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Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network

We gather amazing stories from leaders in Real Estate Investing. In each episode, our guests will tell you what they are doing that works, what they tried that failed, and best of all you'll learn actionable steps to take your real estate investing to the next level.


Redefining Real Estate: Digital Transformation and Investing w/ Matt Shields
We chat with Matt Shields, discussing digital transformation, its benefits, and its implementation in the real estate business. They talk about how digital innovation has streamlined many processes across different organizational domains. They elaborate on concepts such as project management and square footage comparison in real estate investment, and consider the benefits of digital transformation in construction and multi-family investing operations. Matt also shares personal insights from his career and offers advice on communication and adaptability in business.Connect with Matt Shields: & Bullets:Challenges in Contracting IndustryHandling pictures and reports in the contracting industryBenefits of using a method and process for easier report generationShowcasing project transformations with before and after photosThe importance of maintaining control over products or services to avoid overextension and unforeseen competitionDigital Transformation in ConstructionSyndication and gathering information to attract investorsStreamlining processes, data accessibility, and reporting to attract investorsStreamlined processes for a waterproofing contractorReducing time and improving efficiencySimplifying onboarding for new employeesProviding real-time insights into business operationsApplying digital transformation to constructionImportance of digital transformation and project tracking within real estate constructionUsing a scrum philosophy and weighted systems to manage granular tasks and project progressDigitalizing the process to manage construction in a more accurate and systematic wayUsing project management software for organizational growthStarting with project management software like Trello, Asana, or Basecamp for small businesses or solo entrepreneursBuilding internal processes as different departments emerge Challenges of integrating existing processes with new systems for businesses built before platforms like AsanaReal Estate Investments and ManagementBusiness impact and recommended readingReading Chris Voss's book for communication and negotiation skillsRecommending improv classes to enhance communication and thinking on the spotPricing strategy for real estate investingConsidering the square footage of comparable properties when setting rent pricesChallenges faced in real estate business processesCreating reports and managing multifamily propertiesAdoption of agile scrum in real estateValue brought to contractors and project managementDemonstrating the value of transformation for successful adoptionImportance of documenting processes and procedures for scaling a businessThe value of a core foundational platform for a businessNeed for younger employees to have digital processes rather than traditional methodsPersonal and Professional DevelopmentUsing technology for personal well-beingReliance on the Oura ring to monitor physical activity and sleepComparing the Oura ring's battery life and charging time to an Apple WatchLessons learned and recommended practicesLearning from past experiences and maintaining a positive outlook Applying communication and negotiation skills in businessSharing successful practices and podcasting...
39:47 12/5/23
Pursuing Financial Freedom: Joey Mure's Insights on Defining Personal Goals and Achieving Success
Joey Mure is a seasoned investor who understands the importance of knowing oneself before making any investment decisions. He believes that Wall Street has trained people to only focus on the potential ROI of an investment, while neglecting to consider their own unique perspectives, experiences, resources, and goals. Joey has developed a process that helps people cut through the noise of the investment world and make quick, informed decisions that align with their individual strengths and aspirations. By emphasizing the significance of self-awareness in investing, Joey has helped many people take meaningful action towards their financial success.Connect with Joey Mure: & Bullets:Defining Financial Freedom and Setting Personal GoalsImportance of defining personal reasons for pursuing financial freedomEncouragement to dream despite societal pressures and normsBeing honest with oneself and seeking accountability from a spouseStory about achieving financial freedom through land flippingTaking Control of Financial FutureDisproving the misconception that individuals cannot invest on their ownNeed for education and the societal impact of homeschoolingSharing experiences of finding inspiration and like-minded individualsBuilding a Plan for Financial FreedomDefining financial freedom and setting a date for its achievementImportance of setting milestones, building accountability, and being in the right communityLinking financial freedom to emotional goals, such as spending quality time with loved onesSuggesting resources for listeners and emphasizing the value of spending time with like-minded peopleAligning Investments with Personal Values and GoalsEmphasis on knowing oneself as an investor and aligning investments with personal values and goals for financial freedomSticking with investments of interest for greater success and positive resultsDiscussing the success story of a community member after joining their programRecommendations for valuable books and personality profile systems for hiring and building a teamLong-Term Impact of InvestmentsViewing investments as long-term impacts rather than short-term expensesConsidering the cost of not investing or making the wrong investment decisionsReflection and AdviceReflecting on past financial decisions and advising a younger self to focus on achieving financial freedom earlyDiscussing the importance of understanding one's investor DNA for financial freedom and making available resources for an investor DNA profileConclusion and Closing RemarksExpressing satisfaction with the discussion and appreciating the opportunity to be on the podcastLIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!Apple PodcastsGoogle Podcasts
35:03 11/30/23
Updates and Big Announcement: DealMachine Revolutionizes Skip Tracing w/ David Lecko
Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network podcast! In this episode, we have a special guest, David Lecko, the founder of DealMachine. David joins our host, Jack Hoss, to share some exciting updates and a big announcement regarding DealMachine. They discuss the game-changing feature of skip tracing, which is now included in the DealMachine app. David reveals how this new functionality allows users to easily find people associated with a property, whether they are owners or renters, along with their contact information, net worth, and more. Jack and David also delve into the importance of simplicity and focus in business, drawing from their own experiences and mentorship. Plus, David offers exclusive Black Friday deals for listeners to take advantage of. Tune in to learn all about the latest enhancements in DealMachine and gain valuable insights into growing your real estate investing business.Connect with David Lecko: & Bullets:IntroductionHost (Jack Hoss) introduces guest (David Lecko)Announcement and updates to DealMachine discussedThe Value of Skip TracingSkip tracing feature highlighted as a major takeawayImportance of skip tracing for real estate investors emphasizedDiscussion on the benefits of skip tracing in DealMachineAccidental Demo and Positive User FeedbackIncident during a demonstration leads to discovery of new featureNew feature reveals people associated with the property, including renters and ownersPositive feedback from users in real estate industryDiscusses how this feature expands prospecting capabilitiesAutomated Property Updates and Paradigm ShiftUpdated feature automatically connects property and tenant informationEliminates need for re-skip tracing when tenants moveParadigm shift in skip tracing process discussedAnnouncement of the feature made on November 20thNo More Skip Tracing and the Community's ResponseEmphasis on the elimination of skip tracing as a separate processInitial confusion among users about the pricing and featuresHighlighting the value and affordability of DealMachineImpact of DealMachine in the Real Estate IndustrySpeculation about how other services may be affected by DealMachine's featuresDiscussion about DealMachine's functionality and benefits for real estate investorsFocus on driving for dollars and the importance of simplicityFeedback Mechanism and Product DevelopmentImportance of customer feedback in product developmentMentions use of a feature request portal to gather customer inputBalancing customer requests with the goal of simplicityThe role of a product manager in the development processMentorship and FocusMentors' influence on David Lecko's focus and business decisionsImportance of focus in business growth and resonance with target audienceExamples of successful entrepreneurs who started with a specific focusLessons learned from personal experiences with diversificationChallenges and Lessons In Business GrowthDiscussion on the challenges faced in scaling business operationsLessons learned from an Airbnb venture and the importance of reliabilityImpact of negative reviews and customer experience on business successFuture DevelopmentsOverview of past...
22:18 11/28/23
Building a Fulfilling Lifestyle: How to Make Your Business Serve You w/ David Lecko
David Lecko is a dedicated entrepreneur and founder of DealMachine who exemplifies the value of persistence and long-term commitment. This mindset was instilled in him when he first had an interest in real estate while working tirelessly for a small company, noticing that he worked harder than the owner himself. Curiosity led him to inquire about the owner's rental properties, and he was enlightened on the advantages they offered in comparison to the stock market. The stability, monthly cash flow, and early retirement opportunities presented by real estate investments resonated with David, inspiring him to venture into the world of real estate investing. With his solid work ethic and unwavering persistence, David Lecko has become a respected figure in the entrepreneurial community.Connect with David Lecko: & BulletsIntroductionPodcast name and episode titleHost and guest namesGuest's Approach to Wealth and BusinessHaving multiple streams of income does not guarantee wealthFocusing on too many opportunities may lead to none of them workingGuest's goal of having his business serve him and live a fulfilling lifestyleCurrent work schedule of 6 hours a day with a staff of 30Hesitation to Start Another BusinessTime constraints and potential impact on current businessConcern for discouraging business partnerValue of partnership and equal ownershipLegal Considerations and Business DisputesOperating agreement and push-pull agreementInitial disagreement on hiring employeesImportance of communication and improved productivityMotivation and Market TrendsResponding to pain as motivationWholesaling specialization and market trendsMention of tech job market trendsPersonal Milestone and Starting in Real Estate InvestingGuest's purchase of Ferrari after reaching $1,000,000 milestoneAdvice on building up side hustle before quitting jobStarting in real estate with tax-delinquent propertiesMindset and Additional ResourcesImportance of mindset in starting a businessGuest's podcast invitationRecommended episode on quitting a job and starting wholesalingIntroduction to DealMachineDiscussion of DealMachine appFocus on simplicity and helping new real estate investorsIntegration of Chat GPT and real estate dataMarket Trends and Overcoming ChallengesTrends in interest rates and buyer demandGuest's successful deals meeting the 1% ruleEncouragement to participate in the 30-day challengeWholesaling as a low-capital entry into real estate investingFeatures and Strategies of DealMachineVirtual driving for dollars featureAvoiding analysis paralysis and quitting too soonBuilding a cash-generating wholesaling machineFinding buyers for properties under contractBuilding Credibility and Business GrowthImportance of transparency and honesty with sellersFinding buyers through various channelsSending contracts to title companiesBalancing finding opportunities and finding buyersPersonal Growth and Self-CareIncorporating humor in business conversationsGuest's favorite tool: weightlifting for anxiety and self-careOvercoming anxiety and...
37:55 11/23/23
Nelson Nash's Legacy: Richard Canfield Shares Insights on Infinite Banking and Personal Growth
Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network! In today's episode, host Jack Hoss is joined by the knowledgeable Richard Canfield, who is deeply involved in the world of infinite banking. As they dive into the discussion, Richard shares his admiration for Jack's program and his strong desire to add value to people's lives. They explore the profound impact Nelson Nash, Richard's mentor in infinite banking, had on his life and financial understanding. Nash's captivating speaking style and approachable nature left a lasting impression on Richard after attending his 10-hour seminar at a conference in 2012. The conversation delves into the crucial lessons Richard learned from Nash, not only about infinite banking but also about relationships and marriage. Reflecting on the recent anniversary of Nash's passing, Richard highlights his dedication and passion for constant value creation. They also tackle the concept of retirement, which Nash believed to be a falsehood, advocating instead for personal freedom and passive income. Join us as Richard shares valuable insights and personal experiences, including his own business mistakes, as he sheds light on the power of infinite banking and its potential to reshape our financial landscape. You won't want to miss this episode of the REI Mastermind Network!Connect with Richard Canfield: & Bullets:Introduction of Richard Canfield and his involvement in infinite bankingRichard Canfield praises the REI Mastermind NetworkCanfield's desire to add value to others' livesCanfield's mentor in infinite banking is Nelson NashNelson Nash and his impact on Richard CanfieldCanfield met Nash at a conference in 2012 and attended his 10-hour seminarNash's captivating speaking style and approachable natureNash's dedication to learning and extensive reading habitsLearning about infinite banking and relationships from NashNash's dedication and passion, highlighted on the anniversary of his passingRetirement as a falsehood and the concept of freedom and passive incomeNelson Nash's belief that retirement is a falsehoodDesire for freedom and passive income instead of traditional retirementNash's insistence on constant value addition and learningRichard Canfield's business mistakes and lessons learnedCanfield's biggest business mistake: being too trustingThe importance of asking more questions and being cautious in business relationshipsWhat Canfield would tell his younger self and advice for financial optimizationThe infinite banking concept and its principlesThe infinite banking concept as a bottom-up solutionIndividual control over money and financial systemsImportance of understanding Nelson Nash's work and philosophyNelson Nash's use of whole life insurance as a banking toolNelson Nash's journey to financial independenceThe concept of infinite banking as a way of life, not just a strategyThe benefits and control offered by co-owning an insurance companyBehavior and effectiveness in utilizing whole life insuranceWhole life insurance as a tool that depends on user behaviorImportance of behavior, including additional deposits, for successThe Kolbe Index and its relevanceExplanation of the Kolbe Index as a measurement of natural instinctual ways of getting things doneRichard Canfield's use of the Kolbe Index with his clientsGenerational wealth and benefits of whole...
39:39 11/21/23
Building a $350M Real Estate Portfolio: Agostino Pintus Shares his Vision and Strategies
Agostino Pintus is a seasoned professional in the business world, known for his knack for deals and fearlessness when it comes to pursuing success. Starting out, a deal worth over $1,000,000 was enough to send shivers down his spine. However, as time went on, his confidence grew, and he now finds himself unphased by such figures. His focus has shifted towards lease deals, as they hold the key to reaching his intended goal of helping others. Agostino is driven by a genuine desire to make a positive impact on people's lives and is determined to achieve his mission.Connect with Agostino Pintus: & Bullets:Agostino Pintus' Background and VisionPintus' dissatisfaction with a 40-hour work weekImportance of positive visualization and programming the reticular activating systemUtilizing future goal setting and manifestation techniquesPintus' diversified investment portfolioPintus' Journey to SuccessPintus' background from sleeping on a mattress to building a $350,000,000 portfolioDesire to leave a legacy and help more peoplePintus' motivation to be remembered through significant dealsThe Power of Visualization and DeterminationThe use of vision and anti-vision boards for motivationEmphasizing the importance of visualization in goal achievementReal estate investing as not being an easy pathLessons and Advice from Agostino PintusBook recommendations - "On the Shortness of Life" by SenecaThe role of communication tools in businessAdvice to younger self - stick to engineering and pursue real estate earlierImportance of choosing partners wisely and providing feedback to brokersValuing transparency, alignment of goals, and strong relationships in partnershipsCash Flow and Partnering for SuccessThe importance of cash flow management and its "bulletproof" natureChallenges of relying on appreciation during economic downturnsChoosing the right partners for real estate successLearning from successful partnership examples like Warren Buffett and Charlie MungerCollaboration and Mutual SuccessBenefits of collaboration and helping others in the industryViewing other investors as partners rather than competitorsThe Monopoly board game and comparisons of socialist and capitalist ideologiesInvesting Strategies and Red FlagsPintus' focus on ground-up development and adaptive reuse projectsAvoiding high-risk deals and prioritizing potential return on investment and tax abatementsInvestment in single tenant net lease deals with corporate guarantee tenantsFundraising through a blind pool fund and offering steady monthly returns to investorsCurrent focus on development and net lease deals while waiting for the multifamily market stabilizationAvoidance of overpaying for deals and recognizing red flags in markets and sellersConclusionRecap of key points discussedCall to action to share the episode and visit bulletproofcashflow.comGuest's gratitude for the interviewLIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!
38:13 11/16/23
Multifamily Investing: Essential KPIs and Reports for Success in Asset Management w/ Greg Butcher
Greg Butcher is an experienced investor in real estate, specializing in multifamily properties. He began his real estate journey by investing in single-family homes, but after discovering the potential of multifamily real estate and syndications, he decided to expand his knowledge and investment strategy. Nine years ago, Greg joined a multifamily mentoring and educational program, just as he was retiring from active duty. During his first year in the program, he invested as a passive limited partner to learn the ins and outs of underwriting. In 2016, Greg took on a role as a general partner and successfully closed his first deal. With his expertise and dedication to the real estate industry, Greg continues to thrive as an investor in the multifamily market.Connect with Greg Butcher: & Bullets:Introduction and BackgroundGreg Butcher's background and how he got into multifamily investingLessons learned from being a marine and applying them to real estate investingTips for Veterans Transitioning to Real Estate InvestingBalancing a job with real estate investingImportance of networking and surrounding oneself with knowledgeable individualsStarting small vs. jumping into multifamily investingImportance of Asset Management in Multifamily Real EstateLack of focus on asset management in education programsThe significance of asset management in today's economyGreg's motivation for creating KPI checklists for asset managementKPIs for Multifamily Asset ManagementMarketing and leasing KPIs: identifying marketing channels, lead flow, cost per lead and cost per lease signedImportance of managing ratios to improve effectivenessMarket-specific KPIs and the impact of market conditionsManaging Property Managers EffectivelyQuestions to ask when hiring a property management companyImportance of building a good relationship with property managersEffect of property management company size on support and effectivenessLessons Learned from SyndicationImportance of finding the right partnersLessons learned in tackling one's first syndicationBalancing realistic projections and preserving investor trustDealing with Challenges in Real Estate InvestingImpact of rising interest rates on floating rate debt propertiesHandling unforeseen events such as the COVID-19 pandemicStress testing and mitigating risks in real estate investmentsGreg's Experience in SyndicationNumber of properties syndicated and current assets under managementPerformance of fixed rate debt deals vs. floating rate debt dealsPersonal Recommendations and ToolsBook recommendation: "Best in Class" by Gary Lipsky and Kyle MitchellEssential tool: Excel for financial analysis and performance trackingAdvice for Real Estate InvestorsStart now and don't delayConsider entering syndication in commercial real estateExploring other asset classes such as self-storageClosing Thoughts and Additional ConceptsKey factors to consider for effective asset management: manager, meetings, measurement, cash and financial management, construction management, and communityImportance of fostering a sense of community for profitability and tenant...
28:32 11/14/23
From Average Returns to Infinite Wealth: Taking Control of Your Finances w/ Jim Oliver
Jim Oliver started his career as a fee-based and full-service financial advisor after graduating from college. He spent 15 years in this role, providing financial advice and acting as a financial babysitter for his clients. One day, he received a notification from one of the platforms he was using, claiming that his clients had earned 9.38% returns over a certain period. However, upon further investigation, Jim realized that despite having $700,000,000 under management, his own investments hadn't seen the same increase. He meticulously analyzed the numbers, factoring in fees, expenses, and taxes, and discovered that his actual returns were only around 4%. This revelation sparked a realization within Jim, leading him to question the traditional financial advisory model.Connect with Jim Oliver: & Bullets:Introduction to Infinite BankingDefinition of infinite banking as using a whole life insurance policy as a banking toolExplanation of how the policy grows guaranteed every day and is designed for cash value, not just death benefitComparison to how banks and corporations use life insurance because the money inside is never taxedExplanation of how mutual insurance companies are owned by policy owners, allowing for loans up to 100% of the cash valueIntroduction to interest-only loans taken from the insurance company, using other people's money (OPM)Explanation of how the borrowed money is then invested in real estate, with cash flow returning to the insurance contractEmphasis on how over time, the cash flow increases, allowing for continued investments in real estateHighlighting the benefits of real estate investments, including growth, cash flow, and a tax-free death benefit for heirsImportance of leveraging the insurance contract to maximize real estate investmentsSuccess Stories with Infinite BankingMention of a business owner who went from no real estate to 250 units using infinite bankingExample of a couple who doubled their money using seller financing and insurance company loansLimitations of 401(k)s and Roth OptionsDiscussion on the limitations and concerns of relying solely on 401(k)s and Roth options for retirementExpression of concerns about government control over retirement accounts and potential asset seizureIntroduction to Jim Oliver's Journey with Infinite BankingPersonal experience of being introduced to the infinite banking concept through a friend and attending a seminarEmphasis on the value of studying and explaining concepts to gain a better understandingExploring the Banking System and Understanding Infinite BankingBasic explanation of how banking works and how depositors and borrowers contribute to the profitability of banksHighlighting the discrepancy between the interest income received by banks and the interest paid to depositorsIntroduction to the concept of infinite banking, which involves becoming all three entities (depositor, owner of the bank, and borrower) to control and benefit from the banking systemJim Oliver's Book and CommunityAnnouncement of Jim Oliver's upcoming book release on November 14thEncouragement to join Jim Oliver's communityOffer to provide a free copy of either his book "Make Bank Without the Bank" or Nelson's book "Becoming Your Own Banker"Jim Oliver's Business AcquisitionDiscussion of Jim Oliver's recent business acquisition of an...
40:59 11/9/23
Unlocking Tax Savings: The Power of Cost Segregation w/ Joe Viery
Joe Viery is an accomplished entrepreneur with a unique journey in the business world. For two eventful decades, he owned and successfully managed a special interest travel business, catering to the adventurous souls seeking unique experiences. In pursuit of expanding his horizons, Joe decided to sell his beloved business in the early 2000s.With a degree in business management, Joe embraced a new career path in financial planning. He joined the esteemed California Association of Realtors, utilizing his expertise to help individuals navigate the complex world of finance. For seven years, Joe dedicated his time and skills to guiding clients towards achieving their financial goals.In 2007, while Joe was immersing himself in the financial planning realm, a persistent individual approached him with an intriguing proposition. This person recognized Joe's deep understanding of the industry and insisted on discussing a groundbreaking strategy. Although skeptical at first, Joe's curiosity eventually drew him to explore this new approach, knowing that it could potentially reshape the financial landscape.Joe Viery's story is one of resilience, adaptability, and an unwavering entrepreneurial spirit. From owning a successful business to guiding individuals towards their financial aspirations, he continues to embrace new challenges and opportunities with an open mind. Joe's experiences have not only shaped his professional journey but also fueled his passion for innovation and growth in various fields.Connect with Joe Viery: and Bullets:Introduction to cost segregationDefinition and purposeSeparating short-term and long-term assetsExpediting depreciation and claiming expense deductionsThe history and evolution of cost segregationPast practice for larger buildingsDevelopment of analytical or modeling studies for smaller buildingsCost reduction and affordabilityBenefits of cost segregationTax refund potential for investors who have paid taxes in the last 3 yearsThree categories of people who may not benefit from cost segregationExample of tax deduction calculation for a single-family homeCost segregation for bigger buildingsThree-phase study approach for larger projectsFees based on engineering time and significanceKey considerations for cost segregationImportance of education and knowledgeAvoiding issues with land allocation and purchase agreementsThe role of terminology and protecting clientsExploring beyond cost segregationConsidering the advantages of owning real estateRecommended resources (book and CRM)Building a valuable team of professionalsOther factors to considerEnergy tax credits for value-add clients and flippersSelling property and 1031 exchangesLookback studies for tax refunds up to 15 yearsConclusionOverall value and potential savings through cost segregationMindset shift from cost to investment perspective.LIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!Apple Podcasts
30:28 11/7/23
Revolutionizing Multifamily Investing: Mike Kaeding's Innovative Approach to Housing Affordability
Welcome back to another episode of the REI Mastermind Network! I'm your host, Jack Hoss, and in today's episode, we have a very special guest joining us - Mike Kaeding, the innovative mind behind Mike and his team are revolutionizing the multifamily investing industry with their unique approach focused on tackling housing affordability and driving down costs. Through their innovative strategies, they have achieved an impressive 20-30% reduction in construction costs and have their sights set on reaching a 50% reduction in the near future. Mike's journey in the industry is equally fascinating, as he initially had no interest in joining his family's small multifamily building business. However, after his father's passing, he stepped up to the challenge and has been leading the charge ever since. Join us as Mike shares his insights into their groundbreaking techniques, their commitment to improving labor productivity in construction, and their mission to make a positive impact in the world through housing affordability. We'll also delve into Mike's podcast, "Becoming a Unicorn," and how he balances work and family life. So, grab your headphones and get ready to dive deep into the world of innovative real estate investing with Mike Kaeding on this inspiring episode of the REI Mastermind Network!Connect with Mike Kaeding: & Bullets:Mike Kaeding and his innovative approach to multifamily investingSolving housing affordability and driving down costsAchieving a 20-30% reduction in cost and aiming for a 50% reduction in the futureUsing strategies from other industries, like manufacturing, to improve labor productivity in constructionBringing all trades in-house and implementing assembly line techniquesCreating a culture of improvement and solving thousands of small problems to drive efficiencyMike Kaeding's background and journey in the multifamily businessGrowing up in a small multifamily building business started by his parentsInitially not wanting to be involved, but eventually joining and taking over after his dad passed awayThe importance of hiring the best employees and continuous improvementFlying in employees from other states and working with world expertsImplementing lean videos to showcase team improvementsGradually implementing significant investments in infrastructureLetting go of struggling team members and hiring the best peopleThe impact of hiring the right people on productivity and successMike Kaeding's personal values and prioritiesMaking a positive impact in the world through housing affordabilityPrioritizing his relationship with his immediate familyEliminating anything in his life that doesn't contribute to these two main elementsValuing his time and trying to double up tasksEngaging in fun activities, like his daughter's YouTube channelMike Kaeding's podcast and beliefs on making a positive impactMike Kaeding's podcast "Becoming a Unicorn"Emphasizing the shortness of life and avoiding wasting timeUsing time to make a positive impact and pushing things forwardMotivated by the fear of not doing enough to make an impactBreaking out of the reactionary cycle and establishing goalsHuman tendency to be reactionary and only respond to painEstablishing goals and a bigger "why" to break out of this cycleBuilding the right culture and surrounding yourself with the right peopleMike Kaeding's...
36:30 11/2/23
The Power of the First Deal: Building Confidence and Momentum in Real Estate with Kevin Amolsch
Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network! In today's episode, titled "Processed," we have the pleasure of hearing from our host, Jack Hoss, and special guest Kevin Amolsch. They dive into the world of real estate investing and share valuable insights and experiences to help you navigate the industry with confidence.From the uncertainty and lack of confidence when starting out, to the importance of that pivotal first deal, Jack and Kevin explore the growth and process that follows. They discuss the power of using a small literal notebook for daily tasks, the significance of customer relationship management (CRM) systems, and even delve into the lessons learned from historical financial crises.Get ready to learn about the current economic climate, why land may not be an ideal investment choice, and the importance of cold calling and negotiation skills. Financing options like private money and hard money lending are also on the table, as our experts shed light on the criteria lenders look for and offer advice on how to approach loan conversations.But it's not all about the money. Jack and Kevin also share their insights on the importance of focusing on client success rather than personal gain, and how this shift can lead to dramatic business growth. They touch on the challenges of the commercial space and highlight a new investment opportunity that allows anyone to get involved in real estate with just $10,000.Throughout the episode, Jack and Kevin provide invaluable wisdom, including the importance of taking action, learning from failures, and finding your niche within the vast world of real estate. So fasten your seatbelts, listeners, because this episode is packed with knowledge and advice that will elevate your real estate investing journey.Connect with Kevin Amolsch: & Bullets:Starting out in real estate investingUncertainty and lack of confidenceThe difficulty of the first dealIncreased confidence and growth after completing the first dealThe importance of organization and prioritizationUsing a small literal notebook as a daily task listRelying on the notebook more than the phoneThe lack of customer relationship management (CRM) systems in businessComparing the current economic situation to past recessionsResearch on the 2008 financial crisisSimilarities between the current situation and the 1990sAcknowledging that every recession is differentInvesting in land during the current economic situationLand not generating incomeUnentitled land not considered for developmentLack of bridge loans for land during the approval processCash as the main option for developmentCold calling as a strategy for generating dealsEngaging in cold calling foreclosures, rent by owners, and for sale by ownersNegotiating deals with property owners without much cashInvolvement of private money or hard money lendingUnderstanding the lending processBrief experience in the conventional lending worldThe importance of credibility in hard money lendingHaving a plan for loan repayment and demonstrating value to the real estate investmentShifting focus from self to clients for business growthGenerating fees initiallyPrioritizing helping others make moneySubstantial growth once the focus shiftedConcerns and opportunities in the commercial spaceBank's...
28:55 10/30/23
Scaling Your Real Estate Investing Business to New Heights with Shaun Young
Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network! In today's episode, we have a special guest, Shaun Young, who will be sharing his incredible journey in the real estate industry. Coming from a sales background, Shaun initially believed he could handle all the deals and contracts on his own. However, after months of struggling, he realized the need for help and hired his first virtual assistant to scale his business. Little did he know, this decision would change everything. Shaun shares his experiences, lessons learned, and the incredible success he achieved by partnering with virtual assistants. Tune in as we dive deep into the power of virtual assistants, the challenges of real estate wholesaling, and the importance of having the right mindset on this exciting episode of the REI Mastermind Network. Let's get started!Connect with Shaun Young: Topics and Bullets:The speaker's sales background and initial belief in being the best person to handle deals and contracts:Struggles faced with this beliefIntervention and advice from coach to bring in helpHiring the first virtual assistant and scaling the business:Importance of investing in franchises for higher success ratesExample of investing in a McDonald's franchiseChallenges in hiring and managing virtual assistantsCreation of REI World Solutions to provide virtual assistants for the speaker's company and clients nationwideImportance of daily interaction and proper training for virtual assistantsMisconceptions and challenges in real estate wholesaling:Wholesaling as the hardest aspect of real estate investingThe misconception of needing little to no money to startSignificant work required to find deals and make phone callsImportance of finding a mentor or coach for guidance and supportThe importance of mindset and intention in succeeding in the businessTime management considerations and commitment to the business:Market research, mailers, follow-ups, cold calling, and textingNeed for assistance if lacking time for crucial tasksImportance of full commitment and giving the business a 90 to 120 day runwayFinding the right virtual assistant:Assessing experience level and skills in the specific industryEnsuring the VA is solely dedicated to your companyTreating the VA like a committed employeeImpact of virtual assistant team on business success:Improved productivity and increased deal closuresIncorporating creative deals and scaling the businessAdapting to market changes and aligning with knowledgeable individualsPersonal journey and motivation in pursuing real estate:Investing severance money in real estate after job lossCoaching and helping other students in the industryApplying the "7 layers deep why exercise" to understand motivationsLIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!Apple Podcasts
30:53 10/26/23
The Power of Infinite Banking and Building Tax-Free Wealth with Doug Peacock
Doug Peacock had dedicated his life to teaching, diligently putting money aside every month for his retirement. However, when the day finally arrived, he was shocked to discover that he was short a staggering $25,000,000. Sitting down with his advisor, Doug couldn't help but marvel at the red stash of money that represented his shortfall. Reflecting on his career, he couldn't help but think that this conversation should have happened five years earlier instead of just 60 days before leaving the classroom. Despite his unexpected financial setback, Doug now sought to find a new path in life, one that would bring him fulfillment and purpose beyond the confines of teaching.Connect with Doug Peacock: & Bullets:Introduction to the episode and guestIntroduction of the podcast, host, and guest Doug PeacockDiscovering the upside-down approach to life insuranceFlipping the upside down with minimum death benefit and maximum cash valueCutting commissions to benefit clientsAvailability of money within 30 to 60 daysUse of mutual companies that pay dividendsSelectivity in choosing insurance companiesThe speaker's personal financial journeyAttempting retirement from teachingDiscovering a shortfall in savings late in their careerRealization that the conversation should have happened earlierExploding student loan debts and the start of a new pathThe importance of control and access to moneyThe need for boundaries in wealth warehousingThe value of a good coachHaving control and access to investmentsCriteria for selecting insurance companiesPreference for 100 plus-year-old mutual companiesA-rated companies as preferred choicesWho benefits from the approachAthletes, real estate investors, and coaches looking to retireCustomer control over investmentsFactors influencing insurance costsAge, gender, and health ratingLower costs for women due to perceived lower risk behaviorFinancing life and the importance of benefitsComparing costs with long-term benefitsEmphasis on financing life rather than focusing on death benefitAccess to money for various needs throughout lifeTax advantages and concernsTax-exempt status of accumulated moneyConcerns about the direction of taxesTaking action and challenging beliefs about moneyBelief in the need to take action todayImportance of challenging beliefs about moneyRecognition that a relationship is not the key to successExpertise and learning from othersTagline discussion on investing 10,000 hours or learning from someone who has already made that investmentThe importance of navigating specific structures and processesInfinite banking and life insurance policy selectionThe term "infinite banking" losing meaningChoice of life insurance policy depending on individual needsExamples of different policy choices for different clientsThe process and benefits of wealth warehousingPatience and time required for the method to yield resultsBuilding cash value for future usePotential for a return that exceeds the initial investmentCreation of a tax-free warehouse of...
37:01 10/24/23
From Syndication to Soil: Investing in Regenerative Farming and Local Grocery Stores with Felecia Froe
Welcome to another episode of the REI Mastermind Network, where we bring you the latest insights and stories from the world of real estate investing. In today's episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming our guest, Felecia Froe, who has a wealth of knowledge and experience in raising funds for impactful projects. Felecia's journey began at a conference where she made a personal connection that would shape her future endeavors. As an investor, she understands the importance of building relationships face-to-face and leveraging her connections to introduce women investors to trustworthy opportunities. During our conversation, Felecia shares her passion for making a difference in the lives of many through her focus on areas like grocery stores, indoor controlled farming, and working closely with farmers. She emphasizes the significance of regenerative farming in improving soil quality and providing nutritious food, while also reducing carbon footprint and water issues. Felecia's mission is to bring fresh, locally grown produce to underserved communities, like the food desert area she encountered in Tulsa, Oklahoma. But it doesn't stop there. Felecia delves into the connection between food and health, sharing her personal experience of how eating better led to a decrease in her medication. She firmly believes that food is medicine and that access to healthy food can prevent and address many medical issues. Join us as we explore Felecia's invaluable insights into investing with a purpose, building meaningful projects and companies, and overcoming challenges to create positive change. Get ready for an episode that will inspire and motivate you to invest your capital and time into projects that truly matter. Let's dive in!Connect with Felicia Froe: Topics and Bullets:Building Relationships and Investing in ProjectsContacted by someone met at a conference to help raise funds for a projectEmphasizes the importance of building relationships in personOffers experience and connections in investingCan introduce women investors to projects, sponsors, and trustworthy peopleAcknowledges the risks involved in investingFocuses on projects that make a big difference in many livesBringing Fresh Produce to the Midwest and Regenerative FarmingIdentifies grocery stores, indoor controlled farming, and working with farmers as areas to tacklePromotes regenerative farming to improve soil quality and provide nutritious foodAims to reduce carbon footprint and water issues while bringing fresh produce to the MidwestHighlights the benefits of locally grown food in terms of nutrition and reduced transportation distanceChallenges in Promoting Good Health and Overcoming ThemDiscusses how aspects of society, including grocery stores and the healthcare system, prioritize profit over healthCollaborates with others to address these issuesMentions the book "Rich Dad, Poor Dad" and its influence on understanding assets and liabilitiesShares personal experience in buying real estate and rehabbing propertiesStresses the importance of taking on difficult challenges in their careerInvesting in Meaningful Projects and Making a DifferencePartners with Philanthro Investors to invest in companies that make a differenceFocuses on clean water and improving water infrastructureLearns from past mistakes and failures, emphasizing the importance of resilienceBelieves in overcoming difficult situations and achieving anything with the right mindsetExpresses passion for connecting...
31:01 10/19/23
Solving the Rental Management Puzzle for Independent Landlords with Ryan Barone
Ryan Barone is the founder and CEO of RentRedi, an end-to-end management platform for landlords and tenants. The journey began when Barone realized that the rental industry needed improvement, not just for tenants, but also for independent landlords. After interacting with them and hearing their struggles, he decided to create a solution that would benefit both sides. Rent Ready was born out of Barone's desire to make renting easier and more efficient for landlords and tenants alike. Over the past 6 or 7 years, Rent Ready has constantly evolved, with each feature or enhancement rooted in the real-life experiences and challenges faced by landlords. From applications and prequalifying tenants to signing leases and collecting rent, Rent Ready streamlines and manages the entire rental process. What started as a personal problem-solving quest for Barone has now become a comprehensive platform that improves the rental experience for everyone involved.Connect with Ryan Barone: (sponsored link)Key Points and Bullets:Introduction and BackgroundIntroduces Ryan Barone from RentRediMentions previous advertisement on the podcastDiscusses Jack's positive experience with the appMention of previous platform used ( of Rent ReadyRyan explains that initial development was for personal useIndependent landlords requested improvements, leading to the expansion of the appFocus on solving problems faced by landlords and tenantsEvolution of Rent Ready into an end-to-end management platformGrowth and User BaseJack asks about the duration of RentRedi's existence (6-7 years)Mention of the team size (30 members)Number of units and assets managed on the platform (150,000 units, $12 billion)Influx of UsersDiscussion on various influx points of usersCOVID-19 pandemic led more landlords to seek digital payment solutionsRentRedi implemented features to encourage on-time rent payment and report payments to credit bureausEntrepreneurship and Support SystemJack asks Ryan about his entrepreneurial journeyRyan discusses having a support system and belief in pursuing the ventureMention of working on Rent Ready alongside a full-time jobRyan's father joins him in building Rent ReadyChallenges and Stumbling BlocksJack asks about the biggest stumbling block faced by RentRediRyan does not provide a specific answer to this questionLIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTubeSpotifyStitcher
29:26 10/17/23
Flipping with Less Risk: Value-Add Deals and Smart Partnerships in Real Estate with Deji Hambolu
Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network! In this episode, we have an incredible guest joining us, Deji Hambolu. With a background in enterprise and a transition into real estate, Deji has an impressive story to share. Juggling a part-time real estate venture while working at Coca Cola, they were able to educate themselves and search for properties during their "5 to 9." Leveraging their experience as a project manager in the corporate world, Deji excels in communication and team engagement skills. We dive into their interest in the Atlanta and Texas markets, particularly Dallas and Houston, which share similarities in immigration and limited housing availability. These areas have high production and demand, especially for affordable housing. Deji is on the lookout for value-add deals, specifically "lift fix flips" that don't require extensive renovation. They share their strategies for finding properties and forming partnerships, utilizing social media and word-of-mouth.But it doesn't stop there. Deji's mission is to help others succeed in real estate investing. They have already helped 57 people this year, assisting them in acquiring their first or next investment property. They focus on educating individuals on setting up LLCs correctly, developing the right business structure, and improving credit scores. Join us as Deji shares their unconventional journey in real estate and the importance of choosing the right people to work with. We discuss due diligence for property managers and the impact of conflicts of interest. Plus, Deji reveals their unique approach to help anyone overcome credit hurdles and achieve their real estate goals. You won't want to miss this enlightening episode. Let's dive in!Connect with Deji Hambolu: Topics and Bullets:Background and Real Estate JourneyTransition from enterprise to real estatePart-time real estate while working at Coca ColaFocused on real estate during 5 to 9Project management skills from corporate worldInterest in Atlanta and Texas MarketsAtlanta oil foundation marketGrowing interest in Dallas and HoustonSimilarities to Atlanta in terms of immigration and limited housing availabilityHigh production and demand, especially for affordable housingValue-Add Deals and Renovation TasksFocus on value-add deals in real estateInterest in "lift fix flips" that require minimal renovationPreferred occupancy rate of 60% to 80%Specific renovation tasks (painting, updating flooring, cabinets, light fixtures)Finding Investment Opportunities and PartnershipsUsing social media and word-of-mouth to find opportunitiesActive on Instagram and TikTokPeople reach out for investment opportunities or to learn about investingExploring partnerships and the process of finding themHelping Others and EducationGoal to help 80 people, already helped 57Assisting with accessing investment propertiesTeaching about setting up LLCs correctly and establishing trustsBuilding a strong foundation for growing and creating a portfolioEducating people with bad credit to improve their scoresChoosing the Right People to Work WithImportance of selecting the right people for successReferrals and references as a starting pointRecommending those with a high-quality product or good businessConsider experience and proven track recordDue diligence in asking the right questions and checking...
29:54 10/12/23
Cash Flow, Coverages, and Tax Benefits: The Secrets of Commercial Real Estate Investing with Stewart Heath
Stewart Heath is a driven and ambitious individual who has always operated at an accelerated pace. His journey in real estate began in 2000 when he started with just one duplex rental property. Within a remarkably short span of 6 to 9 months, Stewart had already acquired 14 duplexes. Fueled by his rapid success, he transitioned into building houses, with some designed for renting out and others for selling.As his experience grew, Stewart ventured into renovating condominiums, and his business expanded rapidly. However, during this process of managing various projects, he realized that residential housing did not align with his interests and aspirations. Nevertheless, he remained open to exploring multifamily deals and has yet to syndicate one.Stewart Heath exemplifies a dynamic and entrepreneurial spirit, constantly seeking new opportunities and challenges within the real estate industry. Despite his preference for non-residential ventures, his success is a testament to his drive and ability to adapt to different market demands.Connect with Stewart Heath: Points and Bullets:Real estate investment strategiesInvesting in cash flowing propertiesComparing development deals and fix and flips to cash flowing propertiesThe importance of underwriting in any economic climateFocusing on a specific asset class in real estateThe broken property management model and alternativesTax benefits and potential appreciation in real estate investmentsLeasing and management of commercial propertiesSuccess in leasing office spaceMovement of tenants and the impact on leasesTaxes for essential workers and training officeShorter lease terms during commercial renewalsFocus on niche storage and remote managementSelecting locations and investment opportunitiesThriving economy of Huntsville and its impact on small townsPotential markets like Pulaski and FayettevilleImportance of understanding local real estate conditionsManagement of storage facilitiesSoftware options for storage managementOnline features for tenants, including reservations and paymentsNot requiring on-site managementComparing current economic flux to the 2008 downturnStuart's thoughts on the current economic climate and similarities to 2008Stuart's experience during the 2008 downturn and lessons learnedRisk management and passive investing in real estateDealing with stabilized properties and locked-in leasesFixed interest rates and controlling expensesLearning from past mistakes to avoid pitfallsInvesting passively as an alternative to active investingReal estate as a stable investment option with cash flow and capital gainsTax benefits and returns in real estate investmentBenefits of investing in real estate over the stock marketTax benefits, including bonus depreciation and cost segregation studyCash on cash returns for investorsStructuring leases to avoid frequent selling and turnoverLIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!
30:00 10/10/23
Rewiring Your Beliefs: The Key to Unlocking a New Wealth Mindset with Dustin Serviss
Welcome back to the REI Mastermind Network! In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Dustin Serviss to our show. Dustin is a wealth manager who has a fascinating journey from civil engineering to the world of finance. With a strong emphasis on continuous learning and improvement, Dustin shares his insights on investing, building a thriving business, and creating a life of financial abundance.Dustin's extensive background in various mastermind groups has allowed him to surround himself with like-minded individuals who share his passion for working with money and seeking new financial opportunities. He emphasizes the importance of good practice and consistency in approaching wealth management and how it has contributed to his success.We dive into Dustin's realization about the value of credentials and how they positioned him to add significant value to his partners in acquiring high net worth clients. Through his experiences, he reveals the concept of the "bare ass minimum" (BAM) and the importance of examining our expenses and financial habits to attain a more intentional and fulfilling life.Pulling from personal experiences, Dustin discusses his journey in real estate, the impact of beliefs and mindset on wealth creation, and the importance of risk management in financial planning. His unique insights shed light on various strategies that can help individuals optimize their finances and live a more prosperous life.Join us in this enriching conversation as Dustin shares invaluable wisdom and practical advice to help you navigate the realms of wealth management and set a solid foundation for your financial future. Stay tuned for an episode filled with strategies, insights, and inspiration on the REI Mastermind Network!Connect with Dustin Serviss: Point and Bullets:Introduction to the New Wealth MindsetDefinition of the new wealth mindsetHow experiences and beliefs shape our wealth mindsetInfluence of parents, people in our lives, and books on our beliefsHow Beliefs Shape Financial BehaviorPersonal belief about hard work and saving money leading to success and happiness in retirementInfluence of the speaker's father's hard work on their belief systemNatural inclination towards trying new things and self-improvementJourney to Wealth ManagementStudying civil engineering while trading stocks during the dayTransitioning to a career in wealth managementExperimenting with personal money before investing client money or venturing into real estateImportance of Community and Mastermind GroupsBeing part of mastermind groups with like-minded individuals interested in dealing with money and financial vehiclesFinding support, guidance, and accountability within the communitySharing knowledge and experiences with others in the fieldThe Accumulation Zone and Risk ManagementOpportunities in the accumulation zone and the need for quick actionRisk management for quicker offense instead of defenseManaging risks in the accumulation zone for financial stability and mental healthUnderstanding and Analyzing ExpensesIntroduction to the BAM (Bare Ass Minimum) concept for essential expensesOvercoming fear or reluctance in examining personal expensesReviewing and highlighting recurring expenses on monthly statementsAligning Spending with Goals and ValuesImportance of considering how spending habits contribute to specific...
33:22 10/5/23
Seizing Opportunities in the Declining Real Estate Market with Bob Diamond
Bob Diamond is a seasoned investor who has witnessed the ups and downs of the real estate market firsthand. He first realized the unpredictable nature of prices when he wasn't yet involved in the industry. However, it was during the 2008 crisis that Bob truly understood the extent to which prices can plummet. Learning from this experience, he adopted a strategy favored by investors: waiting for prices to hit rock bottom before making any purchases. Bob firmly believes in not catching falling knives and emphasizes the importance of allowing prices to stabilize before making any investment decisions.In addition to his observations on market fluctuations, Bob also discovered that tumultuous times present the best opportunities for savvy investors. After witnessing the aftermath of the crisis, he was amazed by the abundance of lucrative prospects that emerged. This realization motivated Bob to urge others to accumulate cash in preparation for seizing these golden opportunities when the timing is right.Bob Diamond's story is one of resilience and a deep understanding of the real estate market. His experiences have shaped his investment approach, emphasizing caution during market downturns and anticipating the extraordinary potential that follows. With Bob's wisdom and expertise, many aspiring investors can navigate the unpredictable world of real estate with confidence.Connect with Bob Diamond: theriseofoveragestoday.comKey Points and Bullets:Investing in Real Estate and Making ProfitPaying $130,000 for a property would result in a break-even situation after making adjustments for taxes.Paying $175,000 for a property would not be a good deal.In 2009, the speaker was able to purchase properties in Las Vegas for $80,000 each, including the cost of repairs.These properties were rented out for $1,300 each.The speaker was able to easily find and make offers on multiple properties, with a high success rate in getting accepted offers.The speaker advises listeners to gather cash and have "dry powder" ready to take advantage of the market when others are out of cash.Monitoring the days on market (DOM) statistic and the differential between listing price and selling price can provide insights into the state of the market.The speaker has made a lot of money in the past by taking advantage of declining prices and buying properties when banks dump them.They believe that a similar opportunity will arise in the future, but the exact timing and location are unknown.The speaker recommends accumulating cash and preparing for the right market timing.Government Actions and Financial ImpactThe speaker criticizes certain states like Colorado, New York, and Illinois for allowing the sale of someone's house and keeping the money.The speaker believes this issue will be resolved this year, mentioning a case from South Dakota that should overturn the states' ability to keep the money.The US government intentionally creates inflation and continues to print money extensively.The speaker predicts that the Federal Reserve will continue to raise interest rates, and they do not foresee a decrease in the near future.They suggest that the government aims to maintain inflation in the range of 8 to 10%.The speaker expresses concern about the mistreatment of the poorest individuals who lose their homes at foreclosure auctions, criticizing the government for taking advantage of them.Media Influence and AdvocacyBoth sides of the political spectrum are being used by the advertising machine, exploiting outrage to attract a larger audience.The speaker...
43:59 10/3/23
4,000 Houses! Finding Happiness and Freedom with Brad Chandler
Brad Chandler is a devoted father who was determined to find help for his son's anxiety. In his quest for answers, Brad found himself on a life-changing Zoom call with a woman recommended by a friend. Within just five minutes, she identified a tick in Brad's behavior, pointing out that he blinked excessively when discussing his childhood. This astute observation led to a revelation: Brad might have unresolved childhood trauma that was contributing to his son's anxiety.Eager to do whatever it took to help his son, Brad eagerly accepted an invitation to travel to Park City and work with Mike's Navy Seal husband and the woman he had connected with. Little did he know that a mere three-hour session with the Navy Seal would transform every aspect of his life.During their time together, Brad and the Navy Seal delved into events from Brad's childhood that had caused him immense stress and a sense of helplessness. The experience allowed Brad to realize that he had been carrying unresolved issues from his past, which in turn affected his son's anxiety.Motivated by the newfound understanding, Brad dedicated himself to healing and gaining control over his life. This transformative journey not only empowered Brad to become the rock his son needed but also inspired him to help others facing similar challenges.Today, Brad Chandler is a beacon of hope for families dealing with anxiety and unresolved trauma. Through his own experiences and the knowledge gained from his transformational session, he works tirelessly to support and guide individuals towards healing and resilience. Brad's story serves as a testament to the power of confronting and overcoming our past, ultimately leading to a brighter future for ourselves and our loved ones.Connect with Brad Chandler: Topics Covered:1. Introduction to the Speaker's JourneyHow the speaker got into flipping housesNumber of houses bought and years in businessInitial motivations for making money and proving worth2. Importance of Self-Love and Self-WorthRecommendation to take a self-love quizActions to take if self-love score is lowEmphasizing the role of self-love in happiness and fulfillmentOpportunity for a new life3. Childhood Stories and Negative Self-PerceptionCoping mechanisms and their impact on adulthoodSpeaker's personal experiences of failed marriages and mistakesFinancial losses and societal issues mentioned4. Dispelling Misconceptions about HypnosisDifferentiating stage hypnosis from therapeutic hypnosisExplanation of hypnosis as a relaxed state and its impact on the subconsciousImportance of the subconscious mind in behavior5. Four Questions for Self-Worth and Self-EsteemDetailed exploration of the four questionsTransformation potential and their relevance to prison population6. Self-Love as a Solution for Personal and Societal ProblemsSpeaker's life's work in helping people find self-loveLinking lack of self-love to global issuesImportance of awareness and personal change7. Impact of Parenting and Changing BehaviorsSelf-reflection on imperfect parenting and blameChanging behaviors through self-love, using "shitty marriage" as an example8. Addressing Root Thinking IssuesSpeaker's work with struggling CEOsIdentifying work addiction and its connection to self-worthImpact of mentors and their...
34:49 9/28/23
Active vs Passive Investing: Deciding the Right Approach for Maximizing Real Estate Profits with Guido Nunez
Welcome back to another episode of the REI Mastermind Network! On today's show, host Jack Hoss is joined by special guest Guido Nunez to tackle the topic of wasted time in the workplace. They dive into the various factors that contribute to inefficiency, such as distractions and unoptimized processes. But fear not, they also provide valuable insights on how to eliminate waste and maximize productivity. In addition to dissecting workplace productivity, Jack and Guido explore the world of real estate investing. They discuss the importance of prioritizing tasks and aligning them with goals, as well as deciding between active and passive investing. They shed light on alternative investment opportunities and share their strategies for success.As the conversation unfolds, they delve into the nitty-gritty of real estate investing, including stress testing properties, evaluating market potential, and understanding financing options. Jack and Guido draw from their own experiences, both the challenges they faced and the lessons they learned along the way.But it's not just about investing in properties, it's about building meaningful relationships within the industry. They reveal their secrets to networking and finding reputable experts in the desired market. From property managers to maintenance professionals, they share their tried-and-true methods for assembling a top-notch team.And don't miss their expert advice on managing properties, from enhancing security to dealing with troublesome residents. They discuss the nuances of different property types, with a focus on D-class properties, which offer unique advantages for beginner investors.So whether you're looking to optimize your productivity in the workplace or dive into the world of real estate investing, this episode is packed with valuable insights and practical tips to help you master the game. Let's jump right in!Connect with Guido Nunez: theW2investor.comKey Topics and Bullets:Primary Topic: Wasted Time in the Workplace- Coworkers and distractions as sources of wasted time- Suggested solutions: automating tasks and simplifying decision making- Importance of prioritizing tasks based on importance and aligning with goalsPrimary Topic: Active vs. Passive Investing- The decision to be an active investor or a passive investor- Time constraints for certain professions, like doctors or surgeons- Alternative ways to invest as a passive investor, such as joint ventures or syndicationsPrimary Topic: Property Investment Considerations- Importance of stress testing the property to understand breakeven point and potential negative cash flow- Examination of property location and market appreciation potential- Assessing the neighborhood's position and potential improvement in three years- Value of the property based on the difference between current rent and market rent- Financing considerationsPrimary Topic: Overcoming Challenges in Real Estate Investing- Limited financial resources when starting out- Cost of mentorships in the field- Strategies for acquiring knowledge: books, audiobooks, podcasts, meetups, learning from everyday investors, watching YouTube videos- Emphasizing the time-consuming nature of the learning processPrimary Topic: Finding Opportunities in Real Estate- Importance of direct communication with sellers- The realization that taking action and responding promptly is more important than having a perfect script- Lesson learned about treating everyone with respect, particularly when dealing with D class properties- The goal of conveying...
31:33 9/26/23
Land Flipping: Unforgettable Lessons from Ray Zhang's Journey to Success
Ray Zhang is a skilled entrepreneur who discovered his passion for flipping various items. Starting with free stuff and cars, he soon ventured into the realm of real estate. For the past four years, Ray has immersed himself in the world of land flipping. In his first year, he primarily focused on buying and selling inexpensive plots of land, making a modest profit. However, his expertise has evolved, and he now specializes in flipping infill lots located near bustling urban areas. Ray's ability to identify lucrative opportunities in the real estate market has established him as a successful land flipper. He continues to thrive in his current role, constantly seeking out new opportunities to maximize his profits.Connect with Ray Zhang: Instagram: Topics and BulletsRay Zhang's Journey into Land FlippingRay Zhang's experience with flipping various items before stumbling into land flippingHis initial focus on flipping cheap land in the first yearTransitioning to flipping infill lots near citiesStrategy and Market FocusTargeting land near growing citiesAvoiding markets that are losing people, such as New York and New JerseyOpen to focusing on any growing marketProgress and ProjectionsBeen involved in land investing for around 4 yearsIn 2022, completed approximately 100 deals with a net profit of 900,0002023 projections include buying around 330 land pieces and selling them after posting for saleChallenges and ApprehensionsMentor advised selling some land due to holding a significant number of propertiesDespite potential appreciation, mentor emphasized the importance of selling for instant cashNoting a slowdown in the market, with longer turnaround times for offers and salesPrevious Real Estate VenturesAttempted wholesaling, virtual wholesaling, and apartment investing before finding success with land flippingAcknowledges the difficulty of wholesaling, especially when done virtuallyPerceived lack of funds as a barrier to apartment investingMentorship and Mindset ShiftRecognizing the value of seeking out mentors who have achieved success in the desired fieldInvesting in mentorship as an essential aspect of successEmphasizing the importance of changing from a poor mindset to a rich mindset for successOvercoming HomelessnessSharing the experience of being homeless and living in a car for several monthsFlipping free items as a means to generate income and initially invest in land flippingRealization of mentorship's power through a car flipping mentor's guidanceNote: This summary covers the main topics discussed in the text, providing an overview of Ray Zhang's journey, strategy, progress, challenges, previous ventures, mentorship, and overcoming homelessness.LIKE • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!Apple...
29:37 9/21/23
Mastering Airbnb: Effective Communication and Property Management with Noah Hoffman
Noah Hoffman is a dynamic entrepreneur who ventured into the real estate industry at a young age. Initially working for a mentor in property management, Noah quickly identified the potential of short-term rentals through Airbnb. He began managing properties for his mentor and gradually expanded his portfolio, renting additional properties to put on Airbnb. Noah's experience as a carpet cleaner also proved beneficial as he pitched the idea of short-term rentals to property owners, successfully securing management contracts.After five years of working in property management, Noah made his first property purchase - a duplex with an FHA loan, occupying one unit himself. Empowered by his remote management skills, acquired through overseeing properties out of town, Noah took a leap and started investing in Fresno, California, as the San Francisco Bay area lacked favorable cash flow opportunities. To further increase his income, Noah also ventured into building accessory dwelling units (ADUs), capitalizing on favorable legislation that made the process more affordable and accessible.Noah now successfully manages multiple properties remotely and has expanded his ADU projects to include five units. With his entrepreneurial spirit and ability to seize innovative opportunities, Noah Hoffman continues to flourish in the real estate industry.Connect with Noah Hoffman: Topics:Communication with Guests on AirbnbImportance of providing key informationBedroom/bathroom detailsLocationPriceOffering discounts to guestsBased on requests or short notice check-insManaging Airbnb PropertiesCoordinating with service providersHouse cleanersHandymenDelegating property management tasks to staffKeeping detailed property information Appliance model numbersWarranty informationOffering Additional Services to GuestsWhite glove servicesPre-arrival groceries through partnerships with services like InstacartStarting with free or low-cost options, gradually incorporating income-generating servicesMaximizing Rental IncomeSplitting a house into multiple unitsEspecially in expensive areas like the Bay AreaMeeting the demand for furnished rentals for traveling workersWilling to pay around $2000 a monthReal Estate Investing Strategies and FinancingCreative financing and wholesaling for finding off-market dealsPurchasing properties without getting loans in their namePersonal branding and networking for attracting investorsSpeaker's Journey in Real EstateStarting as an entrepreneur at a young ageGaining mentorship and work experience in property managementGradually expanding from managing properties to buying their ownFundraising and Crowd FundingUsing a platform like Air Me for a large fundraising callTransitioning from a 506b investment to a crowd funding campaignHiring a SEC attorney and finding a SEC approved platformImportance of having a website for investor announcements and updatesChallenges and Lessons LearnedChallenges with managing properties with pools Experiences with buying and selling deals from wholesalersStruggles with effectively managing a cold callerBalancing personal involvement and delegation as a business ownerGrowth and Future...
40:35 9/19/23
Enhancing Rental Investments: A Unique Model of ROI and Resident Incentives with Daniel Dorfman
Daniel Dorfman is the visionary behind Roots, a real estate fund designed to provide affordable access to great return properties. He recognized the need for a win-win situation where residents could feel invested in the homes they live in, while also ensuring cash flow for investors. Dorfman observed that traditional security deposits often discouraged tenants from caring for the property, leading to a decline in quality. To address this issue, he created a unique model where tenants become partners in the investment from day one, acquiring a percentage ownership stake in the building and portfolio. Additionally, through the Living in Lake Yona program, tenants have the opportunity to earn rental rebates by responsibly maintaining the property and being good neighbors. Dorfman's innovative approach has not only transformed the tenant-landlord relationship but also yielded impressive results, with higher rent payment rates and improved asset quality. While challenges and resistance are expected, the Roots model is designed to incentivize participation and foster a partnership mentality among residents.Connect with Daniel Dorfman: • SHARE • JOIN • REVIEWWebsiteJoin the REI Mastermind Network on Locals!Apple PodcastsGoogle PodcastsYouTubeSpotifyStitcherDeezerFacebookTwitterInstagramSUPPORT THE SHOW!Self Managing Your Rental Properties? Get 6 months of RentRedi for $1! Click this link!If you are new to Wealthfront, and open a Cash Account, you'll get a 0.50% APY boost for 3 months.Open an Automated Index Investing Account or Automated Bond Portfolio, you'll earn $5,000 managed for free.Get $10 and Reduce Your Business Costs by Shopping at AppSumo • $10 Towards Your First Purchase at Drop •"You can invest 10,000 hours and become an
29:41 9/14/23
Mastering Multifamily: The Art of Raising Money and Building Relationships with Abbas Mohammed
Abbas Mohammed is a successful real estate investor who made a name for himself in the multifamily sector. His journey began at the age of eighteen when he entered the real estate industry as a residential agent. Though he initially struggled, Abbas soon found his footing and rapidly rose in the ranks. Within just four and a half years, he earned a spot as one of the top 15 agents in the country, working under REMAX and managing a team of 25 virtual assistants. With his residential business flourishing, Abbas faced a new challenge – how to effectively invest the surplus cash generated from his sales. Initially, he considered building a single-family portfolio. However, upon closer examination, he realized that he would have limited control over the value of these homes, which largely depended on external factors such as interest rates and affordability. Sensing potential pitfalls, Abbas decided to explore other investment options. After thoroughly researching various avenues, Abbas stumbled upon the world of multifamily real estate. Intrigued by the numerous advantages it offered, he quickly made the bold decision to skip single-family investments altogether and dive straight into multifamily. His first venture involved a 64-unit property, a leap of faith that would prove to be one of the best decisions he ever made. Since then, Abbas Mohammed has continued his successful journey in multifamily real estate, leveraging his expertise and experience to further expand his portfolio. His story serves as an inspiration to aspiring investors, showcasing the rewards that come from strategic decision-making, calculated risk-taking, and an unwavering pursuit of success in the real estate industry.Connect with Abbas Mohammed: Topics & Bullets:Challenges in Raising Money for Real Estate DealsDifficulty encountered by the speaker in raising money for real estate dealsConcerns about using other people's money and the associated risksHesitation in accepting a $50,000 investment due to lack of guarantee on returnsPositive outcome of a deal with a 29% increase in NOIRealization of the seriousness of using other people's money in investmentsEmphasis on the importance of being careful and responsible when dealing with other people's moneyBuilding Relationships with Brokers in Multifamily Real EstateStrategy of targeting newer brokers on teams rather than top brokersEasier communication and relationship-building with junior brokersImportance of treating brokers like friends and being known and trusted by themBeing omnipresent, active on social media, and diligent in the deal process to establish trustQuick response to deals, being communicative and honest to build trustFollowing through on promises and avoiding unnecessary changes or renegotiationsEstablishing deep relationships with brokers through diligence and keeping promisesAppreciation from brokers for the effort put into deals, even if they don't closeScaling and Growing the Business through HiringHiring the first virtual assistant in 2019 and subsequent hires before COVIDInstruction to the hiring manager to continue hiring nonstop during COVIDSignificant growth of the team from three people to twelve and then from 12 to 25Tripling business income in 2020 and again in the following yearRealization that delegation and hiring people with different skills are essential for growthHiring someone to focus on raising equity from high net worth individuals and family officesPrioritizing hiring people who can do what the speaker is trying to...
39:30 9/12/23
From Limiting Beliefs to Limitless Success: The Power of Mentorship and Mindset with Jorge Contreras
Welcome to another episode of the REI Mastermind Network! In today's episode, host Jack Hoss is joined by the inspiring Jorge Contreras, a successful entrepreneur and real estate investor. Their conversation dives deep into the power of mentorship and how it can impact our lives and businesses. Jorge shares personal stories of his challenging upbringing and how he overcame limiting beliefs to achieve success. He also reveals his strategies for building a highly efficient and semi-passive business in the vacation rental industry. From communication systems to team building and pricing models, Jorge provides valuable insights and practical tips that can elevate your real estate game. So, grab your notepads and get ready to take your business to the next level with this enlightening episode of the REI Mastermind Network!Connect with Jorge Contreras: @TheJorgeContreras on InstagramKey Topics and Bullets:The importance and challenges of mentorshipSome people don't see the value in mentorshipSpeaker notices a mom and daughter duo not taking their mentorship event seriouslySome people pay for mentorship but fail to take action or value what they learnSpeaker personally values mentorship and learns something positive from every experienceThe Jorge's background and personal growth journeyGrowing up in a household with two Mexican immigrant parents involved in illegal activitiesFacing challenges and limiting beliefs about relationships, business, and trustRealizing the need for personal development, mentorship, and therapyLearning to take responsibility for applying mentorship learnings to all areas of lifeOvercoming limiting beliefs in businessTwo limiting beliefs creating a bottleneck in hiring and delegationMany people become entrepreneurs but end up working long hours and becoming slaves to their businessesThe value of learning from millionaires and attending trainings with Tony RobbinsOvercoming limiting beliefs and implementing new strategies for business successBuilding a team and creating a semi-passive businessThe intensive nature of the Airbnb business and the need for systems and processesBuilding a team with cleaners, maintenance personnel, and a communications coordinatorStreamlining communication through tools like Slack and property-specific channelsFostering a culture of communication and delegation among team membersInvolvement in major issues only, while team members handle day-to-day tasksHiring, probation periods, and building a reliable teamUsing social media and online platforms to source for team membersChoosing individuals over large cleaning companies for cost-saving and consistencyImplementing a probation period to ensure a good fitBelief in finding great people and continuing hiring until the right ones are foundRetaining team members for long periods of timePricing models and amenities for vacation rentalsBasing rates on fair market rent and aiming for 10% of fair market rent as a nightly rateBreaking even at 10 nights, doubling rent at 20 nights, and tripling at 30 nightsProviding accommodations for 10 people with better experiences at a fraction of hotel costsOffering the most and best amenities to attract bookings and generate revenueConverting garages into game rooms for enhanced staycation experiencesUtilizing professional real estate photographers for marketing visualsLeveraging...
35:33 9/7/23
Navigating Risks and Success in Real Estate: Lessons Learned from a Lawsuit with Joe DiSanto
Joe DeSanto is a fractional CFO who specializes in providing part-time CFO services to businesses. He has a background in owning larger businesses in the production and post-production space in Los Angeles. Joe and his wife decided to make a change in their lives after having a child, and they moved to Florida. With their savings from real estate investing and other market investments, Joe was able to work part-time and supplement their passive income. His financial independence and early retirement mindset led him to consider himself semi-retired. However, his expertise in finance and managing businesses led to his former partners asking him to continue handling their finances as a consultant. This led to other business owners reaching out to Joe, realizing the need for a part-time CFO who could provide the same level of expertise at a more affordable cost. Joe enjoys working with his clients and helping them understand the importance of running their personal finances like a business. He started a blog to communicate his knowledge to individuals who may not be able to afford a CFO but still want guidance in managing their finances. Through his blog, Joe offers free information and courses, as well as one-on-one coaching sessions. His goal is to help individuals gain good planning skills for their own future at a reasonable cost. Overall, Joe's focus is on helping businesses and individuals achieve financial success and improve their overall financial well-being.Connect with Joe DiSanto: Topics & Bullets:Primary Topic 1: Real Estate Investment and RiskAlmost making a real estate investment in Nashville for short-term rentalsProperty was subject to a lawsuit due to owner renting without a licenseCanceling the contract and getting money backLesson learned: Avoid risky or uncertain venturesImportance of compound annual growth in real estate investmentsPrimary Topic 2: Taking Control of Financial PlanningTaking control instead of relying solely on the financial industryPersonal investment strategy: diversifying portfolio between real estate, syndications, cryptocurrency, and stock marketAdjusting asset allocation based on market conditions and personal circumstancesExploring other investment products like life insuranceCreating a new asset allocation planImportance of educating clients about different investment options and savingsPrimary Topic 3: Financial Support and AdvisingThe speaker's role as a financial therapistAssisting with money management and avoiding mistakesHelping businesses with employee managementAssisting clients with organization and identifying areas of improvementAdvising clients to raise their prices, resulting in positive outcomesActing as a fractional CFOPrimary Topic 4: Financial Services for BusinessesSpeaker's background in owning businesses in production and post-production spaceTransition to offering financial services as a consultant and part-time CFOPassion for finance and running personal finances like a businessOffering coaching and courses on financial planningMission to help individuals manage their personal finances like a business and achieve financial independencePrimary Topic 5: Analyzing Real Estate InvestmentsImportance of analyzing the financials of real estate investmentsFactors to consider: cash flow, appreciation, CapEx, and tax implicationsThe current market is not favorableThe significance of
38:13 9/5/23
Finding the Right People: Key to Success in Real Estate Investing with Ace Hagerty
Welcome back to another episode of the REI Mastermind Network! I'm your host, Jack Hoss, and today we have a fantastic guest joining us - the incredible Ace Hagerty. This episode is filled with wisdom and insights about the power of finding the right people for your real estate team.Ace shares their journey of building a successful real estate business, emphasizing the importance of having the right individuals in the right roles. From an amazing assistant who keeps their life organized to skilled project managers who ensure everything runs smoothly, Ace knows the value of a strong team.We dive deep into Ace's experiences in flipping houses, turnkey rentals, and ground-up developments. They share inspiring stories of turning run-down properties into beautiful units, increasing cash flow, and achieving substantial profits. But it's not all smooth sailing - Ace also reveals the mistakes they've made and the lessons they've learned along the way.Plus, Ace opens up about their personal transformation during a 100-day challenge, which led to the creation of an empowering book. We'll discuss the importance of maximizing our skills, setting clear goals, and focusing on specific niches. And let's not forget, Ace is also committed to making a difference in the world by supporting a nonprofit organization, Operation Rescue Children.Get ready for a jam-packed episode filled with real estate insights, personal growth inspiration, and valuable advice on building the right team. So, grab your notepad, sit back, and let's dive right into today's episode with the incredible Ace Hagerty!Connect with Ace Hagerty: SuperHerobyDesign.comKey Topics and Bullets:Importance of Finding the Right People for Your TeamRole of an amazing assistant in organizing life and handling bookkeepingImportance of having the right people in the right positionsNegative impact of a project manager who wasn't a good fitBook Recommendation - "Who Not How"The book emphasizes the importance of finding the right people for successReal Estate Investing JourneySuccess and profit from a quick rehab on a propertyExploration of different real estate strategiesTurning a run-down property into beautiful units for increased cash flowTransition to a turnkey rental business and ground-up developmentLearning from Failures and MistakesMistakes made when flipping houses in NashvilleLoss of significant money on a flip due to wrong contractor and lack of oversightRealization of the importance of sticking to prices and effective communicationOvercoming Challenges in Real Estate InvestmentsChallenges posed by COVID-19Current success despite difficult timesSmart pricing strategies in the face of a high-interest loan marketComparison with a nearby developer who had to drop prices and lose moneyFocus and Setting Clear GoalsImportance of focus in achieving financial freedomDetermining a niche and type of real estate investingNeed for creativity and standing out from the mainstreamAchieving goals faster through specific targetingReal Estate Investing Journey - Finding Strengths and PartneringFinding strengths in construction and fixing issues in the fieldNeed to find people who are proficient in sales and marketingDevelopment partner focused on finding deals and sellingSpeaker focuses on their strengths and responsibilitiesMaking...
47:12 8/31/23
Location, Leases, and Analysis: The Key Factors for Buying and Operating Laundromats w/ Jordan Berry
Jordan Berry is a former pastor who made a bold decision to step away from his vocation after 15 years to seek a different path. Unsure of what to do next, Jordan and his family had the idea to rent out their house in Southern California and use the money to buy a condo in Hawaii. However, Jordan's wife had a different proposition – buying a laundromat instead. Intrigued by the concept of generating income that wasn't tied to their time, Jordan and his wife took the plunge and became laundromat owners. Although not entirely passive, the business offered a level of flexibility and potential returns that intrigued them. This unexpected leap into the laundromat business would mark a significant turning point in Jordan's professional journey.Connect with Jordan Berry: Topics and Bullets:Financing options for laundromatsManufacturers and independent lenders offer financing optionsEquipment financing may offer 100% financing with down payment requirementsTraditional financing for real estate requires higher down paymentsSBA options available, but qualifying can be challengingSeller financing is common due to difficulty in securing traditional financingLimited or inaccurate financial records can affect securing financingDifferent business models for laundromatsSelf-serve, service-side, and pickup and delivery modelsPickup and delivery services gaining popularity during COVIDLocation important for self-serve laundromatsSelf-serve targets renters with below median incomeService-side caters to customers with above median incomeDebate on replacing machines in the industrySome see keeping old machines as a badge of honorOthers believe in replacing for efficiency and customer satisfactionSpeaker suggests replacing around the 15-year markBenefits of replacing include decreased repair costs, lower utility costs, and increased efficiencyShiny new machines attract more customers and allow for higher pricesRehabbing and marketing a rundown laundromatSpeaker chose not to sell but invested in new machines and rehabbed spaceRehabbing reputation proved more challenging than renovating the physical spaceMarketing strategies used include flyers, Google ads, and Facebook adsSuggestion of organizing a wow event or grand opening to draw attentionImportance of location, lease, and deal analysisLocation crucial and difficult to move once establishedGood lease necessary to avoid business failureAnalyzing the deal and knowing what you're buying is keyTracking income and expenses in cash-based businessLaundromats mainly cash-based, making tracking challengingKnowledge of tips and tricks necessary for accurate assessmentLA's competitive laundromat marketLaundromat industry historically lacked advertisingMore owners realizing the importance of customer care and promotionNegative industry image due to frequent breakdowns and poor experiencesFocusing on customer satisfaction and profitabilityConvenience crucial for customers, but potential for expansion in competitive areasOpportunities for profitability by filling gaps and providing better experiencesBasics of cleanliness, working machines, friendly attendants, and full coin changers importantLoyalty incentives, promotions, and positive atmosphere enhance the experienceThe misconception of laundromats as passive businessesDisagreement with belief that laundromats require little...
44:09 8/29/23
Leveraging Social Media and Networking: How to Grow Your REI Team and Portfolio with CJ Calio
CJ Calio's story begins with him working as a well-paid, labor-intensive UPS driver. However, a particularly busy Christmas season where he couldn't see his family for months made him realize that he couldn't continue doing this job for the rest of his life. After discussing his frustration with his wife, she suggested looking into real estate as a potential income replacement. Although initially hesitant due to his lack of knowledge and pride, CJ eventually came around and supported his wife's idea. Together, they started attending networking events and learning about real estate strategies. CJ initially felt out of place and afraid to engage with others, but as he immersed himself in the industry, he realized that it was a legitimate opportunity for financial success. They took a leap of faith and purchased a property, eventually realizing that it was generating income. This success propelled CJ into becoming a leader in the real estate industry. He and his wife rapidly grew their portfolio, enabling them both to leave their previous jobs. As word spread about their achievements, CJ found himself mentoring others who were interested in achieving financial independence through real estate. After five years of mentoring, CJ and his wife have helped numerous individuals overcome their fears and start building their own portfolios of passive income. They are thrilled to be a part of this journey and continue to empower others to achieve financial success in real estate.Connect with CJ Calio: Topics and Bullets:Leveraging social media and joining REI meetup groups and mastermind groupsBuilding a list of team members including agents, lenders, property management, and loan officersPresenting oneself seriously and being genuine on social mediaEstablishing credibility by getting on the phone with people quickly and introducing oneself as a real investorOrganic growth of team building efforts and being authentic about current status and goalsSome people taking time to believe in the speaker, but maintaining communication with themFocusing on cash flow and buy and hold strategy from the beginningSeeking a stream of income that can replace job incomeSuccess with the buy rehab rent, refinance, and repeat (BURR) strategyScaling portfolio in single-family and small multifamily propertiesSpouse becoming overwhelmed as portfolio grewApplying expertise in other areas and gaining confidence from experienceExpanding into commercial real estate investing, specifically in retail, strip malls, office space, and medical spaceApplying same strategy but on a larger scale in commercial propertiesDiscussing different types of commercial properties owned, including an office, a medical facility, a government building, and a mixed-use spaceContrasting commercial properties with residential properties in terms of evaluation and return on investmentStarting with inner circle and having conversations with people they trustReceiving honest feedback from family and friends and shifting focus to what's in it for othersOvercoming initial perception of being a salesman and emphasizing benefits for othersBelief that they needed to work long hours to deserve income, but shifting mindset to prioritize productivityMentoring from someone with experience helping change mindset and focus on productivityHaving more time to spend with family after shift in mindsetFinding dealing with businesses and commercial entities intimidating, particularly technical aspects such as leasesNeed for legal assistance due to lack of standardization in commercial leasesFocus on acquisition...
34:26 8/24/23

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