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Gastro Broadcast

Independent GI physicians and administrative leaders discuss issues that impact gastroenterology.


Episode 28: Understanding the Business of Healthcare (and strategies for the growth of independent GI groups) 26:53 07/27/2021
Episode 27: Creating Community with Ladies of the Gut (how online groups can provide support and mentorship) 20:02 07/13/2021
Episode 26: Research Isn’t Only for Academic Medical Centers (how clinical trials can benefit your patients and practice) 17:08 06/15/2021
Episode #25: Motility and Healthy Weight Programs with @GutsyGirlMD (with some empowerment thrown in for good measure) 20:20 06/08/2021
Episode #24: Preparing for a Post-Pandemic Screening Surge (and thoughts on long-term career happiness) 30:16 06/01/2021
Episode #23: You Say Follow Your Heart, I Say Go With Your Gut (providing guidance for early career GI physicians) 24:48 05/25/2021
Episode #22: Checking in with the Billing and Coding Guru (and his thoughts on the future of independent GI in California) 23:18 05/18/2021
Episode #21: Educating and Advocating on Behalf of IBD Patients and Caregivers (diversity and inclusion are mission critical) 21:44 05/05/2021
Episode #20: Patients Aren’t Increments of Care and Units of Cost (Remodeling Health Care to Take Care of the Whole Person) 29:06 04/27/2021
Episode #19: The Self-Prescribed Luddite Millennial and the Online Influencer (how to use social media in your medical practice) 20:12 04/20/2021
Episode #18: How the Hunt for Red October Inspired Better IBD Monitoring (and helped torpedo the total cost of care) 27:59 04/13/2021
Episode #17: Remembering the Dark Days of March and April (telehealth was a lifesaver in 2020 and remains a useful tool) 16:09 04/06/2021
Episode #16: At Its Core, Gastrologix is a Collaborative (and the only GI-Specific group purchasing organization in the U.S.) 12:55 03/30/2021
Episode #15: Colonoscopy Preparation Doesn’t Need to be Difficult (a discussion of innovation in bowel cleansing) 16:58 03/23/2021
Episode #14: We Bank Online, yet There are Still so Many Forms at a Doctor’s Visit (how Direct Access removes barriers to screening) 19:00 03/16/2021
Episode #13: The Most Important Part of Teaching is Listening (and it’s the best path to successful community engagement) 22:26 03/09/2021
Episode #12: The Best Interventions Target the Specific Areas Where Patients Have Needs (March is #CRCAwarenessMonth) 14:26 03/02/2021
Episode #11: You Might Find the Cheapest Medication Works the Best (and why diversity in research is important) 27:18 02/23/2021
Episode #10: Increasing Diversity Requires Starting Before Med School (it will take some time but the benefit will be worth it) 19:54 02/16/2021
Episode #09: Encourage Young People With a Bright Spark in Their Eye and Some Talent (diversity in medicine benefits everyone) 20:43 02/09/2021
Episode #08: Thinking of Dr. Christina Surawicz (how representation, mentoring and opportunity support women in GI) 16:04 02/02/2021
Episode #07: The Canary in the Coal Mine (and how GI physicians can help fight the obesity epidemic) 10:39 01/29/2021
Episode #06: We Tend to Favor Plumbing Over Electricity (and innovative ways to develop GI practice leadership) 17:21 01/26/2021
Episode #05: Treating Patients + Research = Dream Job (next up is ending the obesity epidemic) 14:05 01/22/2021
Episode #04: What We Do is a Marathon, Not a Sprint (helping physicians do what they do best) 13:17 01/19/2021
Episode #03: We Call it a Slipstick (and we’re glad you’re not designing contact lenses) 17:01 01/12/2021
Episode #02: We All Have Our Podcast Moments (there’s fresh powder on the mountains and you’re washing dishes) 18:00 01/08/2021
Episode #01: It’s the Donuts in the Doctors Lounge (and other things learned in 40 years of private practice) 12:35 01/04/2021