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The Alcohol Minimalist Podcast

The Alcohol Minimalist podcast is dedicated to helping habit drinkers and adult children of alcoholics to change their drinking habits and create a peaceful relationship with alcohol: past, present and future. We are proof positive that you can break unbreakable habits and create a peaceful relationship with alcohol. Becoming an alcohol minimalist means: Choosing how to include alcohol in our lives following low-risk guidelines. Freedom from anxiety around alcohol use. Less alcohol without feeling deprived. Using the power of our own brains to overcome our past patterns and choose peace. The Alcohol Minimalist Podcast explores the science behind alcohol and analyzes physical and mental wellness to empower choice. You have the power to change your relationship with alcohol, you are not sick, broken and it's not your genes! This show is intended for educational purposes and does not constitute medical advice. If you are physically dependent on alcohol, please seek medical help to reduce your drinking.


Stop Counting Steps: Creating a Peaceful Relationship with Alcohol for Life 33:16 08/10/2022
5 Ways to Increase Your Joy from Loretta Breuning, PhD 28:14 08/03/2022
Alcohol Recovery Without AA from Dr. Adi Jaffe 20:10 07/27/2022
How to Drink Less or Stop Drinking: 3 Important Steps to Gain Control Over Alcohol with Katie Lain 20:27 07/20/2022
What it Takes To Change 22:16 07/13/2022
Alcohol & Trauma with Beej Christie Karpen 55:40 07/06/2022
Making PEACE with Alcohol 26:51 06/29/2022
Alcohol & Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) 28:02 06/22/2022
"I Come From a Long Line of Drinkers" 19:32 06/15/2022
The BIGGEST Obstacle to Changing Your Relationship with Alcohol: Special Guests Brock Armstrong and Monica Reinagel 20:52 06/08/2022
Six Keys to Changing Your Relationship with Alcohol 2.0 26:54 06/01/2022
What is "Low-Risk" Drinking? 24:06 05/25/2022
Catching up with Sunnyside: Mindful Drinking with Ian Andersen 37:53 05/18/2022
Debbie Hampton-Best Brain Possible 43:06 05/11/2022
My Alcohol Experience 2.0 31:34 05/04/2022
"The Urge: Our History Of Addiction" with Dr. Carl Erik Fisher 41:49 04/27/2022
Believing you can CHANGE Your Drinking 26:54 04/20/2022
Alcohol Awareness: How Can We Build It? 20:53 04/13/2022
Drinking Habits and the Reptilian Brain 28:14 04/06/2022
"How to Be Happy, Dammit" with Karen Salmansohn 32:57 03/30/2022
Alcohol & Relationships 27:40 03/23/2022
Mythbusting: Moderation Management 45:43 03/16/2022
"Habits of a Happy Brain" with Loretta Breuning, PhD 32:42 03/09/2022
Sobriety or Moderation: Which One Will Work for You? 19:59 03/02/2022
Is Drama Driving Your Drinking? 21:52 02/23/2022
All About the NIAAA with Dr. George Koob 27:04 02/16/2022
Emotional Maturity: Build it and Change Your Drinking Habit 32:10 02/09/2022
Transitioning from Dryuary to "Normal Life" 21:54 02/02/2022
How NOT to Ruin Dryuary and How I Almost Did 22:05 01/26/2022
Can CBT Help You Change Your Drinking with Dr. Seth Gillihan 34:17 01/19/2022