hard to resist the allure of a budget-friendly monthly rate. Businesses of all kinds are trying out subscriptions, but many are finding out that it’s not as easy as it may seem. All of those advantages come with difficulties, and if you don’t know how to navigate them, it can paralyze your model from the start. Evan Padgett knows this better than most with 20 years of experience in subscription commerce. He has helped companies both large and small navigate marketing, funding, brand development, and everything in between. He knows the multitude of factors that can lead a subscription model to success — and he’s here to share his insights. Guillaume Le Tual sits down with Evan Padgett, the COO of Stealth Venture Labs, to discuss subscription models and how to make them work. They dive deep into marketing and funding, talking about the necessary cash flow that most companies need. They then go into a variety of topics including recent supply chain issues, good unit economics, and compelling value propositions. Hear all of this and much more on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.
64:25 05/19/2022
How to Grow and Franchise Your Boutique Business With Ciara Stockeland of The Boutique Workshop
Ciara Stockeland is a serial entrepreneur and the Founder of The Boutique Workshop. She uses her experience as a former seven-figure boutique owner to coach others on how to find success with their boutiques. Her original business, MODE, is now a franchise with multiple locations throughout the midwest. Along with her coaching, Ciara started a membership and wholesale subscription box for the same purpose. She is also the Host of The Boutique Workshop Podcast. In this episode… Building a boutique shop, by its very essence, means catering to a particular niche. As a result, it can be challenging to find a market and customer base to carry your business model. However, the rewards can be incredible as you develop something new and different. It’s a complicated proposition that carries its own advantages and obstacles. Ciara Stockeland has experienced this firsthand. She opened her own boutique in 2007 and slowly built it into a successful franchise. Since then, she has shifted her focus to helping other boutique owners thrive with their own businesses. Ciara has valuable insight from both the inside and outside of this business model and is here to share her expert advice with you. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual interviews Ciara Stockeland, the Founder of The Boutique Workshop, to discuss how to make your boutique business thrive. They start with her own story of entrepreneurship and the lessons she learned while franchising. They then dive into more specific topics, including product sourcing, scaling, and developing relationships. Stay tuned to hear all this and more!
46:17 04/14/2022
What Kind of Ecommerce Platform Is Best? With Mitchell Callahan of Saucal
Mitchell Callahan is the CEO and Co-founder of Saucal, a WordPress partner and agency that works extensively in WooCommerce development. Mitchell is a specialist in WooCommerce and hosts the Toronto meetup for other dedicated users. His background consists of sales and client services experience at companies in Toronto. He has visited more than 40 countries and previously lived in South Korea as an EFL teacher. In this episode… There’s a lot more than meets the eye when building an ecommerce website. With more options comes more choices for businesses — each one potentially affecting their sales and success. While every ecommerce platform claims to be the best, the reality is much more complicated. The distinct strengths and weaknesses of each platform need to be considered, and having expert help can be invaluable.  Mitchell Callahan is the CEO of Saucal, an agency filled with experts in WooCommerce. In addition to his specialization in WooCommerce, Mitchell is also familiar with the full range of options for different platforms. He’s done his homework and has a comprehensive understanding of what makes each ecommerce platform and feature worth considering. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual sits down with Mitchell Callahan, the CEO and Co-founder of Saucal, to discuss what makes an ecommerce platform successful. Together, they go through the many different options and distinct features of each style and platform. They then go on to talk about topics such as open source software, focusing on frontend versus backend, and the complex future of cryptocurrency. Check it out to hear all this and much more!
50:09 04/07/2022
How to Optimize Your Entrepreneurial Mindset With Valentin Radu of Omniconvert
With a long and diverse career, Valentin Radu is a well-rounded entrepreneur with a specialization in ecommerce. He is the CEO of Omniconvert, a business that offers growth solutions for other ecommerce companies. He also created the Omniconvert CVO Academy, which offers education and strategy to improve customer lifetime value. Before Omniconvert, Valentin founded other companies such as, which became one of the largest online car insurance companies in Romania, growing to 250,000 customers. His background also includes time in radio, optometry, web design, and sales training. In this episode… How often do we think about changing our mindsets? Outside of the occasional motivational book or social media post, few of us apply much effort to adapting our mindset. As an entrepreneur, your first instinct may be to focus on strategies and results, but your underlying mindset is the foundation of your business. Changing your outlook and becoming aware of your own biases will not only improve your personal life but also transform your company.  Valentin Radu has built multiple companies and worked in several different industries. He has learned the hard way what it takes to be successful. Changing his mindset in small but crucial ways allowed him to grow as an entrepreneur and leader. So what exactly were those changes, and what do they look like in practice? Guillaume Le Tual interviews Valentin Radu, the CEO and Founder of Omniconvert, to talk about changing your entrepreneurial mindset. They discuss how to learn from your past mistakes and what it means to optimize your outlook on business. They also touch on different ways to learn as an entrepreneur, the outdated ecommerce growth formula, and why you should focus on customer lifetime value. Find out more by listening to this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.
53:52 03/31/2022
Updates About Magento’s Transition to Adobe Commerce With Michael Rubino of Adobe
Michael Rubino is a Lead UX Designer for Adobe Commerce (powered by Magento), an all-in-one ecommerce platform. He was a Senior UX Designer with Magento before it was acquired by Adobe and has a decade of experience in UX design. Previously, Michael worked at Pando Networks and Sanctri in New York City before moving to Austin. He earned his bachelor’s degree from Ramapo College of New Jersey. In this episode… Because it’s open-source, Magento has always been a popular choice with distinct strengths and advantages. But the world of ecommerce is quickly evolving, which leaves businesses and users with a vested interest in how their platform will adapt. Enter: Adobe Commerce, powered by Magento.  Michael Rubino is a Lead UX Designer at Adobe, working hands-on with the transition from Magento to Adobe Commerce. He was with Magento before the acquisition, giving him both an inside and outside perspective on the company. Michael and the rest of the team have continued to work on the platform, adjusting and refining its features. So what exactly is on the horizon for Adobe Commerce? In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual talks with Michael Rubino, a Lead UX Designer at Adobe, about Magento’s transition to Adobe Commerce and what’s happening on the ground floor. The two go over the three clouds within Adobe and how they work together. They also discuss the changes with the platform, how to submit feedback, and the integration of new features. Stay tuned for more!
42:36 03/17/2022
Year in Review
Guillaume Le Tual is an entrepreneur and multimedia technologist with more than 15 years of experience in web design, digital marketing, and the Magento platform. He has worked with clients including Volkswagen, Discovery Channel, The National Bank of Canada, and Warner Bros. Guillaume is also the Founder of MageMontreal, a Magento-certified ecommerce agency based in Montreal, Canada. MageMontreal works exclusively with the Magento platform to complete ecommerce website design and development, perform maintenance and support, and integrate Magento with ERP, SAP, and other third-party software. In addition to this, Guillaume also hosts the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast. In this episode… While listening to podcasts can be informative, it can be even better to host one. The process of interviewing different industry experts and hearing fresh perspectives about ecommerce can do wonders.  Guillaume Le Tual had a productive year in podcasting, gaining new wisdom about a multitude of subjects within the ecommerce space. Each episode touched on familiar themes while simultaneously bringing something new to consider and implement into a business. With so many lessons learned, Guillaume is here to share some of the key takeaways from his conversations over the past year.  In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Dr. Jeremy Weisz of Rise25 sits down with Guillaume Le Tual to discuss his wisdom-filled year of podcasting. They go episode by episode and break down the expert guests, the main ideas and lessons shared, and how they come together to highlight a few universal principles in ecommerce. Tune in to hear the full list and check out the podcast for new interviews!
22:53 03/03/2022
How to Help Your Team Be More Productive With Nick Sonnenberg of Leverage
Nick Sonnenberg is a serial entrepreneur and business efficiency consultant. He founded his growth agency, Leverage, to reinvent the way work gets done. Leverage uses operational efficiency tactics and strategic marketing expertise to help businesses optimize their revenue and performance. Nick is also the co-author of the book Idea to Execution: How to Optimize, Automate, and Outsource Everything in Your Business. He has worked with leading individuals and companies including Tony Robbins, Reckitt, Poo-Pourri, Ethereum, and more. In this episode… Have you ever considered how much inefficiency is costing your business? You may have a talented team at your company, but if they’re unorganized or inefficient, it can start to add up. Those small errors not only drive down profits but also add extra strain to your employees over time. However, they can be fixed with a few simple changes. You just have to know what you’re looking for. Nick Sonnenberg has dedicated his career to business efficiency. When working with a business, his agency, Leverage, starts at the bottom and systematically rethinks the small pain points that lead to large losses. If anyone can identify and solve the hindrances in your company, it’s him. Now, he’s here to share his top optimization tips with you. Guillaume Le Tual invites Nick Sonnenberg, the CEO and Founder of Leverage, onto the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast to discuss business efficiency and how to help your team be more productive. They talk about the small cracks in your company that can easily be fixed to keep your team focused. They also go into the resources, tips, and strategies you need to create a more efficient workplace. Tune in to hear all this and more!
27:31 12/16/2021
Ways to Differentiate Your Ecommerce Business With Robert Murray of Intrigue
Robert Murray is an experienced entrepreneur who has dedicated his career to helping other entrepreneurs thrive through revenue growth and digital marketing strategy. He started his business, Intrigue, over 15 years ago with the mission of empowering homeowner and professional services companies. In addition to his role as CEO at Intrigue, Robert is the Learning Chair for the Entrepreneurs’ Organization in Ontario. He also volunteers as a Member of the Fergus/Elora Chapter of the Rotary Club. In this episode… How do you make your ecommerce business stand out? For many leaders, it’s a difficult process. The market is overflowing with online stores and solutions for every problem. What’s more, there are typically many businesses occupying the same spaces — even niche areas. To truly differentiate yourself, you need to find ways to not only improve your offering, but make it memorable for consumers. Robert Murray has been empowering companies for over 15 years with this mindset. He helps them refine their strategy, find their core customers, and thrive despite the competition. With his tried-and-true methods, Robert has been able to make his mark and generate results for his clients time and time again. Now he talks about those same principles with you. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual interviews Robert Murray, the Founder and CEO of Intrigue, to discuss how companies can rise above the rest through differentiation and strategy. They go over the differences between marketing tactics and strategy and talk about leveraging the ecommerce space for your business. They also touch on finding the right talent for your team and how to motivate them to apply. Check out this episode for all this and more!
40:21 12/09/2021
How to Build a Successful Software Start-Up With Michael Erickson Facchin of Ad Badger
Michael Erickson Facchin is the CEO of Ad Badger, a company that delivers powerful Amazon PPC software and resources. Michael specializes in helping Amazon marketers and entrepreneurs scale their advertising campaigns and boost their revenue.  Michael’s initial experience with online marketing comes from his role as a PPC Strategist for Search Scientists, where he continues to work to this day. He is also the host of the PPC Den, a podcast that discusses the fundamentals of Amazon PPC. In this episode… There are a lot of different ways to get your brand promoted on Amazon. As PPC has grown in usage, the results haven’t always followed proportionally. After all, there’s a limited amount of space and customer attention to go around, despite a seemingly endless number of products in the marketplace. So how do you get that extra leg up on the competition? Plenty of experts offer their advice on how to excel, but few have built a community around it. Michael Erickson Facchin, the CEO of Ad Badger, has designed his software company by pulling from a larger pool of technology and expertise. The result is a service that delivers concrete results the old-fashioned way: by getting well-researched people in one place.  In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual talks with Michael Erickson Facchin about his Amazon PPC software company, Ad Badger. They discuss the early days of the company and Michael’s experience with fundraising. Michael also goes into detail on acquiring customers, optimizing your marketing channels, and making your mark on Amazon. They even share the tips and tools your brand needs to succeed. Check out this episode to hear it all for yourself!
32:39 12/02/2021
How to Scale Your Business Through Systemization With Yoni Kozminski of Escala
Yoni Kozminski is the Founder and CEO of both Escala and MultiplyMii.  Escala offers consulting services for ecommerce companies and Amazon sellers who want to scale their businesses. On the other hand, MultiplyMii specializes in affordable offshore staffing solutions and HR outsourcing for ecommerce businesses. Both companies provide different solutions aimed at taking ecommerce and Amazon businesses to the next level. In addition to being a scaling expert and entrepreneur, Yoni also hosts the podcast Successful Scales, where he interviews leaders on what it takes to build successful businesses. He has a background in digital marketing and advertising, and has worked with companies such as Mercedes-Benz, Mastercard, and Sony. In this episode… As your ecommerce business scales, it can be difficult to keep track of everything. Your small, focused team starts to expand and your simple business plan has to adapt. There might be that initial urge to micromanage and keep a tight hold on your company, but there’s a better and more natural way. In fact, it might even directly contribute to your continued growth. Organization and systematization are crucial to the success of your company. More specifically, the ability to automate and structure your business can work wonders for your day-to-day and bottom line. It’s difficult to do it well; but, it helps to have someone who has done it a thousand times before. That’s where Yoni Kozminski comes in. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual talks with Yoni Kozminski, the Founder and CEO of Escala and MultiplyMii, about the best way to systematize your ecommerce brand. They go step by step through Yoni’s process of evaluation, education, and organization. They also talk about the specific tools and lessons that will help your company scale effectively. Stay tuned to find out more!
48:08 11/26/2021
How to Use Data to Understand Customers With Kevin Hillstrom of MineThatData
Kevin Hillstrom is the President of MineThatData, a service that offers data-driven insights into how customers interact with brands, advertising, products, and channels. Kevin has helped over 250 clients ranging from start-ups to billion-dollar brands. His MineThatData blog is widely read in the marketing industry and has 10,000 monthly visitors. Kevin has over 30 years of experience in analytics and marketing, giving him a keen understanding of the relationship between the two. Previously, he worked for leading brands such as Nordstrom and Eddie Bauer. In this episode… All ecommerce businesses use data, but how deep do they go? Sure, a few analytics might help businesses make better marketing decisions, but that’s only the beginning. Having detailed data and knowing how to read it might be the most important component of any brand’s success. Now, all you need is the right expert. Enter Kevin Hillstrom, a data specialist and customer development expert. His services and blog are centered around using sophisticated analytics tools to help ecommerce companies make the right choices. His long career in the marketing and analytics industries have given him the expertise to not only interpret the information but also apply it. Now, he’s here to share a glimpse into his process and how he translates numbers into results. Guillaume Le Tual sits down with Kevin Hillstrom, the President of MineThatData, to discuss how he uses data to help brands understand and convert customers. They talk about how to both acquire new customers and foster loyalty among pre-existing clients. They also dive into the future of ecommerce, how to effectively use discounts, and the three different types of consumer audiences to target. Find out the rest on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast!
39:25 11/11/2021
What Does The Future of Ecommerce Look Like? With Derric Haynie of
Derric Haynie is the Chief Ecommerce Technologist for After seeing a disconnect between ecommerce teams and the tools they were using, Derric started his company to help these businesses find the right technology for them. He has years of experience in marketing, technology, and ecommerce and is a renowned expert in Shopify applications and tech.  Before starting, Derric held executive roles at a number of ecommerce and marketing companies, including Gorgias, BoxyCharm, and Vulpine Interactive. Outside of work, he volunteers for GrowthX Academy, where he mentors and advises students interested in becoming expert growth hackers. In this episode… Ecommerce is constantly changing. Anyone in the industry will be quick to tell you how fluid and uncertain the market can be — especially since the COVID-19 pandemic. So much is still unknown, especially for smaller digital brands. Is your company prepared for the coming tides of the online marketplace? No one can truly know what the future of ecommerce will hold, but there are people who are plugged into the latest trends and challenges impacting the industry. Derric Haynie, a Shopify expert and ecommerce wizard, is one of those people. He works with digital tools and brands every day, giving him a keen insight into what is on the horizon. So, what are Derric’s predictions? Guillaume Le Tual invites Derric Haynie, the Chief Ecommerce Technologist at, back to the show to discuss his thoughts on the future of ecommerce. Together, they talk about the current problems and pain points in the marketplace and how they might be improved. They also dive into the trends affecting manufacturing, the importance of diversifying the supply chain, and how AI can be used to improve your online store. Hear it all on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast. 
45:46 11/04/2021
How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business with Shawn Johal of Elevation Leaders, Part Two
Shawn Johal is an entrepreneur, workshop leader, and business growth coach. In 2019, he launched his coaching practice, Elevation Leaders, where he works with companies generating anywhere from $5 million to $200 million in revenue.  Shawn is also the Co-founder of DALS Lighting, a manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. Under his leadership, the company grew its revenue three times over and established a world-class workplace. Additionally, he is the Director on the Board for the Champions for Life Foundation, an Accelerator Coach for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and an international best-selling author. In this episode… Despite all of the different theories on sales, a successful business comes down to one thing: cash. In order to survive, businesses must make money — or more specifically, turn a profit. Without a positive, consistent cash flow, that profit will be impossible. Unfortunately, many businesses are stumbling in the dark, desperately trying to figure out why they’re struggling to achieve the cash flow and growth they need. Shawn Johal has gone through that same experience of trying to solve the cash flow problem. Now that he’s on the other side, he has the know-how to improve cash flow and increase profits for other businesses. With his tried-and-true models and metrics, he can help you diagnose cash problems and solve them quickly. So, what are Shawn’s expert tips for growing profitably? Shawn Johal, the CEO of Elevation Leaders, returns as a guest on the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast to share his advice for improving your cash flow. The two talk about Shawn’s past struggles with cash and how he increased profits and growth for his business. They also dive into the seven levers of business, the cash conversion cycle, and how to handle financing. Discover this and more by checking out the full episode!
47:28 10/28/2021
How to Transition to Ecommerce With Steve Chou of My Wife Quit Her Job
Steve Chou is the Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, an educational blog and podcast that teaches people how to sell physical products in the digital marketplace. Steve is also the Co-founder of Sellers Summit, a curriculum-based conference where attendees can receive current and practical ecommerce strategies. Additionally, he runs Bumblebee Linens, a seven-figure online store that sells handkerchiefs and linens for special occasions.  Before this, Steve worked in electrical engineering for almost 20 years at companies such as Tensilica and Cadence Design Systems. In this episode… It’s getting harder and harder for businesses to thrive with brick-and-mortar stores alone. Many companies have started exploring ecommerce, with some making a full transition to the digital marketplace. The only problem? Ecommerce is a vastly different industry. The old faithful strategies of running an in-person store don’t work the same online. In fact, even the best techniques are changing day to day and year to year. It can be intimidating to try and enter the world of ecommerce so late in the game. However, there are experts who have dedicated themselves to helping brands in their early years of selling online. One of these is Steve Chou, the Founder of the blog and podcast My Wife Quit Her Job. Now, he’s here to share that same advice with you. Guillaume Le Tual interviews Steve Chou, the Founder of My Wife Quit Her Job, to discuss how to successfully transition from brick and mortar to ecommerce. Together, they go over strategies for expanding your business online, the best channels to market in, and why high barriers to entry can be effective. They also share the common pitfalls for new ecommerce brands and how to avoid them. Find out more on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.
43:16 10/21/2021
How To Build a New Ecommerce Brand with Mike Jackness of Terran
Mike Jackness is an entrepreneur and e-commerce expert. He is the President and CEO of Terran, a leading e-commerce conglomerate that owns and builds top brands like IceWraps and Wild Baby. He also co-hosts the company’s podcast, EcomCrew, where he discusses all things e-commerce.  Mike started his first business straight out of high school before joining Lee Technologies as the IT Director. During his time there, he helped grow the company from 40 employees to over 200. More recently, Mike served as the President and CEO of Protos Marketing, which he founded with two business partners. In this episode… Everyone has an idea for a new e-commerce product, but what does it take to successfully launch one? Anyone who has tried to build a successful e-commerce brand will tell you how difficult the process can be. You must have an innovative idea, strategic marketing, and countless hours of hard work to bring it all together. Additionally, there are plenty of pitfalls along the way that can hinder even the best businesses. Every successful entrepreneur has a list of things they wish they had done differently — and that’s why advice from those who’ve walked the path before is so important. Fortunately, that’s exactly what Mike Jackness is here to do.  In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual interviews Mike Jackness, the CEO and President of Terran, to discuss his perspective on starting and running a new e-commerce brand. They go over Mike’s storied experience as an entrepreneur and how he manages his current companies through Terran. They also talk about the difficulties of duplicating success, what to know about your margins, and how to construct effective funnels. Stay tuned to hear it all for yourself!
55:53 10/14/2021
How Effective Is SMS Marketing With Tivan Amour of Tone?
Tivan Amour is a serial entrepreneur, leader, and SMS expert. He is the CEO of Tone, which was acquired by Attentive in 2021. Both work as SMS marketing solutions designed to increase revenue for ecommerce brands. Now Tivan serves as the General Manager and Conversational for Attentive. His last business, Fortified Bicycle, was acquired in 2019 after six years of continued growth. He also served in the past as a FedEx board member and a student entrepreneur mentor at BUILD. In this episode… SMS marketing can sometimes feel like a relic from a different era. After all, most people focus more on apps and websites than text messages in today’s age. The truth, however, is that SMS marketing can be more effective than ever. Not only are people using their phones at greater rates than in the past, but they are valuing companies that reach out. A genuine relationship between you and the customer is becoming the essential piece of marketing. This is the viewpoint of Tivan Amour, a serial entrepreneur who has seen how effective SMS marketing can be firsthand. His first business found success when he started implementing text messages for abandoned carts. After that, he founded his own SMS marketing company called Tone in 2017, which was then bought out by Attentive. If anyone knows the power of text messages, it’s him. Guillaume Le Tual invites Tivan Amour, CEO of Tone, to discuss why SMS marketing may be an unexplored tool for your ecommerce brand. The two go over how text messages work and the unique benefits over other forms of marketing. They also discuss a host of topics, including discounts, where ecommerce is heading, and why having your own app may not be as great as it once was. Hear it all for yourself on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.
48:56 10/07/2021
What Products to Sell on Amazon With Neil Twa of Voltage Digital Marketing
Neil Twa is an Amazon growth expert and the CEO of Voltage Digital Marketing, a company that launches, operates, and acquires private e-commerce brands. Since founding Voltage with Reed Larsen, Neil has steadily expanded the company’s services to help e-commerce sellers create successful brands on Amazon. They now work with businesses in SaaS, consulting, business coaching, and Amazon managed services industries.  Throughout his career, Neil has introduced dozens of entrepreneurs to passive streams of income. With experience generating millions of dollars on Amazon, he is an expert at helping brands achieve exponential success on the platform. In this episode… How do you succeed on Amazon? As the largest digital marketplace in the world, it has become a crucial platform for e-commerce brands. Many of the pressing questions that companies have about succeeding on Amazon involve performance and marketing. But what if there’s a basic question that many brands are forgetting to ask? With so much competition on Amazon, the question of what you sell is just as important as how you sell it. Consumers interact with thousands of products on a daily basis without giving much consideration to their market appeal. But, even with the platform’s endless catalog, Amazon still has holes left to be filled. As Neil Twa says, there is always room to innovate, rebrand, and surprise in the digital marketplace — all you need is someone to help you think outside the box. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual sits down with Neil Twa, the CEO of Voltage Digital Marketing, to discuss what to sell on Amazon and how to sell it. They go over the process of finding gaps in the marketplace and explain the key to boosting your profit margins. Neil also shares his digital marketing advice to Amazon sellers, including how to generate traffic and effectively dominate your market. Stay tuned to hear all this and more!
54:39 09/30/2021
How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business with Shawn Johal of Elevation Leaders
Shawn Johal is an entrepreneur, workshop leader, and business growth coach. In 2019, he launched his coaching practice, Elevation Leaders, where he works with companies generating anywhere from $5 million to $200 million in revenue.  Shawn is also the Co-founder of DALS Lighting, a manufacturer of LED lighting solutions. Under his leadership, the company grew its revenue three times over and established a world-class workplace. Additionally, he is the Director on the Board for the Champions for Life Foundation, an Accelerator Coach for Entrepreneurs’ Organization, and an international best-selling author. In this episode… What is the secret to scaling a business? Some companies make the process look easy, but it rarely is. There’s a lot that goes into effective growth, and even the most successful brands can struggle along the way.  According to business coach Shawn Johal, scaling an e-commerce business takes experience, strategy, and time. While there is no silver bullet, there are steps that every business can take to reliably grow. That’s why Shawn has simplified his approach to four pillars of successful growth. His techniques have worked for companies of all shapes and sizes, and now he’s here to explain how you can make them work for you. Guillaume Le Tual hosts Shawn Johal, the CEO of Elevation Leaders, to talk about his pillars for effectively scaling an e-commerce business. The two discuss which metrics to track for team success, how to hire the right people for the job, and the importance of setting SMART goals for your company. They also dive into Shawn’s process and break down how each pillar can transform your business’ growth. Learn these tips and more on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.
51:51 09/23/2021
How To Successfully Implement an Ecommerce Platform With Caspar Hardholt of Alumio
Caspar Hardholt is the Founder and CEO of Alumio, an integration platform for e-commerce brands. Caspar founded the business in 2016 to help companies simplify their digital processes and scale their businesses. His background is in user experience design and digital commerce.  Caspar spent more than 15 years as the CEO of MediaCT, which he helped grow into one of the leading Dutch commerce development agencies. Additionally, he has served as a board member of Touch Kiosk B.V. and Cobrowser. In this episode… Ecommerce platform integrations are difficult. Most companies that have undergone the process can describe the unforeseen challenges they experienced along the way. Balancing the budget, deadlines, and efficiency of the platform is hard, and the consequences can be severe. For this type of process, it’s always best to do it right the first time. However, many brands don’t have the staff or expertise to do it all themselves. That’s where Alumio comes in. Alumio is designed to help e-commerce businesses effectively create and manage their platform integrations. They have worked with dozens of companies to make the undertaking as painless as possible. Alumio’s founder, Caspar Hardholt, has an extensive background in e-commerce and UX design. If anyone knows how to make platform integrations run smoothly, it’s him. On this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual sits down with Caspar Hardholt, the Founder and CEO of Alumio, to discuss how to pull off a successful e-commerce integration. Caspar discusses a host of integration topics, including the pros and cons of agile frameworks, how to prevent scope creep, and the importance of team planning. He also talks about how to strike a balance between budget and deadlines when things get difficult. Stay tuned!
66:11 09/16/2021
How to Scale Your Ecommerce Business With Vinnie Fisher of Fully Accountable
Vinnie Fisher is an entrepreneur, author, and the CEO and Co-founder of Fully Accountable. Fully Accountable is an accounting firm that offers outsourced accounting and finance solutions to e-commerce and digital businesses. Since Vinnie founded the company in 2014, it has earned a spot on the Inc. 5000 list and was named one of the Top 10 Outsourced Accounting Firms by CFO Tech Outlook. Vinnie has nearly 20 years of experience growing businesses. Before founding Fully Accountable, he was the CEO and Co-founder of Brain Host. Vinnie is also the author of multiple books, including The CEO’s Mindset. In this episode… What is the secret to scaling your e-commerce business? It’s a question on every brand’s mind. With intense competition and thin margins, it can feel impossible to grow while still making a profit. There are many people who promise to know the answer, but the reality is far more complicated. Thousands of variables go into exponential business growth — and the only people who truly know the secrets to success are the ones who have done it before. Vinnie Fisher is an entrepreneur who has scaled multiple businesses across his career. His current company, Fully Accountable, has seen tremendous growth in seven years, even being recognized by Inc. Magazine as one of the 5,000 fastest growing private companies in 2020. Between his entrepreneurial experience and his books, Vinnie has accumulated a deep knowledge on the subject of growing a company the right way. Now he’s here to share his top tips and tricks. Guillaume Le Tual sits down with Vinnie Fisher, the CEO and Co-founder of Fully Accountable, to discuss his stories and advice on scaling a business to eight figures. The two go over the importance of proper accounting for e-commerce brands. They also dive into the different stages of company growth, how to increase profit margins, and the value of staying focused on the challenges of each day. Find out more on this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.
51:36 09/09/2021
How to Elevate Customer Service for Ecommerce Brands with Michael Potters of Gorgias
Michael Potters is the Enterprise Partner Manager at Gorgias, a multichannel helpdesk for e-commerce brands. Gorgias empowers over 7,000 businesses with better customer service on platforms like Shopify and Magento.  Before Gorgias, Michael was the Co-founder and CEO of Parachute Coffee, a coffee subscription service that was acquired by LeJeune Brands in 2020. Outside of work, Michael volunteers at King’s University College as an Alumni Association Board Member, leading the outreach and coordination for the Toronto Alumni Chapter. In this episode… How important is customer support for your brand? After all, many customers are able to go through the purchasing process without ever needing customer service. This has led to many smaller brands cutting corners on the backend at the cost of the customer experience. While strategies like this may work in the short term, they can leave some customers feeling frustrated and ignored. As Michael Potters says, if you want to create lifetime customers, you need better customer support. Few people understand the importance of the customer experience like Michael. He has seen the benefit from both sides — as an entrepreneur and as the Enterprise Partner Manager at Gorgias, which offers a powerful helpdesk for e-commerce brands. Having held these different roles, Michael has a holistic view of how to acquire and keep customers. Now, he’s here to share that viewpoint with you. On this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual hosts Michael Potters, the Enterprise Partner Manager at Gorgias, to talk about improving customer service and support as an e-commerce brand. Michael talks about his startup, Parachute Coffee, and how it was able to grow in a competitive market. He also discusses topics like SMS marketing, limiting your product selection, and how to properly exit a business. Stay tuned. 
46:21 09/02/2021
How to Measure and Maximize Your Data with Chris Mercer of
Chris “Mercer” Mercer, Co-founder of, is an in-demand measurement marketing expert. Mercer and his team have been helping marketers, marketing teams, and agencies evaluate their work, so they know how to adapt and improve. They create practical dashboards and pull actionable insights to begin forecasting and optimizing future results. In short, Mercer helps marketers measure their marketing, so they know what’s working and what’s not. Mercer spends countless hours reading, practicing, adjusting, and innovating to improve his skill set. He has a knack for teaching and is known for simplifying even the most complex ideas for his audience. He can be found speaking at conferences and events such as Traffic & Conversion, Social Media Marketing World, and TravelCon. In this episode… It’s hard enough to collect data accurately, but how do you read it once you have it? E-commerce businesses are fully reliant on this feedback to make educated decisions in their marketing. Being able to measure it and utilize it is what separates successful businesses from struggling ones. Using services for this process can give your brand a leg up, but which services are worth the investment? works hard to earn the trust of its clients. The team is made up of professionals who know how to make sense of all the numbers and deliver the powerful information you need to move forward. Their Co-founder, Chris Mercer, started the company in 2011 and has accumulated a decade’s worth of knowledge from his hands-on consulting. He has developed a unique approach to marketing, which he’s happy to explain for those who truly want to know their numbers. Guillaume Le Tual interviews Chris “Mercer” Mercer, the Co-founder of, to find out his steps to measuring and understanding data in e-commerce. Together, they go through the three core principles for marketing and how to apply them to your business. Mercer also goes over the common mistakes he sees in the field, the most important metrics to follow, and how to properly forecast sales. Find out more by checking out this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast.
59:54 07/22/2021
Generating Traffic to Your Ecommerce Business With Steven Pope of My Amazon Guy
Steven Pope is the Founder of My Amazon Guy, a full-service Amazon agency with more than 160 clients. As Founder, Steven helps clients grow through onsite and offsite channels, including SEO, SEM, and social media. Steven has also worked for multiple product brands and served as the Digital Marketing Manager for APMEX, Inc., which achieved 10 million additional website visits under his direction.  Outside of work, Steven is a chess enthusiast and a proud Eagle Scout. He also currently volunteers with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints as an instructor, executive secretary, and Sunday school president. In this episode… How do you generate unique, organic traffic for your products? SEO continues to be one of the most difficult components of running an e-commerce business. Tried-and-true tactics of the past are now less effective, leaving many brands in the dark. But, there’s one thing that is certain: Google values content that is relevant and engaging. Because of this, crafting quality content to drive customers to is the only true way to get ahead. This is where Steven Pope, the Founder of My Amazon Guy, comes in. My Amazon Guy is a full-service agency for Amazon and e-commerce brand owners. With his experience growing the agency and working as an e-commerce and digital marketing manager for other brands, Steven has sharpened his SEO expertise. He believes brands should have both an Amazon store and a personal website — and he’s here to share his strategies for how to effectively drive traffic to both. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Steven Pope, the Founder of My Amazon Guy, sits down with Guillaume Le Tual to discuss how to generate organic traffic for both e-commerce websites and Amazon stores. Steven reveals the number one improvement brands can make for their websites and shares his step-by-step SEO strategy. He also talks about the multiple phases of SEO, how to target micro-demographics, and what you can do to succeed as a smaller business. Stay tuned for more.
43:30 07/15/2021
Key Strategies for Success on Amazon with Jeff Cohen of Seller Labs
Jeff Cohen is a brand entrepreneur and the Vice President of Marketing at Seller Labs. Seller Labs offers Amazon seller software designed to increase profits and drive growth. The company’s services encompass Amazon advertising, customer review optimization, SEO, and more.  Jeff joined Seller Labs back in 2014 and has since helped the company become a leading revenue optimization platform. Before this, he spearheaded the launch lifecycle of both and Throughout his career, he has become an authority on Amazon, e-commerce, and digital marketing. In this episode… The hard truth of Amazon is that there is no “secret sauce.” While many gurus have advertised a single strategy for success, the reality is far more complicated. Amazon is a dense marketplace that keeps its cards close to its chest. Plenty of experts claim they have the answers, but few are able to prove it with data. So, how exactly do you succeed as a seller on the Amazon platform? Seller Labs’ international team works with thousands of Amazon sellers every day. They offer product revenue optimization and advertising management that help companies stand out from the endless competition. More specifically, Jeff Cohen, the Vice President of Marketing at Seller Labs, has mastered the ins and outs of building a brand’s presence on the Amazon platform. So, what are Jeff’s recommendations for new Amazon sellers? In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Guillaume Le Tual interviews Jeff Cohen, the Vice President of Marketing for Seller Labs, about his advice to brands looking to sell on Amazon. Jeff reviews every step of the Amazon process, from managing inventory to optimizing advertising. He also explains some of the common pitfalls that brands face on the platform and how to overcome them. Find out more by checking out this episode!
54:12 07/08/2021
How to Price Your Ecommerce Products with Burc Tanir of Prisync
Burc Tanir is the CEO and Co-founder of Prisync, a company that tracks competitor prices and offers dynamic pricing software for e-commerce businesses. Since starting Prisync in 2013 in Istanbul, Burc has scaled it to serve more than 500 e-commerce brands from over 50 different countries.  Before founding Prisync, Burc held marketing and sales roles for a number of companies. He co-founded his first business, a multi-platform enterprise IM app called BizCorner, in 2012. Now, he utilizes his professional experience to continue to grow and scale Prisync. In this episode… How should you price your products? After all of the time and effort that goes into creating a quality product, it can be difficult to know exactly how to value it. The e-commerce marketplace is crowded with brands that offer a wide range of prices. So, how can you utilize your competitors’ rates to create your own pricing strategy?  Fortunately, Prisync has made this process easy. Prisync is a SaaS company that helps e-commerce brands around the world track their competitors’ pricing. The Prisync team works with some of the leading brands in technology, including partnerships with both Shopify and Magento. Now, Burc Tanir, the CEO and Co-founder of Prisync, is here to share his expert approach to pricing with you. In this episode of the Ecommerce Wizards Podcast, Burc Tanir, the CEO and Co-founder of Prisync, talks with Guillaume Le Tual about competitive pricing in the e-commerce space. Together, they answer some frequent questions about pricing, including how to determine the right time to raise your prices and the best ways to respond to a change in your competitor’s rates. Burc also shares his advice for finding the right balance between quality and affordability. Stay tuned.
41:57 07/01/2021