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Coaching Kids Curling

The goal of this podcast is to help those who are involved with youth curling programs, including coaches, volunteers, program organizers and parents.Our primary focus will be on "U12" or "Little Rocks" curling, but this podcast will occasionally touch on topics of interest to U15/U18/U21 coaches and organizers. Coach Glenn Gabriel will offer advice, share resources and give you the occasional pick-me-up when you need it.To contact Coach Glenn, e-mail: coachingkidscurling@gmail.comOur Web site is:


Curling Podcasts I Listen To (International Podcast Day 2021) 12:54 10/10/2021
National Day For Truth & Reconciliation: What Can I Do? 13:17 10/03/2021
Curling As A Kid & Beyond! With Jill Officer (Winnipeg, MB) 47:50 09/26/2021
Curling As A Kid & Beyond! With Kerry Galusha (Yellowknife, NWT) 44:30 09/21/2021
When A Club Closes (Bayview Golf & CC, Thornhill, ON) With Julie Hastings 31:07 09/12/2021
New Curling Canada Funding For Grassroots Youth Programs With Helen Radford 30:51 09/06/2021
Simplicity & Consistency: Keys To Teaching The Curling Delivery 16:00 07/04/2021
Are We Speaking Their Language? 11:10 06/27/2021
"So... When Is Your Son Joining Little Rocks?" (Father's Day 2021) 09:48 06/20/2021
Nutrition for Young Curlers With Registered Dietitian Melissa Kazan 56:03 06/13/2021
Delivery: Release Point Method With John Benton (Part 2 of 2) 29:28 06/06/2021
Delivery: Release Point Method With John Benton (Part 1 of 2) 32:37 05/30/2021
Sport Psychology - For Teens & By Teens - With Brandon Shintani of Mind-Design Sports 33:48 05/23/2021
Getting Involved in Diversity & Inclusivity With Brittany Tran 28:26 05/16/2021
Junior Program Profile: Nick Saturnino, Inuvik Curling Center (N.W.T.) 49:27 05/09/2021
All Things Curling Fitness With Stephanie Thompson 39:07 05/02/2021
Safe Sport, Rule of Two & Rowan's Law With OCC's Jennifer Ferris 28:27 04/25/2021
Passion Curling With Amélie Blais 41:27 04/18/2021
The Curling Canada Foundation With Brodie Bazinet 28:37 04/11/2021
Online Curling League Recap & Building A Backyard Rink With Greg Wilson 20:16 04/04/2021
"Women In Curling" Summit & Okotoks Jr. Curling Academy With Atina Ford Johnston 28:53 03/28/2021
Post-Conference Reaction (Adapting Thriving 2021) With Delores McCallum & Janet Murphy 30:35 03/23/2021
Preview: "Adapting Thriving 2021" Coaches Conference With OCC's Andrea Ronnebeck 29:25 03/14/2021
Teaching Sweeping To Kids With Glenn Paulley (Adapting Thriving 2021) 38:56 03/07/2021
Talking Kids Programs with Curling Canada's Youth Manager Helen Radford 35:51 02/28/2021
Teaching Strategy & Tactics To Kids With Ryan Lafraniere (Adapting Thriving 2021) 31:55 02/21/2021
How I Met My Wife: A Valentine's Day Story 07:25 02/14/2021
Gender Equity in Youth Curling Programs With Delores McCallum & Patrick Brown 33:59 02/07/2021
Women Mentoring Girls In Curling: A Gender Equity Award Profile With Stephen Fish 19:08 01/31/2021
From New Curler To Creator of "Curling Class" With Matt Bean 42:41 01/24/2021