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Femme Parler is a show that provides guidance and encouragement for women of all walks of life who are reclaiming their power and rebuilding their relationships after crisis. Talking about everything dealing with relationships such as infidelity, forgiveness, sex, marriage, dating, defining turning points in our relationships for better or worse and so much more. Taking time out of your day to allow me to make you laugh and cry, have the space to be sad or angry, and give you room to voice your opinion. Helping you on this journey called life.


Martha Mok: Vulnerability and Success
In this episode, Sherley speaks with Confidence Business Coach, Author, and International Public Speaker, Martha Mok. Martha has had a very colourful life and takes us through much of it, including her emotionally and financially abusive marriage. Martha wasn’t always known as the Founder of Super Confidence Coach. It took work to get here and in this episode, Martha walks us through how she did it, how she got to the place of empowering herself and others to fulfil their full potential. Through bullying, molestation, and abuse, Martha rose through all of this and allowed herself to try to break out in life. By trusting yourself and allowing yourself to try, you can accomplish so much more than you think. It’s okay to make mistakes on your journey, it’s okay to learn. By allowing yourself the space to learn and grow, you allow yourself more opportunity for success. If you are looking to be inspired, listen to Martha’s story, which might very well make it into your rotation of podcast episodes you play on repeat because it’s just that good. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
68:34 7/19/22
Story Time: Suzanne Sung on Healing
In this episode, Sherley speaks with Self Help Author of 100 Days of Positivity, Hope and Growth and 100 Days of Healing from Heartbreak, Suzanne Sung. Suzi’s journey involves a move from Scotland to Canada, a bad breakup, and lots of healing. Throughout story time, Suzi emphasizes the importance of re-evaluating the life and legacy you want and doing the inner work in order to heal the inner child within. With understanding your inner child, you can finally develop as an adult and get unstuck from the cycle of self sabotage. Suzi also opens up about fatphobia, bulimia, and teaching the body to unlearn trauma, anc changing your priorities to implement positive change. It’s not easy stepping outside of your comfort zone or getting into a positive routine when you are so used to whatever your normal is but it can be done and Suzi walks us through how she got there.   Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
60:34 7/12/22
Advice Time: On Infidelity & Raising Kids
In this episode of “Advice Time”, Sherley and Kalief come together to talk about infidelity, what it means to forgive and forget, what kept these two together through their infidelity, and learning how to grow and have a strong relationship throughout their mistakes. But that’s just the beginning! That’s right, it doesn’t end there. Also discussed? Looking at the positives rather than the negatives in your relationships, the importance of being happy with yourself in order to create a happy life, the generational curse theory and overthinking, and finally, how different experiences growing up affect how we parent. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
62:47 7/10/22
Chantal Cox: Reconnecting With Your Purpose
In this episode, Sherley speaks with Special Educator, Author, Speaker, and certified Life Purpose Coach, Chantal Cox. On her 30th birthday, Chantal left her emotionally, physically, and verbally abusive marriage. While moving her belongings out of the home, she discovered what would be her and her ex’s nursery fully decked out as a nursery for another woman’s baby. It’s been seven years since her divorce. Listen to this episode to find out how Chantal moved on from the abuse, infidelity, isolation, lies, and manipulation of her marriage. Listen to find out how she learned to not let her experience define her, how she reconnected with her passions and purpose, and what she’s up to now.  If you like what you hear, be sure to read Chantal’s book, CREATE A LIFE YOU LOVE and be sure to visit Chantal’s official website, Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
79:16 7/2/22
Marin Laukka: Positive Decision Making
In this episode, we welcome Certified Life Coach, Public Speaker, and Author of READY ENOUGH: YOUR 7-STEP GUIDE FOR LIFE’S HARDEST DECISIONS, Marin Laukka. Marin holds a Masters in Positive Developmental Psychology and is the Founder of Yes& by Marin. Over the course of an hour, Marin discusses how she walks women through hard and rewarding decisions. She also emphasizes the significance of not only navigating through the aftermath of decision making but exercising that muscle of positive decision making continuously throughout your entire life. While studying psychology, Marin made the decision to focus on the proactive approach to psychology, which is often forgotten. And lucky for us because there are so many gems that she has to share. Grab some coffee and tea and settle in for another inspiring episode.  Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
65:04 6/21/22
Lora Cheadle: Overcoming a 15 Year Affair
In this episode, Sherley speaks with Bestselling Author of FLAUNT, Lora Cheadle. Lora is a former attorney who now specializes in helping people move through betrayal. Whether this involves an intimate partner, one’s body, life, or simply the betrayal of yourself, Lora is here to create a positive change before it gets too far.  By sharing her story, Lora walks us through the importance of understanding the trauma relating specifically to the betrayal of infidelity. Buckle up, as this story includes a broken foot, a 15 year old risqué email, a naked photo in the mail, telling the kids about 5 indiscretions and so much more. It all leads to vulnerability, clear communication, taking responsibility for your actions, and becoming emotionally intelligent. As Sherley states, every negative situation can be turned into a positive. See how that happened here when you press play on this episode.  Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
83:55 6/14/22
Advice Time Series Premiere: Celebrating and Surviving 25 Years Together
In this premiere episode of the “Advice Time” series, Sherley and Kalief walk us through their 25 year relationship, starting all the way back to the beginning when they first laid eyes on each other. It wasn’t a meet-cute but Kalief took the chance. This is one episode you don’t want to miss. We hear all about their early days, buying a house, making decisions regarding marriage, and more. The two give great insight into creating healthy boundaries, seeing the better person behind the flaws, being willing to grow and work on yourselves as individuals, and accepting the fact that there will always be things about your partner that you will never know or see the same way. There is so, so, so much more to get out of this episode, so take notes if you’re looking for that long term, ‘til death do us part relationship. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
58:38 6/7/22
Introducing Advice Time with Kalief Troutman
In this bonus episode, Sherley is joined by her Advice Time Co-host, Kalief Troutman as they introduce a new bonus series in the Femme Parler Podcast Feed. In this new monthly series, take note that the co-hosts are only sharing a snippet of what goes on in their relationship and neither co-host is a therapist or mental health professional. With that said, be sure to submit your questions and/or comments to get in on the fun of this new series. Your question could be answered and your comment could be dissected on a future episode of the show! Stay tuned for Advice Time, coming soon! Join Our Facebook Community   Femme Parler Website
06:23 5/31/22
Riahna Edwards: Infidelity & Moving On
This week’s Story Time features Entertainment and Business Consultant, Riahna Edwards. If you’ve been missing our signature discussion on infidelity, we’re back with a story time that follows a five plus year relationship and the journey beyond as the romance began to fizzle. In this episode, Edwards takes us through her relationship, the cheating, the challenge of still living together with her ex-partner, and the importance of therapy (before, during, and after a crisis). We close out the episode getting to know Edwards on the business side as she discusses running her own business at 25 years old. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
62:25 5/24/22
Sharna Southan: Pregnancy Loss
This week’s Story Time features Australian native and Founder of The Institute of Healing Through Pregnancy Loss, Sharna Southan. In this episode, Sharna frankly shares her personal experience with pregnancy loss and grief in addition to addressing the miseducation and lack of education in the medical field and in society on handling as well as normalizing talking about pregnancy and miscarriage. In addition, Sharna emphasises the importance of processing the experience of pregnancy loss before trying again to have a child. This episode is all about what they don’t tell you about experiencing a miscarriage and the aftermath so if this is something you are looking to learn about or have support in, this is the episode for you. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
62:48 5/17/22
Ambila Nath: Rebuilding Your Life
This week’s Story Time features Spiritual Business Coach, Ambila Nath. Nath’s coaching not only focuses on the practical but also the spiritual and emotional shifts necessary to progress in life. But first, we hear Nath’s journey that led her to becoming a Spiritual Coach. Nath touches on topics of forgiveness, rebuilding your life, healing relationships and reconnecting with estranged family members. But that’s not all. She enforces the life-changing significance of not bowing to societal pressures, transitional friendships, and intuitively tapping into each other's energies. Sit back and relax for a calming and reassuring episode on rebuilding. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
65:10 5/10/22
Lisa Santiago: New Beginnings After Tragedy
Trigger Warning: Abuse, Molestation  In this episode, Public Speaker and Spiritual Coach, Lisa Santiago tells us her story from tragedy to triumph. You do not want to miss this episode. Lisa discusses the importance of telling your own story vs. your story being told by others, the significance of knowing and answering your life purpose and our calling and so much more. Through Lisa’s incredible life journey this far, we are inspired to forgive, to see through perspectives that are not solely our own, to be independent, and to understand that regression may come before progression. When we stop and listen to God’s voice, a new beginning opens up. Lisa had to grow up very quickly in her childhood and has so many unforgettable life lessons that everyone needs to hear. Please note that this episode contains discussion of abuse and molestation.  Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
69:08 5/3/22
Tammi Vaughn: Entering Your Healing Journey
Story Time welcomes Holistic Health Coach, Tammi Vaughn, Founder of ITT8KSAVILLAGE. In this episode, Tammi walks us through overcoming trichotillomania, an impulsive control disorder that manifests as hair plucking. She takes us through her past which includes unexpected deaths in her life and coming into her sexuality. Tammi stresses the importance of clearing your mind and being open to gaining clarity on your life in order to start your journey of healing. By doing the inner work to unpack her past as well as embracing nature and camping, Tammi has been able to tap into her healing and hopes to guide others as they work to do the same. If you’re in need of a health and wellness partner, consider checking out #Camping4Clarity. For more on Trichotillomania, visit WebMd or MayoClinic. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
74:56 4/26/22
Neha Sonney: Rewriting Your Story
In this episode, we’re chatting with Self Love Advocate and the Author of Wired for Self Love, Neha Sonney. Neha walks us through her journey with arranged marriage in the Hindu religion, the unfortunate disconnect between genuine respect and tradition, co-parenting across countries and finding love. She emphasises the importance of freedom and belonging as well as setting boundaries and doing what makes you happy. In all of this, Neha wants those she helps to understand who they are and why they feel unworthy in order to rewrite their story and finally love themselves. If you’re ready for this experience, listen to this episode and be sure to check out her book.  Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
77:07 4/19/22
Kelly Rolfe: Making The Decision to Change
Story Time welcomes Life & Business Coach and “Love Yourself Fiercely” Podcast Host, Kelly Rolfe. Kelly takes us through her home life growing up, her life as a single mother just weeks after giving birth, and what she’s learned about herself along the way as she grows into her best self. You have to make the decision to change. You have to make the choice to set boundaries. You have to acknowledge that everyone handles their emotional trauma differently. You have to be vulnerable when communicating clearly and have compassion. You have to make conscious decisions to cultivate positivity. Kelly talks about all of this and more in the latest episode. This episode is not one to be skipped. Settle in for story time and get inspired to be your best self despite whatever trials come your way.  Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
68:13 4/12/22
Rosemary Brocco: Getting Naked With Your Clothes On
In this episode, we talk with Freedoms & Fulfilment Coach, Rosemary Brocco where she assists entrepreneurs in working on deeper self reflection in order to enhance every aspect of their lives. Listen to Rosemary’s story from stripping to opening a yoga studio, from hitting rock bottom to healing and unlocking hr sexual freedom, Rosemary takes us on quite a journey. Rosemary walks us through her determination after stripping to switching careers, and feeling secure (financially, emotionally, and mentally). Rosemary discusses the importance of being ourselves unapologetically, knowing that we are worthy, and the importance of being content with ourselves. If you are working through trauma, PTSD, and shame and looking to carry positive energy into your next career path, this is the episode for you. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
84:15 4/5/22
Jason Acosta: On Life After Divorce
In this episode, we speak with Life Strategist and Father of 4, Jason Acosta as he walks us through moving through the trauma of toxic marriages. Jason is on a mission to help as many divorced parents as he can to live their best life as they enter the next chapter of their lives. It starts with the humbling aspect of identifying the patterns in our lives (people pleasing, for example) instead of playing the victim which leads to unhappiness. How do we create a structure in our lives that works for us to hit our goal of becoming our best self? How do we minimize our exhaustion and stress as much as possible in order to be there for our loved ones? Jason walks us through his marriage and divorce journey, which involves therapy and unraveling deep emotions, breaking the cycle of mimicking our parents’ relationships, feeling the energy of other people, and understanding that it takes two people to communicate clearly in order to grow. What an enlightening episode. You do not want to miss this one! Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
69:03 3/29/22
Amanda Acker: Attracting Positivity Into Your Life No Matter What
In this episode, “The Let Good Things In” Podcast host, Amanda Acker walks us through her life thus far, which was previously filled with drug abuse, homelessness, jail time, and Trigger Warning: sexual assault. After laying the groundwork there, we follow her rise above the labels society gave her and the turmoil thrown her way situation after situation. We follow her make difficult life changing choices (including giving her children up for adoption, entering sobriety, going to outpatient therapy, and more). She shares her greatest lessons so far, which include but are not limited to creating boundaries and getting rid of toxicity in your life in order to live a more authentic, peaceful life. To hear Amanda’s story and to receive the affirmation that you are stronger than you think you are, sit back and get comfortable as you listen to this episode just for you.  Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
70:05 3/22/22
Darcey Elizabeth: Aligned
In this episode, we speak with “The Feeling Aligned” Podcast Host, Darcey Elizabeth about working through trauma (mind, body, and soul) and leveling up through inner work to bring out our most authentic self.  Our biggest tool is us. Through this episode, Darcey Elizabeth walks us through how she used her greatest tool to reconnect with herself and live a life fully realized after infidelity, divorce, and becoming a single mom. It’s not easy but the freedom and peace that comes with really getting to know ourselves and what we will stand for will literally change the trajectory of our lives. Listen in to find out how it changed hers and could change yours too.  Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
74:53 3/15/22
Meriam & Ashley: Owning Your Well Being
In this episode, we are joined by Caregiver Advocate, Meriam Boldewijn, Author of “Caregiver 2.0 From Burnout to Powerhouse” from The Netherlands and Stage IV Cancer Caregiver, Ashley from Ohio.  Burnout is real. Unhappiness is real. How do we stay motivated to get through burnout? How do we find support and peace while taking care of our loved ones? What tips are there for self care, for handling stress before it gets to an unmanageable state? Is it normal to grieve the lives we thought we’d have while in the midst of the life thrown our way? Even in our selflessness, how do we fight to get the best care not just for our loved ones but for ourselves? These are all great questions to meditate on and we just that here. So let’s dive into all of the above in this episode.  Grab your earphones and let’s listen! Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
118:54 3/9/22
Lydia Knorr: Self Discovery
On today's episode our featured guest is Lydia Knorr with over 25 year in the health and wellness industry. Lydia focuses on a holistic approach to well being after navigating many life experiences. From being widowed unexpectedly and battling cancer, she is a true story of resilience and the journey of finding yourself.  She focuses on everyone's unique story and how she personally navigated the obstacles she was dealt.  Have you ever felt the need to escape or numb your reality? This episode is for you. How to tap into yourself and find wisdom, growth, learning, and awareness.  If you're searching for more and inner happiness you'll want to hear Lydia’s story. It's important to focus less on the search and more on the journey. Find your core values and you will surely find your purpose. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
53:45 3/2/22
Teri Karjala: Transformational
This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we're excited to be chatting with Teri Karjala. She exists solely to guide women through their transformational process to help create an extraordinary life.  She talks about the pivotal moments in her life that got her to her career today. Her passion is helping people through life’s challenges by inspiring and empowering them to live a life of hope, happiness, and harmony.  Do you struggle with negative self-talk, fear, anxiety, negative self-talk? How is this negativity affecting your daily life? Are you looking to unlock your full potential but don't know where to start? This episode is for you.  Teri's energy is infectious and she's ready to light a fire in your life and help other entrepreneurs, women, and many others to tap into their fullest life. If you're looking to move past self sabotage, this one's for you. It's time to level up and expect more. It's time to find your passion. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
51:45 2/22/22
Dr. Supatra Tovar: Holistic Health
This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we're happy to welcome Dr. Supatra Tovar. Clinical health psychologist, registered dietitian, and fitness expert who specializes in the holistic approach. Her unique background and integrated specializations allow her to provide holistic mind-body treatment for a variety of conditions.  Are you struggling with depression, weight gain, menopause, life transitions, or problems with your spouse or children? We even dive into the topic of infidelity and what causes someone to cheat.  Are you getting what you want or need in your relationship? If your not, how do you get into a place where you can communicate what you want.  This episode talks about the benefits of working together with a collaborative, compassionate, and empathetic therapist and how it can help you achieve the life you want, the relationships you desire, and optimum physical and mental health.  If you're interested in learning more about the holistic approach, growing communication, and the alternatives that are out there to help navigate life. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
67:59 2/15/22
Keri Ann: Accidental Entrepreneur
Tune in this week to meet Keri Ann who like most of us, was affected by the pandemic. Working in the arts, her career was dissolved during the height of COVID. This led to a change in career path, she likes to call herself an "accidental entrepreneur."  She ended up getting hired by a friend to be a publicist and from there she got referrals and now has multiple clients. It's hard sometimes in the face of change, to see the blessings we're actually receiving.  She talks about her journey to entrepreneurship and how her relationships, lifestyle, and even the relationship with herself has made her who she is today.  Like all of us, Keri Ann is on her own journey. It's a story of trials and triumphs, growth and change, and so much more. This episode is for everyone, because we can all relate to how life is full of tough times, but it's how you show up in the tough times that brings you true blessings. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
63:11 2/8/22
Sherrie Dunlevy - Grief
On today's episode our featured guest is Sherrie, former NBC news anchor. Today's she's a best selling author, speaker, podcast host and business owner. She helps create the conversation that most are afraid to approach. She believes you don't just have to survive your grief, you can thrive.  She opens up about her own loss with her second son and what she learned from her own experience. Her books, podcast, and speeches are all about talking about loss and grief, in all forms.  It's important to know your loss doesn't have to define you. Have you recently lost someone or something? Are you currently dealing with your own grief and feel like you're the only one? If so, this podcast is for you.  There are others just like you, and Sherrie is here to shine light on loss and grief. If you are struggling please tune in to find out how you can change your own narrative. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
65:54 2/1/22
Mr. Jay: Betrayal Trauma
This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we're happy to welcome Mr. Jay, who brings us all the energy and a triumphant story of perseverance. Mr. Jay and author of the book, “I am loved right where I am.”  Mr. Jay takes us through his trials and triumphs as he navigates a life most would never even have to imagine, let alone rise up from. From sexual abuse, parental struggles, independence, and so much more.  Mr. Jay's main focus is his ability to transform his own trauma experiences and lessons as guides to help decrease others' suffering.  Mr. Jay uses his past experiences and lessons to teach others how to work on their relationship with themselves and how that is the foundation on which everything is built on. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
66:24 1/25/22
Karin: Sexuality
On today's episode our featured guest is Karin, who is a recovering corporate workaholic. Changing up the board room for the bedroom. She wrote a tell all book about her journey and her relationship with her Vagina: V. Her book is entitled, "The Ins and Outs of My Vagina: A Penetrating Memoir"  Do you have the job? the money? the car? the family? but something is missing? Do you feel like there has to be more to this life? More than just work and powerpoint presentations?  Ask yourself what's the one thing you want to do? The one thing you would regret not doing before you die?  Tune in for a fun and adventurous talk with Karin. As she dives into her story and her hilarious tell-all memoir as she explores her body. The good, the gross, and the funny. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
58:23 1/18/22
Happy 1st Birthday
Happy First Birthday to Femme Parler Podcast!! You guys we did it!! Here at Femme Paler Podcast with celebrate all victories big and small and this milestone is a BIG one.  Many of us don’t realize all the work into a podcast whether it be the actual podcast process, show notes, social media, website and more.  Thankful to my growing team who makes the job a little less overwhelming, thank you Mariah and Brooke.  We have a lot to look forward to in this new season of Femme Parler Podcast... tune in to hear the exciting new updates and SOMETHING NEW being added to our show. So happy to be celebrating this milestone with you... cheers to many more to come! Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
07:42 1/13/22
Michele: Intuitive Mindset Part 2
This week on the Femme Parler Podcast we're happy to talk to a returning guest, and continue our conversation with Michele Ogsten in part 2. We take a look back and dive into her childhood in more depth.  For those who don't know Michele , she is an intuitive mindset coach. Her purpose of this podcast is to empower others.  Even through all her struggles, pain, and experiences she continues to come out of it triumphant. She credits that to the way you heal and forgive, her journey sheds light on anyone who is dealing with their own personal trauma.  She wants to share her story to help listeners feel not alone, but also to help give them tangible ways to help heal.  She is a great reminder that we're always in charge of creating a different narrative. So what kind of life do you want to live? Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
104:49 1/12/22
Michele: Intuitive Mindset Part 1
Tune in this week to meet Michele Ogsten who is a certified intuitive mindset coach, who focuses on the connection of each other. She believes that connection cures and make us feel not alone, because we’re not.  She has been in the intuitive field and study for over 30 years. Diving into how to lead your life intuitively.  Are you looking to break patterns and start living your most authentic life? How to stop listening out, and start listening in? How to start building your intuitively muscle and strengthen that muscle.  If this all sounds like something you’re interested in learning more about, incorporating meditation, and other practices to start living intuitively then this episode is for you. Join Our Facebook Community Femme Parler Website
53:09 1/11/22