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Krystal Kyle & Friends

Krystal Ball, cohost of Breaking Points podcast, and Kyle Kulinski, host of Secular Talk, dive into politics, philosophy and random BS with people they like.


Episode 101: Jonah Furman
Labor reporter Jonah Furman joins us to discuss the Senate's recent vote to block a rail strike.
73:01 12/03/2022
Episode 100: Farron Cousins
A deep dive on Florida politics and Trump vs. DeSantis with commentator Farron Cousins.
95:10 11/26/2022
Episode 99: Matt Stoller
We're joined by Matt Stoller to discuss antitrust politics in the age of Ticketmaster and crypto crashes.
101:25 11/19/2022
Episode 98: Marianne Williamson
Marianne Williamson rejoins the show to talk to us about the midterm elections.
82:38 11/12/2022
Episode 97: Rana Foroohar
Economic analyst Rana Foroohar joins us to discuss the past and present of neoliberalism and her new book Homecoming.
91:44 11/05/2022
Episode 96: Alexandra Hunt
We’re joined by Alexandra Hunt to discuss our society’s sexual stigma — and why it should be an issue for the left.
63:27 10/29/2022
Episode 95: Owen Jones
Journalist Owen Jones joins us to discuss the ousting of former British PM Liz Truss.
88:02 10/22/2022
Episode 94: Luke Savage
We talk to Jacobin's Luke Savage about his new book, The Dead Center, on liberal politics in the 21st century.
84:36 10/15/2022
Episode 93: Katie Halper
Joined this week by journalist Katie Halper, we discuss the experience facing the true media blackout around Israeli apartheid, what it tells us about American mainstream media and political discussion writ large, and the double standard that independent, leftist political commentators face.
81:30 10/08/2022
Episode 92: RM Brown
Comedian RM Brown joins us this week for a conversation about bringing comedy to left politics, right-wing attacks on basic freedoms — from trying to shut down gay marriage to book-banning frenzies — and where our movement’s priorities should be right now.
71:20 09/30/2022
Episode 91: Vivek Chibber
We talk to author and sociologist Vivek Chibber about what it means to be a socialist.
87:20 09/24/2022
Episode 90: Ryan Grim
The Intercept's Ryan Grim rejoins the show to talk to us about Democrats' priorities and strategies as we near the midterms.
80:46 09/17/2022
Episode 89: Matt Christman
Political commentator, comedian, and Chapo Trap House host Matt Christman joins us to discuss Steve Bannon getting slammed with New York state charges, Trump’s ongoing war with the deep state, and more.
117:50 09/10/2022
Episode 88: Krystal and Kyle
We discuss COVID policy surrounding testing, vaccines, masking, and more — as well as the current leftist debates around these issues — in a special conversation between your two hosts.
89:57 09/03/2022
Episode 87: Eric Blanc
Historian and author Eric Blanc joins us to discuss the difficulties American teachers are facing now, and why they’re going on strike across the country.
74:09 08/27/2022
Episode 86: Ken Klippenstein
With investigative reporter Ken Klippenstein, we dig into the shocking story of the Feds’ raid on Mar-a-Lago.
86:07 08/20/2022
Episode 85: Jesse Ventura
Former Minnesota governor and pro wrestler Jesse Ventura joins us to discuss his journey as an antiwar advocate and a supporter of third-party politics.
85:59 08/13/2022
Episode 84: Sitch & Adam
With guests Sitch and Adam of the Sitch & Adam Show, we take a comprehensive look at Alex Jones’s trial proceedings.
92:51 08/06/2022
Episode 83: David Dayen
This week's guest is David Dayen, executive editor of the Prospect. He takes us through the shocking developments behind this week's Manchin-Schumer deal.
100:21 07/30/2022
Episode 82: The Vanguard’s Zac & Gavin
This week’s guests, Zac and Gavin of The Vanguard, talk to us about building an independent media platform, plus the best (and worst) potential candidates for 2024.
68:34 07/23/2022
Episode 81: Gary Gerstle
We’re joined by historian Gary Gerstle to discuss whether we’ve reached the end of neoliberalism.
68:47 07/16/2022
Episode 80: Jordan Peterson
Kyle is joined by psychologist and political commentator Jordan Peterson for a back-and-forth on everything from Twitter controversies to Trump, economics, liberal versus conservative mindsets, and more.
79:52 07/09/2022
Episode 79: Pascal Robert
Pascal Robert, co-host of This Is Revolution podcast, joins us for a conversation about the overturn of Roe v. Wade.
92:01 07/02/2022
Episode 78: Branko Marcetic
Author and journalist Branko Marcetic joins us to discuss online censorship of left-wing and independent media.
103:18 06/25/2022
Episode 77: Mike Figueredo
The Humanist Report host talks to us about coming out, his experiences in left media, and the current wave of anti-trans and anti-gay legislation in the U.S.
99:05 06/18/2022
Episode 76: David Wallace-Wells
This week’s guest, journalist David Wallace-Wells, talks with us about why climate change isn’t being treated as the central issue that it is — and what’s at stake.
86:58 06/11/2022
Episode 75: Toby Muse
We’re joined by author and journalist Toby Muse to discuss the Colombian presidential election.
103:35 06/04/2022
Episode 74: Mac (GoodPoliticGuy)
We’re joined by Mac (who you know as GoodPoliticGuy) to discuss current events, specifically the shooting in Uvalde, TX and the ways to address American gun violence.
83:54 05/28/2022
Episode 73: Doug Henwood
We’re joined by Doug Henwood, economic journalist and analyst, to discuss the crypto crash of just a few weeks ago.
82:29 05/21/2022
Episode 72: Harvey Kaye and Alan Minsky
Historian and author Harvey Kaye and Executive Director of Progressive Democrats of America Alan Minsky weigh in on how Democrats prioritize struggles for economic justice — and what those priorities should look like.
69:35 05/14/2022