Show cover of The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

The #HighlySoughtAfter Talk Show

Do you want to become your customers’ first choice? If yes, this podcast is for you! Through heart-to-heart chats with successful entrepreneurs in Asia, you will discover what it takes to stand out from your competition and dominate your market.Every episode features one entrepreneur who is highly sought after in his or her market. Through their backstories, you will uncover the lessons and mistakes to avoid in order to have their level of influence over their customers.You will also gain insights into how each entrepreneur leverage on social media to generate leads, deepen relationships while building their personal brand. With these insights, you will no longer need to chase for sales. Customers will chase after you and your life will become easier in 2021!Your host Eric Feng is a living testimony of the power of social media. Thanks to social media, he went from being an unknown trainer in Singapore to a celebrated speaker globally. In 2019, he was invited to speak in 35 countries on social media branding. He has a strong presence across eight social media platforms and was recently verified on Facebook and TikTok.


34.How to build a global business as a full time mum-Yvon Bock 58:45 03/21/2022
33. How to raise $4.5 million from investors for your business or idea – Alan Phua 38:24 03/14/2022
32. How to make lots of money while making a positive impact in this world- Mark Leong 62:48 03/07/2022
31. How to build a profitable bootstrapped startup in 7 days- The DrinkAid Story 40:27 02/28/2022
30. How to be a well-loved public figure that stands the test of time - Lin Youyi 57:41 11/15/2021
29. How to become top of your field as a creative (the NFT edition) - Patrick Bezalel 47:50 11/08/2021
28. How to market your food brand (advice from a MasterChef) - Aaron Wong 84:05 11/01/2021
27. How to build an online community in your niche – Ivan Kuek 45:19 10/25/2021
26. How to attract and retain high net worth clients through estate planning – Eugene Soo 45:31 10/18/2021
25. How to overcome depression and improve our mental resilience – Kevin Wee 58:14 10/11/2021
24. How to build a world class network in the digital age - Rayson Choo 62:47 10/04/2021
23. How to craft stories that sell and build your brand - Sam Neo 48:18 09/27/2021
22. How to start a podcast in 2021 if you are a beginner - Reggie Koh 53:32 09/20/2021
21. How to build a million-dollar ecommerce business – Terry Peh 47:51 09/13/2021
20. The dark side of social media: inadequacy, cyberbullying, addiction – Erin Lee 63:17 09/06/2021
19. How to grow your business without killing yourself – Alvin Poh 39:12 08/30/2021
18. How to become a thought leader on TikTok - Zoe Chu 44:32 08/23/2021
17. How to dominate your industry and become number one in Asia - Violet Lim 53:06 08/16/2021
16. How to gain free publicity for your business - Joel Lim 64:44 08/09/2021
15. How to grow your social media influence and become a force for good in this world – Chris Do 65:43 08/02/2021
14. How to avoid getting cancelled on social media – Wei Li Fong 53:59 06/08/2021
13. How to stop playing small and step into your own greatness – Lin Tan 58:14 06/01/2021
12. How to stand out from your competition and stay top of mind – Melvin Lim 61:04 05/25/2021
11. How to create a tipsy experience for your customers – Derek Ong 49:36 05/11/2021
10. How to build an engaging online community as an introvert – Bryan Pham 49:07 05/04/2021
9. How to qualify for Top of the Table (TOT) in under three years – Nick Chan 53:01 02/15/2021
8. How to create your own luck and become your customers’ number one choice - Daniel Fong 40:44 02/09/2021
7. How to hustle on social media without losing your peace - Doctor Winston 39:54 02/01/2021
6. How to create super fans on social media – Ben Tan 34:10 01/25/2021
5. How to turn your mess into your message and inspire others on social media - Preston Sin 37:57 01/18/2021