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My name is Rabbi Matt Schneeweiss. My goal as a Torah educator is not merely to teach my students my OWN hashkafah. Rather, my goal is to equip them with the foundations, the methodological training, and the tools which will enable them to arrive at their OWN understanding of Judaism and cultivate their OWN relationship with Hashem and His Torah. This podcast is devoted to the shiurim I give which are geared specifically towards that end. As such, the range of topics covered here will be diverse. There will be shiurim on Jewish philosophy, Chumash methodology, aggadic midrashim, maybe even some non-Jewish philosophy as well. Merriam-Webster defines "laboratory" as a place providing opportunity for experimentation, observation, or practice in a field of study. I call this podcast "Machshavah Lab" because this is where we will conduct Torah "experiments" by exploring questions, texts, and ideas in an effort to develop our machshavah in a "hands on," exploratory, firsthand manner.


State of the Blog: Summer 2022 04:43 06/27/2022
Shelach: Challah as a Consequence of the Cheit ha'Meraglim 04:42 06/24/2022
Leo Tolstoy, Eishes Chayil, and Caring What Others Think 04:34 06/23/2022
When Hashem Prefers Telling Lies Over Doing Miracles 04:46 06/22/2022
Shloshim for Rabbi Morton Moskowitz zt"l 123:54 06/22/2022
On Reading the Rambam's Mishneh Torah Like a Love Letter 05:35 06/21/2022
An Example of My Idiosyncratic Brand of Spirituality 05:28 06/20/2022
Parashas Naso: Nine Explanations for a Twelvefold Repetition 87:32 06/10/2022
Rabbi Moskowitz: On Ignoring a Bas Kol (Heavenly Voice) 51:31 06/03/2022
My Eulogy for Rabbi Moskowitz zt"l 09:40 05/30/2022
Judaism's Nuanced Attitude Towards Converts as Exemplified by Naomi 83:25 05/27/2022
How to Daven for a Sick Person Who is Beyond Recovery 64:58 05/27/2022
What is Kareis? Part 3 (Abravanel with some Ran) 62:25 05/26/2022
The Metaphysical Implications of Stubbing Your Toe 105:50 05/20/2022
What is Kareis? Part 2 (Tosafos, Rambam, Ramban) 67:11 05/19/2022
R' Yitzchak Kanpanton and R. Waldo Emerson on Emunas Chachamim 83:19 05/13/2022
What is Kareis? Part 1 (Saadia Gaon, Ibn Ezra, Rashi, Tosafos) 72:03 05/12/2022
Why Do We Count the Omer? Three Explanations You (Probably) Haven't Heard (YBT Sunday Shiur) 118:34 05/08/2022
Three Insights into Shehecheyanu 81:34 05/06/2022
A Fresh Look at the Shalosh Regalim: Mishpatim and Ki Sisa (Part 2) 57:54 05/05/2022
A Fresh Look at the Shalosh Regalim: Mishpatim and Ki Sisa (Part 1) 60:30 04/28/2022
Etzba Elohim: The Finger of WHICH God? 04:44 04/15/2022
Tzfarde’a: The Plague That Lasted Forever 04:54 04/14/2022
Even If We Are All Wise, Understanding, Elders, Those Who Know Torah 05:33 04/13/2022
Chad Gadya: A New Song with an Ancient Theme 05:28 04/12/2022
Baruch ha'Makom in the Haggadah 75:50 04/08/2022
R' Avraham ben ha'Rambam on the Mysterious Incident of Tziporah and Bris Milah (Shemos 4:24-26) 55:09 04/07/2022
Rambam on: What is Avodas Hashem? (Moreh ha'Nevuchim 3:51; Hilchos Deios 3:2-3) 60:21 04/06/2022
Pesach Q&A 5782 79:43 04/01/2022
The Superiority of Rabbinic Laws Over Torah Laws - Part 4: Answers 74:01 03/25/2022