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Heartland Stories Radio is a weekly 29-minute radio show hosted by good food pioneer Theresa Marquez and sponsored by the Heartland Health Research Alliance ( Each show, meet a new voice from the diverse activists and professionals on the road to change food, farming and public health. Solid information about what we all can do to assure a healthy and a just food system for the 21st century needs to come from a diverse set of voices.  “As a dedicated organic marketing professional, I have dedicated my 40-year career to protecting family farmers and facing our health crisis through a culture of healthy food,” says Marquez.  “I am inspired and dedicated to learn from professionals, using science to understand our problems - but sometimes the best common sense and inspiration comes from people on the ground daily facing problems and finding solutions that are often fun and creative. Our food system needs to change and my guests from all walks of life have that goal in common.”


Know Your Farmer: Javier Zamora, Organic Farmer & Owner of JSM Organics 28:58 08/09/2022
Julie Guthman: “Wilted: Pathogens, Chemicals, and the Fragile Future of the Strawberry Industry” 29:28 08/02/2022
Teresa Mares: Food systems, Food Justice and Migrant Farm Workers 29:28 07/26/2022
Dr. Leonardo Trasande: “Sicker, Fatter, Poorer”: Understanding endocrine disruptors (re-run) 28:58 07/19/2022
Kelly Ryerson: The Glyphosate's Girl Story (re-run) 28:58 07/12/2022
Raj Patel: “Inflamed”, His Newest Book Co-authored With Rupa Marya (re-run) 28:58 07/05/2022
John Ikerd: Our Broken Industrial Food System (re-run) 28:57 06/28/2022
Jacob Hundt on Holistic Higher Education in Microcolleges 28:58 06/21/2022
Dr. Michelle Perro: Sick Kids and What Parents Can Do About It 28:58 06/14/2022
Molly Jahn: The Real Risks in the Food System 29:28 06/07/2022
Andy Fisher: Big Hunger 29:01 05/31/2022
Tony Bedard: Frontier Co-op's Story of Giving Back (Re-run) 29:01 05/24/2022
Dave Goulson: Silent Earth (Re-run) 29:01 05/17/2022
Rachael Jones: The Locavore Farm 29:01 05/10/2022
Dr. Christopher Carter: “The Spirit of Soul Food: Race, Faith, and Food Justice” 29:01 05/03/2022
Liz Carlisle: “Healing Grounds - Climate, Justice, and the Deep Roots of Regenerative Farming” 29:01 04/26/2022
Tammi Jonas: The Story of a Farmer, Agroecologist & Mindful Meatsmith 29:01 04/19/2022
Chef Michel Nischan: Bringing Healthy & Wholesome Food to Those in Need 29:01 04/12/2022
Elena Terry of Wild Bearies: The Healing Power of Ancestral Indigenous Food 29:01 04/05/2022
Larry Jacobs: The Story of an Organic Farming Pioneer 29:01 03/29/2022
Sarah Nelson of 18 Reasons: Why Cooking Still Matters 29:01 03/22/2022
Dr. Ricardo Salvador: The Union of Concerned Scientists 29:01 03/15/2022
Michelle Horovitz: Appetite For Change 29:01 03/08/2022
Jeanette Burlingame: Community Hunger Solutions 29:01 03/01/2022
Alicia Kennedy: The Entangled Story of Food, Capitalism and Sustainability 29:01 02/22/2022
Dr. Robert Kremer: Glyphosate and Its Devastating Impact on Soil Biology 29:01 02/15/2022
Dr. David Haas: The Science Behind Healthy Moms and Babies 29:01 02/08/2022
Dr. Asa Bradman: The CHAMACOS Study and The Impact of Pesticides on Farmworker Kids 29:01 02/01/2022
Autumn Ness: The Movement to Ban Pesticides on Maui 29:01 01/25/2022
Chris Bradshaw: Dreaming Out Loud, A Food Justice Social Enterprise 29:01 01/18/2022