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This show gathers coaches and leaders to talk about the art, science, and business of coaching. Everything from how we bring more emotional and psychological safety to personal development, to the boundaries of ethical sales and marketing, and even diving into the academic research in the social and behavioral sciences for insights about how we can become better coaches and leaders, this show is the forum to cover it all. If you’re a fan of all things personal development and coaching (life coaching, business coaching, professional development, leadership, spiritual development, wellness and more) this show is for you.


9: Becoming Social Media Optional w/ Sophie Kessner
What if you could scale your business WITHOUT social media? If you’re feeling burnt out and exhausted from trying to play the social media game to grow and scale your business, you don’t want to miss this episode! Today I’m joined by Sophie Kessner, a colleague and a former student for the Institute for Equity Centered Coaching who teaches people how to scale a social media optional business.    Listen in as we unpack some harsh truths about social media, several more sustainable growth strategies, and how to start getting off the content creation hamster wheel.   In this episode you’ll hear:   [1:44] What motivated Sophie to become social media optional in her own businesses and how she grew to teach others to do the same  [6:52] Some of the things she put down and upacked on her social media optional journey to regain her mental health [8:25] Why diversity in your social life is so crucial [10:28] How long it took Sophie and her business to transition into being social media optional, and the hardest parts of the journey [16:50] What she reconnected with and picked up on her journey [19:38] Sophie’s take on the sustainability of the influencer model and the hamster wheel of content creation in business [22:32] Some harsh—and kinda cringy—realities of social media [29:13] How you can start thinking about marketing that keeps you away from the hamster wheel and burnout of social media  [36:00] The best website host for SEO growth [41:32] Where to start on your own social media optional journey   LINKS:    Learn more about Sophie and her work:  Check out her blog for free easy-to-digest practical information you can start implementing today:    Follow us on Instagram: 
43:28 4/16/24
8: How to Book More of Your Favorite Clients w/ TaVona Denise
Ever feel like you just can’t win in your business? Like you’re doing all the things the “experts” say to do to bring in clients, and it just isn’t working like it should? If so, you’re not alone. And you don’t want to miss this episode! (You might even want to grab a notebook, because what we’re dropping today is so juicy!)   Today I’m joined by my friend and guest, TaVona Denise. She’s a minimalist marketing strategist who helps coaches talk about what they do so they can book more of their favorite clients, and in this episode we’re breaking down how to attract and book your FAVORITE clients—not just any client—and do it in a way that doesn’t burn you out.   In this episode you’ll hear:   [5:34] The biggest lesson TaVona has learned on her journey to her own boutique lifestyle business [7:21] THIS fundamental thing that will help you be so much more effective with your audience and when it’s extra important to take this step [13:40] Trudi and TaVona explore the broader changes happening in the coaching industry.  [21:58] The different between content creation and using social media as a marketing tool [24:04] The ABCs of impact and where many coaches are getting it wrong [28:16] Collaboration suggestions; what to avoid and how to do it right   Learn more about TaVona and her work: IG:  Website:    Follow us on Instagram:
41:30 4/9/24
7: A Closer Look at NLP w/ Kelley Oswin and Laura Slinn
If you’ve been curious about NLP (Neurolinguistic Programming), you don’t want to miss this episode, because we’re not just explaining it but breaking it down with a real critical eye. Today I’m joined by Kelley Oswin and Laura Slinn, two of the founders and coaches at Avalon Empowerment, to break this down for you. Let’s dive in!   In this episode, you’ll hear:   [3:30] How Kelley and Laura came into this style of coaching work and how Avalon Empowerment was born [11:46] The way their work came to be centered around trauma awareness [17:32] We break down our thoughts on coach supervision [28:01] Laura and Kelley break down NLP and how they approach it [35:10] The Evolved NLP they practice and teach at Avalon Empowerment [36:30] Red flags to watch out for when NLP style modalities can be used manipulatively or as an abuse of power [45:11] A breakdown of muscle testing and how it’s used in conjunction with NLP [55:03] Inspiration where the coaching industry is going   Links:    Follow us on Instagram:
60:06 3/26/24
6: Coaching for Equity: Public Service w/ Jeff Selby
So many people that I know would say they aren’t coaching, but by our definition, they definitely are! One example of this is the government DEI work done by a friend of mine, Jeff Selby, who works within the Office of Equity and Human Rights in local government.    Join us today for this conversation around the coaching work that he does and why equity work is important for EVERYONE.   In this episode, we’re exploring: [2:37] Breaking down Jeff’s work in government [6:57] Jeff’s philosophy/how he approaches equity work [10:04] The language of this work [11:30] How Jeff defines equity [13:20] Why equity is important for everyone [16:54] Jeff’s go-to strategies for understanding the basic DEI concepts if you’re struggling with it [24:02] Some of the most pivotal shifts in this field over the last few years [29:31] Jeff’s advice on how to take the equity work out of the coaching/training session and into the office - action steps Follow us on Instagram: 
32:58 3/19/24
5: Gender Magic w/ Rae McDaniel
No matter your gender identity—trans, nonbinary, or cisgender—we all have so many expectations put on how we show up in the world based on very restrictive ideas around gender. But my guest in today’s episode, Rae McDaniel, is passionate about empowering people of all gender identities to show up as congruent, authentic, and aligned with the person they really want to be.   Rae is a licensed clinical therapist, certified sex therapist, transgender DEI educator, and author of Gender Magic. Listen in as we talk about gender, gender inclusion, and gender freedom.   We’re exploring: [3:33] The premise of Rae’s book, Gender Magic [7:07] Why Gender Magic is also super powerful for cisgendered folks as well [11:18] The idea of gender as a performance [15:44] What it means to play with gender and why this step is so important [21:05] Masculine vs feminine energy and how Rae advises you to think about them differently [27:08] Their experience of coming to this work [29:44] How to be a better supporter to anyone who may be exploring their gender identities    More about Rae: Check out their book, Gender Magic IG:  Website:    Learn more about the Equity-Centered Coaching® Summit:  (And get $100 off with code PODCAST)   Follow us on Instagram: 
37:37 3/12/24
4: Exploring Visibility w/ Danielle Cohen
Visibility is a lot more than your social media reach. With my guest, friend, colleague, and client Danielle Cohen. She is a photographer and visibility coach who helps people show up in their fullness, do the things they’re here to do, and face all the things that comes with. In this episode, we’re exploring what visibility really means and how to expand into yours authentically.   In this episode, you’ll hear:   [2:06] How Danielle went from photographer to coach [11:44] The way we bring our true medicine forward [15:55] Quantitative vs qualitative visibility [20:30] Breaking down the word “authentic” [34:00] How Danielle helps her clients figure out what to focus on to explore their own unique path to visibility [38:10] The way she blends photography and coaching [40:40] Pricing as a coach   Learn more about the Equity-Centered Coaching® Summit:    Connect with Danielle:  Website:  IG:  Email:  Follow us on Instagram:
59:11 3/5/24
3: Coaching Will Always be Here w/ Caryn Gillen
The coaching industry is going through some growth pain over the last year or so, and it may lead you to wonder, “Is coaching dying?” But coaching isn’t new, and it isn’t going anywhere! Join me and coach Caryn Gillen for this conversation as we break it down. We’ll dive into the industry’s future, what we can learn from the past, and what we’ll need to not have outside regulation while keep making the industry better.   In this episode you’ll hear:   [3:00] Caryn’s experience starting out as a life coach in the early 2000s  [4:35] Some of the key differences between her traditional mental health education and what she wanted to do as a coach [8:01] Why we believe you don’t have to be a coach to use coaching skills [9:17] Trudi’s opinion on coaching industry regulation [11:19] How Caryn approaches values in her practice and how it affects the work she does [13:48] The easiest way to conserve energy while getting clear on your business’s values as a personal brand [16:48] How Caryn helps her clients think about values and how they can be applied to decisions and actions in their businesses [19:48] Where she finds people have difficulty staying in alignment with their values [23:23] Caryn’s top tips to get started getting in touch with your values [26:40] What we’re looking forward to in the field of coaching [31:42] Changing niches or expanding or wanting to change in your business [35:!9] Caryn’s opinion on “industry standard” and her invitation for you   Follow us on Instagram: 
36:55 2/27/24
2: Coaching as a Leadership Tool w/ Charmagne Glass-Tripp
Have you ever considered how learning coaching skills can actually make you a stronger leader? In this episode, I’m joined by Charmagne Glass-Tripp—an amazing equity-centered leadership coach and the Director of Programming here at the Institute for Equity-Centered Coaching—to break it down for y’all. In this episode you’ll hear:   [2:18] How Charmagne came into this work from a background in corporate banking and music [15:29] THIS critical component of the work we do [18:55] What equity-centered coaching means and why it’s so important [21:25] Breaking down the difference between different styles of leadership [26:04] How we use coaching as a leadership tool and why having coaching skills in your toolbox as a leader is invaluable [36:31] The future of personal development [44:29] How equity-centered coaching tools have helped Charmagne in her personal life as well as professionally   Catch the replay of our workshop, Personal Development in a Social Context:  Follow us on Instagram:
53:53 2/20/24
1: What is Coaching Anyway? w/ Lindsay Dotzlaf
Just like every good course of study or inquiry, you start by defining your terms. So, what is coaching anyway?! Joining me in this conversation to break it down is my friend, colleague, and client, Lindsay Dotzlaf. Lindsay is the founder of The Coach Lab, where she teaches coaches how to coach by teaching them foundational coaching skills.    Listen in for our first official episode of this version of the podcast, where we're kicking things off by digging into what coaching even is, who coaches are, and how those definitions have evolved over the last couple years.   In this episode, you’ll hear:   [5:05] How Lindsay and I define coaching [7:03] Breaking down what it means to be a coach and who should—and shouldn’t—call themselves one [8:30] Why some people distance themselves from the title of coach  [10:30] THIS very clear boundary around what isn’t actually coaching [12:04] How Lindsay came into the work as a coach and why she and I see things so differently than much of the industry [15:15] What it is about coaching that helps people and can be so transformative [21:30] One of the reasons I feel the coaching industry has taken a hit in the last couple of years [22:46] Balancing having an online coaching practice and learning how to run the business behind that practice [24:07] The pressure to achieve what the general conventional idea of success is  [26:00] We talk giant money goals and the expectation to make $100K years or months or more [30:36] Predictions of what we’ll see more—and less!—of in the industry in the years to come [40:49] The beauty and power of diversity   Find Lindsay Podcast: Mastering Coaching Skills:  IG:  Website:   
43:31 2/13/24
0: Introducing The Coaches Forum Podcast
Join me as I catch you up on what’s been going on since the last episode of Business Remixed, the shift to The Coaches Forum, and what you can expect next from this new show that I think you’re gonna love!
10:28 2/7/24