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Mikkipedia is an exploration in all things health, well being, fitness, food and nutrition. I sit down with scientists, doctors, professors, practitioners and people who have a wealth of experience and have a conversation that takes a deep dive into their area of expertise. I love translating science into a language that people understand, so while some of the conversations will be pretty in-depth, you will come away with some practical tips that can be instigated into your everyday life. I hope you enjoy the show!


Why you need omega 3 in your diet, with Bill Harris 61:22 05/24/2022
Dom Harvey - For the love of running 61:53 05/17/2022
Prof Mike Murphy - Creator of Coenzyme q10 supplement, MitoQ 55:49 05/10/2022
Fitness over 40 with Darren Ellis 66:05 05/03/2022
Functional health, gut testing and probiotics with Dr Joe Mather 59:49 04/26/2022
Time restricted eating, metabolic health and cancer risk with Professor Dorothy Sears 59:06 04/19/2022
Macros and metabolic adaptation with Eric Helms and Cliff Harvey 106:35 04/12/2022
Optimising bone health with Dr Eimear Doolan 74:58 04/05/2022
Mindset Matters with Michelle Matangi 68:28 03/29/2022
Keto explained with Dom D’Agostino 71:49 03/22/2022
Body transformation with Melanie Wales 108:55 03/15/2022
Exploring the benefits of creatine with Professor Darren Candow 61:35 03/08/2022
Lola Berry - Fearlessly Failing 64:51 03/01/2022
Robb Wolf - Ancestral health and paleo pioneer 69:17 02/22/2022
Tom Williams (Marathon Talk, Park Run COO) on building community and connections through running 88:54 02/15/2022
Prof. Grant Schofield reflects on the vaccine mandates 65:37 02/08/2022
Better body composition, better health - Dr Bill Campbell Ph.D. 67:41 02/01/2022
Achieve better ageing with Dr Charles Brenner Ph.D. 68:28 01/25/2022
Reaching your potential with Olympian, Sarah Cowley Ross 63:56 01/18/2022
Keto v carbs with Matt Carpenter 79:24 01/11/2022
Muscle-centric medicine with Dr Gabrielle Lyon 50:18 01/04/2022
Mimmi Kotka - talks about running and RED-S 73:36 12/28/2021
Thoughts on fasting with Dr Cliff Harvey 78:07 12/21/2021
Phil Maffetone returns to talk about metabolic efficiency 77:05 12/14/2021
Lou Heller - promoting self confidence and self esteem 62:38 12/07/2021
Higher Running - Sandi Nypaver 62:44 11/30/2021
Science update from CurraNZ and giveaway - Fleur Cushman 57:54 11/23/2021
Positive effects of protein metabolism with Professor Don Layman 66:09 11/16/2021
Dr Cliff Harvey returns to the studio 86:16 11/09/2021
Deena Kastor - let your mind run 66:00 11/02/2021