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Goal Setting - how a stationery freak mixes analogue and digital tools for goal setting
In this episode Rob shares his goal setting process using paper and digital tools. Rob explains what makes a good goal, Helen asks lots of questions and Rob shares how to track goals.We cover:Goals should be measurable and timeboundAn annual review is a positive processPainting a picture of the future and aligning goals is importantThe why is importantPrecious little red notebooksTracking in ToDoistThe power of journalingWhy not subscribe to the newsletter too!
34:10 2/11/24
The world of Hobonichi Planners - and switching productivity systems
In this episode we explore the world of Hobonichi Planners. Helen decided that January was a good time to switch productivity, journaling and note-taking systems (it may not have been a wise decision). She chats us through the world of Hobonichi Planners and how she is using them to "force" her to develop the habit of journaling. She also needed mountains of stickers. All the stickers. We also cover Midori notebooks (Helen raves about these), Etsy Hobonichi sticker providers and why productivity systems must be hacked to make them work for you. Rob explores "containers with rules" and explain how he's impressed with a new calendar view in Todoist. We hope you enjoy this episode. Why not subscribe to the Stationery Freaks newsletter also - Helen and Rob
31:55 1/21/24
Money is no object - The Stationery Freaks Christmas Gift Guide 2023
It's that time of the year again - time for something festive.In this special edition, episode 4 of 4, we offer up some advice and insights into things we would buy if money were no object.Rob breaks the rules on this one, Helen less so. Listen to the end for a magical and amazing idea we'd love to do, but alas, money IS an object. We cover:- Helen - Smythson Soho Luxury Notebooks. About £170 - £250- Rob - Parker Bumble Bee - ebay link so may expire. £5000 for a pen!- Helen - Diamine Inkvent Calendar - this is SO cool. £89.95- Rob - Antique Writing Desk - link may expire if sold. £3650- Helen - Helen would like a pen made from the Apple Tree made famous by Isaac Newton. We believe you can only get them in the store at Woolsthorpe Manor, not online. Alternatively, Helen would like a pen made of wood from the actual York Minster.- Rob - My more reasonable choice (although still expensive) would be this amazing pencil sharpener by Labour And Wait. Epic. But is around £200.We make use of affiliate links which means you don't pay any more but we earn a tiny commission that goes to keeping the servers running.Subscribe to the newsletter to never miss an episode : us on Instagram :
21:05 12/19/23
Accessories - The Stationery Freaks Christmas Gift Guide 2023
It's that time of the year again - time for something festive.In this special edition, episode 3 of 4, we offer up some advice and insights into stationery accessories that are on our gift list.Helen shares three and Rob shares three.We cover:- Helen - TipEx Mouse- Rob - Firbon A4 paper cutter- Helen - Bookaroo Sticky Tabs- Rob - Rapesco desktop Pencil Sharpener- Helen - Hobonichi Deco Rush Stickers- Rob - Vretti thermal printer (here's the Vretti one I bought but it looks like it's been discontinued) Here's a "memoking" that receives high praise.- Helen also shares her disappointment about Dove Grey inkWe make use of affiliate links which means you don't pay any more but we earn a tiny commission that goes to keeping the servers running.This Christmas Gift Guide newsletter is out now - subscribe here : out the website : us on Insta :
25:52 12/14/23
Notebooks - The Stationery Freaks Christmas Gift Guide 2023
It's that time of the year again - time for something festive.In this special edition, episode 2 of 4, we offer up some advice and insights into notebooks that are on our gift list.Helen shares three and Rob shares three.We cover:- Helen - Zen Art B5 Dotted Notebook- Rob - Ottergami A5 notebook- Helen - Atoms to Astronauts notebooks- Rob - A4 Yellow Legal Pads- Helen - Midori Notebook- Rob - Plotter Japan NotebookAnd an honourable mention (we both assumed the other had it on their list) to the very excellent Mark and Fold Everyday Notebook (And no, we are not sponsored or affiliated with Mark and Fold :) )We make use of affiliate links which means you don't pay any more but we earn a tiny commission that goes to keeping the servers running.After the first three episodes have aired we'll send out a Christmas Gift Guide newsletter - subscribe here : out the website : us on Insta :
28:01 12/12/23
Pens - The Stationery Freaks Christmas Gift Guide 2023
It's that time of the year again - time for something festive. In this special edition, episode 1 of 4, we offer up some advice and insights into 6 pens/pencils/inks that are on our gift list. Helen shares three and Rob shares three. We cover:Helen - The Stalogy Gel PenRob - Sharpie Ultra FineHelen - Glow in the dark ink (Etsy)Rob - Staedtler Norris School PencilsHelen - Waterman Carene Ink Pen (Fountain Pen)Rob - Waterman Deluxe Ink Pen (Fountain Pen)We make use of affiliate links which means you don't pay any more but we earn a tiny commission that goes to keeping the servers running.After the first three episodes have aired we'll send out a Christmas Gift Guide newsletter - subscribe here : out the website : us on Insta :
17:03 12/10/23
Stationery Chat with Amy Cooper-Wright: founder of Mark and Fold and fellow stationery freak
In this episode we chat with Amy Cooper-Wright who is the founder of Mark and Fold, one of our favourite stationery companies. Amy talks business, notebooks, gaps in the market, sustainability and shares her desert island stationery!We chat about:Why start a stationery companyWhy Amy was influenced when she was younger by making her own books and running a toy post officeWhy Amy sought out to make the notebook better, not cheaper - and held to her high bar of quality Why Amy was tired of not being able to find decent notebooks to buyLogistics, designs, challengesPens, notebooks and the love of stationeryWhy you need to gather your stationery supplies ready to unleash your potentialWhy it's important to build your own system - and why Mark and Fold don't prescribe the systemSustainability and waste in the stationery industryDesert Island stationery - find out which 5 products Amy would take with herSpecial OfferOur Stationery Freaks newsletter includes some images of our Mark and Fold products and details of the special offer - https://stationeryfreaks.substack.comWe mention the Mark and Fold products that we use:- The Everyday notebook- The planner PadAmy mentions Kenya Hara and his excellent book 100 whites (affiliate link) all about the colour white and paper.And here is the notebook Amy couldn't remember the name of: here is Amy's new adventure in branding and comms - and Helen
61:41 11/23/23
Zentangle, Mandala Art & Desert Island Stationery - an interview with Sanne Visser
In this episode we do a lovely interview with Sanne Visser, Technologist, Zentangle and Mandala aficionado and bullet journalling fan.We cover:* The Netherlands, bikes, canals and wonderful old libraries that sell stationery* What Zentangle and Mandala Art is, and why Sanne does it* The notebooks, pens and pencils used* Table cloth colouring* Stoic wisdom books* Cellotape, staples and Hobonichi planners* And Sanne shares the 5 items of stationery she would take with her to a desert island* We also muse whether water bottles and handcream are considered stationeryYou can find Sanne here: Mentioned:Posca pensSakura Pigma Micron (non-bleed fineliners)Woodley Dual BrushBig coloring tableclothMandala coloring bookFind pictures of Sanne's artwork on our website :
36:43 11/16/23
A retreat to Gladstone Library - a stationery freaks paradise?
In this episode we discuss Helen's recent retreat to Gladstone Library. The surprising thing about the retreat was that there were no obvious stationery a library.Helen explains what Gladstone Library is and the environmentHelen talks about her experience at the retreatHelen explains how everyone had laptops, and very few stationery freaks were thereRob talks a little about his retreat 2 years agoRob remarks that his was like a lads holiday, without the ladsHelen explains why she's rebooked alreadyPlus some hints and tips on doing your own retreatGladstone Library - episode where Helen Callaghan mentioned Gladstone Library - Stationery Freaks newsletter where we shared a picture of Helen at the retreat -
29:48 11/9/23
You're not lazy - deconstructing a YouTube video that resonated with us
In this episode we were super inspired by a wonderful YouTube video we watched, called "You're Not Lazy : How to live a chaotically organised life" by YouTuber Elizabeth Filips. So, given it summed up how we work, or at least how Rob works (that was why Helen sent him the link to the video), we thought we'd deconstruct the video and share stories about how we operate. And of course, although light on stationery talk, how we use stationery to control our own chaos.In the episode we talk about:Stationery Stories:Helen has bought some single use ink pensRob's been boring and bought some coloured paper Helen's daughter is mapping out the entire history of the Roman Empire on a giant sheet of paper. We chat about white boardsHelen is retreating to a libraryAnd of course, we deconstruct the messages in Elizabeth's videos and how they resonated so much with us.Fall behind, catch up, move aheadSeven year itch - become 1000% better quicklyOptimise for passionAdult brat - talk to yourself properlyElizabeths video is here : channel is here : mention Van Neistat : mention Mark Forster : out the newsletter and website at stationeryfreaks.comThanks
37:22 10/22/23
The Travelling Stationery Freak - what do you take with you when you travel
In this episode we chat about what stationery we take with us when we travel. Let us know what you take.We cover:Bookaroo notebook carry cases are Helen's new thing. (affiliate Amazon link)Van Neistat's inspiring Rob again - this time to create ToDo lists and organise himselfHelen waxes lyrical about some new exercise booksRob turned up to a Mastermind meeting with the worst stationeryWe then chat about what we take with us to conferences and when travelling with work.- Notebooks- Pens- Pencil casesAnd we also share two examples of Stationery Freaks we've spotted in the wild - and how we might approach them to talk stationery.You can find more on
35:48 10/5/23
Overwhelmed? Lists are your friend
In today’s episode we chat about why we revert to lists when we’re overwhelmed - as well as some stationery storiesStationery StoriesThe man who stuck post-it notes to his tie - Helen recalls the story of a man who used this process to get things done.Rob's using Helen's post-it notesTeachers using iPads to stick post-it notes toRob has sent the Remarkable2 back - and bought a typewriterMain Topic - Lists when overwhelmedWe chat about lists, what we use them for and why we revert to them when things get overwhelmingNot all of our lists are analogueRob talks about his bucket list as the master listWe chat about how digital tools can store endless lists - and that's why analogue can be helpful - there is limited spaceHelen talks about using a list to write storiesHelen talks about workflowy and how she uses itWe mention:Van Neistat's ToDo list videoRemarkable2WorkflowyYou can find our newsletter and other episodes on
35:06 9/22/23
What's happening to us? The Remarkable 2, Obsedian, The Brain, Moleskine Balance and blending analogue and digital
In this episode we talk about what's happening to us - as we find digital tooling becoming more important in our stationery world. We talk about the Remarkable 2, Moleskine balance and how we are still stationery freaks! And Rob is retooling his knowledge management and Helen learned nothing about herself, despite sticker journaling for a few weeks.We cover:Woolsthorpe manor, where Isaac Newton saw the apple fall - and the fact you can buy pens made from the very tree that Newton saw the apple fall fromRob's bought a Remarkable - will he send it back?Rob's doing a workshop in Romania - and has bought hundreds of stickers for an immersive workshopHelen's been using the Moleskine Balance app to track habits, mood etc. The interface is calming and clean - she is enjoyingHelen is using Bullet Journaling more for work than personal - due to working from home more often and "closing down the day"Rob's been researching tooling for a Personal Knowledge Management System - and was spending more time fiddling with the system than learning. Helen is using Obsidian, Rob uninstalled it after 10 minutes.Rob talks about The Brain as a PKMS. It's an awesome tool - but pricey, and would require a big on-going financial investment.Helen has been sticker journaling about her mood and energy levels, and tracking this using stickers. What did she learn about herself? Absolutely nothing by all accounts. Zero insights. Nothing. NadaRob talks about using Zotero and the Remarkable as his new PKMSRob talks through why he's bought the Remarkable 2, and how it fits into his ecosystem of learning and note taking. At the moment, he's keeping it, but there is a 100 day returns promiseHelen's not convinced about the Remarkable. Truth be told, Rob isn't either.Find more episodes and subscribe to the newsletter at
40:23 8/31/23
How we track habits - blending analogue and digital - Stationery Freaks Podcast
In this episode we discuss habits and how we define them and track them using both digital and analogue tracking and documenting. We share our own perspectives of how we develop habits.* Helen has bought all of the stickers in the whole world (possibly)* Rob is trying to build the habit of not buying anymore notebooks for a while - and instead, using up the mountain of notepads he has* Rob has regained the love of Yellow Legal Pads* Helen spends her life trying to make herself better using structures and systems to try and take away the thinking around habits* Helen is trying to stop eating chocolate* We reference Atomic Habits by James Clear as an awesome book about habits (affiliate link)* Rob talks about how routines and habits that he used to work with in business* Charles Duhigg's book on habits is also pretty special (The Power of Habit) (affiliate link)* Helen is tracking how she feels using stickers in a notebook* Rob used to track habits in ToDoist and simply didn't keep it up to date* Helen is using Moleskine Balance digital app to track her habits. And reminisces about "Sunrise" app by Dan Ariely - since closed down* Rob used to do quantified self, then went on to use the fridge of accountability* Rob is changing his environment to force the habit of weightlifting - and will become the strongest man in Winchester within a month* Rob references The Diary of a CEO podcast with Tim Spector* Helen has moved to measuring the impact habits is having on her life, rather than the thing itselfWhy not subscribe to the newsletter!ThanksRob and Helen
30:40 8/17/23
Handmade notebooks, Japanese silk and sourcing materials - an interview with Maria Le Van
In this episode we interview Maria Van Le of LeVan Books. Maria makes her own beautiful notebooks - of which Helen has purchased a few. They are exquisite, hand made and use some top notch material.In this episode:Helen talks about her 6 ink pens - and decides she needs more (or not).Maria talks about her passion for glass ink pens, water colour painting and using her own booksMaria explains how she started making books for her daughter and her friends, before making them for other peopleMaria is self taught and a perfectionist - always ensuring her books meet her own high standards - therefore delighting the customerMaria mentions Shepherds book binding ( - a cool store where she gets many of her materials from.Rob realises Shepherds is not too far from his office….credit card readyMaria explains how long books take to make and how precise she needs to beWe discuss GSM paper thickness and their different uses. Maria also shares the 5 things she would take to a desert islandMaria also shares why she set up the Etsy store and how you can get your own custom notebookUseful LinksYou can find Maria on Etsy at LeVan Books - having a go at making your own notebook? Here’s a kit (affiliate link).
37:01 7/16/23
Our Stationery Disasters - The Stationery Freaks Podcast
In this episode Rob and Helen share some of their stationery disasters as well as ramble chat about stationery, including, but not limited to,Helen has a new LeVan notebooksHelen Callaghan Writing Challenges - check out this previous podcast featuring Helen CallaghanStationery Care Packages - Helen sends some beautiful gifts, perfectly wrapped. Rob sends a package with a terrible index card in it. Rob uses his Bella Beso planners.Helen explains to a new team member that she doesn’t use digital tools. Rob uses analogue note taking methods whilst others smirk. Helen explains how she ruined a notebookRob explains how he lost his entire digital Personal Knowledge Management System (we’ve done a cast on this)Helen is now going to come up with creative ways to ruin more notebooks so she can justify starting new ones. you enjoy.Rob and Helen
24:48 5/12/23
Writing, learning, dangerous pencil sharpeners & top of the class notebooks
In the first podcast of the year, (I know, we're slack), Helen and Rob chat about recent stationery finds, purchases and goodies. Helen geeks out with a colleague who loves Fountain Pens - and is an expert on paper quality.They head to Gilbert House Pens to spend money. Helen buys a feather resin pen. Brad Herrington from Gilbert House Pens is helpful and guides Helen to the right pen. Helen is now obsessed with inks, especially after we had Urban Hafner on the show. Helen is now using shimmer inks of various colours. Rob is taking out extra loans to cover his addiction to Domestika courses. Rob is now finishing a small lettering course by Little Hannah (amongst other courses!)Rob has therefore bought some Pentel Brush pens for the course - sorry, Rob referred to them as ink pens in the podcast - they are not. They are brush pens. Rob apologises if you head to Domestika and up remortgaging your house. Their courses are brilliant. Helen has convinced friend of the show, Helen Callaghan (Guest on Episode 20), to set some constraints and coach / mentor Stationery Freak Helen on writing. Helen has finally found a use for her "top of the class" Mark and Fold notebook - you know, that notebook that is super special. And now Helen has replaced it with another "top of the class" notebook from LeVan notebooks. A beautiful hand stitched notebook, that lays flat, and is covered in Japanese silk/linen. It turns out Helen keeps her unused notebooks (of which most Stationery Freaks have hundreds) on display. Rob finds this unsettling as it would remind him of all of the potential he has yet to release. Rob keeps his hidden away in his writing deskRob is following the wonderfully talented Play Attention Now on Instagram - he has inspired Rob to keep learning to draw.Which is why Rob has purchased another Ottergami notebook.Helen has signed up for a writing workshop that takes place over 30 weeks with Alison and Jenny who run "A Novel in a year"Rob mentions his upcoming book "Take a day off" over on Cultivated Management Rob has bought an old school Rapesco pencil sharpener. Helen has bought an ergonomically challenged pencil sharpener of her own - that slices fingers in the process of sharpening pencils. Rob has bought a book called "Japanese Colour Matching" from the wonderful CounterPrint books.Stationery Freak Helen and author Helen Callaghan are taking their "creative constraints" workshop to conferences this year! How exciting.Until next time.Rob and Helen
35:52 4/3/23
Interview with Urban Hafner - founder of Fountain Pen Companion and Stationery Freak
We were VERY excited when fellow Stationery Freak and founder of Fountain Pen Companion, Urban Hafner, joined us on the podcast. Urban is a software developer, fountain pen aficionado, host of two podcasts (one of which is about stationery), bullet journal user and fan of nice stationery.In this episode we chat about:Fountain pens, inks and why Urban created The Fountain Pen Companion toolJapanese pencilsLearning handwriting and calligraphyWhy Urban throws away his journals once he's finished with themUrban's paired down Bullet Journal practiceDesert Island stationery - the five things Urban mentioned are below Urban flips the rules and turns his desert island into a paradiseWhy paper is so important when you're using Fountain PensA3 paperHelen joins the A3 paper movement and tries, weakly to justify buying a beautiful notebook. She did justify the second notebook as a way to practice learning Arabic.Rob share his use of the daily planner from LoveBellaBeso and also makes no attempt to explain why he bought some notebooks from All Things Analogue.Urban's bought some more postcards to send to his subscribersUrban's Desert Island stationery. Urban flips the rules and turns his desert island into a paradise. We didn'tEndless Recorder notebook:' Pens custom pen: Green/Black: Penmanship pencil: Masterpiece: and Links mentioned in this episodeInstagram: Guys 0 Planners Podcast: Beyond Podcast: Pen Companion: https://fpc.inkEndless Recorder notebook:' Pens custom pen: Green/Black: Penmanship pencil: Masterpiece: Luxe postcards: logo: on IG : Things Analogue on IG : are the notebooks Rob bought : and Dot notebooks -
34:53 12/13/22
Desert Island Stationery - what 5 items would you take?
In this episode Rob and Helen share the 5 items of stationery they would take with them to a Desert Island. What would you take? Let us know on Instagram - @stationeryfreaksukIn this episode:Helen is obsessed with Rob’s A3 learning management system - a video of the system is here on Rob’s YouTube channel.Rob talks about his new (old) Waterman Fountain PenRob bends the rules of the gameHelen forgets a pencil sharpenerHelen’s 5 items:A Mark and Fold desktop scratchpad (part of the stationery pack)A Mark and Fold blackwing pencil (and no, we' have no affiliation with Mark and Fold - other than we love their stationery!)A Perfectly Penned notebook (aff link)TomBow brush pens (aff link)A Paperweight her daughter paintedRob’s 5 items:Yellow legal pads (aff link)Staedtler school pencils (aff link)Craft knifeThe Daily Stoic journalA sketchpadWhat would you take?We also encourage you to try last year's stationery advent calendar challenge - here's the first episode of that!Don’t miss out on joining the community with our newsletter or join us over on Instagram (@stationeryfreaksuk)ThanksRob and Helen
27:35 12/1/22
Interview with Helen Callaghan - Sunday Times Best Seller and Stationery Freak
How excited were we when, Sunday Times Best Selling psychological thriller author, Helen Callaghan agreed to be on the podcast?Helen is a stationery freak, so we dug into her process of writing, typewriters, book soundtracks, choosing colours for books, Moleskines, writing retreats and more. It was a real joy and we’re sure you’ll be inspired and motivated and learn a lot about the world of writing books.Some quotes from the show:“Self-consciousness is the enemy of creativity”On Fountain Pens - “There’s something wonderfully technical about them”On writing retreats - “This is what I’m doing now and I’m concentrating on this”“You create a plan for the chapter, and then you don’t follow it.”“Work on it every day, be engaged in it and a synthesis happens between things in your head.”“Inspiration has to be summoned”Here’s what we covered:NaNoWriMo - and Helen’s engagement in itHow stationery still has an important role in Helen’s life and book writing processWhy seeing what you crossed out on paper is importantWhy choosing a colour scheme for a book being written is important - and how Helen does thisMood boards and music playlistsThe importance, joy and process of writing retreats. Helen mentions Gladstones writing retreats.How Helen plans and plots out a book - and why sometimes she often doesn’t stick to the planWhy writing plots and twists in a book often surprises herself with where it goes!You can find out more about Helen, including her social media and published books here on her website. ThanksRob and Helen
42:04 11/17/22
How to grow your career with the Trinity of Career Development
In this episode:We jump into the topic of career development with a three dimensional approach created by Rob, which consists of:DISCStrengthsHappinessRob explains why he prints out loads of selfies using his new Thermal Printer from VrettiHelen is obsessed with stickers from Spooky YetiIf you’re interested in the Trinity here are some recommended surveys (Stationery Freaks has no responsibility for your data from these sites - nor has an affiliation with them. But we use them often).It’s also worth doing an internet search for free versions of the strengths finder - we’ve never used any alternatives so cannot comment on how helpful they are.For DISC use Tony Robbin’s free online survey.For strengths use Strengths Finder 2.0.For happiness, (choose VIA Survey of Character Strengths) from Authentic Happiness.Rob has a more in-depth write up on his Cultivated Management website here.Don’t miss out on joining the community with our newsletter or join us over on Instagram (@stationeryfreaksuk)ThanksRob and Helen
23:03 11/3/22
The power of mind maps and how to create them using stationery
In this episode:We explain what mind maps are, how they work and what we use them for.For more details on different mind maps we recommend this post.We also introduce our new newsletter!Helen introduces her new learning of choice - Arabic. And how she is using brush pens and a new notebook for it.Rob steals Helen stationery. Video of that here.Rob talks about his new Academic planner that makes him look all sophisticated.Helen talks about NaNoWriMo and how she’s only ever made it to day 3.Helen talks about fine linersRob buys some stationery from Sainsbury’s but is less than impressed with their shop display.And Helen adds that TKMaxx isn’t much better for their displays.
22:24 10/20/22
What's been keeping us busy - for 6 months
In this episode:We explain, with poorly formed excuses, why we've been absent for 6 monthsWe talk about consistency, notebooks, etsy and Helen's addiction to stickersWe talk about notebook usage, whiteboards for bi-annual planning, bulletjournaling and A5 mind mappingRob talks about his countryside productivity retreatHelen talks about colours, pens, moodHelen's cat makes an appearanceAnd Rob talks about the endless nature on digital todo lists like ToDoist (and how it's not always a good thing)We mention:Zen Art SuppliesMoleskineEtsyMark and FoldTodoist
27:44 7/8/22
What happens when things go wrong with your plans - The Stationery Freaks (Advent calendar) - Day 12
In today's episode we cover:* How to pre-empt failure* How Helen thinks through what could go wrong* Why Rob looks at everything as an experiment - and therefore failures are data for moving forward* Why resilience is essential* The old stoic approach of setting a target but not being wedded to the outcomeThe challenge -> Subscribe to the podcast as next year we have some cracking content coming your way
12:29 12/24/21
How to get started with Habit Stacking - The Stationery Freaks (Advent calendar) - Day 11
In today's episode we cover:* Habit stacking and what it is* Chaining habits together* Forcing your environment to support your habits* Picking one existing habit and building on it* Avoiding leaving gaps between habits* Doing just 15 minutes of habits* How Helen did a PHD is procrastination* Talking to your inner 8 year old* How Helen uses her Bullet Journal to track habitsThe challenge -> Choose a habit you wish to develop and decide when would be best to do that habit. Then find an existing habit in or close to that time. Then try to add your new habit together with the existing one!
12:00 12/23/21
How we track goal progress - The Stationery Freaks (Advent calendar) - Day 10
In today's episode we cover:* How we track goals once they are in progress* Rob shares how he tracks his videos using a Mark and Fold notebook* Helen shares how she relies on the enthusiasm at the beginning of starting a goal to drive habits* Rob talks about his Fridge of Accountability* Helen shares how she uses her Bullet Journal for tracking goalsThe challenge -> We forgot to set one today!
12:06 12/22/21
The dichotomy of minimalism and stationery buying - The Stationery Freaks (Advent calendar) - Day 9
In today's episode we cover:* How we got interested in minimalism* Courtney Carver's project 333* The Minimalists - Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus* Stationery Freak -> Someone who tells themselves they can walk past a stationery shop without going in, but they cannot* How lockdowns have stopped impulse buying from stationery stores* Helen's Etsy habit* Maria Kondo* Sort your life out with Stacey Solomon (and why visualising everything in a warehouse is so clever)* Why emptying a cupboard and throwing stuff away is so cathartic* Two recommendations- Courtney Carver's project 333- Fumio Sasaki's "Goodbye Things" book (affiliate link)The challenge -> Pick one cupboard or drawer, empty it and discard that which doesn't spark joy
10:56 12/21/21
Turning goals into action habits - The Stationery Freaks (Advent calendar) - Day 8
In today's episode we cover:* How to turn goals into action* Triggers that trip your brain into breaking it's subconscious routines* Habits are awesome as you don't have to think about them* Can you replace a bad habit with a good one?* Can a certain place trigger habits?* Is the theory of 21 days habit building correct? * Traumatic moments help with building habits (anyone ever forget their gym kit at school?)The challenge -> Pick one goal and think about what routines and habits you'll need to develop to bring it to life
10:39 12/20/21
Breaking Out Goals - The Stationery Freaks (Advent calendar) - Day 7
In today's episode we cover:* How to break a goal out into smaller parts, such as milestones or mini sub-goals* Start small - what's the first step or next step* Copy and learn from someone else* Rob shares how he writes a book!* Is there a period of preparation before starting a goal?* And is this preparation a form of procrastination* Make the most of the initial enthusiasm to make progress - before it gets challengingThe challenge -> Pick one of your goals and break it down into tiny next steps.
10:43 12/19/21
Setting Learning Goals - The Stationery Freaks (Advent calendar) - Day 6
In today's episode we cover:* Why Helen is learning how to make Japanese food - and how this is a personal learning goal* Why Rob did a two year HR learning goal for his career - and how painful this was* How Rob uses Meso-cycles of learning and implementing* The difference between Task Acquisition and Information Acquisition* How Rob uses Domestika for personal learning* The "Two Whys" of learning - career and personalThe challenge -> Identify a simple learning goal you could commit to in either your personal and business life
11:20 12/18/21