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"Success With Srini" is a daily podcast where you'll find simple solutions to life's complex problems. Career, Business, Relationships and Finances; Life is full of possibilities yet it comes with it's own set of unknowns. Listen to Srini Saripalli's empowering talk that will help build your confidence to overcome all challenges that life throws at you.


Unwavering Belief: Stories of Resilience and Possibility
In this episode of "Unwavering Belief," we dive into the inspiring journeys of two iconic figures - J.K. Rowling and Thomas Edison. Their stories are not just about success against the odds; they are powerful reminders of the strength of human spirit and the impact of unwavering belief in oneself. Through their narratives, we explore how challenges can be transformed into opportunities for growth and success. Join us as we dissect these tales of resilience, drawing lessons that resonate with 'It's possible, and you can do it.' Whether you're facing personal challenges or pursuing ambitious dreams, this episode is a testament to the incredible feats we can achieve with determination and belief.
04:49 3/7/24
My Podcast Journey: Why I Started, What I Learned & Why You Should (or Shouldn't) Podcast
Have you ever wondered if podcasting is right for you? Join me on my podcast journey as I share the highs and lows of starting and maintaining a successful show. Learn why I decided to start, the biggest lessons I’ve learned, and get my insights on why you should (or shouldn’t) launch your own podcast!
22:46 4/27/23
Revolutionize Your Life: Goals, Habits and Productivity Masterclass
In this Goals, Habits and Productivity Masterclass we’re going to dive into how to get more done in less time, maximize results by structuring resources and revolutionize all aspects of life with a few select goals. 
23:08 1/3/23
Happy New Year 2023
It's 2023 and the world has happily welcomed in a new year, full of hope and positivity. New Year celebrations look much different than they did in years past, but it's still a time to reflect on what we've accomplished as well as strive forward towards our goals for the upcoming 365 days. As you lay out your plans for the months of 2023 ahead, take some time to celebrate everything that made this last year so special
12:39 1/2/23
The Three-D's For Maintaining Momentum
Are you feeling overwhelmed and out of momentum? Are you spinning your wheels but not sure which direction to take? Everyone experiences days or weeks where momentum seems lost. Lack of motivation, distraction and exhaustion can combine for lack luster results. This should serve as a reminder that you are capable of reaching the level of progress desired. Simply restore balance with The Three-D's—Do, Done and Document. With these tools in hand, getting back on track will be easier than ever before!  
13:41 12/31/22
Why Model Excellence?
By examining ways of modelling the highest standard in any situation, we can learn how best to encourage ourselves, our peers and our team members on the journey towards success. So let’s unpack why striving for excellence is important, alongside tackling key challenges and tips on finding motivation amid times of difficulty – as well as celebrating inspiring people who have achieved greatness despite hardship along the way.  
08:38 12/30/22
How To Practice Patience
Life can be overwhelming with its fast pace and never-ending list of tasks. It seems like there's always something to do or figure out. But staying patient allows us to take it one step at a time, stay grounded in our values, manage stress better, cultivate understanding, solve problems more effectively - the benefits are endless! Patience isn't just about waiting; it's also about learning how to navigate challenging situations gracefully.  
12:55 12/29/22
Master The Science Of Communication
Communication is one of the most powerful life skills that we can possess. It’s an essential part in making relationships work and it helps us stay organized, motivated, and productive. It also enhances our creativity – both individually and professionally!  
13:51 12/28/22
Mastermind With Masters
Do you have big dreams that feel impossible to achieve? Wanting something bigger for yourself or a better plan of action can feel overwhelming. But what if there was someone out there who could help you make it happen? Utilizing the knowledge and experience of an expert in their field could be the key to unlocking your potential- regardless of where you are starting from. By connecting with the right people, gaining access to resources locked away behind closed doors, and becoming part of a larger network- masterminding with masters may just be the answer you need.  
11:23 12/27/22
Cultivate Outcome Thinking...
If you're looking to make lasting, positive changes in your life then cultivating a mindset of outcome thinking could be the answer. Outcome thinking is not only beneficial for achieving personal goals and ambitions but can provide a more efficient and effective way of working through life's challenges.  
12:07 12/26/22
Change What You Can, Accept What You Can't
How often have you found yourself stuck in a certain situation, frustrated and helpless to do anything about it? You know something needs to change but you don't feel like you can make that happen. It's easy to become overwhelmed by the immobility of life and give up striving for improvement. But what if there was a way to accept the things we can’t control without sacrificing our power or ambition?  
10:36 12/25/22
5 Secrets To Achieving Operational Excellence In Life
Do you want to be more effective, efficient, and successful in your personal and professional life? If so, learning how to achieve operational excellence is critical. Operational excellence requires meticulous planning across multiple disciplines, but with a few key secrets, the process can become easier and faster. In this podcast, I am going to share five essential secrets that anyone can use to improve their performance levels and reach peak performance in all areas of life. Listen In, if you’re ready to learn how you can gain the highest level of efficiency in order to accomplish your goals!  
11:28 12/24/22
Three P's That Will Make You More Positive
It's a beautiful day outside and you appreciate all the positives in your life. But how can you ensure that the feeling of happiness stays with you even when the days turn grey? It's not always easy, but luckily there are three "P"s that can help get us closer to a more positive attitude: People, Practices & Plans. Listen In to boost your spirits and learn how to become objectively more positive!  
07:49 12/23/22
How To Study A Successful Person
Examining the lives of those that have achieved what we are striving for can be a great source of inspiration and help turn our dreams into reality. From their daily routines to their management strategies, learning how they achieved success is invaluable knowledge that anyone can use on the path towards greatness.  
12:19 12/22/22
5 Moves To Create Lasting Change In Life
There are countless challenges that can get in the way, making lasting change seem more like an impossible dream than something achievable. In today's podcast episode we'll look at five actionable strategies you can use to make real progress in life - no matter which stage you're currently at - so listen in...  
12:12 12/21/22
Why Dream Big After All
Dreams have the power to carry us and push us towards success. They can give us focus, motivation and a reason to keep reaching for our goals. Dreaming big allows us to go outside of our comfort zones and explore what lies beyond. In today’s society, it might seem easier said than done but having lofty dreams is vital for self-growth and personal development.  
12:16 12/20/22
Lessons Learned From Living Through Difficult Times
Drawing on lessons learned from navigating trying moments helps strengthen our coping skills when unexpected struggles arise. In this podcast episode, I share 4 things that kept me going through challenging times...  
17:18 12/19/22
The Triad Of "Contentment"
Feelings of discontentment can be all too common in today's world. It might take some trial and error, but if you make an effort to focus on what truly matters most and give yourself permission to embrace different strategies for contentment in life, then achieving satisfaction becomes much more attainable. On the podcast today we are talking about three things that are proven to help.  
12:25 12/18/22
Note Taking: Why It Matters?
Although taking notes may seem like second nature to some people, we often underestimate the power of proper note-taking techniques when absorbing information and how effectively they can be used to increase productivity. In this Podcast Episode, we will explore why note taking matters along with practical tips on how you can improve your own skillset today!  
13:59 12/17/22
Stuck In a Job You Don't Like? Do This...
Are you one of the millions of people who feel stuck in a job they don't like? Do thoughts about your career and future cause you stress and anxiety? Do you feel unsure how to make changes in order to achieve success or greater satisfaction? It can be difficult to figure out what options are available when feeling overwhelmed by our current positions. The good news is, no matter how stuck or unfulfilled you may be feeling, there are certain steps that can help move beyond the present situation into a more satisfying path...  
15:04 12/16/22
Why You Need A Strong Personal Brand
A strong personal brand provides you with an invaluable foundation towards achieving success in your career, relationships, and beyond. On the podcast today we’ll be discussing not "HOW TO" but "WHY IT" matters so much for your future goals. So let's get started building your story – because if there was ever an investment worth making, it’s one in yourself!  
13:15 12/15/22
How To Know How Good You Are
If you're like many people, you probably spend a lot of time wondering how good you really are. You want to know if the hard work and effort that you've put into life so far is paying off – but it can sometimes be difficult to determine this for yourself. On today's podcast episode we are talking on how to measure your own success and know exactly how great (or not-so-great) you actually are!  
14:26 12/14/22
5 Things To Do Before You Die
Do you ever think about what you would want to do with the limited time you have on this planet? We all know that life is finite and uncertain, so it's important to make sure we live a meaningful life before our clock runs out. Bo Sanchez has compiled 5 amazing things to do before you die – they will help give your life purpose and passion as well as create long-lasting memories.  
14:14 12/13/22
How To Deal with Your Child's Smartphone Addiction
Do you feel like your child's smartphone has taken over their life? Are they using it too much and it's causing them to fall behind in school, miss out on experiences with family or friends, or just seem less engaged in the world around them? If this is ringing true for your household, then it might be time to re-evaluate how much access your kid has to technology.  
08:41 12/12/22
How To Prepare For A recession: 4 Income Streams To Understand & Deploy
It's no secret that certain aspects of the global economy are unpredictable and unstable. While the last few years have provided stability, it is important to be prepared in case a recession takes hold of our economic well-being again.It would be wise now to prepare for any eventuality – . In this podcast episode we will discuss four effective income streams you should understand and develop in order to best protect yourself against a potential brush with uncertain economic trends ahead– let's dive into them!  
12:24 12/11/22
How To Know When To Delegate: The 5-Indicators
It can be difficult for entrepreneurs, small business owners, or even full-time employees to identify which tasks are worth their precious time and which ones should be delegated. Knowing when is paramount for success! Here are 5 indicators that point out that now is a good time for you to start delegating so that you can save yourself some of valuable energy and increase productivity.  
10:50 12/10/22
Use Your Million Dollar Asset
If you're not using your smile, you're like a man with a million dollars in the bank and no checkbook. A smile is a million-dollar asset in your human relations inventory. 
09:44 12/9/22
Why People Resist Change? How To Overcome It
The reason people resist change is because they're afraid of the unknown. They don't know what's going to happen and they're not sure if they're going to be able to handle it.  
10:57 12/8/22
Define What "ACTION" Means To You
When you think of the word "action," what comes to mind? For some, it may be physical activity, such as running or working out. For others, it might be doing something purposeful, like writing a report for work or cooking a meal. However you define it, action is key to achieving goals and leading a fulfilling life. So, how do you take action and make things happen? That's what we'll explore in this Podcast Episode  
11:20 12/7/22
How to Make Connections That Matter
Whether you're looking for a new job, networking for business opportunities, or just making new friends, developing strong connections is key. But how do you make connections that matter? Here are some tips to help you get started.  
16:14 12/6/22