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Motivational Moment Ep. 13: Have We Become a Society of Clichés?
Hello and welcome to our first Can We Talk? 360° Motivational Moment of 2024! Keeping with my mission to discuss topics on tolerance and inclusion, I ask you, have we lost the thread when it comes to doing what is best for our people and our country? Why in some spaces has the term patriotic mutated to mean we can do whatever we want, whenever we want, despite the consequences that may harm our neighbors, our communities or our entire country? The hope of society is to bring people together to build a beautiful tapestry and let that lead us to a more perfect union. So, this year, let us all strive to be better listeners, be more accepting and do more acts of kindness for each other.
07:01 2/15/24
Radio Host Rodney Baltimore of HOT 105! Interviews Gene on Upcoming Healthcare Disparity Presentation
Did you catch Gene's interview today on Hot 105! with Rodney Baltimore promoting his October 7th Healthcare Disparity Initiative presentation? If not, listen to the interview here and as a reminder, the presentation will take place at New Mt. Olive Baptist Church (400 NW 9th Ave., Fort Lauderdale). This event, which starts at 10 am, is being co-sponsored with MOUNTMENTUM, a strategic initiative of 3 churches in our community (New Mount Olive Baptist Church, Mount Bethel Ministries and Mount Hermon AME Church) and Haliczer Pettis & Schwamm. For decades, studies have shown that African Americans face greater healthcare challenges than other racial groups. Despite this knowledge, over the past 60 years, there have been insufficient changes and improvements to these disparities. Gene will discuss this crisis and the ways how community members can navigate the healthcare process, more knowledgeably and safely. Visit Mount Olive Baptist Church's website to learn more about this event:
03:34 10/4/23
CWT360° Ep. 14: The History of Black History – Part Two: Sports & Politics – Who Draws the Line?
During this podcast, we are once again joined by Dr. Carl B. Mack for another fascinating discussion around the history of black history. We tackle the controversial relationship between sports and politics in this episode. Some have said and may say today that politics has no place in sports. However, whether it was Jackie Robinson and his trailblazing role in 1947, to the 1968 Olympics, all the way to Colin Kaepernick's kneeling during an NFL game in 2016, history has proven otherwise. America has always fit politics into the sports agenda! The public needs to accept it. Professional sports figures need to accept it and realize their related community responsibilities. Change may be risky, but we need to continue to honor our legacy, take those risks, and use the platforms we have to keep moving forward. Justice and equality for all mankind is the ultimate goal.
54:20 7/27/23
CWT360° Ep. 13: The History of Black History: Part One
For this podcast session, one of two in the series, I am joined by the esteemed scholar Dr. Carl B. Mack, Civil Rights Activist, Author and Lecturer. Dr. Mack and I review some of the most important and painful Black American History milestones, especially when some historians seem to get it wrong. Our topics include preserving our heritage in this current polarizing U.S. political climate, the misrepresentation of Juneteenth, and all the complexities that surround the issue of Reparations. Unlike past podcasts, this session comes with visual aids supplied by Dr. Mack, so if you can, I recommend checking out the video version of this podcast, which can be found here: And stay tuned for our next session, continuing our discussions on Black history with Dr. Mack, coming soon!
64:52 5/11/23
CWT360° Ep. 12: The Next Generation Speaks to the Future – 2023 Edition
Join us as we once again take the time in our podcast series to interview a few Broward County Public Schools Debate Initiative student superstars! This episode features three extremely talented individuals – Malika Johnson and Faith Pierre-Toussant from Westpine Middle School, and Eli Seiden from Western High School. Listen in as they share their thoughts on how social media has impacted them and their peers (for better or for worse?), how has debate and learning debating skills helped them succeed in life and in an educational environment, and their goals/where they see themselves after graduation.
53:06 3/30/23
CWT360° Ep. 11: Voting Rights are Civil Rights!
Our first Can We Talk? 360° podcast interview for 2023 is with Desmond Meade, proud father, Floridian, voting rights activist and Executive Director of the Florida Rights Restoration Coalition (FRRC). We sit down to talk about the FRRC’s mission, which is to “end the disenfranchisement and discrimination against people with convictions” and his fight to remind the community at large that there is a redemptive value in each and every human being.  We also discuss Desmond’s activist journey and how in 2018, he led the successful effort to pass Florida Amendment 4, a state initiative that restored voting rights to over 1.4 million Floridians with previous felony convictions. Today the FRRC has been working on funding and counseling services for individuals who may have been inappropriately targeted for election fraud in Florida. If you would like to learn more about supporting the FRRC’s initiative, or if you know someone who may need their services, visit
62:16 2/16/23
Motivational Moment Ep. 12: Pursue Your Goals with Relentless Passion in 2023
As the new year is upon us and we find ourselves in late January, some of us also find ourselves losing the momentum and motivation to keep our resolutions going. I often wondered why do we miss our mark so quickly and often? In my latest Motivational Moment podcast, I discuss how you need to be relentless in your pursuit of your goals. There is still time! Stay committed and continue to move forward towards your true and desired destiny.
04:44 1/30/23
Motivational Moment Ep. 11: Healthcare Disparity in the U.S.
The statistics show the facts that can’t be denied, there is a real problem with healthcare disparities in the U.S. among certain races, genders and ethnicities. In my latest Motivational Moment, I review some of those startling statistics. I also talk about my own personal health experiences and representing clients who have dealt with these types of situations. Most importantly, because of my professional and personal history, I outline some healthcare best practices you too can adopt to protect yourself and your loved ones going forward. And I know a lot of us have faced challenges when scheduling doctor appointments lately, especially due to COVID. So I urge each of you – don’t delay in talking to your doctor today! Because our health is our most valuable asset!
17:40 9/19/22
CWT360° Ep. 10 Pt. 2: Critical Race Theory (CRT): What Are We Afraid Of?
In our second episode on Critical Race Theory (CRT), we dig deeper into the concerning attempts by those in power to prevent the accurate teachings of the history of racism in America. Listen in as Dr. Butler makes the excellent comparison that “taking race out of the story of American history is like taking a leading character out of your favorite movie.” Now the plot doesn’t make sense. The same thing happens when they try to take the issue of race and racism out of the teachings of American history. It's incomplete, doesn't make sense and most importantly, it is dishonest. That is one of the reasons why omitting parts of our history should matter to all Americans. The intentional rewriting of the past is a tool that authoritarians use. It is dangerous for the future of democracy when we seek to alter history by erasing parts of it. Luckily our hosts say that there is hope, that they have seen the motivation of our young people  to learn the truth, and change our world for the better.
41:25 8/10/22
CWT360° Ep. 10 Pt. 1: Critical Race Theory (CRT): Why is there so much controversy surrounding CRT now?
After a brief hiatus, the Can We Talk? 360° podcast series is back and better than ever! Our latest session is part one of a two-part series on Critical Race Theory, the myths, the misinformation and current state of affairs surrounding this topic today (especially in the Sunshine State). Gene's discussion on this polarizing topic features an in-depth interview with esteemed Flagler College Professor of History, Dr. Michael Butler, author of "Beyond Integration: The Black Freedom Struggle in Escambia County, Florida, 1960-1980 (available on Amazon). You can also follow the Professor on Twitter at @dr_mbutler. We hope our listeners find this podcast as intellectually stimulating as we did producing it!
53:35 7/27/22
Motivational Moment Ep. 10: Can We Keep the Love Flowing?
Most of us show our appreciation towards the special people in our lives during “the month of love” (aka February). But I challenge you now to share the love universally – 365 days a year. Sharing our love universally includes the act of showing empathy for others. It means you should love thy neighbor – even if they look, act, believe and love differently than you. If we could love our neighbors truly, then we would not have people bringing harm to others, like we are seeing with the people of Ukraine. My heart especially goes out to them right now. Please show the love to them, either by charitable donations ( or by prayer. Remember we are all equal. And all we need is love.
07:17 3/15/22
Motivational Moment Ep. 10: Coming Soon!
The show producer has not yet provided a description for this episode.
00:15 3/3/22
CWT360° Ep. 09: Modern Love: The race, gender, class, and sexual orientation challenges couples face today.
We had an excellent podcast interview recently with my guest Dr. Thelma Tennie, ​​LMFT, Certified Clinical Sexologist, and owner of the successful private practice, Dr. Thelma Tennie and Associates, LLC. Our discussion revolved around the subject of modern love and how regardless of whether you are in a same sex, heterosexual, married, or unmarried relationship, we actually all deal with similar issues. I discuss with her what unique issues couples are facing in the 21st Century and how Dr. Tennie counsels individuals on dealing with these types of challenges. Dr. Tennie also walks us through how one of the most important factors in a healthy relationship is honesty, not only with your partner, but to be honest with yourself about what your true authentic self looks like/what your needs are.   
59:38 2/18/22
Motivational Moment Ep. 09: Demand Better & Stand Up to Racism – Honoring Black History Month in 2022
I recorded this Motivational Moment episode to honor Black History Month. As I was coming of age in the ‘60s, I saw changes in society that led me to believe our country was going to recognize our greatest strengths and embrace equality. Unfortunately there are now some troubling signs that we are moving backwards and ignoring the lessons we learned from the mistakes made in the past. We cannot ignore these efforts to make America unremarkable again. So this month, I ask you to stand up and speak out in the face of this growing evil in society. We must make a resounding clarion call for Americans to demand better and to live up to her highest ideals of LIBERTY AND JUSTICE FOR ALL. 
12:53 2/14/22
CWT360° Ep. 08: What It Takes to Motivate: How to Become Your Best Self in 2022
I was very pleased to welcome my friend Mr. Hardge, aka "the EduTainer", to be my latest guest on my Can We Talk? 360° podcast. This episode is positively brimming with positivity! We first talk briefly about Mr. Hardge's mission to motivate the youth of today. Then he and I pivot to the topic du jour! So many of us come into January with new goals and new plans. Let us share with you our tips on how to find your gift, achieve your goals and how to overcome adversity (internally as well as externally) to make your dreams a reality. We hope you find this session inspirational!
67:47 2/1/22
Motivational Moment Ep. 08: Holiday Spirit #365
In this first Motivational Moment podcast of 2022 I discuss how human interaction often changes for the better during the holiday season -- in comparison to the earlier part of the year. We are kinder and more charitable towards our fellow man. We treat each other in a manner that could change the world if we could sustain it all year. So let’s try to hold onto that kindness and charity I know we have in our hearts. And don't forget to smile, it's free therapy! :) 
05:28 1/25/22
Motivational Moment Ep. 07: Is Consumerism Ruining Our Holidays?
Hello and a very Happy Holidays to all my followers! In my latest Motivational Moment episode, I ask the question "Is Consumerism Ruining Our Holidays?" We all know how easy it is to get caught up in the hype to go bigger and better during this time of year. We have a preoccupation as a society with the constant acquisition of consumer goods. But we also know that our happiness should not be defined by our ability to obtain more material possessions. What is really important during our walk on this earth is family, close relationships, being helpful towards your fellow man, etc. So I encourage all of us to adopt a new perspective this year, be thankful of what we have and acknowledge those true gifts, instead of focusing on the unquenchable thirst for more.
07:14 12/14/21
CWT360° Ep. 07: The Next Generation Speaks to the Future!
The Broward County Public Schools Debate Initiative is a community endeavor that is close to my heart. I have seen first hand the transformative power of debate in students' lives and my two panelists embody that greatness. So I am very excited to share with you my latest podcast, where I interview two extremely gifted and animated Debate Students - Kourtney Savage, from Sawgrass Springs Middle School and Marc Zavarro, from Western High School. Listen in as they answer questions like "How has social media impacted their generation?", "What was one major thing you learned about yourself during the most challenging times of the pandemic?" and "What are some topics that your peers are discussing right now?"
59:51 12/1/21
Motivational Moment Ep. 06: Our Heart Is Life’s GPS
"The most beautiful things in the world cannot be seen or touched, they must be felt by the heart." - Helen Keller The key to personal fulfillment is intentionality and focus, and your heart impacts your perspectives, sometimes more significantly than the mind. Take the time to ask yourself "where am I trying to go in life?" and "what am I willing to sacrifice to get there?" Do we stay the course of how we lived life before or do we grow into something better? In these rapidly changing times, many are at the crossroads in life, and asking these questions are now more important than ever. So be sure to take a maintenance moment with your heart. 
07:41 11/9/21
CWT360° Ep. 06: Constitutional Law and Individual Rights: Who draws the line when personal freedoms impact the safety or interest of the general public?
Welcome to our latest Can We Talk? 360° podcast episode on constitutional law and it's relation to protecting individual rights. Joining us is Dr. Rosalind Osgood, the Chair of the Broward School Board, and leading constitutional lawyer Bruce Rogow, Esq. Listen in as we discuss those arguments we seem to have all heard lately citing the First Amendment and our personal liberties, such as mask wearing, freedom of speech, the right to protest, etc. And how maybe the answer is that as part of a larger society, our society should be able to impose limitations on some rights, in order for the society to survive. There is a responsibility within all of us to be our brothers’ and sisters’ keepers. And we should only be able to do as we please in our societies/families/communities until those actions cause harm and suffering to another human being.
55:48 10/19/21
Motivational Moment Ep. 05: Don’t Miss Your Blessings
In today's Motivational Moment episode, I discuss how sometimes, we miss our blessings by looking everywhere but where we are presently. Sometimes, the saying the "grass is greener on the other side" makes us less appreciative of where we are and what we have. Sometimes, we become discontent because what we desire hasn’t happened quick enough. So remember that sometimes, where you are is often the best place for you. Thank you for listening and be safe.
05:54 9/28/21
CWT360° Ep. 05: The Role of the Media: Part I: Perpetuating Racial, Social and Political Discord; Is the media reporting on or shaping society?
On this episode of CWT360° join me, and my esteemed media communications industry expert guests, Tonya Scholz, President of the South FL Chapter of the Assoc. for Women in Communications and Eric Yutzy, Anchor/Reporter, Local 10 News, as we discuss "The Role of the Media: Part I: Perpetuating Racial, Social and Political Discord; Is the media reporting on or shaping society?" Not only will we discuss and define the role in media in society today, but also talk on what responsibilities a consumer should take to discern between real news and "fake news", the responsibilities of those in the media have to make sure to avoid losing accurate information in the name of branding, the portrayal of racist/classist images in the media and other related topics.  
65:34 9/13/21
Motivational Moment Ep. 04: Sometimes Our Weakest Moments Allow Us to Become Stronger
Episode 4 of my podcast is available now! Listen in as I discuss how every once in a while, circumstances in life may cause the feeling of a breakdown. But it is in those times that we must recognize it as an opportunity for a breakthrough. It is never too late and you are never too old to remodel your life!
08:06 8/16/21
Motivational Moment Ep. 03: Allow Your Faith to Strengthen Your Fortitude
In this next Motivational Moment episode I discuss the principle that whatever your foundation of strength is, be it religious faith or faith built from another source, you have to have a faith of positivity to draw upon in order to be able to handle life's challenges. Faith is taking the first step, even when you don't see the whole staircase. - Martin Luther King, Jr. 
05:05 8/3/21
Motivational Moment Ep. 02: In Trying Times Friends Are Like Medicine
Welcome back dear listeners! I know I have been away for a bit but I am back and with good news to share. Please join me on this positive update where I look back on the very challenging journey I have been on thus far and also discuss one important life lesson I learned, which serves as my latest Motivational Moment. This lesson revolves around the idea that no one can travel through this life alone. In trying times, friendship is like medicine. So take care to be a friend before you need a friend, you will then find you have more than enough moral and spiritual support. Thank you so much for continuing to walk with me as I continue my journey towards healing and triumph. I look forward to sharing more updates with you soon.
13:06 7/19/21
Motivational Moment Ep. 01: Calm in the Midst of My Storm
A hallmark of our CTW360° platform is that of authenticity. Lack of true authenticity and transparency are common factors within so many social ills. Without truth and speaking from the heart there can be no hope for harmony within humanity. True transparency reveals joy and pain, the good and the bad, the peaks and the valleys and all are necessary to establishing trusting exchange. As such, I’m expanding our platform to share with you my personal journey. On January 18th I received the most frightening news in my life…however…never have I been so calm within the midst of this storm. Why is that? Well, I believe it has to do with God’s grace and being chosen to show the manifestation of His healing powers here on Earth. So please join me on my new, on-going journey to healing and triumph, which will in turn, foster more Motivational Moments to come.
05:40 3/29/21
Ep 04: The World Should Be Better…Because You Lived!
It’s always the right time for a motivational moment. One of my life’s drivers has always been to live a purposeful life and the foundational point of my definition of “a purposeful life” has been serving with an Unselfish Heart. That causes my love for my fellow man or woman...for humanity to be a guiding light in what I do and how I contribute my time, talents and resources. This was a key message that I delivered to the graduating Class VII of the Florida Bar's Wm Reese Smith Leadership Academy on October 24, 2020. I encourage you to take a listen to what I told them that day about their unique opportunity, and I would say, their obligation to seize their place at The Table of Opportunity, carrying forth with an Unselfish Heart as their guiding light. I hope you enjoy...
25:28 3/15/21
Ep 03: Healthcare Disparity: A Community in Crisis Part One
A pandemic has a way of exposing the cracks in our healthcare social net. Not only has ovid19 shown that we as a country were ill-prepared in equipment, PPE, messaging, communication, compliance enforcement, but it also highlighted the vast problem of healthcare disparities and inequities in our minority and socio-economic communities. On this episode of CWT360° we start a series on this most important social crisis. In part one, we have with us Ms. Jasmin Shirley, an expert community healthcare executive, to discuss “Healthcare Disparities: A Community in Crisis.” Not only will we discuss and define the problem, but we will also discuss the impact on the community at large, both in human and economic consequences.
57:04 2/21/21
Ep 02: The Racism Conversation: What are we so afraid of?
We're looking at the world, the issues on race and the events surrounding these issues with many different lenses. In essence, we're "watching the same show," but walking away with diametrically opposed emotions and viewpoints. But somewhere between all of our many viewpoints is a meeting place called "Humanity." In this episode of CWT360° we explore the difficult, but necessary "Racism Conversation," our unique perspectives on race, and acknowledge that only honesty and authenticity is how we will overcome our fears and get to that place of coming together as Brothers & Sisters of #OneHumanity. Drop us a comment below, on social media @canwtalk360 or email us at and let us know how you feel.
22:58 1/24/21
Ep. 01: The 21st Century Electoral Process: Maintaining Integrity & Access
There is probably no greater issue that divides us than who has the Right to Vote. Since our US General Election a couple of months ago, that debate has grown toxic and more divisive. The timing is perfect to hear from our guest who will help shape the path forward to protect our right to vote in Broward County, across Florida and beyond. On the first episode of CWT360 you'll meet Joevahn "Joe" Scott, the newly elected Broward County Supervisor of Elections. He shares his life’s journey and how it has uniquely shaped his vision of how to confront some of the hottest and most divisive social debates in America - including voter suppression, cyber security and civics education. Tune in and learn about the Man and the Vision!
59:37 1/10/21