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Welcome to the practical podcast for technical people who want to start their own company. From founding to building your business, we’re here to help.


Goodbye for Now 33:46 06/28/2021
Experiential and Nonsense Marketing with Christine Sunu 38:32 06/14/2021
How to Run a Successful Livestream with Alessandro and Robert 35:45 05/24/2021
How to Build an Audience with Darian Johnson 50:01 05/10/2021
How to Run a Successful Crowdfunding Campaign with Julio and Sean 36:46 04/26/2021
Developer Advocate Marketing with Christine and Dom of Twilio 57:10 04/12/2021
Introduction to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) 48:50 03/22/2021
How to Run a Hardware Business as an Expat with Sean Hadley 35:48 03/08/2021
Inbound Marketing Success with Jonathan Georgino 52:30 02/22/2021
How to Do Video Marketing on YouTube with Daniel Bogdanoff 57:12 02/08/2021
Gaining Early Customers and Hiring Help with Natalie Luneva 54:02 01/25/2021
Trailer 00:49 01/11/2021
State of the Show 32:03 01/11/2021
Marketing and Sales: Friends or Foes? 58:31 12/28/2020
Using No-Code Apps to Get to Market Faster with Lola Ojabowale 42:22 12/14/2020
Avoiding Technology and IP Clause Lawsuits with Mark Tyson 50:30 11/23/2020
How to Hire Engineering Contractors with Matt Liberty 41:02 11/09/2020
Building and Selling Your Business with Mihir Shah 51:16 10/26/2020
Changing Careers with Lisa Lewis Miller 43:53 10/12/2020
Creating a Marketing and Sales Pipeline with Cyber City Circuits 87:45 09/28/2020
How to Become an Engineering Consultant with Chris Gammell 57:11 09/14/2020
Building the Black Tech Pipeline Community with Pariss Athena 30:45 08/24/2020
Creating Quality Content: Why SERP Matters More than SEO 83:29 08/10/2020
Hiring Your First Employees with Jermaine Murray 59:26 07/20/2020
Handling Workplace Misconduct with Kia Roberts 59:11 07/06/2020
Leading a Developer Community with Kattni Rembor 56:14 06/22/2020
On Invention with Anton Howes 48:24 06/15/2020
Why Your Business Needs a Bank with Saira Rahman 42:02 06/08/2020
Building and Growing a Software Service Business with Michael Dominick 52:17 05/25/2020
Time Management and Staying Focused Throughout the Work Day 65:13 05/18/2020