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Krystal Ball, cohost of Breaking Points podcast, and Kyle Kulinski, host of Secular Talk, dive into politics, philosophy and random BS with people they like.


Episode 176: Ken Roth
Ken Roth joins us to discuss the ICC's request for an arrest warrant for Netanyahu.
65:11 5/25/24
Episode 175: Anthony Fantano
Anthony Fantano breaks down the beef between Drake and Kendrick Lamar on this week’s episode of KK&F. 
90:50 5/18/24
Episode 174: Jill Stein
Recently, presidential candidate Jill Stein was arrested at an encampment at Washington University — she talks to us about what’s at stake for those protesting the genocide in Palestine, and why it’s so central to her politics, alongside her plans for the 2024 election.
93:37 5/11/24
Episode 173: Zaid Jilani
Zaid Jilani joins us to discuss the nationwide movement of Palestine solidarity encampments on college campuses, and their repression by universities.
93:23 5/4/24
Episode 172: Dave Smith
Dave Smith spills the tea on his recent Israel debate.
99:09 4/27/24
Episode 171: Moataz Salim
CodePink’s Moataz Salim is our guest this week, talking about the organizing efforts he’s been part of in support of Palestinian liberation.
101:42 4/20/24
Episode 170 Audio: Medea Benjamin
Medea Benjamin reveals how to fight the genocide in Gaza.
62:02 4/13/24
Episode 169: Ana Kasparian
Ana Kasparian joins us to discuss, among other things, why she won't be voting for Joe Biden.
77:15 4/7/24
Episode 168: Mouin Rabbani
Analyst Mouin Rabbani joins us to discuss updates on Israel's genocide in Palestine.
64:17 3/30/24
Episode 167: Katie Halper
Katie Halper responds to the backlash surrounding The Zone of Interest, the equating of anti-Zionism with antisemitism, and more.
89:48 3/23/24
Episode 166: Omar Baddar
Omar Baddar joins us to discuss the political movement against U.S. support of Israel's genocide in Palestine.
67:45 3/16/24
Episode 165: State of the Union
We cover Biden’s State of the Union speech.
77:04 3/10/24
Episode 164: Mehdi Hasan
Mehdi Hasan joins us to discuss the launch of his new independent media company.
78:20 3/2/24
Episode 163: Marc Lamont Hill
Marc Lamont Hill joins us to discuss media coverage of Israel-Palestine.
75:06 2/25/24
Episode 162: Ryan Grim
Ryan Grim joins us to discuss updates in Pakistani politics.
93:36 2/18/24
Episode 161: John Washington
Author John Washington discusses the case for open borders with us.
101:59 2/11/24
Episode 160: RM Brown
Is Taylor Swift a communist psyop? Is Travis Kelce the perfect cover? We’re thrilled to have RM Brown on the show this week to talk about the latest in lefty politics, the forthcoming presidential election, and more.
72:41 2/3/24
Episode 159: Vaush
Kyle and Vaush discuss the upcoming presidential election, debates in left media, and Israel-Palestine.
75:24 1/28/24
Episode 158: Owen Jones
Journalist Owen Jones joins us to discuss the dehumanization of Palestinians in mainstream media.
88:06 1/21/24
Episode 157: Norman Finkelstein
Norman Finkelstein joins us to discuss the groundbreaking case made by South Africa in The Hague against Israel’s genocidal campaign in Gaza. 
80:11 1/13/24
Episode 156: Dean Phillips
Krystal and Kyle take on Congressman and Presidential candidate Dean Phillips for a wide-ranging interview and debate. Should Trump be kicked off the ballot? Is Israel committing a genocide? What would Dean do as president?
72:28 1/6/24
Episode 155: Tim Alberta
We speak to author Tim Alberta about the story of the religious far right’s rise.
96:56 12/24/23
Episode 154: Katie Halper
Katie Halper joins us to discuss the weaponization of antisemitism allegations.
83:32 12/17/23
Episode 153: Dimi Reider
Our topic with this week’s guest, Dimi Reider, is the IDF’s genocidal plan for Gaza — and why more Israelis don’t oppose it.
88:21 12/10/23
Episode 152: Scott Horton
Scott Horton joins us to discuss the relations between the Palestinian Authority, the occupying Israeli government, and American leadership, giving us insight into the occupation of Palestine.
92:34 12/3/23
Episode 151: Ryan Grim
Ryan Grim discusses his new book on the secret history of the Squad.
50:21 11/26/23
Episode 150: Abby Martin
We’re joined by Abby Martin to discuss the ongoing genocide in Palestine.
83:09 11/19/23
Episode 149: Third Republican Debate
Krystal and Kyle recap the third debate for Republican presidential hopefuls.
81:33 11/11/23
Episode 148: Omar Baddar
Omar Baddar joins us for an in-depth discussion of Israel’s siege on Gaza, the international response, and growing grassroots organizing to call for a ceasefire.
76:48 11/4/23
Episode 147: Adam Johnson
We talk about Western media’s complicity in Israel’s war on Palestine with guest Adam Johnson.
97:46 10/29/23

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