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Get the joke of the week along with ideas, information, and instigation to be a more playful human! If you need a little more fun, flow, and fulfillment in your life, we transform the burned-out and bored into energized and engaged Playful Humans. Rediscover the power of play, find out who is playing for a living, and learn how they pull it off to have the most fun possible in their life and career. Adulting is hard, and it’s easy to lose your way. But, you can beat burnout, quiet quitting, and avoid a mid-life crisis. Your imagination, creativity, humor, spontaneity, sociability, and sense of playfulness are still there! They just need to be found and awakened. Each week, Mike Montague interviews a professional who is living the life of their dreams and getting paid to play! Join the club at


How Stand-Up Comedian and Improv Actor, Steven Morgan Plays for a Living
Get ready to explore the world of stand up and improv with the multifaceted Steven Morgan! You'll be hooked from the get-go with our password-themed dad joke, before diving into the delightful juggle that Steven masters daily—balancing a conventional day job with his night-time escapades in stand-up comedy and improv. His financial stability doesn't chain down his creative charisma, allowing him to handpick only those projects that dance to the beat of his heart.Steven recounts his adventurous leap into a new country and the new world of making others laugh. Eavesdrop on our chat as we peel back the curtain on the unpredictable thrills of live performance, the craft of comedy writing, and the epiphanies that come from embracing the winds of change. His approach isn't just about delivering punchlines; it's about discovering newfound freedom and opening doors to exhilarating opportunities.The episode ends with a conversation around the dynamic energy exchange between a performer and their audience in the spontaneous world of improv comedy. We get real about the strategies that keep performances fresh and authentic, such as mixing with the crowd pre-show and vibing off an audience member's energy. Then a game of Survey Says, capping off a session brimming with insights on the essential role of playfulness in life. Join us for this playful episode that might just inspire you to sprinkle more joy into your daily grind!(00:30) - Jokes of the Week with Steven Morgan(11:53) - Embracing Change Through Comedy and Improv(19:27) - Finding Balance Between Structure and Creativity(22:57) - Connecting With Audience Through ImprovSupport the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
31:24 4/13/24
From Perfectionist to Playfulness with Jordana Confino
Could the secret to peak performance lie in embracing imperfection and playfulness? Find out as I join forces with Jordana Confino in a revelatory discussion that promises to dismantle your drive for perfection and rewire your approach to success. Jordana, a former type A legal eagle turned positive psychology guru, shares her personal awakening to a life beyond the relentless pursuit of flawlessness. Her insights shed light on the often misunderstood relationship between play, productivity, and well-being. This episode is a treasure trove of strategies for anyone looking to infuse their life and work with a sense of joy and sustainable achievement.Laugh along with us as we engage in a light-hearted game that exemplifies how play can transform the mundane into the extraordinary. Jordana's captivating anecdotes serve as a powerful testament to the idea that our inherent worthiness is not tied to our achievements. Together, we dissect the nuances of perfectionism and highlight the profound impact that letting go can have on creativity, client relationships, and presence in all aspects of life. If you're ready to break free from the chains of perfection and inject a dose of play into your daily routine, this heartwarming conversation is your starting point for a more fulfilling existence.Find Jordana at (00:13) From Perfectionist to PlayfulJordana's journey from perfectionism to playfulness, and the role of positive psychology in achieving balance and peak performance.(13:10) Letting Go of Perfectionism for SuccessPerfectionism, balance, and creativity are key to achieving long-term excellence in work and life.(26:07) Navigating Perfectionism Through PlayManaging inner critic and perfectionism in work and play, recognizing worthiness, and turning tasks into games.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
32:47 3/19/24
Becoming a Song Writer Instantly with Angus Clark from Song Division
Ever wondered how a symphony of ideas can emerge from the chaos of creativity? Angus Clark from SongDivision joins me to share the melody of innovation that resonates through improvisational music and playful songwriting. Tune in as we strike a chord with musician humor, discuss the true worth of a performance, and unveil how songwriting can be a powerful tool for problem-solving and team building, even for those without a musical bone in their body.As we riff with Angus, you'll learn how music is an inclusive language that invites all personality types to the creative process. Our discussion harmonizes the elements of crafting a song with the dynamics of group collaboration. We also explore how a structured approach to creativity can lead to unexpected and impactful outcomes, and why sometimes, a touch of competition in a 'song slam' can bring out the best in a team's collective anthem.Angus doesn't skip a beat as he walks us through his eclectic career, from his academic pursuits to electrifying stages with the Trans-Siberian Orchestra and Broadway's "Rock of Ages". His experiences with SongDivision reveal how one can orchestrate a career that blends the zest of the arts with the rhythm of the corporate world. So plug in, and let the symphony of ideas, laughter, and practical advice inspire your own creative journey in music or beyond.(00:15) Unleashing Creativity Through Music and PlayAngus Clark from Song Division talks about improvisational music, gig performance, 'exposure bucks', and SongDivision's role in team building.(09:45) Creative Problem Solving Through SongwritingNature's workshops use music and activities like Lego building to foster problem-solving and team building in a global context.(21:25) Song Division Collaboration and ProcessCollaborative songwriting, structured approach, clear rules, song slam, career insights, sustaining passion in music.(26:04) Diverse Career Paths and Problem SolvingVersatile guitarist's journey from academia to touring, Broadway, and corporate work, showcasing the power of diverse skill sets in the arts industry.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
36:28 3/12/24
Irish Wit and Wisdom From Marketing to Motivational Speaking with Conor Cunneen
How can laughter be the secret ingredient to a life of fulfillment and success? That's exactly what Connor Canine of Irishman Speaks brings to the table as he joins us to share his remarkable shift from corporate executive to motivational speaker. With the vibrancy of the Emerald Isle, Connor weaves tales of joy and the art of humor that have the power to transform our daily grind into a more playful and productive journey. As we erupt into laughter and a few good-natured jokes, you'll learn firsthand how an Irishman's charm is not just for captivating an audience, but also for inspiring a positive transformation in any career path.But our conversation doesn't stop at chuckles and career changes; we also unpack the savvy behind personal branding with a twist of humor that stands out in a crowded market. Connor's 'Gift of GAB' framework isn't just clever branding—it's a lesson in crafting an image that captivates and endears. And for those who believe adulthood means an end to play, think again. We introduce you to another playful human, Connor Cunneen. Find him at Irishman Speaks on Motivation and CareerConnor Cunneen shares his journey from corporate executive to motivational speaker, emphasizing humor and motivation in personal and professional growth.(14:40) Personal Branding and Humor in MarketingLeverage personal uniqueness, build a strong brand, use YouTube/Instagram, address cultural stereotypes, challenge/opportunity of Irish culture.(26:19) Exploring Business HumorConnor Cunneen's celebrates humor and playfulness, while offers a quiz to discover your playful personality.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
26:58 3/6/24
The Art of Playful Education with Music Maestro Rebecca Sue Fegan
Have you ever wondered what could happen if a stockbroker traded in their spreadsheets for sheet music? That's exactly what Rebecca Sue Fegan did, and the harmonious results speak—or rather, sing—for themselves. We're joined by the multitalented education professional, certified coach, and passionate musician, who shares her extraordinary journey from the bustling floor of the stock exchange to the rhythmic world of music education. Rebecca's story is a symphony of playful anecdotes, teaching triumphs, and the undeniable proof that it's never too late to chase a crescendo in life.Striking the right note isn't just for the young; it's a melody that can be learned at any age. Tune in as we break down the myth that adults can't master musical instruments, and explore the various pathways to become fluent in the universal language of music. Whether you're drawn to the keys of a piano or the strings of a guitar, we chat about the balance between the intuitive joy of playing by ear and the structured discipline of reading notes. Rebecca's firsthand experiences with adult learners offer encouragement and practical insights for those yearning to let their inner musicians out to play.The crescendo of our conversation leads to the innovative Fegan Method, an approach to learning that's as versatile as it is effective. It's not just about music; this method can help anyone master new skills, from improving your jump shot to understanding quantum physics. We wrap up the episode with a lively trivia challenge that's sure to tickle your funny bone and reawaken your playful spirit. Find Rebecca at The Power of Playing Music With Rebecca Sue Fegan(11:22) Getting Started in Music(22:10) The Fegan MethodSupport the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
30:57 1/21/24
Exploring Live Virtual Comedy with Leanne Linsky from Plauzzable
Join us as we kick off the new year with a little laughter and the vibrant energy of Leanne Linksy, a comic genius with two decades in the game, who has innovatively tackled the world of online comedy. Discover the nuances of virtual laughter with Plauzzable, her bespoke live comedy platform designed to eliminate the dreaded audio lag and elevate audience interaction. This chat is a deep exploration into the craft of comedy in the digital age, where timing is everything, and a live reaction can make or break a performance.Listen in as we unwrap virtual shows' incredible impact on making comedy accessible far beyond the bright lights of New York and California. We touch on the heartfelt connections formed in these intimate online spaces, where age and health are no barriers to participation, and safety and convenience take center stage. Creativity abounds as comedians blend the boundaries of podcasts, live shows, and more, all while crafting sustainable business models that bring laughter directly to a dispersed fan base.Hear about the personal and often winding roads taken by those in the comedic world, including my own journey of juggling a day job with night-time aspirations. In this conversation, we reveal the secret sauce of successful online event promotion and the transformative power of improv and play, proving that sometimes, success in comedy isn't about fame but about the joy and enrichment it brings into our lives. So, whether you're in it for the giggles or the insights, this episode promises to entertain and enlighten.Find Leanne Linsky and online comedy at (01:12) Online Comedy Shows and Virtual Events(09:35) Virtual Shows' Impact on Comedy Accessibility(15:10) Building a Comedy Career(21:49) The Power of Play and ImprovSupport the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
27:49 1/14/24
From Baseball to Broadcasting with Ryan Ripken
We kick off year 4 with Ryan Ripken, former baseball player turned broadcaster and host of the Offscript with Rip podcast and the Ryan Ripken Show on YouTube. Ryan shares his unique experience growing up in a legendary baseball family and carving out his own path in the shadow of his Hall of Fame father, Cal Ripken Jr. He opens up about the realities of the minor leagues, the evolution of a professional baseball career, and how his family's legacy has influenced his journey.The conversation also takes a swing at the mental game of baseball and how it prepares you for life's curveballs. We talk about the similarities between stepping up to the plate and facing challenges in everyday life, drawing parallels between the discipline in sports and personal development. Ryan reflects on his transition from the batter's box to the broadcasting booth, shedding light on the importance of making complex baseball knowledge engaging and relatable while navigating the ever-changing landscape of media.Ryan gives us a behind-the-scenes look at @RyanRipkenMedia and the exciting content he's bringing to the airwaves. As we round the bases of our chat, we highlight the pressures of living up to a successful parent's legacy, the importance of managing expectations, and the growth that comes from taking risks. Whether you're a baseball enthusiast or simply looking for inspiration to play to your strengths, this episode is a home run for anyone aiming to embrace their playful side. Don't forget to subscribe to Playful Humans to discover how to inject more fun into your life. Find Ryan @RyanRipkenMedia on YouTube or subscribe to the Off Script with Rip podcast anywhere you listen to podcasts.(00:15) - Ryan Ripken's Baseball Career and Broadcasting(09:39) - Baseball and Life(14:42) - Transitioning and Evolving in Broadcasting(17:55) - The Ever-Changing Journey of Broadcasting(22:47) - Baseball and Podcasting(29:57) - Ryan Ripken Show(00:15) Ryan Ripken's Baseball Career and BroadcastingRyan Ripken, former baseball player and host of Offscript with Rip, shares insights on his journey, family legacy, and the changing dynamics of professional baseball.(09:39) Baseball and LifeBaseball's mental challenges, parallels to sales, and transition to broadcasting, emphasizing discipline and adaptability in life.(14:42) Transitioning and Evolving in BroadcastingTransitioning from professional baseball to broadcasting and other opportunities to stay connected to the sport, emphasizing the need to evolve and adapt.(17:55) The Ever-Changing Journey of BroadcastingEmbracing growth in broadcasting, finding authenticity, adapting to media changes, and parallels with baseball and high expectations.(22:47) Baseball and PodcastingManaging expectations and learning from failures in the shadow of a successful parent's legacy, taking risks and starting from the bottom.(29:57) Ryan Ripken ShowRyan Ripken Show covers Maryland sports with special guests!Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
30:48 1/7/24
Extinguishing Burnout with Jennifer Thibodaux
Experience a rejuvenating take on conquering burnout as Jennifer Tibidow joins us to share her expertise on this year-round challenge. Our conversation kicks off with humor and wit, yet quickly delves into the serious impacts of burnout and how embracing playfulness can be your secret weapon against stress. Jennifer, a seasoned attorney, opens up about her personal battle with burnout and how she discovered that integrating fun into the daily grind not only fuels recovery but also drives productivity. This episode promises to shift your perspective on the connection between mind, body, and spirit, offering strategies to infuse more joy into your life.Release the tension between your professional hustle and personal peace as we explore the art of balancing life's many demands. I share illuminating anecdotes about 'unwinding' to ignite creativity, akin to harnessing the power of your subconscious mind for fresh ideas. Discover how remote work, morning routines, and the empowering word 'no' construct boundaries that safeguard your well-being. For the parents out there, we navigate the complex task of guiding children toward becoming high achievers without sacrificing their rounded development, stressing the imperative of fostering sustainable habits and a balanced lifestyle.Let Jennifer Moreno-Tibodeaux guide you through the importance of authenticity and storytelling in carving out a meaningful existence. I get candid about my own struggles with work overload and the continual fight to stay productive without succumbing to burnout. Jennifer offers insights from her newsletter, packed with personal stories and reviews that enrich your journey of self-improvement. For a dash of inspiration, follow Jennifer's trail across LinkedIn and Instagram, and remember to visit to discover the playful human in you. This episode is an invitation to not only gain wisdom but to also equip yourself with the playful tools to live a more authentic life.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
32:14 12/26/23
Gamify Your Work with Caelan Huntress
Have you ever considered how the world of the circus can have lessons for your productivity? Join us as we welcome the playful force of nature, Caelan Huntress, to take us on a whimsical journey, sharing his insights from acrobat to sales and marketing maverick. We explore how incorporating play into work, from virtual meetings to daily tasks, can not only strengthen relationships but also boost productivity and foster creativity. Caelan's riveting stories and insights will make you rethink your approach to work and productivity.Work doesn't have to be a drag! With our guest, Caelan, we unpack the role of play in productivity and career success. Drawing from personal experiences and wisdom from experts like Dr. Jason Fox and Scott Adams, we highlight the power of gamifying work, learning from failures, and designing non-traditional career paths. Find inspiration in the overlap of skills and interests, and start embracing a playful approach to your work life.And for those who can’t resist a techy twist, we dive into the exciting intersection of play and technology. From the potential of AI in brainstorming sessions to the cautionary tales of overreliance, discover how technology can enhance or hinder your playful productivity. We even touch on the challenges of adding a dash of fun to virtual meetings. And as a cherry on top, grab our free ebook on gamifying work and subscribe to our playful productivity newsletter for more fun insights. So come on, let's play our way to success! In our closing conversation, we emphasize the importance of living in the present and having fun through playfulness. Caelan offers insights on incorporating this into daily routines for a more fulfilled life. Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
29:40 12/21/23
Playing with Cross-Stich with Jamie Chalmers, MrXStitch
Ever been on a long flight and stumbled upon a passion that would redefine your life? That's exactly what happened to our guest, Jamie Chalmers, also known as MrXStitch. He discovered the craft of cross-stitching mid-flight, finding it meditative and calming. He turned his craft into a career, becoming a celebrated figure in the world of needlework. His unique, tangible designs offer an alternative to the fleeting nature of social media scrolling, proving that crafting can bring immense satisfaction and joy.Cross stitching is often stereotyped as an 'old lady' hobby, but Jamie, the tattooed 'gangster of cross stitching', is here to challenge those assumptions. He's not just about breaking the mold, Jamie is also about promoting and expanding this art form, and he's doing it in his own unique way. He even dabbled in playing Santa Claus, overcoming his initial discomfort to spread holiday magic. His story is about stepping out of your comfort zone and finding joy in the unexpected.Jamie's journey didn't just involve a shift in craft, but a shift in his career path entirely. He left his corporate job to pursue his passion, finding success in the creative industry. His story is a testament to the fact that 'enough' money varies for each individual. The episode wouldn't be complete without adding a touch of humor, as we test Jamie's movie trivia knowledge, making for an entertaining end to our chat. We wrap up the episode by emphasizing the importance of play, encouraging everyone to explore new hobbies and activities. So, sit back and enjoy this exciting journey of creativity, humor, and play with MrXStitch.Find Jamie @MrXStitch on Instagram or (00:18) Cross StitchMrXStitch shares his love for the meditative craft and the satisfaction of creating something tangible.(07:59) Benefits of Gangster Cross StitchingBreaking stereotypes and promoting creativity through cross stitching, embracing passions, and curating textile art.(11:10) Challenging Gender Stereotypes in Cross-StitchChallenging gender norms in cross stitching, embracing passions, versatility of the art form, and the importance of play.(20:43) The Profound Magic of Playing SantaJamie embraces Santa's role, using alter egos like MrXStitch, finding joy in bringing magic to families.(29:15) Layered Career, Financial FreedomA cross-stitch designer left his corporate job to pursue his passion, discussing ad revenue, subscriptions, and workshops, and the concept of "enough" money.Don't miss this opportunity to dive into the world of cross-stitch with us!Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
36:02 12/8/23
How to Be A Stand-Up Comedian with Comedy Coach, Alfie Noakes
Imagine stepping onto a stage, microphone in hand, ready to make a room full of people laugh. Sounds thrilling, right? In this episode, we're getting the inside scoop from Alfie Noakes, head honcho at the We Are Funny Project, to guide us through the exciting world of stand-up comedy. Alfie reveals how the 'comedy bug' can spark a passion for performing and discusses how comedy can help combat stage fright and enhance skills like public speaking and creative thinking. The spotlight doesn't stop there - we're also delving into the art of crafting a unique comedic style, and it's not about conforming to a template. It's about authenticity, voice, and breaking rules. Alfie dishes out tips on turning personal experiences into amusing stories that will make you stand out on stage. Discover how breaking the mold and experimenting can lead to the development of your personal comedic style. Finally, we're drawing the curtain back on the fascinating intersection of comedy and career choices. Alfie, who transitioned from film work to comedy, shares his journey, emphasizing the importance of respecting other acts and steering clear of joke theft. We also examine the surprising similarities between sales and comedy, highlighting how both fields rely on building rapport with the audience. Tune in, laugh out loud, and maybe, just maybe, you'll be inspired to grab that microphone yourself.Find Alfie Noakes and his stand-up comedy courses and coaching at Stand-Up ComedyStand-up comedy exploration with guest Alfie Noakes, discussing benefits, types of people, and transferable skills gained from performing.(12:53) Importance of Unique ComedyNature's comedy: finding your voice, generating ideas from personal experiences, and breaking rules to stand out as a comedian.(16:17) Comedy and Career Choices IntersectionNature's comedy phases, joke theft, personal characteristics, film career, and combining passions for a successful comedy expert career.(24:00) Sales and ComedySales and comedy both require rapport with the audience, using different approaches, repetition, and calibration for perfecting jokes. If you've ever wanted to take a shot at comedy or just love a good laugh, this is the episode for you. Tune in to learn how to embrace your unique style, transform your personal experiences into hilarious narratives, and discover the surprising intersection between comedy and career choices. Don't forget to check out his free ebook and online courses to polish your comedic skills. Tune in now and learn to be a more Playful Human! Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
32:55 11/30/23
Hearts Need Art: The Healing Power of Play with Richard Wilmore & Vocab
Could the key to healing and recovery be as simple and profound as rediscovering the power of play and creativity? Join us for a heartwarming conversation with Richard Wilmore from Heart Needs Art and Vocab, a poet and singer, as we explore the transformative role of playful activities, like painting and playing the ukulele, in dealing with stress, pain, and burnout.Drawing from the impactful work of Heart Needs Art in hospitals, Richard and Vocab share inspiring stories of how this non-profit has grown from one hospital floor to ten hospitals since its inception in 2016. Delve into the world of miniature car races, hand-made crochet hearts, and ukulele lessons that offer much-needed breathers to patients and healthcare staff alike. Listen in on the remarkable story of a teenager, Jeff Hansen, whose art creation while battling a brain tumor, generated millions of dollars for charity. Finally, we explore how Heart Needs Art facilitates moments of joy, connection, and self-expression through art and play. Richard and Vocab give us a glimpse into how they use the power of play to help adults, their family members, and healthcare staff, turning donations into lifelines of hope and transformation. Join us for an episode that promises to inspire, move, and perhaps, even redefine your understanding of healing and recovery.LINKS: - Play's Healing and Art PowerRichard shares how play and creativity can reconnect us with ourselves and bring health and healing.(0:11:44) - Art Therapy's Impact in HospitalsHeart Needs Art has grown to 10 hospitals, transforming patients' lives through play, art, and connection, with stories of success like Jeff Hansen's art raising millions for charity.(0:18:48) - Playful Activities and Overcoming Creative BlocksArt and play are used to help people in pain, stress, or burnout, creating a resonance to change energy.(0:29:38) - HeartsNeedArt.orgHeart Needs Art provides joy, connection, self-expression, and play through art, with donations used to pay artists.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
30:49 10/31/23
Navigating the Twists and Turns of Stand-Up Comedy with Glen Tickle
Prepare to be tickled with laughter as we sit down with the hilarious Glen Tickle. Glen is a professional comedian with two specials available on YouTube. His first Dry Bar special has over 1 Million views! He takes us on his journey from a substitute teacher to commanding the stage with his comedy. You won't want to miss how he honed his craft by testing his comedic chops on unsuspecting preschoolers - a humorous, yet enlightening revelation about on-stage material development.Hold your chuckles as we pivot onto a more serious note, exploring the highs and lows of the comedy industry. I open up about my own experiences, from the adrenaline rush of immediate audience feedback to grappling with the uncertainties of an unpredictable career path. The illuminating discussion will unmask the joy of making people laugh and the reality of inconsistent work in the comedy world.Finally, we play a game of Two Truths and a Lie while we reminisce about my high school soccer exploits, clownish adventures at children's birthday parties, and a hilarious attempt to go to Space Camp. Also, Glen reveals how he spun his Dr. Mario World Championship and working stint with Bill Nye, the Science Guy, into comedic gold. So, brace yourself for an episode packed with humor, insights, and unexpected twists - all in the name of playfulness!Find Glen Tickle on YouTube @GlenTickle.(0:00:14) - Professional Comedian's Journey and ImpactGlen shares his journey from teacher to comedian, discussing play, jokes, teaching preschoolers, and refining material.(0:11:04) - The Joys and Challenges of ComedyHe shares experiences of working in comedy, the appeal of stand-up, and the satisfaction of making it his full-time job.(0:22:58) - Advice for Aspiring Stand-Up ComediansGlen Tickle shares tips for making an audience laugh, incorporating elements of his life into his act, and balancing material for thought and laughter.(0:32:59) - Soccer Achievements and FalsehoodsGlen shares his clowning, Space Camp, Dr Mario World Championship, and Bill Nye experiences.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
42:35 10/24/23
Hit the Road and Thrive with Dave Letterfly Knoderer
Embracing the Unpredictable Life: A Conversation with Dave LetterflyStep right up, ladies and gentlemen, and prepare to be dazzled by our guest, David Letterfly Knoderer, the undisputed guru of fun. This playful soul has taken the road less traveled, turning his life into a grand spectacle of joy, creativity, and endless play. From the drumbeat's rhythm to the painter's palette, and from the circus ring to the open road, Letterfly's journey is a masterclass in embracing the thrill of the unknown and celebrating life's extraordinary moments.A true circus man at heart, Letterfly has spun a life of captivating colors and whimsical wonders. His artistic prowess shines through in the traditional art of hand-painting signs, his deft touch transforming mundane materials into vibrant visuals. But it's not just about the aesthetics; every stroke of his brush carries the essence of emotional connection, something that digital designs can only aspire to replicate. With a roar of engines, Letterfly has also embraced the roaring world of motorcycle pin striping and trailer murals, further showcasing his inimitable ability to infuse fun into everything he touches.But the road to playfulness isn't always paved with laughter. It's a daring journey that requires you to grapple with fear, to push the boundaries of the known and comfortable, and to challenge the norms that hinder the heart's desire for adventure. Through the pages of "Hit the Road and Thrive," Letterfly offers invaluable tips on preparing for such adventures and overcoming reluctance. He shows us how to transform fear into fun, turning the unfamiliar into an exciting playground. And ultimately, he implores us all to spread this ethos of playfulness and fun – be it through a quirky quiz, engaging podcast episodes, or enlightening books. So buckle up and join us as we embark on this journey with David Letterfly, one that promises a life bursting with joy, creativity, and an unstoppable spirit of playfulness.Find Dave and get his new book for free at - Building a Playful LifeDavid Letterfly's journey to becoming a guru of having fun is explored, discussing creative pursuits, staying true to passions, and his career in the circus.(0:08:40) - Hand-Painted Artwork and Living on the RoadDavid Letterfly's journey to becoming a guru of having fun includes drumming, painting, sign painting, digital wraps, motorcycle pin striping, and automobile detailing.(0:17:35) - Thriving on the RoadWe explore overcoming fear, security vs. adventure, and preparing for an adventure.(0:30:48) - Spreading Fun With Playful HumansDavid Letterfly shares his journey to becoming a guru of fun, exploring the power of play, and overcoming fear.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
31:25 10/17/23
Play Together: Family Fun and Playful Parenting with Laura Haver
Why should play be a vital aspect of both children's and adults' lives? Laura Haver, a champion of play and author of the book Play Together, discusses her passion for integrating play into daily life and the transformative effects it can bring. Join us as we uncover the power of play, a tool that can decrease stress, enhance relationships, boost communication, and ignite creativity.Laura opens up about her journey from the digital marketing space to beach tennis pro to advocating and promoting play. She reveals the influences of her time as a tennis coach and participating in the Pro Beach Tennis World Tour in shaping her views on playful parenting. Listen to her transformative experiences and insights on embracing passion and uncovering opportunities for play in everyday life with fun games for the whole family. We explore the importance of fostering creativity, connection, and mindfulness through games. Laura shares more about her book, Play Together, which is designed to nurture creativity, connection, and mindfulness without relying on screens. Tune in for a lively discussion on embracing the joy and benefits of play!(0:00:18) - Power of Play and New BookLaura Haver discusses the power of play to increase creativity, connection, and mindfulness without screens, and its importance for adults, families, and children.(0:06:28) - The Power of Play and MindfulnessPlay and mindfulness can reduce stress, strengthen relationships, improve communication, and increase creativity and innovation.(0:11:18) - Power of Play, Creating Fun GamesFamily games reduce stress, strengthen relationships, improve communication, and increase connection.(0:19:14) - Transitioning CareersLaura shares her journey of discovering the power of play, her experience playing tennis, transitioning to a play advocate, and the benefits of playing together as a family.(0:28:11) - Promoting Creativity, Connection, and MindfulnessWe discuss family play, boosting creativity, connection, and mindfulness, reaching out to positive people.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
28:54 10/10/23
True Crime, Toys, and Stand-up: A Chat with Marlene Sharp
Don't you just love when play and work meld seamlessly? That's exactly what Marlene Sharp, our vivacious guest and the dynamo behind Pink Poodle Productions, gets to do every day! Join us as we venture into the fascinating world of stand-up comedy and merchandise-driven entertainment in LA, illuminating the highs, lows, and a few hilarious anecdotes along the way.Ever pondered how toys, movies, and life in Hollywood blend? Well, it's not all glitz and glamour, as Marlene candidly shares. She spills the beans on her experience with a toy consultancy, revealing the stark reality compared to the childlike wonder we often associate with toys. From her exciting trip to the UK for Postman Pat the movie to the challenge of finding that perfect toy and toy movie, Marlene gives us an insider's tour of the toy industry. What does the power of play look like for adults, and how vital is humor in our lives? Marlene, a true crime podcast enthusiast, explores these questions and shares her dreams of producing her own podcast. She also salutes the courage of investigative journalists, whose relentless pursuit of truth often leads them into perilous paths. As we wrap up, we touch upon the importance of self-care for entrepreneurs and the magic of a well-earned five-star review. Be ready for an episode packed with laughter, lessons, and a few surprises!(0:00:17) - Playful Humans Podcast With Marlene SharpMarlene Sharp shares her experience of standup comedy and merchandise-driven entertainment and the importance of finding the right audience for humor.(0:12:39) - Imagination, Toys, and True Crime PodcastsMarlene Sharp discusses the importance of play for adults, the qualities of a good toy movie, and the power of true crime podcasts.(0:19:32) - Humor and Playfulness in AdulthoodMarlene and I discuss humor, risk, toxic positivity, and play as an adult.(0:28:10) -  Pink Poodle ProductionsWe discussed the play's importance, creating a true crime podcast, and encouraged listeners to take our quiz and leave a review.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
29:32 10/3/23
The Power of Cocktail Parties and Memorable Social Gatherings with Nick Gray
Have you ever wondered how to host an unforgettable cocktail party? Well, you're in luck. Our guest, Nick Gray, author and creator of Museum Hacks, is here to spill the beans on creating an experience that leaves a lasting impact on your relationships. We dive into the world of two-hour cocktail parties and unravel how they can be a perfect avenue for networking and building new friendships. Nick’s treasure trove of expertise guarantees success with your next event. Moving further, we discuss the ingredients of a memorable gathering. With Nick's guidance, we discover how to balance the party size, select activities that engage everyone, and how to break the ice with his favorite questions. So, are you ready to become the host with the most? Grab a drink, join us, and let's go out and play!Party Times: Start, End, & Best TimesIcebreaker Name Tags: Examples and How to Do It RIGHTHow to Host an Event: Parties & NetworkingWhere to Throw a Party? Ideas and Venues for 2023Icebreaker Activities for Your Next EventNick Gray's Personal WebsiteFriendship Recession Website(0:00:03) - Building Relationships Through Hosting Events(0:07:45) - Creating Memorable and Stress-Free Social Gatherings(0:20:25) - Fun in Museums and Beyond(0:00:03) - Building Relationships Through Hosting Events (8 Minutes)We explore the world of the two-hour cocktail party with Nick. Nick shares why a cocktail party can have such a lasting impact when it comes to building relationships and helping us build our network of acquaintances. He also talks about how we can all start hosting our own events to create an awesome experience for somebody else and build new relationships and friendships. He has helped hundreds of people learn how to host their first event and make it successful. (0:07:45) - Creating Memorable and Stress-Free Social Gatherings (13 Minutes)Nick shares what makes a great get-together and how to make sure everyone has fun. We explore the importance of choosing one focus, the ideal party size, and how to be the host. We also discuss the benefits of doing physical activities over board games. Finally, we look at Nick's favorite questions to ask and activities to do to break the ice.(0:20:25) - Fun in Museums and Beyond (6 Minutes)We explore the concept of 'playful humans' with Nick Gray. We discuss trivia games and the importance of creativity and connection, as well as how to host a great gathering. Nick shares his challenge of getting 500 people to read his book and offers to review RSVP pages and give tips on who to invite. So let's go out and play!Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
26:37 9/26/23
The Magic of Doodling: Unleashing Learning and Retention with Ashton Rodenhiser
What if you could boost your information retention by up to 29%? Buckle up as we chat with our guest, Ashton Rodenhiser, professional doodler and sketchnoter, and delve into the fascinating world of doodling. We discuss how doodling, often dismissed as a mindless activity, is actually a powerful tool for enhancing learning and memory retention. Ashton also offers tips to get started with sketchnoting, essentially a form of doodling, and emphasizes the importance of being present and engaged rather than striving to capture everything.Find Ashton Rodenhiser's book on Sketchnoting at draws on her rich experience to illustrate the challenges of live presentations, particularly with famous personalities who might be less than ideal in delivering their speeches. She shares her experiences of being on stage with a famous presenter who was all over the place, highlighting the need to be in the moment and fully engaged with the ongoing conversation. Finally, Ashton takes us through her personal journey from early artistic pursuits to becoming a professional doodler, the pressure she faced from her family, and her self-discovery along the way. We hear about her foray into the world of graphic facilitation and how she built a business around it. The conversation concludes with a look at the power of play in the work environment. Ashton speaks about her unique methods to incorporate fun and creativity into the workspace, further emphasizing the need to be present and enjoy the power of play.(0:00:16) - The Power of Doodling and DrawingDoodling can help think and learn, retain up to 29% more information, and sketch noting focuses on key points.(0:12:08) - The Challenges of Presenting With PowerPointAshton Rodenhiser shares her decade-long experience of listening, adjusting to conversation flow, and creating choreographed presentations.(0:17:26) - The Journey to Creativity and EntrepreneurshipAshton shares her journey from stay-at-home mom to professional doodler, emphasizing the importance of leaving room for the unexpected and mistakes.(0:26:31) - Impactful Choices in Work and LifeHer journey to balance work and life, and using her intuition.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
35:36 9/12/23
Talk to People: How to Build Better Relationships with Chris Miller
Struggling with the paradox of feeling lonely despite being surrounded by people? You're not alone. We're tackling the alarming 'friendship recession' and emphasizing the need for genuine connections beyond the digital realm. We dissect intriguing studies and surveys on social connection and even delve into the US Surgeon General's prioritization of this issue. Buckle up as we explore the nuances of loneliness - intimate, social, and collective, and brainstorm ways to enhance our social connectivity.Podcasting over a full-time job - ever considered this path? Hear about Chris Miller’s choice and his passion for connection that fueled this decision. We highlight the significance of quality over quantity in friendships and the all-important act of contributing to those around us. We’ll share some practical tips, discuss the importance of deadlines, and reveal how practice can mold you into a compelling content creator. Wrap up the episode with a fun game that reminds us that the journey to a great podcast often starts with a less-than-perfect one!(0:00:09) - Podcasting and Social Connection's PowerChris Miller discusses the importance of social connection, the benefits of live podcast interviews, and the possibilities of hybrid virtual/in-person interviews.(0:07:30) - Understanding the Friendship Recession and LonelinessThe "friend recession" worsened by the pandemic is explored, with studies on time spent alone and loneliness, and types of loneliness and physical touch discussed.(0:20:22) - Podcasting and Building a Podcasting CompanyChris shares his journey in podcasting and how Capture Connection Studios works to create a connection with an audience, the power of conversations, nonprofits illustrating their own narrative, and the benefits of having a partner.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
32:12 9/6/23
Decoding Burnout: Personal Insights, Prevention Strategies, and the Power of Laughter
Ever feel like you're running on empty with no gas station in sight? We've all been there, and that's why we invited Dr. Sharon Grossman and Heather Tollyy-Bauer to help us uncover the secrets of decoding burnout. With their own tales of burnout and recovery, Sharon and Heather explain how they manage their workloads, emphasizing the importance of self-care, and even bringing humor into the workplace. As a bonus, it turns out that a good joke or shared laugh can foster trust and productivity among colleagues!Now, here's something you might find intriguing: burnout comes in three forms - the thinker, the feeler, and the doer. Each form feeds off different behaviors and mindsets, from constant worrying to an unbalanced focus on productivity. Sharon guides us through the maze of identifying one's burnout style and adopting practical strategies to manage it. We also delve into how non-work life stressors can contribute to burnout and the dangers of tying self-worth to productivity.Finally, we wrap up our chat with a lively game designed to simulate stress, followed by a heartwarming discussion on coping mechanisms and stress relievers. Sharon and Heather spill the beans on some personal, humorous stories, proving that laughter truly is the best medicine. They also give us a sneak peek into their podcast, Decode Your Burnout, which explores burnout styles and offers help to those struggling. By the end of our time together, we promise you'll have a newfound understanding of preventing burnout, creating effective self-care routines, and using humor to create a healthier work environment.  So, tune in and learn how to prevent burnout, understand your stress personality, and why laughter really is the best medicine.(0:00:13) - Preventing Burnout With Dr. GrossmanSharon and Heather discuss burnout prevention, self-care, and their podcast Decode Your Burnout.(0:14:05) - Self-Care Routines and Humor in Professional SettingsPreventing chronic stress, creating self-care routines, benefits of laughter/humor in workplace, and making jokes without offending.(0:24:34) - Understanding BurnoutIdentifying types of burnout, strategies to prevent/recover, life stressors, thinking pressure, and worth tied to productivity are discussed to prevent burnout.(0:30:34) - Discussing Coping Mechanisms We play a game to simulate stress, explore strategies for managing chronic stress, discuss burnout types and benefits of laughter, and share Heather's humorous story.(0:35:15) - Rapid Fire & Awkward QuestionsSharon and Heather play the game of the week and we learn more about everyone's subconscious desires... Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
39:58 8/29/23
Top Gun Love! Sex and Relationship Expert and Former Fighter Pilot, Frank Wiegers
Join us as we embark on an exhilarating journey with our guest, Frank Wiegers. From the heights of the sky as a fighter pilot to the depths of intimate relationships as a sex and relationship expert, Frank brings a unique perspective to our conversation. He regales us with thrilling tales of his past and how his experiences in the cockpit have influenced his current career as a best-selling author of relationship advice books and his struggles to write a good erotic novel.We take a deep look into his books, "Top Gun Love" and "Men and Women in Their Hormones," in which he offers valuable insights into the dynamics of relationships. He also breaks down the four areas of play that enhance the intimate connection between partners. Frank shares his intriguing concept of sex magic, where he harnessed the power of sex energy and the law of attraction. Who knew that the discipline and focus learned in the cockpit could be so beneficial in the bedroom? This episode is an enlightening exploration of passion, dedication, and the magic within relationships. Don't miss out on this unique journey!(0:00:09) - Fighter Pilot to Relationship Expert (13 Minutes)Frank Wieger, a former fighter pilot turned sex and relationship expert, shares how he found his passion for flying and why he chose to pursue it. We discuss the dangers of flying and the fun of chasing your buddies in the clouds. We get into the specifics of Frank's books, "Top Gun Love" and "Men and Women in Their Hormones," and the advice he offers in them. Finally, we talk about how our childhood dreams can differ from the realities of our adult lives. It's an inspiring story of passion and dedication!(0:13:24) - Play and Sex (15 Minutes)Frank Wieger, a former fighter pilot turned sex and relationship expert, explains the four areas of play: preplay, foreplay, the play, and afterplay. Preplay is about setting the context of the love making and establishing the connection with a partner, and foreplay should last at least 15 to 20 minutes. Afterplay is an important part of the experience and can be used to deepen the bond between partners and for manifesting things.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
28:07 8/22/23
Life Lessons from Professional Basketball with @DreAllDay
Are you prepared for a masterclass in competition, entrepreneurship, and professional basketball? Today, we're honored to be joined by Dre, a professional basketball player, successful entrepreneur and author, whose life mantra is to play to win. We delve into the captivating world of sports and business, as Dre shares his unique approach on how he turns his passion for sports into a competitive advantage in business. His insights on over-measuring, over-thinking, and his firm, self-imposed parameters instead of seeking work-life balance are worth their weight in gold.Use this link for his Free book, The Third Day 📕: Stepping off the court, Dre takes us on a journey into entrepreneurship, revealing his motivations to carve out a different path from the adults he grew up around. He shares his wisdom on overcoming common challenges faced by entrepreneurs, emphasizing how the right mindset, strategy, system, and accountability can ignite financial success. From his humble beginnings as an aspiring basketball player to a successful creator, Dre underscores the importance of authenticity and adapting to platform constraints. His practical advice and real-life experiences serve as an invaluable resource for those looking to score big in their respective fields.Finally, we transition into an engaging discussion about the exciting and challenging world of professional basketball. Dre reveals the reality of making it in the industry and the importance of staying focused. He also provides valuable guidance to aspiring hoopsters, emphasizing the importance of seizing every opportunity that comes your way. We also explore the multifaceted nature of basketball, from playing in Europe to becoming an influencer, and how it is possible to combine basketball with entertainment to create a lucrative career. So, whether you’re a sports enthusiast, an ambitious entrepreneur, or someone looking for inspiration, this episode with Dre is a slam dunk! Tune in and let us inspire you to work on your game, be it in sports, business, or life.(0:00:18) - Professional BasketballDre discusses winning, viewing sports as a job, and avoiding over-measuring and over-thinking.(0:12:12) - Common Challenges in EntrepreneurshipDre reflects on adults, sparking interest in entrepreneurship, and common hang-ups of success: mindset, strategy, system, and accountability.(0:17:21) - Navigating Audience Feedback and Platform ConstraintsDre shares his journey from basketball to entrepreneurship, emphasizing staying true to oneself and adapting to YouTube.(0:23:12) - Career Opportunities and Entertainment in BasketballFocusing on performance, attitude, opportunities, Europe, influencer, and entertainment to make money in basketball.(0:29:56) - Work on Your Game's ImportanceDre shares his experience and resources to help develop skills and reach goals, emphasizingSupport the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
31:12 8/15/23
Navigating The World of Professional Speaking with Grant Baldwin
Tired of the monotony in your 9-5 job? Yearning to make a leap into the thrilling world of public speaking? Join us as we embark on a riveting journey with Grant Baldwin, the brains behind The Speaker Lab. This episode is a mix of humor, inspiration, and knowledge as we exchange tales of how we transitioned from unfulfilling careers to become successful public keynote speakers. You'll learn about finding and booking gigs from the expert himself and also discover the wealth of resources available at The Speaker Lab.Ever found your palms sweating and your heart racing at the thought of speaking in public? You're not alone. This episode delves into strategies to combat this common fear and offers actionable tips to improve your speaking skills, no matter whether you're a newbie booking your first gig or a seasoned speaker. We dissect the varied spectrum of speakers, from beginners to those with thriving businesses, and provide insightful strategies to help you level up.Moreover, there's more than just facing fears and improving skills. We journey into the corporate speaking industry with Grant, where he shares nuggets of wisdom on maximizing opportunities and striking the right balance between in-person and virtual speaking. We also explore the concept of a fun bucket list, dream gigs, and even dive into a game of 'Rock Paper Anything'. This light-hearted yet informative episode will surely inspire you to take your public speaking career to new heights. So, prepare to learn, laugh and leap into the world of public speaking with us!(0:00:18) - Getting Paid to SpeakGrant and I discuss transitioning from a job to full-time speaking, booking gigs, training, connecting with audiences, and the rewards of speaking.(0:10:19) - Public Speaking FearSpeakers of all levels discussed navigating fear, the importance of practice, and strategies for success.(0:13:53) - Nerves & Preparation in Public SpeakingNerves and excitement can be managed through self-awareness and preparation for important moments.(0:20:38) - Career Opportunities in Public SpeakingGrant Baldwin offers advice on speaking opportunities, balance between in-person and virtual, finding a niche, and his fun bucket list.(0:24:42) - Bucket Lists, Dream Gigs, Fun GamesWe discuss manifesting dreams, nerves vs. excitement, and achieving ambitions.(0:28:17) - Rock Paper AnythingGrant Baldwin introduces "Rock Paper Anything" game, his book "The Successful Speaker", his website, and personality quiz.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
30:01 8/10/23
A Blueprint for Beating Bullies with Bullseye The Clown
Comedy As Armor: Bullseye's Fight Against Bullying How can humor be a powerful tool against bullying? This question drives our conversation with the incomparable Bullseye the Clown, who shares his inspiring transition from stand-up comedian to clown. Bullseye unveils a gripping tale laced with a surprise inheritance and a spontaneous journey to Russia that led him to the world of clowning. Bullseye's unique perspective on bullying offers insight into an issue that has drastically evolved over time. He dissects the stark contrast between traditional and cyberbullying, highlighting the importance of a strong support system and a positive environment to combat this issue. He emphasizes the transformative power that positivity can have on bullying, providing a fresh perspective that turns the tables on this prevalent issue.In the final part of our chat, Bullseye delves into the details of his book, 'Bullseye On Bullying: A Blueprint for Beating Bullies,' sharing the therapeutic wonders of clowning. He introduces his website, 'Clowns On A Mission,' where the spirit of play is boldly celebrated. Join us for this exploration of the multi-faceted world of bullying, and let's embrace the power of play with @BullseyeTheClown.(0:00:00) - Rediscovering Play and Beating BulliesBullseye shares his story of clowning, bullying, humor, and connection to help people beat bullies.(0:09:52) - Navigating BullyingBullseye shares insight on bullying, cyberbullying, positive support systems, and the power of positivity.(0:22:34) - Bullying, Stand-Up Comedy, and HecklersBullseye shares how clowning has helped him cope with bullying, handle hecklers, and make people laugh.(0:31:59) - Clown's Book, Entertainment, and PlayfulnessBullseye the Clown shares his work in beating bullies, the power of play, Clowns On A Mission, Bullseye on Bullying, and the Playfulness Quiz.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
32:51 8/1/23
Sparking Playfulness and Innovation in Existing Companies with Alma Derricks
Ever wondered how to ignite that much-needed spark of innovation in a large, established company? Want to learn how to navigate resistance to new ideas and create an environment that fosters creativity and innovation? Join us as we delve into these fascinating topics with our guest, Alma Derricks from Korn Ferry Consulting. We discuss the importance of stepping outside the comfort zone and embracing change, drawing from Alma's early internet days of creating websites and helping cool clients like Peanuts, Star Trek, and Blue Man Group transition to online.How do we push past traditional boundaries to create something truly groundbreaking? Alma shares powerful insights on managing existing budgets and gaining stakeholder buy-in, while also highlighting the importance of taking responsibility for creative ideas and embracing side hustles as a means of experimentation. We'll explore how she pushed back against traditional industries to reclaim online rights, a bold move that made waves in the corporate world.Finally, we challenge the traditional work script, debating whether hard work is really a prerequisite for meaningful work. Alma and I discuss the potential of valuing instinct and talent over sheer hard work, and how flipping the 80-20 rule to prioritize interesting work can yield far better results. We'll also share an example of how a seemingly simple solution solved a complex problem, emphasizing the importance of looking at situations from different perspectives. So, if you're ready to shake up your work routine, find personal fulfillment, and explore new opportunities within your company, this episode is packed with insights and stories that are sure to inspire.(0:00:21) - Spark Innovation in Large CompaniesAlma Derricks discusses sparking playfulness and innovation in large companies, taking risks, embracing change, and creating something new.(0:11:59) - Navigating Resistance to New IdeasAlma shares her experience of reclaiming online rights and taking responsibility for creative ideas, discussing playfulness, innovation, budgets, and buy-in in larger companies.(0:19:24) - Creating Work You Love, Finding EnvironmentAlma and I discuss how hard work isn't necessary for meaningful work, flipping the script of hard work to interesting work, and an example of a simple solution.(0:26:24) - Exploring New Opportunities Within Your CompanyWe discussed side hustles, gamifying work, and personal responsibility for financial security and fulfillment.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
35:14 7/25/23
Playing the Music of Your Life: An Inspiring Journey with Lady Redneck
How much power does play hold in our careers? Can it serve as a catalyst for success? Get ready to explore these intriguing questions with the vivacious musician and entertainer, Lady Redneck. Strap in for a spirited conversation that traverses the boundary between work and play, and underlines the importance of joy, authenticity, and resilience in our journey. Listen as Lady Redneck, AKA Stephanie Lee Lowry, reveals how she transformed her passion into her profession and the unique marketing strategies she employed to get noticed by major labels.Ever wondered how to keep your attitude positive and maintain self-care when the going gets tough? Lady Redneck has some inspiring answers as she shares her infectious enthusiasm, her dedication to finding fun in her work, and her insights on balancing life and success. Listen to her unique perspective on dealing with haters, protecting your identity, and maintaining authenticity amidst criticism. This episode is a heartfelt exploration of how to stay true to oneself while navigating the ups and downs of life and career.In the final part of our conversation, we engage in a lively game of Two Truths and a Lie, adding an element of fun and unpredictability to the episode. This chat with Lady Redneck is not just about her journey; it's a testament to the miraculous power of a playful attitude. It's an invitation to discover and embrace the playful human in each one of us. So come join us, and let's explore the power of play together.(0:00:00) - Power of Play in Music CareersLady Redneck discusses her music career journey, the power of play, creative marketing, and advice for young people pursuing music.(0:13:04) - Joy and Balance in Work-PlayLady Redneck and I discuss joy, self-care, attitude, and fun for balance, success, and happiness.(0:20:32) - Overcoming Haters and Embracing AuthenticityLady Redneck's alter ego, fear of the unknown, authenticity, and fun bucket list are discussed.(0:28:11) - Discover the Power of Playful HumansLady Redneck and I prioritize joy, protect identity, and handle criticism to stay balanced.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
29:46 7/18/23
Answer What's Next: The Pursuit of Joy with Lauren St George
What if the key to a fulfilling life doesn't lie in chasing the 'right' path but finding joy and satisfaction where you are? In an enlightening conversation with our guest, Lauren St George, we dissect the concept of purpose and explore the liberating perspective that there may not be a single 'right answer' to life's big questions. Instead, embracing purpose as a mutable concept and harnessing tools like merit badges and video game items, you can navigate towards your next life mission. Remember, happiness and fulfillment aren't destinations - they're daily choices.Imagine a life where you're fully present and playful, where every moment is savored and relished. This isn't a whimsical dream - it's a reality you can cultivate with intentional mindfulness and gratitude. Lauren shares her insights on grounding ourselves in the present, using past experiences to set the trajectory for our future, and the role of playfulness in our lives. Moreover, we touch on an exciting new learning opportunity that promises to influence Lauren’s journey.Now, let's flip the fear of failure on its head. The school system conditions us to fear mistakes, but what if failure is merely a stepping-stone to success? Lauren and I debunk the paralyzing effects of fear and self-doubt, and instead, rewire our brains to embrace failure as part of the process. We discuss the power of a supportive system and mindful feedback in building confidence and trust in our decisions. So, come along, and let's rekindle the joy of play and discovery in our lives together!(0:00:20) - Purpose and Play in Midlife CrisisLauren St George helps us find joy and fulfillment by focusing on what brings us satisfaction, using tools like merit badges and video game items, and actively pursuing happiness daily.(0:09:04) - Being Present and PlayfulPracticing gratitude, mindfulness, and reflecting on past experiences to create a more present, fulfilled life is discussed.(0:15:46) - Overcoming Fears and Building ConfidenceFear, uncertainty, and doubt can hinder progress, but confidence can be built with support and mindful feedback.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
28:36 7/11/23
Unlocking the Treasure Chest that Is Your Full Self with Rachel Awes
Embracing Playfulness and Authenticity: A Conversation with Psychologist Rachel AwesImagine wearing your brightest colors and stepping into the world with your authentic self. Is it terrifying or exhilarating? For Rachel Awes, our guest and psychologist, it's a mixture of both. We start by discussing how she found her true self, stopped conforming to professional norms, and embraced her colorful personality. Along the way, we also shed light on the power of being unique and how it attracts positive attention. Have you ever thought about the profound role of play and imagination in maintaining good mental health? We have, and so has Rachel. We explore how play and imagination can become a source of hope and optimism, especially in challenging situations. Drawing upon Victor Frankel's research, we delve into the power of visualizing a future, even in the face of trauma. Rachel opens up about her creative endeavors and the joy they bring, and we discuss the importance of creating a relaxing and expressive space for oneself. Lastly, we challenge each other with tasks from the ever-entertaining "Do Something Fun Deck". Step outside your comfort zone with us as Rachel sings and Mike shows off his cha-cha moves and cracks his favorite joke. We talk about how playfulness can help reduce stress, invite authenticity, and unlock the treasure chest that is your full self.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
30:57 7/4/23
Unlocking Creativity: Navigating the Art-Commerce Balance with Melissa Dinwiddie
Ever wondered how creativity and play can help boost your business? Join us as we explore the fascinating world of melding imagination and entrepreneurship with our guest, Melissa Dinwitty from Creative Sandbox Solutions. Melissa shares her journey from professional artist to running her own consultancy and how she unlocked the power of play to unleash creativity. We dive into the importance of giving ourselves permission to create "crappy work" as a stepping stone to innovation and discuss how the internet has opened doors for unconventional creative careers.Melissa and I also explored the delicate balance between work and play in the creative process, with a focus on her innovative "stovetop model" for managing multiple passions. She shared her experiences designing creative spaces for clients and navigating the challenges of separating art and commerce, as well as the joys of being a jazz singer. And, just for fun, we played a round of "Do Something Fun Deck," an interactive game that encourages creative exploration. So, come along for an inspiring and playful chat with Melissa Dinwitty and discover how to unlock your own creative potential!Find Melissa at - Creativity and Play in BusinessMelissa shares her story of transitioning from artist to consultant, exploring creativity through play, and the importance of creativity in innovation.(0:14:04) - Balancing Play and Work in CreativityMelissa Dinwitty shares her approach to play and work, experience design, separating art and commerce, and making music as a jazz singer.(0:24:16) - The Stovetop Model of Work/Life BalanceMelissa uses the "stovetop" model to balance interests and plays with the "Do Something Fun Deck" to explore creativity.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
32:19 6/27/23
Behind the Scenes of Toy Invention and Design with Matt Nuccio
Ready to unleash your inner child and discover the fascinating world of toy invention? Join us for an exciting conversation with Matt Nuccio, a talented inventor and toy designer, who shares his secrets to navigating the complex and playful toy industry. From balancing work and play to discussing his family business and favorite projects, we dive into the joy of invention and the power of play, along with our joke of the week and some fun insights about life in the world of toys.But it's not all fun and games – we delve into the critical aspects of sales, marketing, and intellectual property protection, including Matt's thoughts on the differences between ideas and inventions, licensing, and self-publishing a toy concept. We also dive deep into the complexities of patent law, the role of reputable patent attorneys, and the challenges independent inventors face in today's ever-changing landscape. Don't miss this chance to peek behind the curtain of the toy industry with Matt Nuccio, your toy company for hire!Matt Nuccio, CEO of Design Edge, has served as co-chair of the Toy Industry Association (TIA) representing all inventors and designers in the toy industry. Matt also sits on the United Inventors Association (UIA) board of directors lobbying for patent reforms and inventors' rights. He has worked as a consultant and on-air personality for the Science Channel's hit TV show "All-American Makers". He will share how he helps other makers play for a living! Learn more at - Playing for a LivingMatt Nuccio discusses balancing work and play, his favorite projects, and his family business in the toy industry.(0:08:30) - Toy Sales and Marketing ImportanceMatt discusses differences between ideas and inventions, nuances of the toy industry, licensing/self-publishing, having a built-in audience, and the importance of packaging.(0:21:18) - Toy Industry Patent ChallengesMatt and I discuss patent reform, protecting intellectual property, injunctive relief, AI, and first-to-market value.Support the showSupport the Playful Humans mission to help adults rediscover the power of play: Subscribe to the YouTube channel Subscribe to the Podcast Book a playshop for your team Support our sponsors
30:25 6/20/23

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