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The Credentialed is an interview series featuring tech and innovation executives we don't often hear from, the people who don't necessarily fit the stereotype when we think "technology executive."


A Contrarian Push for Openness in Health Data
In 2006 David Williams was a founding executive of PatientsLikeMe, a digital community of sorts that relies on people sharing their health experiences then pooling that information into data that can help industry improve healthcare. In that role he purported the concept of openness in healthcare data -- a decidedly contrarian view in the privacy-obsessed arena of healthcare. In this Credentialed BonusCast segment, Williams explains his "Openness Philosophy."
05:33 06/05/2018
Healthcare Tech for Underserved Populations with David Williams of Care3
When David Williams first started talking to investors about his healthcare platform Care3, he hesitated to emphasize the fact that the technology was developed in part for underserved communities. Eventually, though he changed his tune and began to include the fact that the platform -- which connects caregivers and patients -- was built with people of color, the disabled and other underserved seniors in mind. Yet, when he did, not only did investors get it -- "Absolutely, absolutely it translated into dollar signs," said Williams. On this episode of The Credentialed, originally recorded May 9, 2018, Kate Kaye chats with Williams about why he believes technology can improve day-to-day interactions between patients and caregivers, about the importance of developing technologies for underrepresented groups and about how his Detroit family roots sparked his entrepreneurial spirit.
28:50 05/29/2018
Carol Davidsen on Why We Need to Rethink the FLMA and Maternity Leave
The rules around maternity leave and the FLMA could use some updating, suggests Carol Davidsen of Comscore, our guest on The Credentialed podcast in this BonusCast episode. "It’s amazing to me how so many work environments today have things like bringing your dog to work – which is great – but...I think we really need to reevaluate what does having a kid look like in the first year, because...frankly, it’s not that disruptive."
04:43 05/22/2018
Inside Political Data with Carol Davidsen of Comscore
Carol Davidsen made a name for herself in the world of political data tech through her work with the Obama 2012 campaign, back when media coverage of data use in the election was decidedly more positive than it is these days in the wake of the Facebook-Cambridge Analytica scandal. While at Obama for America, she developed technologies for building voter profiles and gained notoriety for the platform she created for optimizing TV media buying and ad targeting. Today, she is SVP of TV and cross-platform products at Comscore where she helps create technologies that help advertisers aim their messages out to people across TV, the web and their mobile phones. This interview with Carol Davidsen was recorded on April 10, 2018, about an hour before Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg began his testimony before a joint session of the Senate Judiciary and Commerce Committees regarding the Cambridge Analytica scandal. In this episode of The Credentialed, Carol chats about her own work for the Obama 2012 campaign -- including what she calls “scraping” Facebook data, about the evolving zeitgeist surrounding data use by political campaigns, about her background and influences, and about why tech disruption isn't always a good thing.
31:51 05/15/2018
Classic Sci-Fi, Today's Tech and Society with Kimberly Mach of Microsoft Research Next
In this BonusCast segment from our discussion with Kimberly Mach of Microsoft Research Next, Mach discusses her love of sci-fi novels and how they relate to her work today.
02:57 05/08/2018
Developing Tomorrow’s Tech with Kimberly Mach of Microsoft Research Next
Kimberly Mach is somewhat elusive when asked about what she and her fellow researchers are working on at Microsoft Research Next, a division of the company that Business Insider recently referred to as its “A-team of troubleshooting scientists.” But having a hush-hush job isn’t exactly new to Mach, either – she joined Microsoft in early 2017, following several years in the defense industry working on technologies for things like ballistic missile defense and autonomous vehicles. Mach received an "Innovator Award" from Women Who Code last year for making “profound contributions to the future of the tech industry, but she’s more than just a math and computer science nerd. She received a scholarship for clarinet in her early college days and is a devoted fan of her hometown teams – The Mariners and The Seahawks. On this episode of the Credentialed Mach shares tales of working alongside robots at Microsoft, of her first time participating in a hackathon and how her small town Washington roots helped guide her to where she is today.
19:42 05/01/2018
Kirsten McMullen of 4Info Talks Privacy in the EU on The Credentialed BonusCast
Just in time for sweeping new privacy regulations going into effect in Europe, we chatted with Kirsten McMullen, chief privacy officer of mobile ad firm 4Info, about the distinctions between the way government in Europe and the US treat privacy. In Europe, says McMullen, “I liken it to freedom of speech in the US; it’s just a core value.” Listen to this Credentialed BonusCast now!
04:28 04/24/2018
Transparency and Privacy in an Opaque Mobile Ad World with Kirsten McMullen of 4Info
Kirsten McMullen has a tough job. As chief privacy officer and VP of compliance at mobile ad tech firm 4Info, she serves as an internal watchdog, helping to steer her company, one operating in the cut-throat, fast-paced and increasingly sophisticated world of consumer data, toward the best data privacy practices possible. To do that, she relies on what she refers to as her own “core ethic,” one that compels her to want to educate people about how her company uses consumer data. In a business environment where opacity and obfuscation is more the norm, it’s no easy task. “I want to get out the word that your location data is being used more for just telling you what the weather is in your city or where you jog, so pay attention to who you’re choosing to share that with and make the choices accordingly,” said McMullen on this episode of The Credentialed.
26:42 04/17/2018
Veda Hlubinka-Cook: The Promise of Consensus Management and Female Leadership Style
“How much better would the world be if there were many more women running companies?” asks Veda Hlubinka-Cook, founder of open information platform Factful. On this Credentialed Podcast BonusCast, she explains how her gender transition improved her cognition and management style, and discusses why the top down, command and control, 20th-century military style approach to management “is clearly outdated.” She opines, “Particularly in startups when I see it, it’s just maddening – all these sporty guys doing their, sort of, best Jack Welch at mini-scale, but some of the most successful companies are the ones that are much more consensus-driven.”
05:39 04/11/2018
Veda Hlubinka-Cook on How Tech Steamrollered the Bay Area’s Countercultural Legacy:
On this Credentialed Podcast BonusCast, Veda Hlubinka-Cook, founder of open information platform Factful, suggests that the counter-cultural, queer legacy of the San Francisco Bay area, still present when she moved there in the ‘90s, has “been steamrollered over in large part because of the technology industry.” Hear why Hlubinka-Cook believes that while, a lot of people in tech “mean really well…they don’t have a very nuanced understanding of what [impact] their actions have on the world.”
04:45 04/06/2018
The Power of Open Information with Veda Hlubinka-Cook of Factful
“Openness is a counterweight to the secrecy that powerful people use to subjugate us…. We have to pool our resources together, get the right team and go after it.” Veda Hlubinka-Cook does not mince words. An early pioneer of digital information infrastructure and trans technologist, Hlubinka-Cook co-founded Metaweb, a firm that developed an open, shared database of knowledge called Freebase which was eventually acquired by Google in 2005. Today, she is back at it – building Factful, a collaborative platform for investigative journalism aimed at exposing corruption.
24:32 04/03/2018
Biometric Data Diversity and the Miami Tech Difference with Brian Brackeen of Kairos
We’ve been hearing more and more about facial recognition and biometric identification technology lately, and this week’s guest on The Credentialed is on the cutting edge of this emerging realm. Brian Brackeen is CEO and founder of Kairos, a six-year-old facial recognition and “human analytics” firm based in Miami which serves clients such as Disney and Walmart. An outspoken proponent of algorithmic data diversity, facial recognition privacy standards and Miami as an under-appreciated hub of tech innovation, Brackeen stands out. He talked on the show about how an algorithm is like a human mind, limited to what it’s been exposed to: “If you teach the young algorithm that this is the world, and you don’t show it anything else -- you don’t show it any other races, any other ages, any other genders -- that’s all it will be able to see. It will actually be literally blind to the rest of the world,” he said during his chat on The Credentialed, where he and host Kate Kaye discussed the movement supporting the inclusion of data representing under-represented minority groups often forgotten when training AI systems and algorithms. Brackeen also shared his personal story, which he likened to the Iron Man Marvel comics tale in which scientist and inventor Howard Stark inspires his son to take up engineering. It’s no coincidence that Brackeen’s own father worked on some of the first artificial intelligence systems during his career at the Philadelphia Electric Company.
21:50 03/20/2018
The Credentialed with Brian Brackeen of Kairos: BonusCast
There's more from Brian Brackeen, CEO of facial recognition tech firm Kairos, when he shares on The Credentialed his enthusiasm for Miami as an ideal place for tech entrepreneurs-of-color to launch startups and generate funding, as well as foster great work-life balance. “It’s infinitely fairer to say” that Miami is a better place for entrepreneurs-of-color to generate fundraising than places like New York and San Francisco, he agreed, referring to the high number of minority investors and entrepreneurs in Miami compared to other places. Brian also mentions a couple other inclusive cities he ranks highly as supportive places for entrepreneurs of color.      
04:47 03/20/2018
The Credentialed with Jasmin Hume of Just: BonusCast
Want more from our chat with Jasmin Hume, director of food chemistry at Just? You’ve got it. In this bonus segment, we discuss how Jasmin and her team use data automation, predictive modeling and machine learning to  query large volumes of data and screen plants for functional proteins.
01:46 03/06/2018
The Scientific Future of Sustainable Food with Jasmin Hume of Just
You’ve probably seen Just’s vegan mayo on grocery store shelves, or maybe you’ve had their plant-based cookie dough concoction as a late night snack. Perhaps you’ve seen the open letters the company’s CEO Josh Tetrick has splashed across full page ads in the New York Times -- like the one he addressed to presidential candidates in 2015 challenging them to help solve our outdated food system. Following a name change from Hampton Creek, the company remains dedicated to its original mission: to produce healthy, sustainable, affordable and delicious food. This is no quick fix – locating plant components and experimenting until they are proven to be viable ingredients involves a year’s long process – and our guest on the latest episode of The Credentialed, director of food chemistry at Hampton Creek, Jasmin Hume, is guiding that path towards what could be on our plates tomorrow. On this episode of The Credentialed, we’ll learn about the science behind turning plant proteins into food people want to eat, about how even healthy food can be processed, and why people still can get a little weirded out by too much science on their plate.  We’ll even indulge in a chat about a personal love of Hume’s -- Swedish baked goods.
27:58 03/06/2018
It's The Credentialed's Tenth Episode-i-versary!
We laughed! We cried! We learned about blockchain! Yes, indeed, we’ve come a long way in just ten episodes here at The Credentialed, the show that amplifies the diverse voices of tech and innovation. That’s right, we’ve got ten episodes under our belts, and that’s a good a reason as any to take a step back and remind our listeners – and ourselves – just what it is we’re doing here. We’re calling this re-cap episode of our first ten shows our Tenth Episode-i-versary. (Humor us, won’t you?) Since The Credentialed launched in October, we’ve featured data wonks, IoT and blockchain innovators, chatbot and mobile technology founders, ecommerce experts and digital media entrepreneurs. We’ve featured women, African-American, Asian, Haitian-American, LatinX and LGBTQ guests. People not just from New York City and San Francisco, but from Reno, Miami, Kansas City, Pasadena and Washington, DC. People whose business lives collide with personal passions like basketball, improv comedy -- and did we mention Star Wars? On the show, you’ll hear the most fascinating, fun, touching and inspiring moments from the first ten episodes of The Credentialed. Give a listen!
37:54 02/13/2018
Safeguarding Personal Privacy with Pam Dixon of World Privacy Forum: BonusCast
Pam Dixon of World Privacy Forum shares her tips for taking action to safeguard personal data privacy.
01:37 01/31/2018
Digital Exposure with Pam Dixon of World Privacy Forum
This is the last generation in the U.S. who will have what Pam Dixon, this week’s guest on The Credentialed, calls “privacy by obscurity.” Founder and executive director of World Privacy Forum, Dixon believes there is a short window of time left during which any of us living here in the United States, not to mention most places on earth, will have the ability to go “off the grid” - obscure our travels, interactions, personal connections, transactions and interests from corporations and governments. Pam joined The Credentialed in-person in the studio for a fascinating discussion about an array of issues that will have an increasingly significant impact on our lives – from biometric identification to precision medicine to the dire need to upgrade our flawed social security system.          
26:34 01/30/2018
A Silicon Valley Startup for the Poor with Theresa Dankovich of Folia Water
When we think tech, we often think of gadgets, software, computers, pixels and bots. But on this episode of The Credentialed, we’re getting down to basics. We’re talking about clean, safe water and a simple innovation that’s designed to make it more plentiful, accessible and affordable across the globe. Theresa Dankovich, Ph.D. is cofounder and Chief Technology Officer of Folia Water, an unlikely 500 Startups alumn that manufactures low-cost paper water filters intended for use by low-income people who today spend too much of their money on bottled water or soda. Dankovich chats about how the company aims to get its technology into the hands of the people, what sets Folia Water apart from other tech startups -- and why even in Silicon Valley, not every startup is only about generating ROI for investors.
19:47 01/16/2018
Blockchain Explaining with Portia Burton of The Blockchain Explainer
Blockchain. Bitcoin. Cryptocurrency. You’ve heard about these things, but, well, if you’re like a lot of people, you aren’t totally clear on what they are. On this episode of The Credentialed, we have a full-fledged blockchain expert explainer on the show, Portia Burton. Burton explains how blockchain works in everyday language, talks about blockchain mining in Venezuela and China, and suggests that blockchain nerds really could use a psychologist. Burton also shares her secrets for being successful at whatever she puts her mind to. Hint: failure is allowed.
21:24 01/02/2018
Digital Community with Rachel Law of Kip
In this encore of the very first episode of The Credentialed, we talk to Rachel Law, CEO of chatbot and collaborative shopping technology Kip, to discuss the company, learn how it can help niche communities – from crochet enthusiasts to Japanese immigrants, chat about the Internet as a place for personal development, and even get some tips for startup fundraising. It’s not often that we hear about technologies being developed for niche immigrant communities, and that is another way in which innovators like Law are helping us expand the definition of tech.
18:31 12/26/2017
Hustle and Immigrant DNA with Clara de Soto of
When Clara de Soto’s first app company, Killswitch, was shut down by Facebook after going viral in 110 countries, it was a “really big blow,” but she didn’t take it sitting down. She and her colleagues got to work. “We had to put on our hustle pants…and we networked our butts off until we got in touch actually directly with Sheryl Sandberg,” she said while chatting for this week’s episode of The Credentialed podcast. De Soto’s latest enterprise is still an early startup, though you wouldn’t know it to look at its client list, which includes firms like Coca-Cola, Starbucks, Samsung and Hilton, all of which have employed its chatbot technology to communicate better with consumers.
24:13 12/12/2017
The Entrepreneurial Bug with Heidi Lehmann of Kenzen
She may not have had the proverbial ultra-successful lemonade stand at age ten, but it didn’t take long for Heidi Lehmann to realize early in her career that things were moving a little too slowly for her. Compelled to take the reins as a mobile technology and media entrepreneur, Lehmann has been involved in getting all sorts of tech and media startups up and running. We chatted with Lehmann about her current work at body monitor tech firm Kenzen and about her passion for championing media aimed at women and LGBTQ communities.
19:28 11/28/2017
Always Be Connecting with Jonathan Stephen of Norwegian Cruise Line
This episode of The Credentialed features Jonathan Stephen, manager of ecommerce for Norwegian Cruise Line. We chat with him about his indirect route to the mobile world, how he straddles technology and marketing, and why sometimes hanging out in airports is the best way to get close to travelers.
18:55 11/14/2017
Fundraising While Transitioning, Part II with Allison Clift-Jennings of Filament
In this second half of the show, Allison Clift-Jennings, CEO of Filament addresses what it was like to be a CEO trying to earn funding for her company while she was smack dab in the middle of her gender transition from male to female. “Going through a gender transition during pitching to folks like this -- I knew in my head that this could go really south really fast…because we all have unconscious biases.” It turned out her decision had an unexpected -- and positive -- impact on her business.
16:54 10/31/2017
How to Stop Machines from Lying with Allison Clift-Jennings of Filament
Allison Clift-Jennings is CEO of Filament, a firm that modernizes industrial equipment, but her thoughts about her work and its potential go way beyond a time horizon for a Series C and getting acquired. The future of the planet and consumer culture are at stake. In this Part I of a two-part episode, we discuss Filament's mission, and how Clift-Jennings believes instilling value in machines can create unforeseen efficiencies even for everyday tools.  
18:02 10/17/2017
Patterns on the Field with Lauren Moores of Tala
“I remember being told I asked way too many questions.” - Lauren Moores Lauren Moores is on the ground floor of a technical solution to a very real need: enabling loans for people in emerging markets. But rather than developing software or tech platforms, Lauren works with information and analytics as data director at startup Tala. The global financial technology firm helps people in Kenya, the Philippines and Tanzania obtain microloans by producing credit ratings for them based mainly on information generated by their mobile phones. Lauren explains how it works, why data-for-good is important, and how good ‘ol baseball got her into numbers and statistics.    
19:01 09/26/2017
Competitive Spirit with Gladys Kong of Ubermedia
“I also love the competitiveness of sports where there are certain rules in place but everybody competes their hardest to win – that spirit, I love.” – Gladys Kong Gladys Kong, CEO of mobile tech and data firm Ubermedia has an impressive tech pedigree, with multiple patents and many years working alongside Bill Gross at his Idealab incubator. We discuss what it was like to take on the CEO role and work more closely than ever with employees after starting out in the very different position of chief technology officer. Kong also shares why playing high school basketball, running track at Caltech, rooting for the Lakers – and cheering on her hoops-playing-kids – inspire her approach to running a business.
21:00 09/26/2017