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Real Estate Investing with the REI Mastermind Network

We gather amazing stories from leaders in Real Estate Investing. In each episode, our guests will tell you what they are doing that works, what they tried that failed, and best of all you'll learn actionable steps to take your real estate investing to the next level.


Smarter and Simpler Commercial Financing with Tim Milazzo 31:27 08/18/2022
NFTs The New Real Estate Investing with Arvin Khamseh 40:11 08/14/2022
How to Position Yourself in a Recession with Paul Neal 29:31 08/11/2022
Tip Tuesday: Stick To Your Numbers and Be Ready for the Home Runs 01:52 08/09/2022
Residential Assisted Living with Isabelle Guarino-Smith 29:18 08/07/2022
House Hacking in New York with Chad Braungart 43:46 08/04/2022
Flipping Houses? Spend Some Time On Landscaping 01:48 08/02/2022
Partners in Life and Partners in Business with Arleen Garza 35:37 07/31/2022
Veil Not Fail with Rich Dad Advisor Garrett Sutton 31:01 07/28/2022
Tip Tuesday: Time for a Little Math 02:13 07/26/2022
The Business System That Never Fails with Benson Agbortogo 27:54 07/24/2022
Alternative Investment and Real Estate Strategies with Isaac Bennett 29:27 07/21/2022
Tip Tuesday: Break Through Analysis Paralysis 01:49 07/19/2022
The Benefits of a Vertically Integrated Company with Jacob Garza 25:27 07/17/2022
24 Mobile Home Parks in 2 Years with Charlotte Dunford 26:59 07/14/2022
Stick To Your Rules! ALWAYS Write and Present Your Offer 03:41 07/12/2022
Passive Co-Living Real Estate Investing with Michael Tich 32:34 07/10/2022
Becoming a Millionaire at 31 Didn't Come Easy with Tom Brickman 34:25 07/07/2022
Alternative Investing Through Land and Coffee with Josh Ziegelbaum 24:03 07/03/2022
Repurpose Buildings to Storage Units with Scott Krone 28:00 06/30/2022
"Let Me Think About It" is Actually a Polite "No" 03:02 06/28/2022
Taking Land Investing to the Next Level with Brent Bowers 32:08 06/26/2022
The Complete Picture of the 1031 Exchange with Mark Hamilton 41:56 06/23/2022
A BIG Blind Spot When Running Multifamily and Commercial Property Numbers 02:28 06/21/2022
What Does a CRM Look Like When Built by a Real Estate Investor with Justin Silverio 27:01 06/19/2022
The Blueprint of Short-Term Rental Success with Avery Carl 26:38 06/16/2022
FREE Property Planning Template 10:44 06/14/2022
The Ins and Outs of Commercial and Multifamily Underwriting with Jake Clopton 31:02 06/12/2022
Unicorn Hunting for Real Estate Investment Companies with Neil Timmins 33:11 06/09/2022
The Right Tool for the Job 01:54 06/07/2022