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How Are We Still Married?!

From Hollywood to New York to Alabama and everywhere in between, Beth and Ted have lived all over the US pursuing their TV, acting and writing dreams. Married 35 years and moving 35 times, the crazy stories of their life together will keep you laughing as they try to figure out 'How Are We Still Married?


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What's this show all about? A whirlwind preview of this fun, funny irreverent podcast with husband and wife team Beth Albright and Ted Ishler.  Support the show
01:21 12/28/20
Episode 1: The Wild Ride Begins!
How Beth and Ted came to be. How we met as rival interns at the CNN New York Bureau, to our crazy wedding in Alabama (car engine sardines are involved) and our unbelievable escapades back in the Big Apple that set the stage for what's to come!Support the show
36:21 12/29/20
Episode 2: From Metropolis to Demopolis???
Beth and Ted’s epic adventure continues. From sneaking onto the New York NBC TV network sets to take kissing photos, to moving to rural Demopolis, Alabama and running a low-power TV station (and getting fired and suing the owners) all in the first year of marriage! The relationship should have been pushed to the breaking point, If the situations hadn’t been so insane and hilarious!Support the show
31:32 1/3/21
Episode 3: A Ghost, A Butterknife and the Mafia
Disembodied spirits in their Baltimore townhouse? A phony job offer from a kid in his basement? A radio station run by organized crime? Beth and Ted's crazy marital trek continues!Support the show
35:35 1/13/21
Episode 4: House Husband, Hollywood and a Cat Named 'Beef'
More tales of anything but marital bliss. Ted becomes a Kelly Girl while Beth is a short-lived Cleveland star. A jobless move to Hollywood that involves a flimsy house made of paper, an office behind the Price Is Right ‘Wheel’, selling towels to Arsenio Hall’s mom, and a cat named ‘Beef’. If this doesn’t do them in, nothing will!!Support the show
36:05 1/20/21
Episode 5: A Narcissistic Doctor's Plunger, a Cheezy Radio DJ and a Baby!
A bad luck song sets the stage for the craziness to come!  A plea at New York City night court, a move from LA to LA (Lower Alabama), ridiculous jobs at small-town radio stations, a harrowing birth with a narcissistic doctor and his plunger. Beth and Ted’s hits just keep on coming!  Support the show
28:24 1/27/21
Episode 6: There's A Mother-In-Law On Your Couch!!
Beth and Ted laugh about their high maintenance baby, another new city and Beth’s mother sleeping on the sofa… for five months! A broken Hollywood promise, a motor attached to the baby crib and a bald mullet hairstyle – more marriage-straining hilarity continues. Support the show
24:27 2/4/21
Episode 7: Chipmunk In The Living Room And Laundry On The Curb
New baby, new jobs, new city. A chipmunk-chaser hurtling through the living room, a cross-country move that had to be un-done, an overheated elephant, and Beth's city-wide broadcast about Ted's laundry mishap. The insanity grows!Support the show
28:15 2/10/21
Episode 8: Crazy Accents and Barfing Cats
Beth and Ted laugh about the wide-ranging accents they’ve picked-up around the country. Plus, their baby doing a nosedive out of the crib, a hairdryer versus candle incident and a vomiting feline live on the air. Support the show
32:24 2/17/21
Episode 9: Psycho Neighbors and Fire Ant Attacks!
Moving across the street from psychopathic hillbillies. Ted’s neighborly visit with a sleazy centerfold model. Beth and Ted’s attempted weekend getaway. Another long-distance move, and what not to do with ferocious Texas fire-ants.  The hits just keep on coming!Support the show
30:11 2/24/21
Episode 10: Cops and Donald Duck, and Big Trouble in Pasadena, TX
Some uncomfortable moments with a guy in a duck suit, trouble brewing on the home-front, and Ted’s infamous comedy misfire in the city of Pasadena, Texas that got him banned and fired. Oh my!Support the show
29:17 3/4/21
Episode 11: Special Edition: Sardine-gate!!
Beth and Ted investigate new information about the infamous 'sardines on the car engine' wedding incident (discussed in Episode 1). Digging for the truth about the fishy situation, they grill their friend Dan -- but was he an eyewitness or an accomplice?!Support the show
24:52 3/10/21
Episode 12: Acting Up and Acting Out!
Opening a children's acting school, Dousing unsuspecting kids with a fire extinguisher, bugs for breakfast and behind the scenes career battles. A masterclass for spouses on how NOT to work together!!Support the show
29:24 3/17/21
Episode 13: Annoying Habits and Bad-Mannered Puppets
Beth and Ted delve into each other’s cringe-worth habits. Plus, a puppet to the privates, psycho employees and dueling egos. Another day in paradise!Support the show
25:32 4/1/21
Episode 14: Smoking Ghosts and a Move to Nothing
Beth and Ted discuss a ghostly bedroom visit, and an apparition with a nicotine habit. Plus a 2000 mile move to Hollywood for a job that didn’t materialize leads to some intense marital turmoil. Oh my!Support the show
27:23 4/15/21
Episode 15: Diet Disasters and Hillbilly Go-Carts
Beth and Ted discuss their latest failing attempt to lose weight, a not-so-kind podcast critic,  another move -- this time to Tennessee,  home shopping network hi-jinks and a hillbilly go-cart run-in. Ye Haw!Support the show
28:49 4/30/21
Episode 16: Moving Mayhem Part 1
Chasing a dog through 4 lanes of traffic, smoldering bikes, an AWOL cat stuffed in a mattress, and other moving nightmares.  Why didn’t Beth and Ted pack it up after this much trouble?!! Support the show
30:17 5/12/21
Episode 17: Moving Mayhem Part 2
After a moving hiatus (that will be described in later episodes) Beth and Ted are back with more tales of moving mayhem. A cross country trek that involved dead horses, a broken foot, and a smoking moving truck. Plus they discuss some untidy habits and unique ways to dispose of dog poop. An eclectic mix!Support the show
38:23 7/13/21
Episode 18: 36 in 36!? Oh my!!!
A July 2021 anniversary (#36) and bam, another move (#36)!!. The unexpected upheaval throws Beth and Ted’s life into a fiasco – competing bidders, missing moving trucks and another ghost??  Support the show
22:04 8/31/21
Episode 19: Creepy Neighbors and a House That May Explode
Spying on a weird neighbor burying something in his yard at 2AM, another eventful cross-country move, a new house that smelled like gas and Beth’s less than enthusiastic response when she sees/smells it for the first time. Another day in marital bliss!Support the show
30:30 9/16/21
Episode 20: Mini Golf Fiasco and a Co-worker's Fightin' Words
***(Season 1 now exclusively available wherever audio books are sold)***Beth and Ted take to the little links and trouble ensues. Plus, QR-code menu mayhem and a co-worker’s eye-opening insight that could incite an epic clash between our crazy couple.Support the show
27:43 10/21/21
Episode 21: Move-In That Morning. House Fire That Night!!
Just another move, so what could go wrong? How about a fire on the first night in the new house! A harrowing tale, yet also -- ridiculous! The discussion turns from flames and firefighters to shoes and doggie diarrhea. A truly eclectic episode!Support the show
34:46 12/4/21
Season 2, Ep. 1: We're Back! And Back on the Move!!
New episode! After a year and a half hiatus, Beth and Ted have more crazy stories to tell. Another cross country move, a new house with a creepy questionable past, and some 40 year old ‘love coupons’ that may need to be dusted off and cashed in. Yike! Support the show
25:48 10/30/23
Season 2, Ep. 2: Sleep Battles, and Do Real Women Pump Gas?
Beth and Ted probe the pressing questions – what is the threshold for ‘high maintenance’ and do real women pump gas? Also, the battle of who sleeps worse, and does the ghost of Beth’s mother haunt a Mashall’s dressing room?Support the show
25:45 11/27/23
Season 2, Ep. 3: A Dog-Chase Through Traffic and Roadside Fisticuffs!
More zany moving escapades --  Lexi takes an early exit from the moving truck – in 8 lanes of traffic! A thwarted fistfight on a rural road, meeting the neighbors three years too late, and a burrito you can’t even give away!   Support the show
34:51 1/23/24