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April 2024--"Twisted Cats"
We're catfishing this time on the Off Shore Tackle podcast with Alex Nagy of Twisted Cat Outdoors. Alex talks about how he got into catfishing and why that passion led to a tournament circuit. He also describes the growth in popularity of catfish and how the perception of those fish is changing. The angler/tournament director then explains popular techniques for catching giant catfish and describes the experience of weighing in a fish of more than a hundred pounds on the tournament stage.  
34:30 4/12/24
March 2024--"Ed Retherford"
It's a look back at the history of the Lake Huron fishery this month on the Off Shore Tackle podcast as we talk with Ed Retherford of Trout Scout Charters. Ed has fished Lake Huron for more than 55 years and has seen a lot of changes during that half century. He talks about the early days, changes in the fishery and water clarity...and how that's affected the way anglers fish. Retherford also has advice for folks hitting the water this spring and he talks about working with Off Shore since the early days.  
31:03 3/7/24
February 2024--"Chairman of the Boards"
It's a very special edition of the Off Shore Tackle podcast as we talk with the man who started to the company....Bruce DeShano. In part one of this series Bruce talks about the early he launched the company with just one downrigger release, the challenges of marketing and why Off Shore was built on relationships. DeShano also tells the story of why one early product failed and how he turned that failure into success. It's an interesting look inside the career of a fishing industry icon this month on the Off Shore Tackle podcast.
32:42 2/13/24
January 2024
We're kicking off the new year with Pat Ney of the National Professional Anglers Association. Pat talks about the benefits of membership in that group and the role Bruce DeShano and Off Shore Tackle have played in it's success. Ney encourages all professional anglers, including tournament participants, fishing guides, charter captains...and fishing educators to become members of NPAA.  He says it's "the best hundred bucks you can spend on your career".
32:50 1/4/24
December 2023
We're wrapping up another great year of Off Shore Tackle Podcasts as we talk with the man leading the company....Nick DeShano. Nick talks about the early days of the company and where they are today, including high praise for his employees and pro staffers He also previews the upcoming fishing show season and a new, digital version of the popular Off Shore Release.      
28:40 12/8/23
November 2023
It's a conversation with one of the hottest walleye anglers on Lake Erie this month on the Off Shore Tackle podcast. Ryan Buddie won the Lake Erie Walleye Trail championship and also Team of the Year along with his partner Jason Kopf. He talks about the keys to his success this past season....including the role of confidence and hard work. Ryan also discusses the importance of details, for example the process of verifying trolling depths. Buddie also gives his thoughts on forward facing sonar, dipsey divers vs tadpoles...and the challenge of fishing against cheaters.
35:34 11/2/23
October 2023
We're headed to Lake Erie this month to talk about giant fall walleye with Jason Fischer of the Lake Erie Walleye Trail and the Lake Erie Fall Brawl. Jason is the Director for both events and probably sees more big walleye than most anyone in the fishing world.   He describes the two contests, styles of fishing and the size of the fish this time of year. Fischer also has advice for anglers visiting Lake Erie for the first time and he talks about the role sponsors like Off Shore Tackle play in the promotion of fishing tournaments.
28:16 10/5/23
September 2023
We're getting ready for fall trolling this time on the Off Shore Tackle podcast as we talked with Lance Valentine from Teachin Fishin. Lance describes a recent incident on Saginaw Bay where he hit something that put a hole in in the tube of his Angler Qwest.   He also talks about the effectiveness of trolling and why Off Shore is the best choice in gear. Captain Valentine then describes his set up for OR12 boards and why he doesn't always use the Tattle Flags. Finally, Lance discusses how cold water can impact your fall trolling program.    
33:44 9/7/23
August 2023
We're heading to Lake Erie this month on the Off Shore Tackle podcast to fish with Mark Romanack of Fishing 411 TV Mark talks about his long history with Off Shore and why trolling is so effective.  He also discusses the finer points of trolling, including the the importance of tuning your crankbaits. The long time professional angler also talks about their new series of baits and rods, why spoons are a good choice for open water fish and how to get those baits down to the fish. The converation wraps up with a recap of a trip to Lake Erie for walleye and steelhead.  
32:49 8/3/23
July 2023
We're headed to Wisconsin on this edition of the Off Shore Tackle podcast to talk with Jesse Quale of Green Water Walleye guide service. Jesse is a full time hunting and fishing guide and also a tournament angler on the walleye trail. He talks about the differences between tournament fishing and guiding, why he enjoys a multi species guide service and how guiding hunters helps break up his fishing schedule. The thirty year veteran also describes how he runs his OR12 boards and his long relationship with Off Shore.
30:02 7/5/23
June 2023
We're headed to Ontario this month on the Off Shore Tackle podcast to fish with Captain Paul Powis of J&P Fishing Charters. Paul talks about targeting Lake Erie walleye from the north shore of the lake...the Canadian side. He describes his tactics for trolling cranbaits off OR 12 boards and how he runs crawlers off those boards behind Off Shore tadpoles and guppy weights. The lifelong angler also describes his approach to dealing with clients on his boat and why fishing should be fun....not a job.
27:51 5/31/23
May 2023
We're talking with a Lake Erie charter captain and tournament angler this time on the Off Shore Tackle podcast. Ohio angler Bobby Greene of Meals on Reelz charters recently won the Lake Erie Walleye Trail tourney out of Sandusky. He talks about his strategy for taking first place in that event and why he had to run forty miles to find his fish. He also describes the difference between tournament angling and charter fishing, use of electronics to find fish and the importance of current and boat control. Bobby also tells us why he believes there's "nothing normal in fishing".
30:37 5/4/23
April 2023
It's a lesson in springtime trolling for walleye this month on the Off Shore Tackle Podcast. David Kolb is tournament veteran and avid big water trolling expert.   He talks about the importance of water temperature and clarity for early season anglers. David also describes his preferred baits and trolling speeds for cold water walleye. The tournament pro then talks about his planer board management strategy.  
28:15 4/6/23
March 2023
We're getting ready for springtime action this month on the Off Shore Tackle Podcast. Chad Burns is a fishing guide and tournament pro from Wisconsin.  He's also a long time Off Shore Pro Staffer and an expert at trolling for walleye, trout and salmon. Chad talks about the role of technology in fishing today, hiring a guide to explore new water and why anglers shouldn't give up on their old baits. He also explains his technique for rigging and running Off Shore OR12 boards for walleye.
33:17 3/2/23
February 2023
We're headed south to Kentucky this month on the Off Shore Tackle podcast to talk with Tyler Logdson. Tyler describes the world class crappie fishing on Lake Cumberland and how he trolls for those trophy fish using the Off Shore Awesome Crappie boards. Logdson also talks about the striper and walleye fishing on his local lakes...and why he makes the drive to Lake Erie several times a year.    
29:23 2/2/23
January 2023
Wintertime trolling for walleye on Saginaw Bay and the Saginaw River is the topic this month with Captain Mark Pieniozek of Reel Fishn. Mark talks about the differences between big water fish and those in the river.  He describes his setup, speed, baits, board configuration and more. Pieniozek then goes on to describe why he runs Tattle Flags on his OR-12 Off Shore boards...even for big fish. He also has great advice on where to find fish in the river, and why trolling can be more effective on big fish than traditional jigging tactics.  
30:07 1/5/23
December 2022
We head to Lake Erie this time on the Off Shore Tackle Podcast to fish for big walleye after dark with Darryl Wood. Darryl is a former tournament angler and a master custom crankbait painter who specializes in trolling after dark. He has great advice on how to set up Off Shore OR 12 boards and tattle flags, the best baits for night time fish, cold water trolling speeds and much more. Darryl also talks about the safety aspects of late fall fishing at night and describes why this could be your best chance at a double digit fish.      
29:06 12/8/22
November 2022
We're talking with the man at the helm of Off Shore Tackle....Nick DeShano. Nick talks about his upcoming trip to Lake Erie for trophy fall walleye.  He describes how to catch those fish using Off Shore's OR 12 in line planers and crankbaits. DeShano also explains the appeal of  Erie's "Fall Brawl" and walleye tournaments in general...saying those events are good for the business of walleye angling and also weekend anglers as well. Nick then hints at a couple of new products in the works at Off Shore and says he's excited for the upcoming fishing show season.  
28:24 11/3/22
October 2022
We're talking with MWC World Walleye Championship winner Jerry Fox Jr. on this edition of the Off Shore Tackle podcast. Jerry describes how he won the event, the importance of fine tuning tattle flags and the role of lure color and action. He also talks about the mindset of tournament angling compared to a "fun" day on the water. The converation wraps up with Jerry's thoughts on why he loves the competition of the tournament trail and how walleye fishing has evolved over the years.
26:00 10/6/22
September 2022
We're headed to southern Lake Michigan to fish with Captain Jerry Link of Originator Charters on this month's Off Shore Tackle Podcast. Jerry talks about late season salmon and trout fishing off St. Joe. He says the crowds are down this time of year, but the fish are still there in good number. Link has great advice on targeting those fish right on through the fall. He also describes his technique for running Off Shore OR 12 boards and the bigger SST Pro Mag boards.    
28:21 9/7/22
August 2022
It's a lesson in pulling for crappies with country music singer and Off Shore Pro Staffer Garrett Steele this time on the podcast. Garrett talks about how he got into the world of crappie tournaments and why trolling with Off Shore boards and tadpoles is such an effective technique. He compares  trolling to the traditional spider rigging tactic and explains how to use the OR 12's and smaller OR 38 mini boards to target slab fish.      
30:05 8/4/22
July 2022
Mid summer walleye fishing on Lake Erie this time on the Off Shore Tackle Podcast. Off Shore Pro Staffer Mathew Leben joins host Mike Avery to talk about how weather affect fishing this time of year. They also discuss the "perfect" OR 12  configuration, how far to run your boards out to the side, the art of netting fish....and much more. The conversation wraps up with Matt's thoughts on current on the big water and why many anglers overlook that factor when trollling.
30:38 7/8/22
June 2022
Lake St. Clair walleye and more....that's the topic this month on the Off Shore Tackle Podcast. Rob Barnes is a board member of the Lake St. Clair Walleye Association and owner of Barnstormer Sportfishing Charters. He talks about the diverse fishery on the lake, especially the world class walleye action there. Rob describes how the use of Off Shore OR 12 boards and guppy weights can be a deadly combination for weed oriented fish. He also has great tips for using the EZ Crankbait Tuner.
25:43 6/2/22
May 2022
We're heading to Alabama this month on the Off Shore Tackle Podcast with Off Shore's Nick DeShano.  Nick talks about trolling for giant catfish on Wheeler Lake while fishing in a catfish tournament. He describes using their SST Pro Mag boards with live bait to target those monster cats. DeShano also talks about the culture of catfishing and why some northern anglers don't give those fish the respect they deserve. The conversation wraps up with NIck's thoughts on the evolution of Off Shore and where the company is headed.    
33:13 5/5/22
April 2022
We're talking with "Chairman of the Boards" and Freshwater Fishing Hall of Fame member Bruce DeShano this time on the Off Shore Podcast.   Bruce tells the story of how he started Off Shore Tackle with just one downrigger release and why the company has grown into the "Leader in Trolling Technology". He reminisces about  the early days of salmon fishing, the transition to walleye tackle and development of new fisheries like catfish and crappie. DeShano also talks about the most important product ever produced by Off Shore and hints at some new products to come.  
35:27 4/7/22
March 2022
Big, Tennessee stripers are the topic this month on the Off Shore Tackle podcast as we talk with Richard James of James Gang Trophy Fish Guide Service. Richard describes how he uses live bait with Off Shore's OR 12 boards to target stripers and hard fighting hybrids. He also explains why chasing big fish on his home water of Percy Priest Lake is a lot like targeting trophy whitetail bucks.  
31:34 2/24/22
February 2022
This month we're talking with the cohost of one of the most popular TV fishing shows today....Jake Romanack of Fishing 411. Jake describes what it was like to grow up in a famous fishing family and their long time friendship with Off Shore and the DeShano family. He talks about the 16th season of the TV show, including a special 200th episode. Romanack then offers some fishing tips and has advice on how to get the most from Off Shore's versatile OR 12 planer board.    
30:34 2/3/22
January 2022
We're talking wintertime steelhead this month on the Off Shore Podcast with Jerry Link of Originator Charters. Jerry runs a year round guiding business out of St. Joe, in the southwest corner of lower Michigan. Hi fishing for salmon and trout on the big lake during the summer months and chases steelhead in the St. Joe River during the wintertime. Jerry describes how he targets those hard fighting fish, including the use of Off Shore OR 38 mini boards to reach more fish.  
29:52 1/6/22
December 2021
We're going inside the world of crappie tournaments this time on the Off Shore podcast with the husband and wife team of Mike and Leanne Six. Mike describes how he made the transition from walleye angler to crappie fanatic...and how his wife Leanne became his best fishing partner. The Ohio couple talk about how they troll for big crappie...including extremely shallow fish using Off Shore's OR 38 Awesome Crappie boards. They also discuss the growth of crappie fishing, why trolling is so productive and how electronics can help catch more fish. All that and much more, this time on the Off Shore Tackle Podcast.    
34:07 12/3/21
November 2021
We're talking with National Walleye Tour Angler of the Year, Drake Herd, on this edition of the Off Shore podcast.   Drake talks about the tournament season and what led up to his AOY title. He describes how casting jigs and glide baits was a key to his success.  Herd also credits LIve Scope technology as a big factor as well. The MInnesota angler also talks about the business side of tournament angling....including his relationship with Off Shore and how his lure making company keeps him on the cutting edge of the angling world.
29:57 11/4/21