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This is the official podcast of Angler Qwest boats. Mike Avery Outdoors gets real with Angler Qwest owners every month. They explores different lakes, fishing techniques and solidify how Angler Qwest rigs are Built With Purpose.


Episode #105--Back to our Roots
This is a very special edition of the AQ podcast as "Mr. Angler Quest", Brad Dupuie announces a change in the direction of the company. Brad is starting a new company to produce the boats under a new name....Angler Quest Pontoons (with a U instead of a W).  He's going to concentrate specifically on fishing boats, namely the Pro Troll and Family Fish models for now. Dupuie talks about the reasons for making the move and the challenges in launching a new boat company. He also gives a timetable on when anglers can expect to see those new models on the water.    
19:36 1/11/24
Episode #104--Teachin' Fall Fishin'
Fall is a great time to target trophy walleye and Lake Erie is one of the best places to do it.  That's why Captain Lance Valentine of Teachin' Fishin' does a fishing education weekend there each year. Lance talks about the event, including classroom discussion and on the water experience.  He also has great advice cold water trolling, where to find fish this time of year...and much more.  
35:21 11/9/23
Episode #103--Fall Fishing with Brad
This month on the Angler Qwest podcast....great fall fishing tips from "Mr. Angler Qwest", Brad Dupuie. Brad talks about targeting jumbo jellow perch on Saginaw Bay.   He has great advice on where to find the fish and shares a secret on how to catch them. Dupuie also discusses fall walleye fishing on the big water, and in river systems, using an Angler Qwest. He also shares his thoughts on the evoltion of Angler Qwest and describes why the Pro Family Fish is a great option for many families.    
25:55 10/9/23
Episode 102--The Business of Fishing
We're talking with a fishing industry veteran this month on the Angler Qwest podcast. John Bergmsa is a former walleye tournament angler and current host of Great Lakes Fisherman's Digest TV.  He's also a big fan of Angler Qwest. He talks about the differences in tournament fishing and producing a weekly television show. John also describes the role of color and cadence when casting for walleye, the challenge of being a mulit species angler....and why his Pro Family Fish Angler Qwest is the perfect boat for his family and fishing passions.
31:30 9/14/23
Episode 101--A New Direction
The new 2024 Angler Qwest models have been released and the company is moving in a slighlty different direction. Marketing Director Andrew St. Peter says the company is not abandoning it's fishing customers, but expanding the appeal of the popular pontoons. Andrew explains the new models are designed to include family activities as well as angling. You can learn more in this video as Andrew walks us through the Pro Family Fish model.  
24:50 8/10/23
Episode 100--Mr. Angler Qwest
It's a special edition of the Angler Qwest podcast as celebrate 100 episodes with "Mr. Angler Qwest", Brad Dupuie. Brad is the guy who came up with that first design for Angler Qwest and has spearheaded the evolution and improvements along the way. Dupuie talks about his background as an angler and how that experience on the water has resulted in the "fishing machine" Angler Qwest has become. He also discusses some changes in store for the Michigan based company and how they could improve availability of boats in the future.  
25:38 7/13/23
Episode 99--Winner Winner Walleye Dinner
We're talking with the winner of the inaugural Angler Qwest Owners Tournament on this edition of the podcast.     Scott Hand and crew, including his grandson Blake, took big fish and overall biggest weight at last year's event on Saginaw Bay out of the LInwood Beach Marina. Scott describes why he got an Angler Qwest and how it's proven to be the perfect boat for his family. He talks fishing strategy and describes his trolling set up for walleye. Hand also says he expects this year's tourney to include more boats and says the competition should be tough...but he's ready for the challenge.
31:56 6/14/23
Episode 98--Down Rods and Crawlers
We're heading to Saginaw Bay on this edition of the Angler Qwest podcast to talk with Doug Ward of Xpress Fishing Charters. The retired teacher turned charter captain is on his fourth Angler Qwest and says there's no better boat on the water.  In fact, he replaced his Lund and Triton boats with an Angler Qwest. Doug talks about the evolution of AQ and design improvements over the years. He also describes his technique for Saginaw Bay Walleye including down rods with nightcrawlers and body baits with just one hook. Ward talks about how he uses downscan and sidescan to find fish and the transition from walleye to salmon fishing. The discussion wraps up with Doug's comments on why it's important to get kids involved in fishing.  
32:22 5/11/23
Episode 97--Perch Eyes
We're headed West this time on the Angler Qwest podcast to talk with Jason Feldner of Perch Eyes Guide Service. Jason runs his 26 foot Pro Troll for walleye on Devils Lake, Lake Sakakawea and the Misouri River. He talks about how he first discovered Angler Qwest boats and why they're the perfect tool for his business. Jason also discusses the finer points of boat control using the bow mount electric motor and a Power Pole at the transom. The long time hunting and fishing guide also tells the story of catching a fifteen pound walleye from four feet of water.
29:58 4/13/23
Episode 96--"Zone of Concentration"
We're talking with a fishing industry veteran this time on the Angler Qwest podcast. Michigan angler John Bergsma was a touring walleye pro for many years and now hosts the Great Lakes Fisherman's Digest TV show. John talks about his new 8526 Family Fish and compares it to his earlier Pro Troll. He also describes how to run a multiple rod configuration, what the "zone of concentration" is and his preferred method of setting up planer boards. The lifelong angler then talks about the mental benefits of fishing and springtime trolling can be very productive.
30:16 3/9/23
Episode 95--Trolling Alabama
We're headed to the Heart of Dixie this month on the Angler Qwest podcast to talk with Captain Randy Cound of Hook N Up Guide Service. Randy fishes Lake Martin for stripers, crappies and bass from his 824 Angler Qwest. The lifelong angler talks about fishing that 45,000 acre impoundment, using live bait for big fish and the benefits of fishing deep with downriggers. He also describes how his Angler Qwest is perfect boat to get new anglers hooked on fishing. To learn more about Randy's guide service, check out
29:21 2/9/23
Episode 94--Captain Littlefield
Some great tips on how to make a living in the fishing business this time on the Angler Qwest podcast. Captain John Littlefield of Littlefield Sportfishing is a fishing educator, charter captain and avid multi species angler. He talks about the similarities between hunting and fishing, why he's frustrated with ice fishing and he compares walleye fishing on Saginaw Bay vs. Lake Erie. The Michigan angler then has great advice for salmon fishing on Grand Traverse Bay and why it's different than chasing kings on Lake Michigan. He also describes what it takes to be successful in the fishing business, how he started working with Angler Qwest and why he believes AQ is the ultimate fishing machine.  
28:02 1/12/23
Eposide 93--Built With Purpose
Two great guests this time on the Angler Qwest Podcast! First, "Mr. Angler Qwest", Brad Dupuie talks about the new tube design with thicker walls and sealed chambers for added safety.   He also discusses the state of the boating industry and why you shouldn't wait to order your new Angler Qwest. Then, AQ Marketing Director Kristen Monroe talks her job to keep the Angler Qwest brand in front of new customers and existing owners. She also discusses the upcoming boat show season and how those events can play a big role in buying the right boat.  
32:45 12/16/22
Episode 92--Lake Murray Stripers
We're heading south this month on the Angler Qwest Podcast to fish with Mike Gault of Time To Fish Charters.   Mike uses his 826 Pro Troll to chase stripers and catfish on Lake Murray in South Carolina.   The long time fishing guide talks about the challenges of fishing that lake, how he targets big fish using planer boards and live bait...and why winter offers some of the best action. Mike also describes how he uses social media to promote his business and keep an online fishing log for future reference. The retired Conservation Officer then goes on to describe why Angler Qwest is the perfect fishing machine for his clients and why it's the best choice to get young anglers hooked on fishing.
32:10 11/10/22
Episode 91--Fall Erie Walleye
We're talking fall walleye fishing with Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin this time on the Angler Qwest podcast. Lance describes the big fish bite on Lake Erie and says those fish can be easy to catch this time of year. The long time Charter Captain and AQ Pro Staffer says water temp, trolling speed and bait size can be factors in triggering a bite. He also talks about the big Fishing Education Weekend coming up in November. Lance then gives his thoughts on those Lake Erie tournament anglers caught cheating. The conversation wraps up as Lance describes why Angler Qwest is the perfect fishing machine for those cold, fall days on Lake Erie.      
29:59 10/11/22
Episode 90--2023 AQ Lineup
We're checking in with "Mr. Angler Qwest" Brad Dupuie to learn more about the 2023 line up of Angler Qwest pontoons. Brad talks about modifications for the new model year, including the addition of a second livewell, the option for a trolling motor mount and some tweaks to the bimini system. He also highlights the new "squared off" rear wall that gives anglers more room to set rods and land fish. Dupuie also discusses the continuing supply chain problems and how that's affected production.  
31:27 9/15/22
Episode 89--St. Mary's Silver
We head to the St. Mary's River in Michigan's Upper Peninsula this time on the Angler Qwest Podcast to talk with Jason Carstens of True North Guide Service. Jason describes that unique fishery and how he targets atlantic salmon with a fly rod. He also talks about the fall fishing for pink salmon and springtime action for smallmouth. The fishing guide also explains why he uses an Angler Qwest and says he'll never go back to a V bottom boat.
27:44 8/11/22
Episode 88--Walleye Fishing with "Mr. Angler Qwest"
We're talking with "Mr. Angler Qwest" on this edition of the podcast. Brad Dupuie is a hard core angler and driving force behind Angler Qwest Pontoons. He designed the first prototype boat and spearheaded much of the subsequent models and improvements. In this conversation with Mike Avery, Brad talks about fishing for deep, mid summer walleye with spoons and jet divers. He also stresses the importance of targeting fish on the bottom and why trolling into the waves can be a productive technique. Dupuie then describes the challenges of keeping up with the demand for the popular lineup of Angler Qwest boats. The podcast wraps up with a preview of the upcoming Angler Qwest owners tournament out of Linwood Beach Marina on Saginaw Bay.
31:51 7/14/22
Episode 87--The Georgia Adventure
It's a conversation with long time Angler Qwest Pro Staffer Dan Jordan on this edition of the podcast. Dan is an avid multi species angler who travels the country in search of trophy fish. He talks about a recent striper fishing trip to Georgia that was filled with adventure. Dan also discusses trailering and launching the big triple tube boats, impressions of his new 8524 Pro Striper and why today's outboards are the best ever.
30:09 6/13/22
Episode 86--Spearfishing
We're heading underwater this time on the Angler Qwest podcast with spearfishing expert Julie Higgs. Julie recently competed in the national spearfishing championship on Lake Powell in Arizona, where she finished first in that competition. The firefighter paramedic talks about that high stress career, her love for the water and why spearfishing is a great form of selective harvest. She also describes her spearfishing experience on an Angler Qwest and why it's a great platform for the sport.
27:52 5/12/22
Episode 85-Lake Michigan Trout and Salmon
Great Lakes fishing advice this time on the Angler Qwest Podcast. Long time Angler Qwest Pro Staffer Dan Jordan of Team Angler Qwest talks about his recent walleye fishing adventures on Green Bay. Then he describes his upcoming trip to southern Lake Michigan off St. Joe to fish for coho salmon and brown trout. Dan describes why water temp is important in the early season and the affect of underwater currents and temperature breaks for anglers later in the year. He also talks about why he believes Angler Qwest is the ultimate fishing machine for big water, rivers and inland lakes.
33:58 4/15/22
Episode 84--Oahe Walleye
Walleye tournament veteran and fishing guide Chad Schilling is the guest this month on the Angler Qwest Podcast. Chad owns Oahe Wings and Walleye guide service on Lake Oahe.  Schilling describes the family business and how they cater to pheasant hunters and walleye anglers. He also talks about what it takes to be successful on the tournament trail and while guiding clients. The professional angler then describes his experience on an Angler Qwest including comfort, fishability, boat control and more. He goes on to say it wouldn't be surprising to see an Angler Qwest on the tournament trail...and he might be the guy at the helm.      
32:39 3/10/22
Epiosode 83--South Carolina Stripers
We're headed to  South Carolina this time on the Angler Qwest podcast to talk with  fishing guide Mike Gault. The retired Conservation Officer runs Time 2 Fish Guide Service for stripers and catfish on Lake Murray.  Mike talks about fishing in a recent snowstorm, trolling live bait for stripers, using down rods for big fish...and proven techniques for monster blue cats. He also explains why the 826 Pro Troll is the perfect boat for his business.
30:21 2/10/22
February 2022
We're talking with Angler Qwest Pro Staffer Lance Valentine of Teachin Fishin. Lance talks about the cancellation of many sport shows this season because of the continuing pandemic, and how he's dealing with it. We also discuss the 2022 AQ lineup and improvements made over the years. The conversation then turns to the versatility of Angler Qwest pontoons and why they're much more than trolling rigs. That and much more this month on the Angler Qwest Podcast.    
33:12 1/16/22
January 2022
We're kicking off the new year with the man who started the Angler Qwest craze....Brad Dupuie. Brad describes the outstanding late season walleye trolling bite on Saginaw Bay.  He talks about where to find those big fish and how to target them. The long time angler also talks about the importance of safety when fishing in cold weather conditions. The conversation then turns to a variety of topics, including winterizing an Angler Qwest. We wrap up with Brad's thoughts on availability of AQ's for 2022.  He says demand is high and production is limited.  His advice...get to your local Angler Qwest dealer in start your order now.
28:42 12/13/21
December 2021
"Mr. Angler Qwest", Brad Dupuie returns to the Angler Qwest Podcast this month for a very interesting conversation. First, Brad talks about his passion for deer hunting, and why that activity is a lot like searching for big walleye. Then, the boat designer describes the continued growth of the Angler Qwest brand, demand for the boats...and how supply chain issues have affected their ability to produce boats. Even with those limitations, Brad says boats will be available in 2022, but the key is to establish a relationship with a dealer now, before the traditional boat show season. Dupuie also describes changes to the 2022 models, including an 8'6" beam, redesigned bimini, cantilevered fishing platform... and more. The conversation wraps up with plans to take Angler Qwest into new markets and fisheries, including saltwater.  
32:06 11/12/21
November 2021
We're headed to the St. Mary's River on the Michigan/Ontario border this time on the Angler Qwest Podcast as we talk with Jason Carstens of True North Guide Fishing. Jason targets salmon and a variety of other species...with an emphasis on getting kids involved in the outdoors.   Jason says his 822 Pro Fish is an extremely versatile fishing machine for a variety of tactics from flyfishing the river to trolling Lake Superior.  
27:14 10/22/21
October 2021
It's a lesson in late season trolling for walleye this time on the Angler Qwest Podcast. Captain Lance Valentine says don't put the boat away yet, because some of the best open water action of the year is coming up. Lance describes his techniques for cold water trolling, including some ideas that might surprise you. Captain Valentine also talks about targeting trophy fish and why he believes a new state record walleye is swimming in the Great Lakes.        
28:47 9/27/21
September 2021
It's a very exciting edition of the Angler Qwest Podcast as we unveil the new designs for 2022! "Mr. Angler Qwest", Brad Dupuie talks about changes for the new model year including an 8'6" beam, bigger tubes, an improved bimini system and lots more. Brad also describes the new rail system, redesigned transom (including a cantilevered platform) and new furniture package. It's the biggest redesign ever for Angler Qwest and you'll hear all the details right here on the AQ Podcast!        
33:20 9/13/21
August 2021
We're heading west this time on the Angler Qwest podcast to talk with South Dakota fishing guide Josh Loebs.     Josh fishes trophy walleye hotspot Lake Oahe with an 824 Pro Troll...and he says it's the perfect boat for clients.   Josh describes how he uses the boat to search for big walleye, pike and even crappies.    
30:41 7/23/21