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Join your host, April D. Metzler, as she delves in deep with every episode to get down to the root of things! There is a heart behind every subject & she plans on hearing & visiting all about it! Whether it is joyful or heartbreaking, laughter-prone or on the serious side - her goal is to visit about truth & just be real. This show is based on her book, "Oh My God, My Heart!", & music album, "Oh My Heart Strings!". The Mission: seek God in it all! The Message: God loves you! Segments Include: Focusing on God in the Writing, Focusing on God in the Music, Heart Behind the Worship, & more! Support this podcast:


Heart Behind The Worship - Serving Up Laughter & Spiritual Gifts of the Lord - Dave Ebert 46:28 05/20/2022
Focusing on God in the Music - An Introduction to Jesus, God, & Holy Spirit to Learn for Yourself How to Overcome - Michael McKinney "Mictech" 86:37 07/23/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - Optimizing to Know God's Algorithm: Saying Yes to a Full Relationship! - Shea & Michelle Watson - The Pantry Podcast 61:16 07/09/2021
The Meaning of A Relationship with God Challenge of Consideration 58:01 07/02/2021
Focusing on God in the Music - Knowing God Beyond Tradition & Religion - Dung Zang Nyam "DZ" 46:32 06/25/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - Searching & Sifting to Find Jesus for REAL! - Janell Wood 69:18 06/18/2021
Focusing on God in the Writing - Being Made Whole IN SPITE OF Religion - Pooja Chilukuri 47:26 06/11/2021
Focusing on God in the Music - The Lord Hears When You Call To Him And Answers - Hymn Talk Twin Talk cohosts Kerrie Fraser & Kellie Tropeano 50:49 05/28/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - Great Expectations: Looking for God to Show Up in it all - Jake Doberenz 41:01 05/21/2021
Focusing on God in the Writing - Kingdom Talk & Proclaiming the Good News - Tim Stewart 73:06 05/14/2021
Mother Daughter Episodes - Take 4 40:56 05/06/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - The Mess to the Message. I Believe in Jesus Christ. Now What?- Paul Ybarra 79:35 04/30/2021
Focusing on God in the Music - Balance & Endurance Training in The Holy Spirit - Leland Philpot 56:27 04/23/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - How to Get to the MORE FACTOR! - Suzanne Lynn 46:08 04/16/2021
Focusing on God in the Writing - For Such a Time as This - Sherry Jones 41:10 04/09/2021
Mother Daughter Episodes - Take 3 40:02 04/02/2021
Focusing on God in the Music - Called Out to be Found in Jesus Christ - Kash Memphis 59:25 03/26/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - Intimacy, Fasting, Prayer, Correction, Stillness, Longing, & Other things about God - Joni Scott 48:40 03/19/2021
Focusing on God in the Writing - Boasting Vs. Boasting in Weaknesses - Dennis J. Perkins 52:01 03/12/2021
Mother Daughter Episodes - Take 2 41:35 03/05/2021
Focusing on God in the Music - No longer I, but Christ! - Myles Schweitzer 39:31 02/26/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - Letting Your Light Shine and Partnering with God - Lucretia Cargill 50:16 02/19/2021
Focusing on God in the Writing - Being a Ready Writer & Overcoming Fear - Sherry Jones 30:55 02/12/2021
Mother Daughter Episodes - Take 1 43:14 02/05/2021
Focusing on God in the Music - Finding Your Fingerprint: Uniquely Created and Anointed for Good Works - Louis Drapp 26:40 01/29/2021
Heart Behind the Worship - Letters from Home & Preparing for Home - Meg Glesener 42:03 01/22/2021
Focusing on God in the Writing - Jason's story and turning the world upside down with the sword of the Spirit - Dennis J. Perkins 42:36 01/15/2021
Introducing the R.S.V.P. Show hosted by April D. Metzler 05:19 12/20/2020